GamesPersona 5Yoshida Confidant Guide: Chat Responses, Abilities, & More

Yoshida Confidant Guide: Chat Responses, Abilities, & More

Toransuke Yoshida is a politician who hasn’t had any luck in the elections. He’s mostly giving speeches at the Shibuya Station Square, where only a handful of people pay any heed.

In this guide, we will tell you how and when to unlock Yoshida Confidant. And we’ve also prepared a list of all the rewarding chats in every ranking event.

Using that list, you can gain maximum points and quickly max out Yoshida Confidant.

Considering that Yoshida Confidant in Persona 5 Royal will be locked out after November 17, we recommend you start talking to the politician ASAP!

And with that disclaimer, let’s begin.

Persona 5 Royal Yoshida Confidant – How To Begin?

Persona 5 Royal Yoshida Confidant begins on May 6. That’s the first time you are allowed to go out at night.

Now, you have to go to Shibuya Station Square. There, you listen to one of Yoshida’s speeches and pick up a job leaflet for the Beef Bowl Shop.

After working there for two nights, Yoshida will notice you. And that’s when the Yoshida Confidant in Persona 5 Royal begins.

yoshida confidant evening monday

Afterward, Yoshida is available at the same place 4 nights a week (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday).

Persona 5 Royal Yoshida Confidant – Chat Responses

The politician teaches you diplomacy and manipulation and improves your Charm attribute as you progress through the ranks. But, you need to rake in the most points possible.

Keep a Sun persona with you when meeting Yoshida. Choose the following answers for the respective ranking events, and you’ll attain Rank 10. 

Rank 1

Yoshida: It’s about my speech schedules from this point on. Would you be willing to stick around to hear it?

Best Response: +3. Let me write this down.

yoshida confidant rank 1

Rank 2

Yoshida: By the way, I forgot to ask you last time we spoke. Why do you want to become a politician?

Best Response: +2. I want to improve my speech.

Yoshida: What kind of politician do you want to be?

Best Response: +2. One with conviction./I don’t know yet.

Yoshida: That is the foundation of a great speech. You’d do well to remember that.

Best Response: +2. That was helpful.

Yoshida: …What do you think? Did you take anything useful from it?

Best Response: +2. Any choice.

Bonus Reward: +3 Charm

Rank 3

Dietman Matsushita: <Protagonist>-kun, was it? Tell me, what about Yoshida here drew you in?

Best Response: +2. His message./His speaking skills.

Yoshida: That is why… I want you to use your experiences to forge your own conviction.

Best Response: +2. You think I’ll ever find it?

yoshida confidant rank 3

Rank 4

Yoshida: The highlight, though, was your yelling.

Best Response: +2. I couldn’t help myself.

Yoshida: Perhaps it seems too obvious, or too trite, but… I hope you remember to cherish that, too.

Best Response: +2. I will./Can’t forget your roots.

Bonus Reward: +3 Charm

Rank 5

Yoshida: However, I’ve been distancing myself from that. Do you think I’ve regained my confidence?

Best Response: +3. The media doesn’t matter.

Bonus Reward: +3 Charm

Rank 6

Dietman Matsushita: I’d like to hear your honest opinion. As a young man, are you for or against them?

Best Response: +3. I don’t really care.

Yoshida: What would you do at a time like this, <protagonist>-kun?

Best Response: +3. I’d decline.

Yoshida: You’ll have your own major decisions to make, in time. The most crucial thing is that you don’t lose sight of who you are.

Best Response: +2. I’ll keep that in mind./You make quite a case.

yoshida confidant rank 7

Rank 7

Benzo: …<Protagonist>-kun, could you talk some sense into him? You’ll benefit as well.

Best Response: +2. You should decline.

Bonus Reward: +3 Charm

Rank 8

Yoshida: Join with Matsushita and take my revenge against Mr. Kuramoto, but drop out of the election…

Best Response: +2. That’s a difficult decision.

Yoshida: To achieve my dream, I have to set aside my beliefs. What should I do?

Best Response: +3. Stick to your beliefs.

Yoshida: That is why you must never forget what’s truly important to you… You understand?

Best Response: +2. I’ll never forget that./It’s tougher than it seems.

Bonus Reward: +3 Charm

yoshida confidant rank 9

Rank 9

Yoshida: OK, I’m going to get started.

Best Response: +3. Do your best.

Yoshida: Perhaps, it’s the effect of you moving my heart.

Best Response: +2. You had a change of heart.

Rank 10

Yoshida: I didn’t intend for any of this to happen though…

Best Response: +3. Your true self was revealed./Don’t let your guard down.

Bonus Reward: +3 Charm

yoshida confidant abilities

Persona 5 Royal Yoshida Confidant – Abilities

2Diplomacy – Demand extra items or money while negotiating.
3Fundraising – Ask for more money while negotiating.
5Manipulation – Higher chances of getting a rare item from an enemy.
8Mind Control – When obtaining a Persona, you may get to skip negotiations.
10Charismatic Speech – Can form contracts with high-level Shadows.

And that concludes our guide about Yoshida Confidant in Persona 5 Royal.

You have a deadline, you have all the answers, and you know what you’ll get- so it’s time to get to work.

Also, we have a complete Persona 5 Royal Confidant guide. Check it out to learn about all P5R Confidants.

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