Cartoons24 Best White Cartoon Characters in 2023

24 Best White Cartoon Characters in 2023

Do you know all the famous white cartoon characters? Test your knowledge with this article!

Here in this list are some of the evergreen favorite cartoon characters of all time, including Scrooge McDuck, Jack Frost, and Bugs Bunny!

Some of them give you dollops of humor, while others are so evil that you dislike them. Either way, these characters are too big to ignore.

Enjoy reviewing this list of the top 24 white cartoon characters you love!

Top 24 White Cartoon Characters You Love

24. Linda

  • Cartoon Name: Rio
  • Watch Link: Hotstar
  • First Released: April 15,  2011

Linda is kind and helpful, which is one of the reasons she’s the best friend of the rescued blue macaw, Blu. She’s one of the most famous white cartoon characters with glasses.

Linda looks classy with her large pair of glasses, green eyes, and an elegant dress. She owns the Blu Macaw Books bookstore below her home.

She travels to Rio in the hopes of helping breed more blue macaws.

23. Johnny Bravo

johnny bravo
  • Cartoon Name: Johnny Bravo
  • Watch Link: HBOMax
  • First Released: March 26, 1995

Johnny Bravo is one of the most iconic characters sporting a pair of shades. He’s famous for his overconfident antics to woo the girls he meets, often ending up with an embarrassing slap mark on his face.

Johnny is always seen wearing his legendary tight black t-shirt, black sunglasses, pompadour hairstyle, and his karate chop movements! 

Yes, he’s supremely confident of his abilities in wooing women, but women disagree. They’re simply not interested in him, which always produces funny moments.

22. Dexter

  • Cartoon Name: Dexter’s Laboratory
  • Watch Link: YouTube
  • First Released: April 27, 1996

Seriously! Who doesn’t know Dexter, the genius boy scientist who hides a cavernous lab somewhere in his bedroom?

But Dexter has a problem: his sister Dee Dee. She knows where his lab is and keeps disturbing her scientific pursuits, often destroying his inventions.

Dexter’s other big problem is his arch-rival Mandark, a bigger genius than him. But he tries to keep his enemy out of the competition by making Dee Dee flirt with him!

21. Velma

velma dinkley
  • Cartoon Name: Scooby Doo
  • Watch Link: YouTube
  • First Released: September 13, 1969

I know you love Scooby Doo cartoons, and believe me, I’m excited to list one of their characters here! Velma, the brain behind the Mysteries Inc. gang, is one of the top white cartoon characters with glasses.

She is the youngest member but is easily the one with the most knowledge in an investigation. Velma can be shy but she’s famous for saying “Jinkies!” when excited or surprised.

She’s everyone’s hero in the gang thanks to her sharp wit and cool head.

20. Droopy

droopy dog
  • Cartoon Name: Droopy
  • Watch Link: YouTube
  • First Released: 1943

Just look at him! Cute, right?

This is Droopy, the anthropomorphic cartoon dog who became famous when he appeared on TV in 1943. He’s still remembered for his default bored expression, making his rare smiles and laughs sweet and genuine. 

Droopy’s never in a hurry to get anywhere, and he lets whomever he meets know this. He’s famous for his words “I’m so happy,” which is one of the few times he tends to smile. 

19. Quick Draw McGraw

quick draw mcgraw
  • Cartoon Name: Quick Draw
  • Watch Link: Hulu
  • First Released: September 19, 1959

Quick Draw McGraw is the anthropomorphic horse who is the sheriff of a distant town in the Wild West. He’s assisted by his deputy, Baba Looey, a fictional Mexican donkey but one more prudent than him! 

Even today, his character is famous for saying, “Ooooh, that smarts!” whenever he gets hurt when trying to catch the bad guys.

Fun fact: his character is inspired by John Wayne, one of the top Hollywood actors of that time.

18. Lord Hater

lord hater
  • Cartoon Name: Wander Over Yonder
  • Watch Link: Plex
  • First Released: August 16, 2013

Lord Hater, an aptly named villain, is both feared and hated. Now you know how he got his name!

Anyway, back to the evil guy. He lives in an enormous mothership called The Villain Armada and rules over a planet named after him. 

Of course, he’s vain and petty since he names a whole planet after himself. But other things that set him apart. He’s unapologetically evil and proclaims that being good is both weak and boring.

17. Foghorn

  • Cartoon Name: Forhorn and Leghorn
  • Watch Link: YouTube
  • First Released: October 9, 1948

If you’ve ever seen Yosemite Sam, then you’ll love Foghorn. He’s a loudmouth rooster who loves shameless self-promotion and has an affinity to violence. 

This rooster often fights with Barnyard Dawg in the Foghorn and Leghorn cartoons, leading to hilarious moments. At one point, Foghorn even tries stealing the dog’s girlfriend, Lulu!

Beyond all this, Foghorn is a simple-minded, gullible, and naive rooster. Other characters trick him easily!

16. Snoopy

  • Cartoon Name: Snoopy
  • Watch Link: YouTube
  • First Released: October 4, 1950

Snoopy is a dog with a personality. He knows what he wants and lets the world know it.

He can sometimes take on challenges too big for him, which leads to the most comic moments in the cartoon. This beagle is occasionally helpful, but the funny thing is, he won’t go out of his way to do that!

Snoopy can sometimes be profoundly insightful about life’s greatest questions and challenges, especially when he’s with Charley Brown.

15. Abbey Bominable

abbey bominable
  • Cartoon Name: Monster High
  • Watch Link: YouTube
  • First Released: October 6,  2022

If you’ve seen Monster High, you can’t miss Abbey Bominable. She’s a main character from Monster High and one of the most popular white cartoon characters. 

Her background is pretty awesome! She’s a former-exchange student from Russia and now studies permanently at Monster High. And if that’s not cool enough, she’s also the daughter of a Yeti!

Abbey is as tough as ice. She’s confident in her skills and fierce in what she believes in.

14. Lady Tremaine

lady tremaine
  • Cartoon Name: Cinderella
  • Watch Link: DisneyPlus Hotstar
  • First Released: February 23, 2002

No one likes a villain, much less if that villain is the cruel stepmother of our beloved Cinderella. This is Lady Tremaine, one of Walt Disney’s main antagonists. 

Cold-hearted, vain, cruel, selfish, self-obsessed, power-hungry, rude, greedy, envious, contemptuous, manipulative, sophisticated, and snobbish: that’s Lady Tremaine for you! 

She wants to marry her awkward daughters, Anastasia and Drizella, off to Prince Charming or some other blue-blooded bachelor. She doesn’t physically harm Cinderella but makes her life unbearable.

13. Aunt Zoe Honda

aunt zoe honda
  • Cartoon Name: Barbie: Spy Squad
  • Watch Link: Netflix
  • First Released: March 21, 2016

Aunt Zoe Honda is one of the protagonists in Barbie: Spy Squad, the 2016 animated movie. 

Renee’s aunt from England, Zoe, recruits Barbie and her pals to catch a jewel thief by becoming secret agents. She also heads the I3 as Ms. Zee.

When Renee and her friends are slogging it out with their rival Patricia Lovitz for the gymnastics championship, Renee’s aunt is in disguise to cheer her niece’s team. 

12. Brian Griffin

brian griffin
  • Cartoon Name: Family Guy
  • Watch Link: Hotstar
  • First Released: 1999

Brian is one of the most memorable and beloved cartoon characters. He’s a white cartoon dog, but don’t hold that against him, for he’s got quite a personality.

As a white, furry, and anthropomorphic dog, he can talk like a human, walk on his hind legs, grab things with opposable thumbs, and even drive a Toyota Prius! He’s the Griffin family’s pet dog.

Brian’s best friend is Stewie, with whom he has a love-hate relationship. Their constant arguments are fun to watch.

11. The Brain

the brain
  • Cartoon Name: Pinky and the Brain
  • Watch Link: Dailymotion
  • First Released: –

The Brain, and you’ll soon see why the suffix ‘The,’ is one of the protagonists in the Warner Bros. animated cartoon series, “Pinky and the Brain.”

He is a super-intelligent, super-ambitious, megalomaniac, gene-spliced lab rat whose dearest wish is to take over the world. You can see him making one plan after another. 

However, he’s not evil, and neither does he want power for the sake of gaining it. He wants to make the world a better place. 

10. Ludwig Von Drake

ludwig von drake
  • Cartoon Name: Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color
  • Watch Link: Youtube
  • First Released: 1961

Everyone knows Donald Duck, but how many people know who Ludwig Von Drake is? Well, he is the ever-popular Donald Duck’s paternal uncle.

Ludwig Von Drake is a brilliant but eccentric scientist and lecturer who frequently shows his expert knowledge on many subjects ranging from science to music. Despite his brilliance, he can sometimes be wacky and socially awkward.

He locks himself away in his lab, creating various inventions, such as the cure for Donald’s source of recurring temper tantrums.

9. Webby Vanderquack

webby vanderquack
  • Cartoon Name: Duck Tales
  • Watch Link: Hotstar
  • First Released: 1987

Webby is one of the main protagonists in the famous cartoon Duck Tales. She’s Bentina Beakley’s granddaughter and is adored by Scrooge McDuck, who she affectionately calls Uncle Scrooge, even though they’re unrelated. 

Webby is an adorable, expressive, affectionate, and emotionally anthropomorphic little duck who loves animals. 

She’s rarely seen without her ‘Quacky Patch’ doll that looks exactly like her, and frequently hides jellybeans and marbles between the doll’s stitching.

8. Elsa The Snow Queen


Elsa, or Queen Elsa, is one of the protagonists from Disney’s 2013 movie “Frozen,” and the main protagonist of its sequel movie in 2019.

She has been forced to take up the mantle of Arrendale’s throne after the tragic death of both her parents. Now she rules the kingdom as best as possible while trying to keep her younger sister, Anna, away from trouble.

She always tries to be strong for her kingdom and Anna. 

7. Belle 

  • Cartoon Name: Beauty and the Beast
  • Watch Link: Disney Hotstar
  • First Released: 1991

Belle is the memorable protagonist from Disney’s animated movie “Beauty and the Beast.” She’s also the 5th official Disney Princess, the others being Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, and Ariel!

Belle is a charming, intelligent young woman known for her unparalleled beauty. But that doesn’t make her vain or arrogant. 

She pays scant attention to her appearance, contrasting with the dandy Gaston, who wishes to wed her for only her looks and not for her intelligence.

6. Bubbles 

bubbles powerpuff girls
  • Cartoon Name: The Powerpuff Girls (1998)
  • Watch Link: Netflix
  • First Released: 1998

Bubbles is one of the famous Powerpuff Girls whose duty is to fight crime and keep  Townsville safe. 

The three sisters, Blossoms (the balanced leader), Buttercup (a reckless tomboy), and Bubbles (the sweetest individual), were all accidentally created together in a lab when the Professor was trying to develop Chemical X.

Bubbles is the sweetest, but her childlike and naive behavior can vex others. She is often underestimated, but people are often surprised by her power.

5. Donald Duck

donald duck
  • Cartoon Name: The Wise Little Hen
  • Watch Link: Supercartoons
  • First Released: 1934

Donald Duck is an animated, anthropomorphic duck created by Walt Disney. He’s hot-headed and often finds lousy luck, leading to incredibly comic moments.

Donald Duck is often seen to be immature, impatient, arrogant, pessimistic, insecure, and upbeat, with a bad temper. His temper, which tends to save him from threats, also causes him to lose many competitions.

This white duck is an adorable prankster who can even be a bully to his nephews Hewie, Dewie, Louie, and Chip n’ Dale. 

4. Bugs Bunny

bugs bunny
  • Cartoon Name: A Wild Hare
  • Watch Link: Youtube
  • First Released: 1940

“Eh… what’s up doc?” Who doesn’t know this iconic line from the evergreen Bugs Bunny, one of the most popular white cartoon characters? 

He was first seen in Looney Toons and Merrie Melodies, making viewers laugh with his mischievous antics, Mid-Atlantic Accent, and relaxed personality.  

He’s cunning, intelligent, and mischievous, traits that always help him beat enemies like Elmer Fudd, Yosemite Sam, Marvin The Martian, Willoughby, Daffy Duck, Beaky Buzzard, Porky Pig, Rocky and Mugsy, and others. 

3. Duchess Swan

duchess swan
  • Cartoon Name: Apple’s Tale: The Story of a Royal
  • Watch Link: YouTube
  • First Released: 2013

As a recurring villain in the Ever After High cartoon series and as Odette’s daughter, Duchess Swan’s primary goal is to get either C.A. Cupid or Ashlynn Ella in trouble. She may not know what’s cooking between Ashlynn and Hunter, but she demands to find out, even if that means allying with Sparrow Hood to trap them in a relationship.

Duchess Swan is always envious of those who are happy because her life is bitter and tragic. She’s incredibly hateful towards Apple White, Raven Queen, and Ashlynn Ella.

While she bullies almost everyone, Cupid and Ashlynn feel the brunt most of the time. Duchess Swan is perpetually spiteful, vindictive, and ambitious and takes every opportunity to prove her superiority over overs in championships.

2. Scrooge McDuck

scrooge mcduck
  • Cartoon Name: Christmas on Bear Mountain
  • Watch Link: YouTube
  • First Released: 1947 (as a comic book)

The famous Scrooge McDuck, a Scottish duck, is also fondly called Uncle Scrooge by his nephew Donald Duck. He first appeared in comic Four Color Comics #178 ‘Christmas on Bear Mountain,’ published in December 1947, and subsequently in the TV cartoon series ‘Duck Tales,’ and is one of the most famous white cartoon characters with glasses.

He is the richest yet miserly duck you’ll ever meet. One of the famous scenes from Duck Tales is him diving through a vault full of gold coins! However, he credits his material achievements to thrift, resilience, and diligence.

Nowadays, kids from the 90s may remember him fondly from the Duck Tales cartoon series. Did you know that his character is loosely based on Ebenezer Scrooge, a character from Charles Dickens’s Christmas Carol?

1. Jack Frost

jack frost
  • Cartoon Name: Rise of the Guardians
  • Watch Link: NetFlix
  • First Released: 2012

Jack Overland Frost, one of the most well-known white Disney cartoon characters, was born an average child. He tragically lost his life to save his sister from the cracking ice while playing hopscotch.

The Man in the Moon sees his selfless heroism and sacrifice, so he transforms Jack into a winter spirit named Jack Frost from the frozen pond where he died. Jack remains a mischievous wildcard, even as a winter spirit, like when he starts a snow fight between Jamie and his friends.

With all the powers of ice and snow, Jack Frost aims to defeat Pitch Black, who desires to cover the world in a nightmarish darkness. In this task, he is helped by the Guardians once he reaches the North Pole. 


And that’s all, folks! We hope you’ve enjoyed this article and taken you back on memory lane. Hot-headed ducks, sweet superheroes, and beautiful queens with magical powers- these white cartoon characters are always entertaining to watch!

Did you find your favorite White cartoon character in my list? Let me know in the comments!

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