MangaWhere To Buy Manga Cheap? Best Places & Their Prices

Where To Buy Manga Cheap? Best Places & Their Prices

Manga is hard enough to find as it is. The supply is nowhere near the demand, and volumes go out of stock in the blink of an eye. And if a manga volume is available by any chance, the prices are too high- sometimes high enough to turn to those illegal online manga reading websites.

So, where to buy manga cheap? 

Well, with each passing day, more and more manga sellers and resellers pop up on the internet. You can buy new and used manga. Some platforms will even buy your used manga, albeit for nickels.

But we’re focusing on buying manga for cheap, not selling. So, here are some of the best places to buy manga – new & used – for cheap!

Best Place To Buy Manga For Cheap – New & Used!

Right now, 9 platforms have the stamp of approval from manga fans. And having bought from all 9, I can see why.

These platforms rarely run out of manga to sell, but more importantly, these platforms offer the best prices, quick deliveries, and mint condition manga. Even the used volumes are new-like.

Let’s start with the best places to buy new manga for cheap.

Best Place To Buy New Manga For Cheap

1. Barnes & Noble

barnes and noble manga sale

Whether you’re looking for singular volumes or complete box sets, Barnes & Noble is the best place to buy manga right now. 

Jujutsu Kaisen, Chainsaw Man, My Hero Academia, Attack on Titan, One Piece- there’s hardly a manga you won’t find on Barnes & Noble. Their manga prices start from $5 and go up to $50. Ebook versions are cheaper, while Paperback manga starts at $9.99. And they offer free shipping on orders above $40

On top of the manga, you can also find popular light novels, manhwa, and webtoons on Barnes & Noble.

2. Amazon

Next up is Amazon.

amazon cheap manga

The biggest manga publishers and authors have official stores on Amazon, which might be the reason manga is slightly more expensive on Amazon. 

Amazon offers a Kindle version of the manga and a Paperback version. Nearly every manga’s Kindle version is $9.99/volume. But Paperback prices vary between $9.99 to $15.99, depending on the manga series.

The best manga deals on Amazon are box sets, though. 

manga box set

For instance, the complete Demon Slayer box set (Volume 1-23) is available on Amazon at 40% off.

3. Rightstuf


If you are not willing to wait for the sales on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, you need to get on Rightstuf if you want to buy manga cheap. Without any sales or special offers, Rightstuf consistently offers the lowest manga prices possible.

A manga volume with a retail price of $9.99 is usually available for $7.99 on Rightstuf.

The only reason I’ve listed Rightstuf below Barnes & Noble and Amazon is that the low price comes at a slight cost. 

While the packaging is solid, and you will get your manga in the best shape possible, there can be delays. And if that happens, all you can do is either wait or completely forget about it because customer service won’t help you a bit.

Best Place To Buy Used Manga For Cheap

1. eBay


If you are willing to put in some effort beforehand, eBay is the best platform where you can buy super cheap manga. For example, the full Demon Slayer box with all 23 volumes is $119 on Amazon. But it’s available for $92 on eBay.

But there’s just one problem- eBay is full of resellers. Some of them are legit others are just trying to rip you off. And if you can differentiate, you’ll hit the jackpot.

2. Thriftbooks


Thriftbooks is one of the best platforms to buy manga for cheap. Here, you can buy new and used manga. And within the “used manga” label, there’s “acceptable,” “good,” “very good,” and “like new” condition- each with a different price. 

Take My Hero Academia Volume 1 for example.

manga on thriftbooks

The retail price for MHA manga Volume 1 is $9.99– similar to every other platform on this list. But it’s also available for as low as $5.09 if you buy from the used column.

3. Valore

manga on valore

Valore is a relatively new platform, but worth checking out if you want to buy manga for cheap. 

It’s similar to Thriftbooks because it offers a “Buy New” and “Buy Used” option and lists plenty of sellers for every volume. You can compare prices, check seller locations, and read reviews before ordering.

manga sellers on valore

How Can I Get Super Cheap Manga?

The cheapest way to get manga without doing anything illegal is to buy from

how can i get super cheap manga

The cheapmanga store is operated from within the United States of America and sells overstock manga.

That’s why they have a very limited collection of mangas, and the quality isn’t exactly premium. But you’re getting manga at almost half the original retail price, so you really can’t complain.

All these are where to buy manga cheap in 2023.

While you’ll have to wait for big-day sales to buy from giants like Amazon and Barnes & Noble, platforms like Rightstuf and eBay should be your go-to for day-to-day manga purchasing at low prices.

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