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15 Best Uncensored Animes Of All time [Sep 2023 updated]

All anime content has to go through censorship so that the viewers don’t object to the graphic imagery. Even top-shelf animes like Naruto and DBZ had to trim their content so that they can stay true to their target audience (and their respective governance.)

The other side of the coin is the core uncensored animes that are developed for adults and are consumed for their NSFW (Not Safe For Work) content.

If you are in the mood to watch uncensored anime, this list is just the one you are looking for, including ecchi anime, harem anime, and related stuff.

Best Uncensored Anime in 2023

15. Isuca

isuca anime

Shinichirou Asano is a nobody. Nothing interesting has happened to him lately, and to top it off he is broke. But things change once he is attacked by a giant centipede and gets saved by Sakuya Shimazu, who is also one of his classmates.

He finds out that she is not a human. Later on, Shinichirou saves a two-tailed cat and captures Sakuya’s attention. She asks Shinichirou to help her fight a demon.

And lets him stay with her and work as a housekeeper. What will conspire when these two share the same roof? Will Shinichirou beat the demon?

14. Kanokon


This fantasy anime tells the story of Kouta who can attract spirits. These spirits can be anything ranging from foxes to wolves. She is a countryside girl who is moving to a city with her grandmother.

When she moved to the city and joined a school where she was hoping to get a fresh start. But what can you really do when spirits tend to follow you everywhere?

It is a funny fantasy-based anime with decent ecchi moments.

13. Redo Of Healer

redo of healer

Redo of the Healer stands out as one of the most audacious animes of 2021. It contains some mature themes that might be best enjoyed in a private setting.

The story revolves around Keyaru who is a healer. He can use his powers to heal people. And whenever he heals them, he gets part of their memory. This makes him stronger.

Initially, people would use him to get rid of their ailments, but later when he gets stronger, things turn dark and gory as he tries to heal the whole world.

12. Girls Bravo

girls bravo

Yukinari has a disorder. He gets vulnerable to any girl who touches him. He got this disorder as he was bullied and tormented by girls all his life. Due to this disorder, Yukinari has to face some tough times in high school.

Things pick up the pace when he accidentally gets teleported to a world with a high female population. However, he finds this one girl who doesn’t trigger his disorder.

Girls Bravo is a funny harem romance with a feel-good narrative.

11. Demon King Daimao

demon king daimao

Akuto Sai wants to be a superhero and believes in doing good. He is a student of the Constant Magic Academy. That’s where he meets Junko and they bond quite well and pledge to do good for the world.

But soon Akuto finds out about a prophecy where he is destined to be The Demon King. News spreads like wildfire and everyone starts panicking in his presence. So much so that even Junko feels weird around him. Duh.

In spite of his best efforts to steer away from the prophecy, every action of Akuto reinforces the prophecy. Soon after a group of girls surrounded him. Few try to seduce him while others try to kill him.

Will Akuto be able to change his fate?

If you are looking for an anime with uncensored content with a pinch of action, watch Demon King Daimao.

10. Blade of the Immortal

blade of the immortal

Blade of Immortal revolves around bloodshed, vengeance, and redemption. The story is of an immortal swordsman Manji.

He has bloodworms in his body that can heal almost any wound. These worms were put in by an 800-year-old nun Yaobikuni. The nun made an agreement that once Manji kills 1000 evil men the curse will be lifted.

The story picks up the pace when Manji meets a 16-year-old girl Rin Asano who seeks his aid to deliver vengeance upon her parents’ assailants. Initially, reluctant they both get into an agreement and Manji promises to protect Rin for 4 years. They both have their separate goals but the journey’s dyed in blood.

If you are looking for serious violence in the backdrop of feudal Japan, this is one of the best uncensored anime for it.

9. Shimoneta


Shimoneta is your typical ecchi anime filled with innuendos revolving around a school. Set in a world where obscenity is a crime and a punishable offense the anime closely follows the life of Tanukichi Okuma.

Tanukichi Okuma participates in the student council only to hook up with his long-time crush and spread pervert content to protest against the government’s preposterous law.

Pay attention to the unfolding narrative and the courage of teenagers who are exploring their personal identities and emotions.

8. Highschool of the Dead

highschool of the dead

This is Resident Evil meets raunchy high school drama. It is one of those uncensored animes with gore, a bit of sultry exposure, and a plot that will make you vouch for your favorite characters.

So a few high school students and a nurse try to survive a Zombie apocalypse. They have to save themselves from the infectious zombies while making their way to the safe zone in the school.

The storyline is realistic and has the perfect blend of borderline raunchy erotica with adrenaline-fueled zombie takedown scenarios.

7. Gangsta.

  • Author – Kohske
  • Episodes – 12
  • Seasons – 1
  • Production Studio – Manglobe
  • IMDB Rating – 7.2
  • Watch Gangsta

This is about two mercenaries, Nicholas Brown and Worick Arcangelo from Ergastalum. They are known as Handymen who are up for hire and take up tasks that are generally too risky for others.

The story unravels when the Handymen take down a local pimp and ‘rescue’ a prostitute, Alex Benedetto, rather than eliminate her. For her safety, they make her part of their group.

During all the commotion, Ergastalum witnessed a massive shift in the criminal hierarchy which shook the balance of power. As Ergastalum is also a sanctuary for super-human beings known as Twilights, new criminals under lords start pursuing Twilights in their rank to add muscle to their organization.

Will the Handymen be capable enough to handle all this?

6. Gantz

  • Author – Hiroya Oku
  • Episodes – 26
  • Season – 2
  • Production Studio – Gonzo
  • IMDB Rating – 7.2
  • Watch Gantz

Gantz is my favorite NSFW anime. It has violence, bloodshed, action, and sci-fi, all balanced just the way I like it. The story narrates a future where when a person dies, he/she is brought back to life and has to fight against demons.

If the resurrected live, they can either bring back the dead or choose an advanced weapon. If they lose they die for sure this time. No resurrection.

But wait though. Gantz might not be for the faint-hearted as it features gore, violence, rape, and all the darkness that plagues the underbelly of our world.

5. Sekirei


If you are looking for an Ecchi-themed anime, Sekirei is just the one for you. The story revolves around Minato Sahashi who fails his college entrance exam twice in spite of being an outstanding student.

He is ridiculed by his friends and unsure about his future. However, everything changes once Musubi falls from the sky in front of him. She is an extraterrestrial humanoid who can activate a human’s special abilities by kissing them.

She detects the potential in Minato and embraces him and forms a bond with him. 

With time Minato discovers his special abilities and becomes a member of a high-risk battle for survival game called the Sekirei Plan.

4. High School DxD

high school dxd

Issei Hyoudou is just another pervert who fantasizes about women and starting a family with them. He strikes gold when a beautiful woman asks him out on a date. But wait! She’s a demon and rather than getting his soul rocked, she ends up brutally murdering him.

After his death, Rias Gremory, a senior and an elite devil gives him an opportunity to relive his life. Issei is then recruited into the Occult Research Club in their college. Now he has to get used to this new way of life and learn how to survive in a world filled with angels and devils.

All this while he keeps his new identity secret from his friends and family.

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3. Prison School

prison school

Hachimitsu Private Academy is known for its quality education and well-mannered students. But a recent policy change will allow admission to boys as well. Under this new policy, only 5 boys were accepted.

This pushes the student body ratio to 1 male for every 300 female students. The 5 lucky boys Gakuto, Kiyoshi, Shingo, Jo, and Andre can’t wait to peep into the girls’ bathroom.

However, their plan gets trampled by the Underground Student Council and they have to face a one-month prison sentence at their school. This is how the story unfolds. It’s a story of friendship and surviving school with lingering perverted intentions.

Love it or hate it Prison School does have one of the most original stories among uncensored animes.

2. Afro Samurai

afro samurai

Afro’s father held the number One headband and had the privilege of all its divine powers. However, Justice, who possessed the number Two headband challenged him in a duel and ended up killing him.

In the end, Justice took the number One hairband for himself. A few years later Afro himself claimed the number Two hairband and got the right to challenge Justice, the Number One.

But there’s one small problem. While Number One can only be challenged by number Two, anyone can challenge number Two.

Now, Afro, the number Two has to beat all the opponents coming his way before he can seek revenge at Justice for his father’s death and gain the Number One status. If you are into bloody action sequences, gory deaths, and the likes, Afro Samurai won’t disappoint you.

And did I mention Afro is Samuel L. Jackson?

1. Hellsing


Hellsing is an adult anime with demons, vampires, ghosts, and a lot lot more.

Hellsing is an organization that stops vampires from supernatural realms. These demons attack the city of Cheddar and turn them into ghosts.

And that’s what Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing the chief of the organization is trying to stop.

He sends Alucard to help the people of Cheddar. During the battle, officer Sera Victoria gets fatally wounded. Alucard provides her a choice, either she can die of agony as a human or live to tell the tale as a vampire.

She chooses the latter and becomes a part of Hellsing.

The story shows Victoria’s struggle as she embraces the fact that she’s no longer a human and how her new abilities can help her in the battle for humanity.

This is a must-watch.

Wrapping Up

Overall, these 15 Best Uncensored Animes are a great way to enjoy some of the most popular and beloved anime series while leaving behind all of the censoring.

With a variety of genres, these animes will have something for everyone. Whether you are looking for action, romance, horror, or comedy, these animes will provide you with plenty of entertainment and excitement.

So, click on the links to start watching right away. And if you really like our selection and want us to come up with something like this, give us a shout.

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