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20 Ugly Disney Characters [2023 updated]

Character Design is essential when it comes to creating memorable characters. Who can forget Rapunzel’s long beautiful flowing golden hair or Ariel’s enchanting mermaid tail?

Sometimes, it’s the ugly Disney characters that are the most memorable.

Disney proves to the world that sometimes when you want to create an impactful and memorable show, you need to add an ugly character to the cast.

While there are many ugly evil characters, there are also good ugly characters that are remembered thanks to their distinct features.

So, let’s take a look at some of the unforgettable ugly Disney characters to grace our screens!

20 Ugly Disney Characters Fans Remember

20. Hopper– A Bug’s Life

hopper a bug's life

Disney did a pretty good job fueling my nightmares with the grasshopper named Hopper. He’s a bully and downright nasty as he beats up the ants into submissions.

There aren’t many redeemable traits with this character, except that he tries to protect his brother. Other than that, this evil bug doesn’t have anything nice or likable about his character.

Did Hopper give you nightmares as well? He’s the only grasshopper I’ve ever truly feared.

19. Ursula – The Little Mermaid

ursula the little mermaid

Ursula lives up to her name as the Sea Witch. She looks the part, and her lair matches her evil and dark personality. Ariel should have swum away the moment she had the chance.

However, what she can promise is attractive, but Merfolk should really consider the consequences part of the deal.

Ursula can change her appearance, but she seems to love her naturally obese self the most. People should learn to love themselves as Ursula does. However, she’s extra scary when she gets the trident.

18. Queen of Hearts – Alice in Wonderland

queen of hearts alice in wonderland

She’s as ugly as her personality; the Queen of the Hearts is probably the least lovely character you’ll meet in Wonderland.

You’ll first hear about her when her loyal subject was painting all the white flowers red. Her dislike for all other characters is pretty evident in the film.

It seems her hobby is sending people to be decapitated. As a kid, it was a funny phrase, but you grow to learn the true darkness of her words as you grow older.

17. Edna Mode – The Incredibles

edna mode the incredibles
  • Age: 50s
  • Height: 131 cm
  • Voice Actor: Brad Bird

You don’t need to be evil to be ugly. Edna Mode is one of the memorable ugly Disney characters with glasses whose unique design makes her stand out in every Invincibles film.

Aside from her looks, she is small, but her personality speaks volumes, and she prides herself in being the best costume creator for superheroes.

Edna’s manner of speaking, walking, and hand movements are nothing short of iconic. Which is funny with how small they make her look next to the other characters.

16. Roz – Monsters Inc

roz monsters inc

Roz may not have a big role in Monster’s Inc., but everyone remembers this slug monster for being ugly and for her nasal voice. If a slug could talk, Bob pretty much nailed the voice down.

I didn’t expect the key master would also be a secret agent in the film. So, the big reveal in the ending made me appreciate her character. (If this is a spoiler to you then you should have watched the movie before. Do it now IMO.)

This ugly character is so popular that she even made cameos in other Monsters Inc. teasers and trailers.

15. Yzma – The Emperor’s New Groove

yzma the emperor's new groove
  • Age: 80 (implied)
  • Height:
  • Voice Actor: Eartha Kitt

Yzma is one of the Ugly female Disney characters who serves as a funny villain and does it brilliantly. She has the most epic fails in the film (The Emperor’s New Groove) despite being the advisor to Emperor Kuzco.

She is a scrawny chemist who tries to poison the emperor so she can take over the Kingdom. Her plans work, with slight complications.

Instead of killing Kuzco, she turned him into a talking Llama! Since she didn’t finish the job, Kuzco managed to get his title and himself back although I loved Kuzco the Llama just as much.

14. Jafar – Aladdin

jafar aladdin

Jafar is the very image of an evil sorcerer with his cape and dark colors. His ‘all-powerful” genie form doesn’t do anything to help his looks.

Despite lacking attractive physical traits, he’s one of Disney’s most popular characters, appearing in several films and games. Did you know Maleficent even inspired his look? He has a crush on her in Kingdom Hearts.

Jafar is also noted to be middle-aged and attracted to Princess Jasmine, which is honestly a little creepy, if you know what I mean, although he did have his intentions for that.

13. Mother Gothel – Tangled

mother gothel tangled

Mother Gothel uses Rapunzel to retain her beautiful, youthful appearance, but the way I see it, she also doesn’t look attractive despite retaining her youth.

For years she fooled the girl into thinking she loved her and was only protecting her from the cruelty of the world.

It’s a good thing Rapunzel’s adventurous spirit still led her to escape from the castle. You can see that she always uses her relationship with the princess to her advantage.

12. Quasimodo – The Hunchback of Notre Dame

  • Age: 19 (first film)
  • Height:
  • Voice Actor: Tom Hulce

Quasimodo is one of the most iconic ugly male Disney characters in history. He is ugly because of his deformities, but he has a heart of gold.

After the events of the first film, people feared him less and started to appreciate the work he did in the bell tower.

He even finds himself a girl who loves him! That surprised a lot of people!

11. Drizella Tremaine – Cinderella

drizella tremaine

Everyone remembers the two evil stepsisters of Cinderella. Aside from being unattractive, Drizella is mean and only cares about money and power.

Unlike her younger sister, who changed her ways for love, she remained by her mother’s side and became even more jealous.

Despite being raised as a proper lady, she’s uncoordinated and not at all graceful. Makes you wonder why their mother never had them take proper lessons.

9. Doc – Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs


Doc may be one of the ugly Disney characters with glasses, but he’s also one of the sweetest of the dwarfs. The oldest dwarf acts as the leader of the 7 dwarfs and does his best to take care of them.

He may be counted as an ugly character, but his joyous nature makes you feel that you can trust him and relax around him.

Doc also easily gets flustered, which makes him unable to act properly occasionally.

8. The Evil Queen (Old Hag form) – Snow White

the evil queen

The Evil Queen may look okay in her usual form, but she can turn into a really ugly character when she turns into the Old Hag.

Snow White must be one kind girl not to run away screaming when she saw the Old Hag from by the door.

She even trusted the apples that were given to her. Her Old Hag form is how I’d imagine a real witch to look like. Did you ever think that this is actually her true form?

7. Abby Mallard – Chicken Little

abby mallard

Abby is an ugly duckling, though it is implied that she is actually a swan. She is often the target of bullies due to her ugly appearance and strange manner of speaking.

However, despite all the negativity, she is one of the most upbeat and optimistic characters in the entire film.

Her role in Chicken Little is being the protagonist’s best friend and secret admirer. The two love birds do end up together at the end of the film.

6. Anastasia Tremaine – Cinderella

anastasia tremaine

While most ugly Disney female characters seem to be on the evil side, there are some that undergo a huge transformation and develop a kind heart. One such character is Anastasia.

She was depicted as ugly in the first movie with a matching displeasing personality. However, after requesting Cinderella’s help after falling in love with a baker, she becomes an attractive character inside and outside.

As the kinder sister, she is given a happy ending for Cinderella II and III.

5. Mad Hatter – Alice in Wonderland

mad hatter
  • Age:
  • Height:
  • Voice Actor: Ed Wynn

He may not be the best-looking character in Alice in Wonderland, but everyone is very familiar with who the Mad Hatter is.

The Mad Hatter is actually a happy character who loves to throw tea parties even if there’s no birthday to celebrate. Actually, the word “Mad” refers mostly to his eccentric personality.

Wonderland has a lot of crazy characters, but this character is so overbearing that he’s even an outcast in Wonderland. His guests are all frequent visitors minus Alice.

4. Cruella De Vil – 101 Dalmatians

cruella de vil

Just because a character is a fashionista does not mean they are immediately beautiful. Cruella is one ugly Disney characters known for her obsession with expensive fur coats.

She goes to extremes just to get what she wants, even if it means stealing her friend’s dogs to create the latest fashion items.

Cruella may not have powers, but she’s one crazy lady that you need to look out for, especially if you love your furry friends.

3. Professor Ludwig Von Drake – Duck Tales

professor ludwig von drake

Donald Duck has a lot of relatives, and most of them look pretty much alike. However, there is one ugly duck character in his family, and that’s Ludwig Von Drake.

Recent versions of his design make him look slightly better, but he’s still a distinguishable duck with his mad scientist looks on point.

He’s very smart, but he is borderline kooky compared to the other ducks. But that’s why fans love him so much!

2. Philoctetes – Hercules


Aside from good genes, fans can thank Phil for helping Hercules into the hunk he is today. Phil trained Hercules when the boy was a scrawny teenager.

He is a Satyr, and many of his kind are known to be ugly in Greek legend, so Disney did not stray far from their source material when it came to designing him.

Aside from Hercules, he is also known for training Achilles, which is mentioned in passing.

1. Hades – Hercules 


Hades is  one of the ugly male Disney characters in the network, but he is undoubtedly one of the most charming characters in all of Disney,

His mannerisms were actually based on Jeffrey Katzenberg, who originally worked for Disney. Despite the inspiration for the character leaving the studio, the character Hades lived on and became a beloved and memorable Disney villain.

Also, it’s hard to erase the images of Disney’s version of Hades whenever you discuss the Greek god in literature class.

These characters may not be the best-looking of the bunch, but they draw attention and deliver a huge impact to their audience.

A lot of these ugly characters, especially the evil ones, fueled my nightmares as a child. Disney did a really good job.

Meanwhile, those ugly Disney characters who have hearts of gold teach me not to judge a book by its cover. Characters like Edna, and Quasimodo will always be favorites of mine despite their unattractive features.

Do you remember any ugly Disney characters or perhaps have a favorite character with less desirable features? Let me know in the comments!

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