AnimeAll Tokyo Revengers Characters: Anime & Manga

All Tokyo Revengers Characters: Anime & Manga

Tokyo Revengers is an exciting addition to current-gen anime. High schoolers running gangs all over Tokyo and a time traveler thrown in the mix make for an engaging premise. But more than that, we have come to love the different Tokyo Revengers characters.

From freakishly strong to courageous crybabies, Tokyo Revengers has some of the most polarizing characters you’ll ever see in any anime. Everyone is different, yet no one is boring. If you’ve fallen in love with one of the Tokyo Revengers characters, welcome to the squad.

Although the anime did a terrific job introducing some of the best characters in Tokyo Revengers in the 1st Season, there are still so many to come. And we are bringing them into the light a bit early.

We’ll focus on all the Tokyo Revengers characters who have and have not made their anime debut yet. So, a spoiler alert is in effect from here on. But first, some wiki for the Tokyo Revengers fanatics.

Who Animated Tokyo Revengers? Anime Wiki

Tokyo Revengers is the story of a loser, Takemichi Hanagaki, who finds out his only girlfriend, who he broke up with 10 years ago, was killed by the Tokyo Manji Gang.

Using his time-leaping abilities, Takemichi is trying to change the future by changing the past to save his girlfriend, Hinata Tachibana. But, playing with time has consequences.

who animated tokyo revengers
  • Anime: Tokyo Revengers (Based on the manga of the same name.)
  • Author: Ken Wakui
  • Production Studio: Liden Films
  • Number of Seasons: 1
  • Number of Episodes: 24
  • Release Date: April 2021
  • Upcoming Season: Season 2 – Out in January 2023

Although Tokyo Revengers has received praise for its premise and direction, there’s also been a fair share of criticism. Not everyone is a big fan of the show’s animation, and the critics aren’t wrong. The animation is very inconsistent, especially during the battles.

It’s time Liden Films provides some production value to Tokyo Revengers. We hope Season 2 will be better.

With that out of the way, let’s talk about what the fans love the most, the Tokyo Revengers characters.

Tokyo Revengers Characters – Main & Supporting Male/Female Characters

With every Tokyo Revengers character fighting a battle of their own, the whole show seems more gripping. Although the story somewhat progressed, the focus was on developing the characters.

We saw our MC go from a complete loser to a crybaby hero. We saw the strongest characters crying and the weakest saving the day. We also caught glimpses of the cunning antagonist, who’ll definitely be a prominent presence in the 2nd season. So, it’s time you knew a little bit more about all the Tokyo Revengers characters. 

We’ll tell you all about the main characters in Tokyo Revengers and who’s just a drag-along. You’ll definitely learn a lot about all the best characters in Tokyo Revengers.

Also, you’ll be prepared for any surprise appearances in Season 2 – because there will be a few.

So, let’s get started.

Tokyo Revengers Male Characters List

tokyo revengers male characters list with pictures

So far, in the 28 volumes of Tokyo Revengers manga, 56 male characters have appeared. Out of these, only 21 male characters have appeared in the Tokyo Revengers anime so far.

We will see a lot of new faces in the 2nd season, but before that, let’s see everyone here. We are using their gang affiliations to classify all the Tokyo Revenger characters.

1. Tokyo Manji Gang a.k.a. Toman

tokyo manji gang logo
  • Manjiro Sano a.k.a. Mikey’ – President
  • Ken Ryuguji a.k.a. Draken – Vice President

Toman First Division

  • Takemichi Hanagaki – Captain 
  • Keisuke BajiEx-Captain
  • Chifuyu Matsuno – Vice Captain
  • Kazutora Hanemiya – Ex-Vice Captain
  • Hajime Kokonoi
  • Makoto Suzuki
  • Seishu Inui
  • Atsushi Sendo a.k.a. Akkun
  • Kazushi Yamagishi
  • Takuya Yamamoto

Toman Second Division

  • Takashi Mitsuya – Captain
  • Hakkai Shiba – Vice Captain

Toman Third Division

  • Kisaki Tetta – Captain
  • Haruki Hayashida ‘Pah-Chin’ – Ex-Captain
  • Ryohei Hayashi ‘Peh-Yan’ – Vice Captain

Toman Fourth Division

  • Nahoya Kawata a.k.a. Smiley – Captain
  • Souya Kawata a.k.a. Angry – Vice Captain

Toman Fifth Division

  • Yasuhiro Muto
  • Haruchiyo Sanzu

Toman Sixth Division (now dissolved)

  • Shuji Hanma – Former Captain

2. Valhalla & Moebius

moebius and valhalla
  • Kisaki Tetta – President, trying to infiltrate Toman.
  • Shuji Hanma – Acting President
  • Kazutora Hanemiya – Vice President

Captains & Main Members

  • Choji – First Division Captain
  • Chome – Second Division Captain
  • Chonbo – Third Division Captain
  • Keisuke Baji – Double Agent of Toman
  • Hamada Tadaomi
  • Nobutaka Osanai – Former Moebius Captain

3. Black Dragon

black dragon tokyo revengers logo
  • Shinichiro Sano – Founder/President
  • Izana KurokawaFormer President
  • Shion Madarame – Former President
  • Taiju Shiba – Former President
  • Takamechi Hanagaki – Current President

Main Members

  • Seishu Inui
  • Hakkai Shiba
  • Hajime Kokonoi
  • Junpeke
  • Keizo Arashi
  • Takeomi Akashi
  • Wakasa Imaushi

4. Tenjiku

tenjiku logo
  • Izana Kurokawa – Founder & President

Founding Members

  • Shion Madarame
  • Ran Haitani
  • Kakucho Hitto
  • Kanji Mochizuki

Current Main Members

  • Kisaki Tetta
  • Haruchiyo Sanzu
  • Yasuhiro Muto
  • Rindo Haitani
  • Shuji Hanma
  • Hajime Kokonoi

5. Bonten

bonten logo
  • Manjiro Sano a.k.a. Mikey – President
  • Haruchiyo Sanzu – Vice President
  • Takeomi Akashi
  • Kakucho Hitto

Main Members

  • Ran Haitani
  • Kanji Mochizuki
  • Hajime Kokonoi
  • Rindo Haitani

6. Brahman

brahman tokyo revengers
  • Senju Kawaragi – The only female gang President
  • Takeomi Akashi – Vice President

Main Members

  • Keizo Arashi
  • Ken Ryuguki ‘Draken’
  • Wakasa Imaushi
  • Takemichi Hanagaki

7. Rokuhara Tandai

rokuhara tandai logo
  • Terano South – President
  • Kakucho Hitto – Vice President

Main Members

  • Ran Haitani
  • Rindo Haitani
  • Kanji Mochizuki
  • Shion Madarame

Other Supporting Male Characters in Tokyo Revengers

The following are not main characters but some of them are important recurring characters that you should definitely know about.

  • Hansen

He is the President of Ikebukuro Criminal Black Members. He was also the overseer of Toman Vs. Valhalla who Hanma kicked before the fight even began.

  • Leanman

Leanman is the President of the Night Dust gang and he controls the Ueno district. We saw him sitting on a smashed car eating burgers during the Toman Vs. Valhalla battle.

  • Makoto Suzuki

Takemichi Hanagaki’s friend and a founding member of the Mizo Middle Five. He helps out Takemichi during some tricky situations and always stands by him.

  • Mansaku Sano

Manasaku Sano was the grandfather of Mikey, Shinichiro, and Emma Sano. Mansaku owned a Dojo and trained Mikey, Shinichiro, and Baji.

There is little chance of him appearing in the anime, but if you are a fanatic you should know the OG master of Toman.

  • Masataka Kiyomizu

Masataka Kiyomizu was a Third division member of Toman. He betrays Toman and stabs Draken during the Toman Vs. Moebius battle. He is also the first character that Takemichi defeats in a one-on-one fight.

  • Masato Tachibana

Masato Tachibana is the Father of Hinata and Naoto Tachibana. He was a police officer, and he is the reason for Takemichi and Hinata’s breakup. He asks Takemichi to break up with Hinata so she’ll be safe from Toman’s trouble.

  • Naoto Tachibana

Naoto is Hinata Tachibana’s younger brother. He’s become a police officer in the future and helps Takemichi Hanagaki with his time traveling. His handshake is the trigger for Takemichi’s time-leaping. 

Aside from the gang members and the supporting male characters, the anime and manga are filled with minor/recurring characters but they aren’t worth the time. For now, knowing about these male Tokyo Revengers characters is more than enough.

Now, it’s time for the ladies.

Tokyo Revengers Female Characters List

Season 1 of Tokyo Revengers anime was cruel to the female characters.

We only saw Hinata Tachibana and Emma Sano, and even these 2 ladies had next to no screen time.

However, when it comes to manga, there’s a lot more attention to them including key plot hinges. But chances are, we’ll only see most of them in flashbacks.

1. Hinata Tachibana

Hinata Tachibana is our protagonist’s first and only love interest, Takemichi Hanagaki. She’s the reason Takemichi goes to the past to try and change the future. Hinata. She has a younger brother and lives with her parents.

2. Emma Sano

Emma Sano is the younger half-sister of Izana Kurokawa and step-sister of Manjiro Sano and Shinichiro Sano. She is in love with Ken Ryuguki (Draken).

3. Akane Inui

Akane was Seishu Inui’s older sister who died after suffering from multiple severe burns all over her body. She was the love interest of Hajime Kokonoi, and she was the reason Hajime started his criminal life.

4. Sakurako Sano

Sakurako Sano is Mikey and Shinichiro’s mother. Not much is known about her because she hasn’t made her anime debut yet and because she is dead.

5. Mana Mitsuya

She is the younger sister of the Toman Captain Takashi Mitsuya. She’s yet to appear in the anime.

6. Hasegawa

Hasegawa is the DVD store manager where Takemichi Hanagaki works. She always scolds Takemichi for coming late and not stacking the DVDs properly.

7. Senju Kawaragi

Also known as Senju Akashi, she is the strongest female character in Tokyo Revengers. She also heads the Brahman gang.

8. Karen Kurokawa

Karen Kurokawa is Izana Kurokawa’s adoptive mother. Izana uses her last name instead of his father’s to showcase the love he has for his adoptive mother.

9. Luna Mitsuya

Luna is the middle child of the Mitsuya family. She is younger than Takashi and older than Luna.

10. Yasuda

Yasuda works under Takashi Mitsuya as the vice-president of the Home Economics club. She doesn’t like gangs and delinquents, but she respects Takashi a lot.

11. Yumi Mori

Yumi Mori is Haruki Hayashida’s (Pah-Chin) childhood friend. They end up tying the knot later on.

12. Yuzuha Shiba

Yuzuha Shiba is the older sister of Hakkai Shiba (Toman 2nd Division Vice Captain.) She also falls prey to Kisaki and kills her younger brother Taiju.

And that’s all the important Tokyo Revengers characters so far. As the anime and manga expand, so will this list of characters.

But, we are not done just yet. Now that you know all the characters, more questions can be answered.

Who Are The Main Characters in Tokyo Revengers?

Now that you’ve seen the long list of Tokyo Revengers characters, you might be wondering about the main characters. Don’t worry, not all of the 60+ characters above are worth following.

who are the main characters in tokyo revengers

Here are the main characters of Tokyo Revengers.

1. Takemichi Hanagaki

takemichi hanagaki

Takemichi Hanagaki is the main protagonist of the show. Although he’s not your classic OP protagonist who comes up trumps in every situation, Takemichi has certain qualities that make him a fan favorite.

The journey is only starting for anime fans, but the manga fans know all too well what Takemichi can and will do for his loved ones.

2. Hinata Tachibana

hinata tachibana tokyo revengers

Hinata Tachibana was Takemichi Hangaki’s girlfriend throughout middle school. But they broke up for some reason.

However, when Takemichi hears of Hinata’s death and finds out he can save her by changing the past, he agrees in an instant.

Basically, Hina is the catalyst of the whole series.

3. Naoto Tachibana

naoto tachibana tokyo revengers

Naoto Tachibana is the younger brother of Hinata Tachibana, and he is the one who convinces Takemichi to use his time-traveling abilities to try and save Hinata. Naoto Tachibana is the desk guy for Takemichi Hanagaki, and the duo almost succeeds in their mission.

4. Manjiro Sano ‘Mikey’

manjiro sano mikey tokyo revengers

After Hinata, the show is all about keeping Mikey safe. Takemichi wants to stay close to Mikey so he can stop him from making any bad decisions that will put the Tokyo Manji Gang on the dark path.

As Kisaki manipulates Mikey, protecting Mikey, Toman, and Hinata becomes more and more difficult.

5. Kisaki Tetta

kisaki tetta tokyo revengers

Kisaki is the cunning antagonist of Tokyo Revengers. He is a master manipulator pulling all the strings, and basically bossing the whole of Japan’s mafia. In Season 1, it looks as though he doesn’t even know Takemichi, but the reality is that those two have a history.

These are the 5 main characters of Tokyo Revengers. Whatever is happening in the manga and anime is because of these 5 people.

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Who Is The Strongest Character in Tokyo Revengers?

Although most of them are kids, some strong characters are in Tokyo Revengers. Some are skilled fighters, while others are just pure and brute force. And that makes for some crazy fights, like the Draken and Hanma fight.

No prizes for guessing who is the strongest character in Tokyo Revengers, but what about the second, third, fourth, and so on? Here are the 10 strongest characters in Tokyo Revengers, in our opinion.

You might see some controversial inclusions here and some you might not even know, but it is what it is!

1. Manjiro ‘Mikey’ Sano

manjiro mikey sano

Well, no surprises here. Mikey is Toman’s leader and by far the strongest character in Tokyo Revengers. His fighting skills, raw power, endurance, and speed strike fear into the hearts of many. We saw this when the whole Valhalla gang ran away after Mikey lost control.

A single hit of those nuclear kicks can take out anyone instantly.

2. Ken ‘Draken’ Ryuguji

draken tokyo revengers

Another no-brainer. Draken is the only character that comes close to Mikey’s power levels. Maybe that’s why he is Toman’s Vice-President and Mikey’s right-hand man. But he’s not all raw power.

Apart from fighting prowess, Draken is also mentally and emotionally intelligent. And it’s showcased throughout the first anime season.

3. Izana Kurokawa

izana kurokawa tokyo revengers

Anime fans will not know who this guy is, but the manga fans are well aware. And it’s about time anime viewers got acquainted.

Izana is Mikey’s step-brother and leader of the Tenjiku gang. In the manga, his fighting skills and prowess is close to Mikey. He can easily predict enemy attacks and counter them, something even Mikey can’t do.

However, we’re afraid the anime will nerf him down a bit.

4. Keisuke Baji

keisuke baji

After watching Baji take out nearly 50 Toman delinquents at Bloody Halloween, there’s no denying that Keisuke Baji is one of the strongest characters of Tokyo Revengers. Even after a fatal stab wound, Baji took on and defeated Kisaki’s men and saved Mikey and Kazutora.

Even as a child, we saw Baji saving Chifuyu by beating up bigger guys than him all alone.

5. South Terano

south terano

South Terano, a.k.a Ternao Minami is the leader of Rokuhara Tandai. He’s a gangster from Brazil who has destructive strength.

In the manga, he has taken out enemies with a single punch, and we hope that doesn’t change in the anime. Seeing him take out the entire S-63 Generation alone would be fun.

Besides, we don’t think he’s on Mikey’s level. So, a nerfing down will ruin the character.

6. Senju Kawaragi

senju kawaragi

Senju is another manga character who’s still to make her anime debut. She is the strongest female character in terms of fighting prowess.

Senju is one of the Three Deities and the leader of the Brahman gang. Her fighting style is similar to Mikey’s in that she uses quick attacks to knock out her enemies before they can figure out what hit them. Seeing her fight in the anime will be a treat for sure.

7. Shuji Hanma

shuji hanma

Shuji Hanma shocked everyone when he blocked Mikey’s kick. Although Mikey did faceplant him with a second kick minutes later, the first block was a testament to Hanma’s strength. Later on, Draken had a hard time dropping Hanma during Bloody Halloween. Draken even called him a zombie.

Hanma’s biggest strength is his intelligence. He’s not the strongest looking, but his planned attacks help him defeat stronger enemies. Hanma is quite similar to Kisaki in this regard.

8. Chifuyu Matsuno

chifuyu matsuno

Chifuyu is the only character to bear the brunt force of Baji’s punches and survive. You might argue that Baji was holding back, but it didn’t look like he was. The bloody face of Chifuyu indicated that Baji was hitting him hard.

But, Chifuyu did withstand the assault and was up and running again for the Bloody Halloween battle. And he was dropping delinquents left, right, and center. He looks like a scrawny boy, but he’s one of the strongest characters. After all, Baji trained him.

9. Kisaki Tetta

kisaki tokyo revengers

You might disagree with Kiskai’s ranking, but we decided on this rank based on what we have seen. And so far, we’ve only seen Kisaki sucker punch Takemichi, use guns, and stay behind his bodyguard.

There’s no denying that he is strong- otherwise, he wouldn’t be the acting head of Toman. We wish to see the antagonist get his hands dirty. Until then, he stays at number 9.

10. Takemichi Hanagaki

takemichi tokyo revengers

You didn’t think we were going to leave out our crybaby hero, did you? Although Takemichi is weak and can’t land a punch, he can certainly take a few. Takemichi is on this list solely because of his endurance and stubbornness.

As we see in the last episode, Takemichi becomes a top member of Toman simply because he refuses to give up.

Wrapping Up

So, who is the best character in Tokyo Revengers?

Some fans love Takemichi, others think big brother Draken is the best character. Keisuke Baji has a huge fan following as well. So, we’re not getting into this debate at all.

We’ve told you about the main characters and the strongest characters of Tokyo Revengers. Now, you decide on the best characters in Tokyo Revengers.

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