Manga12 Best Short Romance Manga Series To Watch in 2023

12 Best Short Romance Manga Series To Watch in 2023

If you have been watching anime series for a long time and now have decided to read manga, I want you to face the reality; manga novels are not short like an average anime series. 

On average, a manga series is 30 to 40 volumes long and it takes several months to a year to read one completely. However, some mangaka challenges the old long-story concept and offers short yet compelling manga series in 6 to 12 volumes. 

And in this blog, I have listed the 12 best short romance manga series that you can finish in a few days! 

12 Best Short Romance Manga Novels To Read In 2023!

12. Yakuza Lover 

yakuza lover
  • Volumes: 12
  • Mangaka: Nozomi Mino
  • Published: March 2018

Yakuza Lover is a short, twisted, and romantic love story of a young mafia underboss, Toshiomi Oya, and a college student Yuri, whom he meets at a party night and saves from the drug dealers.

After seeing him for the first time, Yuri starts crushing hard on Oya but suppresses her feelings aside because she couldn’t possibly date a Mafia boss. However, after running into him again, she feels an irresistible pull toward him. 

And so begins a passionate but fatal love affair that threatens to throw her life into chaos.

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11. A Tropical Fish Yearns For Snow

a tropical fish yearns for snow

When Konatsu Amano’s father receives a job transfer that takes him overseas, the family relocates to a town in Ebisu Prefecture, located on the coast. 

While there, Konatsu meets a senior student named Koyuki Honami. Koyuki is highly regarded for her academic achievements but, similar to Konatsu, is socially isolated. 

The two loners – Koyuki and Konatsu – develop a closer relationship over the course as Koyuki oversees the Aquarium Club, which Konatsu joins to fulfill the school’s club requirement.

10. Oiran Girl

oiran girl manga

After a devastating fire destroyed the family’s fortune and possessions, Tsubaki – the only daughter of the wealthy family – was handed to the Yoshiwara, the city’s red light district.

A childhood friend and her first love, Shin, has also abandoned Tsubaki in cold blood!

Now, Tsubaki is determined to take revenge against Shin and strives to be the best courtesan in the world. While Tsubaki has been working hard on her appearance, the top Oiran and the head courtesan are keeping a close eye on her. 

What are their intentions? Check out the manga!

09. Watashitachi No Shiawase Na Jikan (Our Happy Time)

watashitachi no shiawase na jikan
  • Volumes: 01
  • Mangaka: Yumeka Sumomo
  • Published: Mar 28, 2008

Our Happy Time is the shortest and greatest novel work of Yumeka Sumomo, entailing the sad, emotional, and romantic story of Juri Mutou, whose mother was a great pianist until she was born.

Therefore, as a teenager, Juri went through traumatic events, attempted suicide three times, and developed a strong resentment toward her mother. 

Now the only person who wants to help Juri live a happy life is her aunt Monica, a nun, who encourages her to visit Yuu, who is currently serving a death sentence! 

I don’t want to give any spoilers because the change in the story from this point will blow your mind!

08. Kaguya-Sama: Love Is War

kaguya-sama love is war
  • Volumes: 12
  • Mangaka: Fe
  • Published: October 2015

Chateau Dankworth, a rookie bounty hunter, had no idea that she would face an opponent that could beat her in a fight. And she certainly didn’t expect the mystery man to take an immediate interest in her to the point of supporting her missions. 

When Chateau’s group is tasked to eliminate an expert assassin, Song Ryang-ha, she discovers the man who has been after her. As part of a deal, Chateau agrees to meet with Ryang-ha and starts dating him to share all his movements. 

However, their lives are in terrible danger due to their entangled relationship. 

07. Sesame Salt & Pudding

sesame salt and pudding

Haruhi Fukunaga, now 22, is living her best life in Tokyo, where she can finally pursue her lifelong career as a heavy machine operator. However, Haruhi’s father unexpectedly orders her to move back to the countryside to manage the family business. 

Due to her frustration and sadness, Haruhi drinks all night, and the next day, she realizes that in her drunken haze, she married a man who is 20 years older than her!

Now Nagato Sunohara, Haruhi’s new husband, takes responsibility for the situation and decides to help his new wife pursue her dream and look after her family business in the countryside. 

06. Girl By The Shore

girl by the shore
  • Volumes: 02
  • Mangaka: Inio Asano
  • Published: July 7, 2009

Keisuke Isobe and Koume Satou, two middle school classmates in a sleepy coastal town, lead quite a mundane life until the day of Koume’s break up.

After her painful breakup, Koume starts to see Keisuke again – whom she had previously rejected – and develops a fake relationship to fill the void of her broken heart.

But, when genuine emotions emerge between them, their “friends with benefits” connection becomes something more than they bargained for, both for themselves and those close to them.

05. Please Love Flowers

please love flowers manga

Shion Adachi’s father borrows money from a flower shop, but instead of paying it back, he sends Shion, a 17-year-old teen, to work as a substitute for him. 

At first, Shion suspects that Mamyuuda’s decision to let her assist her around the shop is motivated by some malicious intention of her own. However, Shion learns the circumstances she’s in and Mamyuuda’s genuine goals through the language of flowers.

She soon takes over the flower preparation, and her cheerful bouquets are a hit with the customers.

04. Horimiya


Kyouko Hori, a high school girl known for her cheerfulness and intelligence, has been keeping a secret from her peers. 

Hori’s parents are always gone for business, so she has been raising her younger brother by herself. On the other hand, Izumi Miyamura is stereotyped as a gloomy otaku who wears glasses. And when pressed, he admits that he is a soft-spoken dummy. 

By fate, Hori and Miyamura run into each other and find common ground by revealing parts of themselves they’ve never shared before. Thus, their friendship begins and takes a very unexpected romantic turn! 

03. Orange

orange manga

An envelope arrives at Naho Takamiya’s house one morning, reportedly from her future self, detailing a set of events that will happen that day. Naho initially ignores the letter as a stupid prank but eventually accepts its veracity after learning that a student named Kakeru Naruse is enrolling in her class later that day.

In the letter, Naho’s future self expresses many regrets and urges her present self to make the right choices. These regrets appear to be linked to Kakeru, her boyfriend, and her school friends. 

Will the bonds of love and friendship forged in high school crumble? 

02. Love in Focus

love in focus manga

Mako Mochizuki, a high school student, is frequently distracted and often wanders off when she’s behind the camera, taking random pictures in the city. After meeting a fellow photography enthusiast, Kei Akahoshi, she starts residing at the boarding home.

When seeing the boarding home for the first time, Mako sees a puppy on the way and pulls out her camera to photograph it but ends up snapping a picture of a smart first-year boy walking with Omochi, the inn’s residential pet.

Although Mitsuru initially resists being photographed, Mako eventually sees his photogenic side, and the two develop a connection of friendship that changes into love with each photography session!

01. My Dress-Up Darling

my dress-up darling manga

Wakana Gojou, a high school student with dreams of becoming a doll artisan, lives a solitary life after suffering a traumatic experience at the hands of a friend who mocked his interest in traditional dolls. 

Further, Wakana finds gorgeous girls like the protagonist Marin Kitagawa, who is always accompanied by a large group of friends, to be strange and alien.

But when outgoing Marin, who is never bashful, sees Wakana sewing away after school, she rushes in to lure her silent classmate into her secret hobby- cosplay! 

The change in the doll artisan and the love he feels for his cosplayer will have you making goo-goo eyes at the pair! 


These short romance mangas are sure to make you fall for them. You’ll wish to complete them in one sitting, and if you really push, you can finish a few of these in one night!

In case you want more stuff to read, go through our special manga blogs and discover the manga of your taste!

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