AnimeSabo One Piece: From A Noble Child To The Revolutionary Army

Sabo One Piece: From A Noble Child To The Revolutionary Army

Eiichiro Oda has brought some great characters to life through his intricate writing. Every character in One Piece, main or secondary, has affected the story of Straw Hat Pirates.

But, the best part about Oda’s style of writing is that he’s managed to keep the best secondary characters on the sidelines for so long. While all of them have their own motives and are working on them off-screen, we occasionally get a glimpse of these characters.

The likes of Shanks and Monkey D. Dragon are so important to Luffy, yet they haven’t met in years.

Another character who’s very important to Luffy is his adoptive brother Sabo.

Luffy, Ace, and Sabo grew up together- all three wanting to be pirates. The three were as close as brothers, but certain circumstances led to a separation.

While we all know what happened to Portgas D. Ace and where Luffy is, Sabo is the mysterious one. So, we decided to dig up some dirt on him.

Who Is Sabo in One Piece?

Sabo is the Chief of Staff of the Revolutionary Army.

He is also the adoptive brother of Monkey D. Luffy and Portgas D. Ace. Sabo was a Noble, but he ran away from his parents because he didn’t want to become like the other Nobles. As he was running away, a World Noble destroyed his ship, but Monkey D. Dragon rescued him.

However, Sabo lost all his memories.

So, Sabo devoted his entire life to his savior Monkey D. Dragon, who made him his No. 2 in the Revolutionary Army.

After nearly 10 years of living without any memory of his early life, it all came back to him when he found out about Ace’s death. That’s when he vowed to protect Luffy at any cost, just as Ace wanted.

Sabo’s amnesia is also why he didn’t participate in the Marineford War because he simply didn’t remember Ace or Luffy.

sabo one piece movie

Sabo One Piece – Bounty, Devil Fruit, & More!

Sabo’s bounty is 602,000,000 Berries, which is actually low for the Revolutionary Army’s Chief of Staff.

However, there’s a clear explanation for this as well.

The Revolutionaries work in silence. They do not claim the destruction and losses they bring to the World Government. So, the World Government and the Marines are still fairly ignorant of Sabo’s powers.

The same goes for Monkey D. Dragon, whose bounty is still unknown.

eats the flame flame fruit

But, we think Sabo’s bounty will increase after he gets the Mera Mera no Mi Devil Fruit. After becoming the Flame Emperor, Sabo defeated a Vice Admiral at Dressrosa with a single hit and fought Vice Admiral Fujitora as well.

sabo flame dragon king

Even before he got Ace’s Devil Fruit from Luffy, Sabo was a skilled fighter who had mastered Ryusoken– a fighting style based on grips and claws. Sabo can also use Busoshoku Haki and Kenbunshoko Haki.

What Happened to Sabo in One Piece?

The Reverie Arc left the fans with more questions than answers. There are rumors in One Piece of Sabo’s death after the events at Reverie, but is Sabo dead?

As Sabo and a few other commanders from the Revolutionary Army decided to rescue Kuma from the Celestial Dragons, things went south off-screen.

one piece bartholomew kuma slave

We never got to see what happened at Reverie, but the World Economy Newspaper spilled the beans.

While the revolutionaries succeeded in rescuing Kuma, Sabo was separated from the rest. The newspaper also mentioned death, and everyone thought it was Sabo. But it was later revealed that King Cobra died at Reverie. And Sabo allegedly killed him.

Moreover, the newspaper labeled Sabo as the Flame Emperor.

And that’s the last anyone’s heard of Sabo in One Piece.

one piece sabo dressrosa

Where is Sabo in One Piece Now?

After Reverie, Sabo has disappeared, and fan theories are pouring in.

Some believe Sabo is dead, and others think Sabo was captured by the Marines while trying to escape Reverie. But one thing is for sure Sabo is not dead.

But if he was captured, he might be executed soon on the allegation of murdering King Cobra.

is sabo dead or captured

But here’s something to think about.

The newspaper also mentioned that there was a murder attempt in Reverie. And that gave birth to another crazy conspiracy theory.

The Five Elders tried to have King Cobra and his daughter, Vivi, killed. Sabo jumped in to try and save them, but he couldn’t save King Cobra. So now Sabo and Vivi are on the run together.

Most of this stuff is happening behind the scenes, so there’s no solid reasoning for this theory, but it still seems the most plausible.

one piece sabo reverie

Otherwise, what was the point of bringing Sabo back from the dead, making him an important part of the Revolutionary Army, reuniting him with Luffy, and letting him inherit Portgas D. Ace’s Devil Fruit?

There’s no way Eiichiro Oda will go through all this trouble, just to kill Sabo off-screen like a minor character.

sabo one piece cute

The fact that Sabo has been brought in front of the whole world as the Flame Emperor indicates that he has a big part to play in the One Piece finale. 

We definitely haven’t seen the last of Sabo in One Piece.

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