MangaRengoku Death: The Most Traumatic Moment In Demon Slayer

Rengoku Death: The Most Traumatic Moment In Demon Slayer

With over $504 million and over 41 million tickets sold globally, Demon Slayer: Mugen Train is not only the highest-grossing movie of 2020 but also the most popular anime and Japanese film of all time.

Every moment of “Demon Slayer” seems like a work of art, and the movie has been highly praised for its stunning animation. However, the death of the strongest demon slayer, Kyojuro Rengoku -The Flame Hashira, is the reason for the film’s enormous success.

In this blog, we will discuss what happened after Rengoku’s death.

Why did Rengoku have to die and who was the demon that killed Rengoku in the Mugan Train Arc?

Who Was Kyojuro Rengoku In Demon Slayer?

who was kyojuro rengoku in demon slayer
  • Character: Kyojuro Rengoku
  • Age: 20
  • Height: 5’10”
  • Rank: Hashira – Demon Slayer
  • Fighting Technique: Flame Breathing
  • Voice Actor: Satoshi Hino

In Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, Kyojuro Rengoku played a pivotal supporting role and was the best Flame Breathing user and the strongest Hashira demon slayer corps. He had a genuine personality, was incredibly disciplined, and had developed remarkable flame techniques and swordsmanship.

He was a virtuous warrior who lived by the beliefs his mother taught him at a young age; “those who are born powerful, have a responsibility to protect the weak.” 

And until his dying breath, he remains committed to his convictions and pushes himself to his utmost during the battle with the demon Akaza.

After fighting with Rengoku, Akaza, the Upper-Rank Three demon acknowledged his strength and swordsmanship.

He went so far as to offer Rengoku to become a demon so that he can become much more powerful than he already was.

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Who killed Rengoku – The Flame Hashira?

who killed rengoku in demon slayer
  • Character: Akaza 
  • Age: 133 years
  • Height: 5’8″
  • Rank: Upper-Moon Three – Demon
  • Fighting Technique: Martial Arts
  • Voice Actor: Akira Ishida

The demon that killed Rengoku in Demon Slayer was an Upper-Moon Three and the 4th strongest demon among the high-class demons known as Akaza.

More than a century ago, Akaza was also a human with the name Hakuji and was a great martial artist. However, he transforms into a demon by the most primitive and original demon, Muzan Kibutsuji.

By nature, Akaza is a violent and fierce demon who enjoys fighting, especially when confronted against equally formidable Demon Slayers.

In Akaza’s perspective, the weak are beneath him. However, he admires those who are strong and powerful and engraves their names in his memory. 

Why Did Rengoku Have To Die In Mugan Train Arc? 

why did rengoku have to die in mugen train arc

The Hashira of the Demon Slayer Corps is considered to be the greatest demon slayers because of their overwhelming power and fighting techniques.

In the series, Hashira often overpowered demons that Tanjiro, Inosuke, and Zenitsu nearly died competing with. 

However,  demons are highly competent flash-eating species. They are far better in natural abilities, have high stamina, and can regenerate themselves in mere seconds.

On the other hand, Hashiras are still human with limited physical endurance and a non-regenerative body.

In the fight with Akaza, an upper-rank three demon, Tanjiro, and other slayers were saved by the presence of the Flame Hashira. But still, it was mandatory to show that even the Hashira have their limits and that they cannot always come to their assistance.

They have Rengoku’s legacy to uphold and the trio has been inspired by his death to not only improve their physical abilities but also their personal development.

Rengoku Death Manga

rengoku death manga panel

At first glance, Rengoku seems like a funny character, what with his poker face and everything. As we read on, we discover the full depth of his abilities, which are all tied to his flame breathing technique

Together with Tanjiro, he defeats Enmu, a demon of the lower rank of the Twelve Kizuki who had been seeking to steal the demon slayers’ souls by putting them to sleep.

In the manga, Chapter 66, “Scattered Dawn,” details the aftermath of Rengoku’s death.

Kyojuro instructs Tanjiro to visit his parents’ home in search of old notes on Hinokami Kagura (Sun Breathing Style).

Furthermore, he requests that Tanjiro inform his brother to pursue his passions and his father to care for his health.

He acknowledges Nezuko’s status as a demon slayer and praises her for her bravery in rescuing the train’s passengers.

They are the protectors of the younger Hashira, and Kyujuro emphasizes this responsibility to Tanjiro. True demon slayers, he says, are willing to lay down their lives for their communities.

At last, he says goodbye to his mom, who congratulates him on his arrival in the hereafter and expresses her pride in him.

Effect of Rengoku’s Death on The Upcoming Seasons of Demon Slayer!

effect of rengoku death in demon slayer

The aftermath of the death of a powerful Hashira affects more than simply the main character.

For example, In light of Kyujuro’s death, the Hashira unit is now at a disadvantage. But on the other hand, now more of the demon slayers will gear up to wipe out the demons and seek vengeance.

The top one might be Sanemi Shinazugawa, the fiery-tempered wind Hashira, who would be on his way to sever the necks of some demons as soon as he gets his hands on them.

Consequently, on the demon side, season 2 of “Demon Slayer” will feature even more formidable forces of demons; higher upper moon demons.

So, Rengoku’s death is a staggering turn of the story that will empower the series with more actionable and sentimental scenes.

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