CartoonsTop 40 Pink Cartoon Characters to Remember in 2023

Top 40 Pink Cartoon Characters to Remember in 2023 [Updated]

With cartoon shows made for kids, one color stands out for more than just girl power. The color pink is a symbol of compassion, love, and fun.

You may even recognize old shows or discover new cartoons to begin watching. So get ready as we begin our larger-than-life list of 40 Pink Cartoon Characters for you to remember and discover.

40 Famous Pink Cartoon Characters

40. Roxy 

roxy winx club
  • Cartoon Name: Winx Club 
  • Watch Link: Youtube
  • First Released: 2004

The Fairy with the Power of Animals is among our popular pink girl cartoon characters. Roxy of the Winx Club loves animals and is a rebel.

Her strong connection to animals allows her to check on their emotions and calm them when they are hurt or angry.

Roxy was given a magic item called the “White Circle” that can be used to summon many creatures to deal with her enemies.

39. Cheer Bear

cheer bear
  • Cartoon Name: CareBears
  • Watch Link: Youtube
  • First Released: 1985

The Carebears is a popular show that features many beloved characters. Cheer Bear takes this spot for her happy vibes. 

She’s a bundle of joy and the center of emotional support. Unfortunately, her eagerness can sometimes get her in trouble as she gets overwhelmed with chores.

Over the years, Cheer Bear has become a popular icon of the Care Bears with her line of stuffed plushies.

38. Panini

panini chowder
  • Cartoon Name: Chowder
  • Watch Link: Youtube
  • First Released: 2007

This pink rabbit has an obsession with Chowder. Panini is a girl who knows what she wants and will do whatever it takes to make Chowder her boyfriend.

The pink rabbit is calculating and clever. She makes sure to see Chowder as many times as she can. Panini’s always excessively happy to talk to the purple chef.

At the end of the show’s finale, Chowder and Panini did get married and had many children.

37. Meg Griffin

meg griffin
  • Cartoon Name: Family Guy
  • Watch Link: Fox
  • First Released: 1999

This character gets major flak among her family, especially from her dad. Meg Griffin is the Griffin family’s saddest character.

The poor girl is usually seen as the butt end of the joke, and it doesn’t help that her father, Peter, usually gaslights her.

Her best trait is how understanding she can be of her family’s antics. It is revealed that she might not even be fully human.

36. Bing Bong

bing bong
  • Cartoon Name: Inside Out
  • Watch Link: Disney+ 
  • First Released: 2015

In Pixar’s Inside Out, we get to meet Riley’s imaginary friend, who has become part of her deep memories.

Bing Bong is a multi-animal hybrid of an elephant, cat, and dolphin. He was there when Riley was young, and he provided her with laughs and fun times.

Bing Bongs sacrificed himself for Joy and Sadness to go on and save Riley.

35. Jinx 

  • Cartoon Name: Teen Titans 
  • Watch Link: Youtube
  • First Released: 2003

It can be bad luck to mess with this villain. Jinx is a manipulator of chances, and her mastery over magic makes her a formidable enemy.

She was known to have a crush on Cyborg, and her pink hair looked like an upside-down horseshoe, which represents good luck.

Her favored enemy is Raven, as they match in magical duels. It’s a good thing she joins the Teen Titans later on.

34. Cherry Jam

cherry jam strawberry shortcake
  • Cartoon Name: Strawberry Shortcake’s Berry Bitty Adventures.
  • Watch Link: Youtube
  • First Released: 1980

With Strawberry Shortcake by her side, the duo is unstoppable. Cherry Jam likes music, which extends to her talents as a singer and performer.

She lives the life of a social media icon, moved from the big cities to pursue a quieter life, and has never looked back since.

Her drive and talent for the musical arts have landed her a job as a music teacher in Berry Bitty City. 

33. Strawberry Shortcake

strawberry shortcake
  • Cartoon Name: Strawberry Shortcake’s Berry Bitty Adventures.
  • Watch Link: Youtube
  • First Released: 1980

If not the cake recipe, Strawberry Shortcake was among the 80s pink cartoon characters to have multiple reboots. Her toy line consists of several versions of her dolls.

Strawberry is as sweet as her name. She has multiple hobbies that are featured in several episodes. 

Over the years, her costume, attitude, and style changes to fit a new generation of audience.

32. Lala of the Little Twin Stars

lala little twin stars
  • Cartoon Name: Little Twin Stars
  • Watch Link: – 
  • First Released:1975

Among the cute and popular pink girl cartoon characters that Sanrio has made, there is one hidden among the stars.

Lala, the pink-haired girl, is commonly seen with her brother Kiki. Lala of the Twin Stars became popular with many 80s pink cartoon characters.

Their backstory would involve them visiting Earth and learning all they can so that they can grow up as good children.

31. My Melody

my melody
  • Cartoon Name: Hello Kitty Adventures
  • Watch Link: Youtube
  • First Released: 1975

This charming rabbit is part of the Hello Kitty universe. Her name is My Melody, and she has become a fan favorite for her sweetness and charm.

My Melody’s design was taken from Red Riding Hood, but instead of red, she wears a pink hood over her ears made by her grandmother.

She is usually seen with her best friend, My Sweet Piano; both of them have similar interests.

30. Hello Kitty

hello kitty
  • Cartoon Name: Hello Kitty and Friends
  • Watch Link: Youtube
  • First Released: 1975

Sanrio’s most iconic cartoon character is Hello Kitty, a cute and talented baker who loves to learn music, art, and English.

She’s a worldwide icon who also stars in several cartoons. While her main clothes vary in color, she wears pink on several occasions.

Other Hello Kitty merchandise can range from school supplies to greeting cards and themed digital goods. Her merchandise has been a popular collector’s item and gift for many different celebrations.

29. Rose Quartz

rose quartz
  • Cartoon Name: Steven Universe
  • Watch Link: Youtube
  • First Released: 2013

A giant and a leader of the Gem Rebellion, Rose Quartz is the mother of Steven from Steven Universe. 

Steven’s Mom is a motherly figure whose acts of sacrifice are reflected in her son. Rose possesses many abilities, such as shapeshifting, weapon use, and healing powers.

She hid an important secret that was a mind bomb when revealed to many fans of the series.

28. Lion

lion steven universe
  • Cartoon Name: Steven Universe
  • Watch Link: Youtube
  • First Released: 2013

A magical pink lion that has become friends with Steven will sometimes assist the Crystal Gems. 

Rose Quartz first owned this lion, who resurrected it with her magic healing, which gave it both magic and pink fur. Steven later discovered Lion and adopted it as a companion.

He is mysterious and independent at times, but he still chooses to be Steven’s most loyal friend.

27. Princess Peach

princess peach
  • Cartoon Name: Super Mario Movie
  • Watch Link: –
  • First Released: 1985

The most iconic princess in the Mushroom Kingdom, Princess Peach, has been a staple of every Mario game ever made. 

She made her debut as a damsel in distress that gets kidnapped by Bowser for Mario to rescue, but that has changed since then.

Princess Peach had many roles over time, from sports player to kart driver, tournament fighter, etc. She is a considerable force in the hands of a skilled gamer.

26. Kirby

  • Cartoon Name: Kirby: Right Back at Ya!
  • Watch Link: Nintendo Video (Discontinued)
  • First Released: 2001

This lovable pink creature could be the most powerful Nintendo character. Kirby is a cute and strong character, with abilities that make him adapt to any type of environment or situation.

He is bright and cheerful, but don’t be fooled by this pink menace. Kirby can turn into objects or weapons and suck objects up like a vacuum.

His other abilities include hops, floating, counters, and smashes.

25. Amy Rose

amy rose
  • Cartoon Name: Sonic Prime
  • Watch Link: Netflix
  • First Released: 1991

This pink hedgehog follows Sonic and his other friends in their quest to stop Dr. Robotnik’s schemes to control their world.

She is excitable, always cheerful, and sometimes overbearing. Much to the annoyance of Sonic, she calls him her boyfriend in a one-sided romance.

Amy uses a Piko-Piko hammer to crush opponents, and she is a recurring character in Sonic’s video games that helps Sonic in his adventures.

24. Dee Dee

dee dee
  • Cartoon Name: Dexter’s Laboratory
  • Watch Link: Youtube
  • First Released: 1996

Dexter’s annoying sister, Dee Dee, is the foil to the boy genius 

While clumsy and dumb, as stated by Dexter, her intellect shows when she easily enters passwords and easily slips inside the lab.

Her tall figure makes her easily slip through the corridors and hallways of Dexter’s secret lab. She always makes sure that she annoys the heck out of her younger brother as one of the 90s pink cartoon characters.

23. Princess Aurora

princess aurora
  • Cartoon Name: Sleeping Beauty
  • Watch Link: Disney+ 
  • First Released:1959

One of Disney’s iconic princesses is Princess Aurora, who is best known as the sleeping beauty. 

She was cursed to die by Maleficent when she reached 16 by a spindle’s prick; this, therefore, allowed the kingdom to burn all spindles save one.

Fortunately, Aurora gets to meet a charming prince, who will rescue her towards the end of the movie.

22. Hamm

  • Cartoon Name: Toy Story Series
  • Watch Link: Disney+ 
  • First Released: 1995

This piggy bank from Andy’s toys is Hamm, a snarky pig with an attitude. He’s cool and self-serving, as he prefers to be on the winning side.

Hamm is used as a regular hostage by Mr. Potato-Head, and it’s up to Sheriff Woody to rescue the pink piggy from being smashed.

He usually takes the backseat and only contributes to group ideas when he needs to. 

21. Miss Piggy

miss piggy
  • Cartoon Name: The Muppets
  • Watch Link: Youtube
  • First Released: 1974

The Muppets’ fashionista and major star is Miss Piggy, well-known for her look and diva voice. 

Her relationship with Kermit can go either way: she is either very affectionate to him or throws tantrums at the poor frog endlessly.

Miss Piggy’s voice went viral for the Borzoi meme, where an impression is used with the words: “Let me do it for you, Kermie,” played in a comedic loop.

20. Babs Bunny

babs bunny
  • Cartoon Name: Tiny Toon Adventures
  • Watch Link: Youtube
  • First Released: 1990

Tiny Toons have many wacky characters. Babs is among them as the snarky, energetic, and fun bunny that she is.

She is full of references and fourth-wall humor and regularly puts her best rabbit’s foot out with her friends.

Babs is also a popular performer at their school, Acme Looniversity, as she performs various acts of voice impression for entertainment with her partner, Buster.

19. Starfire

  • Cartoon Name: Teen Titans/Teen Titans Go
  • Watch Link: Youtube
  • First Released: 2003

A team player for the Teen Titans, Starfire is the brightest heroine who shines through both fights and friendships. 

She is definitely on par with many DC heroines for her strong sense of justice and power.

Starfire is an alien that came to Earth and is naive in her manner of speech. She takes a kinder approach to exploring and interacting with her friends, especially Robin.

18. Helga G. Pataki 

helga g. pataki
  • Cartoon Name: Hey Arnold
  • Watch Link: Hulu
  • First Released: 1996

This mean-spirited unibrow girl from ‘Hey Arnold’ is Helga G. Pataki. She’s a strong and tough-as-nails character that takes no lip from anyone. Her catchphrase is, “Out of the way, football head!” 

But behind the bully image, we find out that she’s the opposite with her obsessive crush on Arnold.

She has a shrine made out of gum with poems and love notes to privately declare her affection for her beloved football head.

17. Gary

  • Cartoon Name: Spongebob Squarepants
  • Watch Link: Youtube
  • First Released: 1999

The smartest pink-shelled snail that lives in the “pineapple under the sea,” Gary the Snail has been Spongebob’s pet ever since the series started. 

Spongebob will sometimes ignore Gary’s needs only to be desperate about wanting him back in a parody of pet relationships.

Though mostly found meowing in the background, several episodes have shown Gary’s intelligence, which hints at some psychic abilities.

16. Kimberly Hart as the Pink Ranger

pink ranger
  • Cartoon Name: Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers
  • Watch Link: Youtube
  • First Released: 1993

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers made this ranger iconic for girl power, and the stuff of many boy crushes back in the 90s. 

The original Pink Ranger was Kimberly Ann Hart, who was one of the first chosen by Zordon to make their Power Rangers team.

The Pink Ranger combines gymnastics and environments to hop, kick, and punch her way to victory. Her power bow is another weapon to take out ranged targets.

15. Courage the Cowardly Dog

  • Cartoon name: Courage the Cowardly Dog
  • Watch Link: Youtube
  • First Released: 1999

It is strange to find Courage on this list, but he does have pink fur. Courage is an easily frightened dog who has to live with his adopted fur parents in the middle of Nowhere.

He is brave when it comes to the situation, especially if it involves Muriel’s safety. 

Courage can carry twice his weight, endure a lot of abuse, and still succeed with each episode.

14. Boo

  • Cartoon Name: Monsters Inc.
  • Watch Link: Disney+ 
  • First Released: 2001

The girl who revolutionized power creation in Monsters Inc. Boo is the adorable little girl who started Sully’s journey of purpose.

She is a curious little girl who likes her toys and finds enjoyment rather than being scared of the monsters. Her time inside Monsters, Inc. Power Plant was a frantic adventure with Sully and Mike Wazaowski.

She made it possible for laughter to be more powerful than screams as an energy supply and remains Sully’s most beloved friend.

13. Steven Universe

steven from steven universe
  • Cartoon Name: Steven Universe
  • Watch Link: Youtube
  • First Released: 2013

As the star of his very own show, Steven of Steven’s Universe is a boy who is growing up to find purpose and meaning. 

Steven is a curious adventurer. His drive to protect all that he loves is his greatest strength. He goes to learn abilities that amplify his power.

Throughout the show, Steven will grow as a brave hero and learn about his past with the crystal gems.

12. Blossom

  • Cartoon Name: The Powerpuff Girls
  • Watch Link: Youtube
  • First Released: 1998

From the theme song lyrics, Blossom fits the role of the Powerpuff Girls’ team leader. She is the kickass crime fighter that Townsville is fortunate to have. 

Blossom’s intelligence places her as a class president and straight-A student, which makes her responsible and independent.

Her popularity makes her costume for parties and cosplays simple enough, as with many pink girl cartoon characters on this list.

11. Wanda

wanda the fairly oddparents
  • Cartoon Name: The Fairly Oddparents
  • Watch Link: Youtube
  • First Released: 2001

The pink-haired fairy Wanda is the moral center as Timmy’s godparent. Being married to Cosmo for more than 9000 years, and with their own child called Poof.

She’s been seen as a loyal wife to Cosmo, as seen when another fairy named Wandissimo fails to woo her.

Wanda is smart, upbeat, and energetic. She acts as a conscience for both her husband and her godchild, and she never deprives Timmy of his fun.

10. Timmy Turner

timmy turner
  • Cartoon Name: The Fairly Oddparents
  • Watch Link: Youtube
  • First Released: 2001

It’s that kid with the fairies. Timmy Turner’s pink clothes were a mixup because his parents expected their firstborn to be a girl, but he still managed to make it work.

His deep desire is to get away from all the negativity. This is where Cosmo and Wanda come into his life, with wishes and laughter all around.

There is a secret wish from an episode where Timmy wished for time to stand still for fear of losing his godparents.

9. Richard Watterson

richard watterson
  • Cartoon Name: The Amazing World of Gumball
  • Watch Link: Youtube
  • First Released: 2011

The lovable and goofy father of the Wattersons, Richard is one of the funniest characters to meet in the Amazing World of Gumball.

While he is not the brightest of the bunch, Richard enjoys his carefree life by making the most childish decisions, like maxing out Nicole’s credit card.

He is usually seen snacking on junk food or engaging in childish hobbies. Despite his lack of intellect and maturity, Richard is good-natured and wants the best for the family.

8. Anais Watterson

anais watterson
  • Cartoon Name: The Amazing World of Gumball
  • Watch Link: Youtube
  • First Released: 2011

Richard and Nicole Watterson’s daughter is Anais Watterson. She is the youngest family member but is far more mature than Gumball and Darwin.

Anais is intelligent and rational. She will take care of her dad and brothers when her mom is away, which can sometimes make her irritable and turn her into a pink ball of rage.

She will sometimes use her intellect to manipulate people or situations in her favor by looking cute.

7. Minnie Mouse

minnie mouse
  • Cartoon Name: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
  • Watch Link: Youtube
  • First Released: 2006

The lovable Minnie Mouse is an animated icon that adds charm and humor to every show she stars in. She usually wears a pink bow and a dress that sometimes varies in shades of red.

She is a caring and romantic character who always supports Mickey in their misadventures and dates.

Minnie continues to entertain many kids and adults alike. Minnie will remain an iconic character well into the future.

6. Princess Bubblegum

princess bubblegum
  • Cartoon Name: Adventure Time
  • Watch Link: Youtube
  • First Released: 2010

The land of Ooo is a kingdom made entirely of candy, and the ruler herself is named after one such treat. 

Princess Bubblegum is the responsible monarch, overseeing her Candy Kingdom as a benevolent and caring ruler, and is listed with other famous pink cartoon characters.

Though she’s bubbly, she hides many secrets that are related to her kingdom’s rule. Most of them are live experiments that are usually kept in the darkest corners of her realm.

5. Piglet

  • Cartoon Name: Winnie the Pooh
  • Watch Link: Disney+ 
  • First Released: 1926

For many of the older generation, Piglet has been an iconic character in Winnie the Pooh. Piglet is Pooh’s best friend and a sensitive and shy character. 

His apparel consists of a pink vest and a scarf when it gets chilly. Piglet is also inventive and able to make simple tools to get the job done.

Piglet’s Big Movie sees him help his friends with their projects and adventures.

4. Porky Pig

porky pig
  • Cartoon Name: The Looney Tunes Show
  • Watch Link: HBO Max 
  • First Released: 2011

Above many iconic characters on this list, Porky Pig stands as an animation icon. His comical expressions are best played with his episode partners, Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck.

He can be seen as a peaceful character that always gets disturbed by his two-co stars, and this boils anger and his inner rage.

Porky’s stuttering has been comical, as he ends the cartoons with the words, “That’s all, folks.” Porky Pig remains one of the funniest characters in cartoons.

3. Pinky Pie

pinkie pie
  • Cartoon Name: My Little Pony
  • Watch Link: Youtube
  • First Released: 2004

This pony is best described as a sugar rush. Pinky Pie is extremely energetic and all over the place with her wild behavior, comical jokes, and many talents.

She loves to party, and her songs of happy melodies have been sung worldwide by fans, both young and old.

Pinky Pie remains one of the most popular pink girl cartoon characters for My Little Pony fans due to her funny personality, music, and laughter.

2. Peppa Pig

peppa pig
  • Cartoon Name: Peppa Pig
  • Watch Link: Youtube
  • First Released: 2004

This lovable animated pig is known worldwide for her fun adventures and for teaching kids proper English. Peppa Pig and her family love food, mud, and learning.

Peppa is loud and proud, with a youthful energy that allows her to explore the world and learn many things.

Her favorite activities include spending time with her brother George, gorging on food, and hanging out with her friends, especially Suzy Sheep.

1. Patrick Star

patrick star
  • Cartoon Name: Spongebob Squarepants
  • Watch Link: Youtube
  • First Released: 1999

The funniest starfish in the seven seas, Patrick Star, is easily one of the dumbest marine cartoon characters that I know. Patrick usually lazes about as a resident of the Bikini Bottom.

As Spongebob’s best friend, they both hang around together doing crazy stuff for fun. Patrick Star continues to bring laughter to fans worldwide.

Patrick has recently been revealed as Gary’s cousin, and the rock that he lives under is a shell owned by a turtle named Tony.

From Pink Crusaders to warm-hearted friends, the pink cartoon characters are icons of animation that audiences have enjoyed for many years. They bring action, adventure, humor, and fun to the roles that they play.

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