GamesPersona 5Persona 5 Royal: Maruki Confidant Chat Choices & Abilities

Persona 5 Royal: Maruki Confidant Chat Choices & Abilities

Takuto Maruki represents the Councilor Confidant and is one of the new Confidants in Persona 5.

Maruki joins the Shujin Academy as a student counselor after the whole Kamoshida scenario. And along with helping all the students, Maruki takes a special liking to the Phantom Thieves.

He’ll bail you out on several occasions with his handy abilities. But, you have to get those Ranks.

In our Persona 5 Royal Maruki Confidant guide, you’ll learn about his abilities and find out the best responses to all ranking event dialogues.

So, let’s get started.

Persona 5 Royal Maruki Confidant – Best Responses

Maruki is a school-bound Confidant. This means you can only meet him inside Shujin Academy. You can meet him at the practice building’s 1st floor.

He’s standing outside the nurse’s office. And his Confidant begins when he asks the protagonist to join a counseling session.

Maruki is available on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday during the daytime. But if it’s raining, he’ll be there at night too.

persona 5 royal maruki confidant best responses

To begin Maruki Confidant, you just need to join his counseling session. This happens on May 13. After that, it’s just long chats and bonuses. And keep a Councilor Persona on hand to get maximum points.

Rank 1

After the counseling session, Maruki’s Rank 1 is automatically completed. There are rewarding chats in this event so we’re gonna skip ahead.

Rank 2

The Rank 2 event will begin automatically as part of the story progression. After completion, you’ll get +5 SP and a Non-Static Gum as a bonus reward.

Following are the rewarding chats in this event.

Maruki: Welcome! Thank you for coming.

Best Response: +2. We made a deal./I’m a little nervous.

Maruki: …Then again, maybe that’s a little weird for you to hear from a guy you just met, huh?

Best Response: +3. But it sounds right.

Maruki: And, uh… I’ve got a lot of snacks, too! You can have them! They’re yours!

Best Response: +2. Well, okay.

maruki confidant afternoon friday

Rank 3

If it’s raining, you can’t start this ranking event. So, don’t think of it as a glitch.

You will get another +5 SP and Jagariko as a bonus when you do complete it.

Maruki: But at the very least, I’m glad the ones who came to me have taken some steps toward recovery.

Best Response: +2. So they have, huh?/Thanks to you, probably.

Maruki: You remember how I asked you to help me with my research?

Best Response: +2. Of course./Yeah, for our deal.

Maruki: Do you have any thoughts on this kind of pain, <protagonist>-kun?

Best Response: +2. That one seems necessary./It’s a seed for new loves.

Maruki: You helped me realize that purpose again. Thank you.

Best Response: +2. Any choice.

Maruki: I’m taking a breather. Just finished my last counseling session for the day. And I thought I’d thank you once again for your help earlier.

Best Response: +2. Good work over there.

Rank 4

Maruki: I had no idea a cat’s claws were so sharp…

Best Response: +3. I know, right…?

Maruki: If only we could somehow directly reduce emotional pain in a healthy way—like putting antibiotics on a scratch.

Best Response: +3. Is that what you’re researching?

Maruki: But we’ll even be able to perform more effective treatment for those people with wounded hearts.

Best Response: +2. Any choice.

Maruki: Say, would you like to try being my assistant? Of course, I’m on a shoestring budget, so I wouldn’t be able to pay you!

Best Response: That sounds fun.

Maruki: I should’ve asked this sooner, but… is this leaving you with any mental fatigue? Is your schoolwork being affected?

Best Response: +2. I feel completely fine./It’s part of our deal, so…

Completing Rank 6 gets you Happy Pop and another +5 SP.

maruki confidant rank 6

Rank 5

Maruki: I thought I’d get a surprise for you, since you’ve been kind enough to indulge me all this time. Go ahead, enjoy!

Best Response: +3. This looks great!

Maruki: You can see this law in action just by observing how excited people get over limited-edition merchandise.

Best Response: +3. You know, you’re right.

Maruki: How do you feel about that idea? That your unconscious desires may have changed the taste of the cookie?

Best Response: +2. My senses lied to me!/Hey, as long as it tastes good.

Maruki: That cookie would have remained more delicious than usual. It would have been a subjective truth of your reality.

Best Response: +2. I guess so.

Maruki: It was supposed to be a chance for us to relax, but it ended up being another big academic discussion…

Best Response: +2. I really don’t mind./It was thought-provoking.

Bonus Reward: +5 SP and Donut-Worry.

After Rank 5, there are no ranking events for Maruki Confidant until September 20.

maruki confidant after school monday

Rank 6

Maruki: You must have a real knack for coffee, <protagonist>-kun. This is fantastic.

Best Response: +2. Another cup?/We’ve got curry too.

Maruki: So I’m sorry to bother you, but I’d appreciate if you’d help me talk through this again.

Best Response: +3. I can do that.

Maruki: I don’t think that would be enough to finally beat trauma. And I guess that’s what I ultimately realized.

Best Response: +2. So give up.

Maruki: Sorry for… hah… rushing out… phew… so suddenly… hah… earlier…

Best Response: +2. Calm down./What’s going on?

Rank 7

Maruki: Maybe it’s a little hard to believe, but I guess I’ve taken an academic interest in them.

Best Response: +3. You really are dedicated.

Maruki: According to those calling cards they send out, their stated method is to ‘steal your desires’… How is such a feat even possible? Any ideas, <protagonist>-kun?

Best Response: +3. No idea./As in, removing them?

Maruki: Put another way, if that desire is gone, your cognitive perception of the cookies skews back to normal. So. Does that remind you of anything?

Best Response: +3. The change of heart…?

Maruki: Well, they’re thieves, so… if they could perceive a world like that, they could steal desires like any other treasure… Hey, <protagonist>-kun. You think I’m getting anywhere here?

Best Response: +3. Sounds pretty far-fetched./It’s intriguing.

Bonus Reward: +5 Sp and Phantom Wafers.

maruki confidant after school friday

Rank 8

Maruki: <Protagonist>-kun, you’re in for a real treat today! I know it’s been a while since you’ve had one, too!

Best Response: +3. What do you mean?

Maruki: I’d like to take you to that buffet, as my way of thanking you. How does that sound?

Best Response: +3. Ooh, really?

Maruki: No holding back—eat as much as you please!

Best Response: +3. Thanks for the food!

Maruki: Oh, he’s uhhh… how do I put it?

Best Response: +3. We’ve made a deal.

Maruki: I had meant to mention this earlier, but… my paper is finally almost finished.

Best Response: +3. Any choice.

Shibusawa: Oh, don’t worry so much. Don’t you wanna congratulate him too, <protagonist>-kun?

Best Response: +3. I sure do./Let’s celebrate.

Maruki: Well… maybe it’s because he knows I’m a little careless, though.

Best Response: +2. He’s a good friend.

Rank 9

Don’t leave Rank 9 later than November 17 otherwise you won’t make it to the 3rd semester.

Maruki: I think this’ll probably be the last time I come to you about the paper.

Best Response: +3. Kind of sad…

Bonus Reward: +5 SP and Fulfiller

Rank 10

Rank 10 will only trigger if you complete Rank 9 before November 18.

There are no rewarding chats in the last ranking event so it doesn’t matter what answers you give, you will attain Maruki Persona 5 Royal Confidant Rank 10.

persona 5 royal maruki confidant abilities

Persona 5 Royal Maruki Confidant – Abilities

2Detox X – Joker may recover from an ailment instantly.
3Flow – May get Charge and Concentrate when a battle begins.
5Mindfulness – May recover Joker’s SP.
7Flow Boost – Higher chances of getting a successful Flow.
9Detox DX – Higher chances of a successful Detox X.
10Wakefulness – Higher SP recovery with Mindfulness.

And that concludes our Persona 5 Royal Maruki Confidant guide.

This P5R exclusive Confidant might not be a priority but if you want to enjoy some exclusive never seen before content, you don’t want to miss out on Maruki. Plus, the perks aren’t too shabby.

To find out more about the other Confidant, check out our Persona 5 Royal Confidants guide.

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