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Persona 5 Royal: Tae Takemi Confidant Guide

If you are thinking of starting Tae Takemi’s Confidant, you’ve landed on the perfect page. We’ll tell you how to initiate the Tae Takemi Confidant, the abilities she brings to the team, and how you can hit Rank 10.

But first, some context.

tae takemi persona 5

Tae Takemi runs a clinic in Yongen-Jaya, but she doesn’t have the best of reputations. So, naturally, the Takemi Medical Clinic becomes the pit stop of Phantom Thieves. In return, Takemi turns the protagonist into her personal lab rat.

The Takemi Confidant begins at the Takemi Medical Clinic, but not on your first visit. Here’s how everything pans out.

When Does Takemi Confidant Begin?

Players can initiate Takemi’s Confidant by visiting her clinic. Your first visit will be through story progression on the 18th of April. But that’s just to get some painkillers and get moving.

But, a second visit to the clinic will initiate her Confidant. All you have to do is ask about the rumored medicine.

As for when to visit the clinic, here’s a table showing her availability in Persona 5 Royal.

MondayAvailable during the day.
TuesdayAvailable during the day.
WednesdayAvailable during the day.
ThursdayAvailable during the day.
FridayAvailable during the day.
SaturdayAvailable during the day.
SundayAvailable during the day.
RainyAvailable during the day and night.

Takemi Confidant – Rankings & Abilities

takemi confidant rankings abilities

Instead of listing every single chat, we’ve chosen the ones that reward points. The chats you don’t see here don’t matter. You can choose any answer, and it won’t affect the relationship in any way.

Just one thing, always equip a Devil persona to get the maximum points, just like we did while making this guide.

Rank 1 – Rejuvenation

Takemi: Based on today’s results, I think I can whip up some new medicine for next time. Drop by when you’re ready for it.

Best Response: +3. Please go easy on me.

After getting Rank 1, you’ll get a bigger selection of healing items at the Medical Clinic.

Bonus: +1 Guts.

takemi confidant rejuvenation

Rank 2

Arrogant Officer: You don’t seem to be sick… Are you up to something illegal!?

Best Response: +2. I have a bad heart.

Takemi: *sigh* I’m so over this…

Best Response: +2. I agree.

Takemi: You know how it is. Some patients get sick on their way back home.

Best Response: +2. I’m totally fine./I think I have superpowers.

Bonus: +1 Guts.

Rank 3 – Sterilization

Takemi: Participating in clinical trials run by a doctor like that?

Best Response: +2. I don’t mind./I need the medicine.

Takemi: You… haven’t told anyone about my drugs, right?

Best Response: +2. Of course not.

Rank 3 will further increase the number of healing items.

Bonus: +1 Guts.

takemi confidant evening monday

Rank 4

Takemi: ……

Best Response: +2. Dr. Takemi will help.

Takemi: …Hehe.

Best Response: +3. You seem happy.

Takemi: Especially after approving that girl’s consultation without my permission.

Best Response: +2. I’ll reflect on my mistakes.

Bonus: +1 Guts.

Rank 5 – Immunization

Takemi: That’s why it’s harmless for people who don’t have the disease… probably.

Best Response: +3. That’s good.

Takemi: Also… sorry for the long talk today. I wasn’t planning on telling you all that.

Best Response: +2. About Miwa-chan?

Rank 5 unlocks Immunization which brings support items to the clinic.

Bonus: +1 Guts.

tae takemi persona 5 royal

Rank 6

Takemi: That’s my role as the Plague. I’m not suited for all this other stuff.

Best Response: +3. It suits you.

Takemi: I’ll need you to stick around just a little bit longer. I hope you can handle it.

Best Response: +2. You can count on me./Anything for you.

Bonus: +1 Guts.

Rank 7 – Discount

Takemi: ……

Best Response: +2. Any choice.

Takemi: I can’t…

Best Response: +2. Just rest for today./Anything I can do?

Takemi: Ugh. I wish I hadn’t shown you that side of me…

Best Response: +3. We all do sometimes.

Takemi: I’m all out of allies…

Best Response: +2. I’m your ally.

With Rank 7 comes Discount that reduces the prices of all the items at the clinic.

Bonus: +1 Guts.

takemi confidant daytime sunday

Rank 8

Now’s the time for a Mementos Request. You’ll have to complete the Bad Medicine side quest if you want to progress any further. Also, you’ll need Rank 4 Charm.

Takemi: So she’s… she’s alive…

Best Response: +3. Let’s get to work, doctor./It’s not over yet.

Takemi: …Sorry. Just hang in there, OK?

Best Response: +3. It’s for Miwa-chan./It’s for you.

Takemi: Miwa-chan was fighting all that time. I have to fight for her, too.

Best Response: +2. I’ll be cheering you on./Anything else I can do?

Bonus: +1 Guts.

Rank 9

Takemi: I have to thank you again. All this is thanks to you helping me with the clinical trials.

Best Response: +3. It was rough.

takemi confidant evening thursday

And while you’re at it, here’s how to date Tae Takemi. Choose the Lovers choices, and you can date the “bad doctor.”

Takemi: Why don’t you tell me the truth about why you kept coming to me?

Best Response: I wanted to see you. (Lovers) / It was for my exams. (Friends)

Now, if you choose Lovers, here are the best responses to really get things going. Choosing different options in the below chats will result in the sudden death of your romance.

Takemi: …Don’t tell me you’re in love with me or something.

Best Response: +2. I love you.

Takemi: Or… I can give you a “special examination” if you’d like.

Best Response: +3. It isn’t a joke.

Takemi: Turns out my little guinea pig caught an illness that’s even more annoying and persistent than Crawford-Ende’s.

Best Response: +2. So did you.

For the friendship arc, there’s only one rewarding chat.

Takemi: You really are the best guinea pig I could’ve hoped for.

Best Response: +2. I’m glad we saw it through.

takemi confidant rank 10

Rank 10 – Friends

Takemi: And to have it happen when it did… Isn’t the only logical conclusion to think that it’s you?

Best Response: +2. I wonder…

Rank 10 – Lovers

Takemi: And to have it happen when it did… Isn’t the only logical conclusion to think that it’s you?

Best Response: +2. I wonder…

Takemi: Really… Then, would you like a ‘thorough examination’?

Best Response: +3. Yes, please.

Once you achieve the maximum Rank of Takemi Confidant, you’ll unlock Resuscitation which will bring an increased number of revival items to the clinic. That’s not all. You can also fuse with Alice, the ultimate Death Persona.

And to do all this, I hope this Takemi Confidant guide came in handy!

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