GamesPersona 5Persona 5 Royal: Sojiro Sakura Confidant Ranking Guide

Persona 5 Royal: Sojiro Sakura Confidant Ranking Guide

Sojiro Sakura is the appointed caretaker of Akira after the “incident”. He runs Cafe LeBlanc in Yongen-Jaya, Tokyo. And he represents the Hierophant Arcana.

Sojiro is the first Confidant you’ll meet in Persona 5 Royal. In fact, the story only begins after you meet him at Cafe LeBlanc- your new home for the foreseeable future.

You can do Crossword puzzles at the Cafe, watch some TV, brew coffee, spend time with friends, or bond with Sajiro.

sojiro sakura confidant persona 5 royal

Watching TV or making a phone call is straightforward, but bonding with Sojiro is tricky. And that’s why we have this guide.

We’ll tell you everything about Sojiro Sakura so that you can win his confidence and max out this Confidant.

Let’s get started.

What Does Sojiro Sakura Confidant Do?

Completing the Sojiro Confidant gives you 5 abilities allowing restoration of SPs. And once you achieve Rank 10 of Sojiro Persona 5 Royal Confidant, you unlock Kohryuu. Here’s a detailed list of the abilities you get from Sojiro.

2Coffee Basics- Your coffee restores +30 SP for one ally.
4LeBlanc Curry- Your curry restores +20 SP to all allies.
6Coffee Mastery- Your coffee restores +100 SP for one ally.
9Curry Tips- Your curry restores +30 SP for one ally when not in combat.
10Curry Mastery- Your curry restores +100 SP for one ally when not in combat.

How Do I Bond With Sojiro Confidant?

To bond with Sojiro, you must spend time with him at the Cafe. The first interaction is unavoidable, but afterward, Sojiro is available to talk 6 nights a week.

how do i bond with sojiro confidant

You can learn to make coffee, help him with cleaning, care for the customers, and have direct interactions with Sojiro to create a bond and rank up his Confidant. The table below shows the day and time when you can talk with Sojiro.

MondayAvailable at Night.
TuesdayAvailable at Night.
ThursdayAvailable at Night.
FridayAvailable at Night.
SaturdayAvailable at Night.
SundayAvailable at Night.
RainyAvailable at Day/Night.

To speed up the process and gain maximum points, have a Hierophant persona with you when hanging out with Sojiro.

How Do I Upgrade Sojiro Confidant?

While interacting with your custodian, here are the best responses to earn his respect, confidence, and Rank 10.

how to upgrade sojiro confidant

Rank 1

Sojiro: Just keep doing what you can. And don’t cause any trouble, right?

Best Response: +3. Got it.

Rank 2

Sojiro: You know what I’m talking about, right?

Best Response: +2. Making coffee.

Sojiro: Ugh… I don’t know where he caught wind of this place.

Best Response: +2. The guy seemed suspicious.

Sojiro: Besides, ladies love a guy who knows his coffee. This isn’t such a bad deal for you.

Best Response: +2. I want the ladies to love me.

Sojiro: Seems like you’re a quick study, so I hope you’ve got the hang of it.

Best Response: +2. Got it.

Rank 3

Sojiro: …Are you listening to me? What grind are you supposed to use?

Best Response: +2. Medium-fine.

Sojiro: Sorry, something just came up. We can keep going with the lessons some other time.

Best Response: +2. Is it trouble?

Sojiro: But don’t worry, I’ll put you to work. We’ve got lots of time on our hands.

Best Response: +2. I’m ready to work./Thank you in advance.

persona 5 royal sojiro confidant rank 4

Rank 4

Sojiro: That’s because the acidity and the bean flavor profile all depend on the bean ratio. Pretty deep, huh?

Best Response: +3. Tell me more.

Scenario: It looks like Sojiro’s in trouble. What should I do…?

Best Response: +3. Call Sojiro’s phone.

Sojiro: Just let him do his thing, and get on with the job. Got it?

Best Response: +2. Understood.

Rank 5

Sojiro: And what about you?

Best Response: +3. I think I’m addicted.

Sojiro: I thought my pick-up lines were the best in town, but not a single one worked on her… Heh…

Best Response: +3. She wasn’t normal, huh?

Sojiro: That’s why when I took her in, I vowed to keep this recipe alive until she could eat it again.

Best Response: +2. It really paid off in the end.

Sojiro: …It’s only a problem when she asks for it three times a day.

Best Response: +2. She needs a balanced diet.

persona 5 royal sojiro confidant rank 6

Rank 6

Gaudy Customer: By the way, what are your thoughts on So-chan’s life of solitude?

Best Response: +2. To each his own.

Cheerful Middle-aged Man: Doesn’t quite seem to be the best environment for Futaba, now does it?

Best Response: +3. Shut your mouth.

Sojiro: I don’t even know how he managed to find me here… Maybe paying him was a mistake.

Best Response: +2. Saving Futaba was no mistake.

Sojiro: Futaba’s fast asleep… Didn’t mean to get you tangled up in all this mess.

Best Response: +2. If I can help somehow…

Rank 7

Sojiro: At the end of the day, the coffee and the curry people love so much are both just… excuses.

Best Response: +2. You might be right.

Sojiro: And that’s only because you helped us connect, so… thanks for that.

Best Response: +2. Feel like a real dad now?

persona 5 royal sojiro confidant rank 8

Rank 8

Sojiro: How about you? Anything you’d wanna add to the menu?

Best Response: +3. Something with curry.

Sojiro: God damn… What a pain in the ass. Don’t you have enough problems already?

Best Response: +2. I was just protecting Futaba.

Right about now, you’ll get a side quest. Complete the Money-Grabbing Uncle quest to complete Rank 8 and start working on achieving Rank 9.

Rank 9

Mild-mannered Investigator: How is it… living with Sakura-san? Please, you can speak honestly.

Best Response: +3. It’s great.

Futaba: …Sojiro?

Best Response: +3. Congrats./You have a great daughter.

Sojiro: God, I’m a joke. Getting all sentimental like this? At my age?

Best Response: +2. Any choice.

persona 5 royal sojiro confidant rank 10

Rank 10

Sojiro: Oh… I told her about you too.

Best Response: +3. Thank you.

Give these responses, and Sajiro Confidant will max out in no time. And with everything done right, you’ll also get a +15 Kindness for maxing out Sojiro’s Rank.

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