GamesPersona 5Persona 5 Royal: Shinya Confidant (Max Out The Tower Confidant)

Persona 5 Royal: Shinya Confidant (Max Out The Tower Confidant)

Joker and the party face off against a cheater at the Shibuya Arcades. Because of their cheating, you can’t get a sniff and will have to retreat. Now is a good time to begin Shinya Confidant.

Shinya Oda is an arcade gamer at the Gigolo Arcade in Akihabara. He is the undisputed champion of Gun About and can help the Phantom Thieves defeat the cheater of Shibuya Arcades.

And that’s how Shinya enters the party.

How to begin the Shinya Confidant? What are the perks of maxing out him Confidant? And how to max out his Confidant? We’ll answer all these questions.

Shinya Confidant – How To Begin?

how to start shinya confidant

The journey to start Shinya’s Confidant begins on the 9th of April. While trying to complete the Winners Don’t Use Cheats, the Phantom Thieves will fail and have to leave the Metaverse.

Now, you need reinforcements, and Futaba suggests The King.

After talking to Futaba, you can head to the Gigolo Arcade in Akihabara to meet Shinya Oda. This meeting begins with the Shinya Confidant. Afterward, you can meet him on the following days.

MondayAvailable after school.
TuesdayAvailable after school.
ThursdayAvailable after school.
SaturdayAvailable after school.
RainyAvailable after school + at night.

Shinya Confidant – Abilities

shinya confidant abilities

Shinya Confidant in Persona 5 Royal offers some new things because of the upgraded guns and combat mechanics. Most of the abilities are the same with one exception- Laced Bullets.

1Down Shot- Get 1 special shot per infiltration to knock down an enemy.
2Bullet Hail- Start an All-Out-Attack(guns only) after a successful ambush.
3Warning Shot- Scare enemies during negotiations.
5Laced Bullets- Ailment-inflicting gunshots get a higher success rate.
6Cheap Shot- Get 3x Down Shot per infiltration.
8Electric Slug- Damage from Bullet Hail increases.
10Oda Special- Confirmed hits for Joker’s gun attacks.

Shinya Confidant – Responses Per Ranks

Aside from the 7 boosts to your gun-slinging skills, maxing out Shinya Confidant also increases your Kindness and allows fusion with Mada.

So, you’d want to complete every Rank event with the most points. And our guide helps you do that. All we ask is that you keep a Tower persona when meeting Shinya at the Arcade.

Rank 1

Shinya: Hey, we should exchange IDs. It’s not like I’m here every day, so…

Best Response: +2. Call me when it’s game time.

Bonus: +3 Kindness

shinya confidant after school saturday

Rank 2

Shinya: Thanks to you taking so long to figure it out…

Best Response: +3. Don’t compare me to you.

Shinya: *sigh*

Best Response: +2. What a rude employee.

Shinya: …I need to get really strong, like the Phantom Thieves.

Best Response: +2. Do you admire them?

Shinya: I believe in the Phantom Thieves and their strength.

Best Response: +3. So do I./I’ll let them know.

Shinya: Everyone sucks at first, but you can get good if you do it every day!

Best Response: +2. I’ll work hard./So then I can beat you?

Bonus: +3 Kindness

shinya confidant daytime sunday

Rank 3

Shinya: That’s why I gotta get stronger!

Best Response: +2. That’s the spirit.

Shinya: Maybe we can go eat something again while we’re at it?

Best Response: +2. Sure.

Bonus: +3 Kindness

Rank 4

Shinya: You cheated, didn’t you!?

Best Response: +2. Yeah, you tell him!

Shinya: You’ve gotta be kidding me…

Best Response: +2. Get your revenge.

Bonus: +3 Kindness

shinya confidant evening tuesday

Rank 5

Shinya: I mean, I couldn’t do anything to him… There’s just no way.

Best Response: +3. It was pretty weird./He must’ve rigged it.

Shinya: I’m definitely gonna demolish him!

Best Response: +2. I’m sure you can do it.

Shinya: The strategy I used last time didn’t work…

Best Response: +3. You need a new strategy.

Shinya: I gotta think of a new strategy by the next time I challenge him!

Best Response: +2. I’ll be cheering you on./Think you can take him?

Bonus: +3 Kindness

Rank 6

Shinya: I won’t do it again… I don’t wanna be a bad guy.

Best Response: +3. I believe in you.

Shinya: Um… do you… hate me now?

Best Response: +3. Not at all.

Shinya: <Protagonist>-san… Are you sure you aren’t gonna hate me?

Best Response: +2. Of course, I won’t.

Bonus: +3 Kindness

shinya confidant answers

Rank 7

There are no rewarding conversations in the Rank 7 events. You will get the +3 Kindness bonus at the end. As for the chats, you can choose any option, and it has no effect whatsoever.

Rank 8

Shinya: So she IS bad after all…

Best Response: +2. No, she’s not./Is that what you think?

Shinya: Do you think they’ll actually be able to change her heart?

Best Response: +3. Believe in them.

Shinya: That’s why I wanna help the Phantom Thieves. I wanna stop my mom.

Best Response: +3. Any choice.

Bonus: +3 Kindness

Now that you have Rank 8, it’s time for a Mementos Request. To progress further, you’ll have to complete A Mother’s Aggression request.

shinya confidant after school thursday

Rank 9

Shinya: She broke down crying and told me that she’ll be a better mother from now on…

Best Response: +3. I’m glad to hear that.

Shinya: Am I weird… for feeling happy about losing? I mean, all I cared about before was winning.

Best Response: +3. No, that makes sense./It means you’ve matured.

Shinya: I wonder why he’s cheating…

Best Response: +2. He wants to win at all costs.

Shinya: I’m so glad she’s back to her old self! I’m so thankful for the Phantom Thieves!

Best Response: +2. Any choice.

Bonus: +3 Kindness

Rank 10

Shinya: I’ve got nothing left to teach you. You’re an elite player now, <protagonist>-san.

Best Response: +3. Thanks to my teacher.

Shinya: …I’m so happy right now.

Best Response: +3. You made new friends.

Bonus: +3 Kindness

shinya confidant guide

Now you know everything about the Shinya Persona 5 Royal Confidant.

And you also have a cheat sheet to get the most points. So, get to work and enjoy the perks.

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