GamesPersona 5Persona 5 Royal: Ryuji Confidant Dialogues, Abilities & More

Persona 5 Royal: Ryuji Confidant Dialogues, Abilities & More

Ryuji Sakamoto is the Chariot Confidant in Persona 5 Royal. This troublemaker in class proves ryuji confidantto be a stunning addition to the Phantom Thieves.

He is also one of the few Confidants that initiate automatically as part of the story progression.

His Confidant will begin as soon as you visit Kamoshida’s palace with Ryuji. That’s also when both these characters will awaken their personas. All this unfolds during the April 12 visit to the old castle.

After that, you can hang out with Ryuji to Rank his Confidant and unlock several perks. And that becomes a tad easier with our guide. We’ll tell you where to meet up with him and what answers to choose, so your relationship develops quickly.

Let’s get started.

Ryuji Confidant – Meet Up Locations & Timings

Ryuji is available at 2 different locations depending on the day.

ryuji confidant location

On school days, Ryuji hangs out on the Academy’s second floor. He’ll be standing by the stairs outside the classroom during the day.

If there’s no school, you’ll have to go to the Shibuya arcade to hang out with him, but during the day only.

Ryuji is available 7 days of the week, but only during the day. But when it’s raining, he’s available at night as well.

Ryuji Confidant – Best Responses to Rewarding Chats

Now that you know Ryuji’s whereabouts, it’s time for the cheatsheet.

Here are all the rewarding chats of every Rank event in Ryuji Confidant. Using these will get you maximum points to achieve Rank 10 with ease.

Pro Tip: Keep a relevant persona (Chariot) meeting with Ryuji to get the most points.

Also, check out Ryuji Confidant gift guide for a quick boost.

ryuji confidant best responses

Rank 1

Ryuji’s Rank 1 event starts and finishes as part of the story progression. There are plenty of dialogues, but none reward any points. So, you can choose any answer and you’ll still complete Rank 1 of Ryuji Confidant.

Rank 2

Ryuji: Plus, maybe then I’ll be able to help out a little more.

Best Response: +3. I’m counting on you./You seem pretty excited.

Ryuji: ……

Best Response: +2. Any choice.

Ryuji: Ugh… I should’ve kept up my running.

Best Response: +2. Any choice.

Rank 3

Ryuji: ……

Best Response: +2. Let’s not fight.

Ryuji: That don’t got anything to do with this…

Best Response: +3. Calm down, Ryuji.

Ryuji: I get pissed off so damn easily. I really gotta work on that.

Best Response: I can’t exactly blame you.

ryuji confidant persona 5 royal

Rank 4

Ryuji: But for some reason, it don’t look like he’s gettin’ along with the others.

Best Response: +2. Are you worried about him?

Ryuji: It’s good they’re keepin’ their heads low now though. I don’t want ’em endin’ up like me.

Best Response: +3. But you’re doing great./I know how you feel.

After achieving Rank 4, you get some time off. Ryuji’s Rank 5 event is only available on and after May 6. In the meantime, maybe focus on some other Confidant.

Rank 5

Ryuji: Oh yeah! You bring your stuff?

Best Response: +3. Protein powder?

Ryuji: …Good for them.

Best Response: +2. You seem conflicted./Do you want to rejoin?

Ryuji: But I’m still worried ’bout their advisor, Yamauchi. He’s basically like a mini Kamoshida.

Best Response: +3. So he’s an asshole?

Ryuji: But I mean, if anything happens, I know you got my back. So I ain’t too worried!

Best Response: Don’t worry. I gotcha.

ryuji confidant after school tuesday

Rank 6

Ryuji: You got any ideas?

Best Response: +3. We can train at my place.

Ryuji: Huh? That’s a load of bull!

Best Response: +3. Any choice.

Ryuji: <Protagonist>… You get what I’m tryin’ to say, yeah?

Best Response: +3. Absolutely./More or less.

Ryuji: And Nakaoka can get weirdly stubborn sometimes. He’ll keep his mouth shut whether or not someone’s punchin’ him.

Best Response: +2. So he should’ve punched back?

Rank 7

After you get Rank 6, Ryuji Confidant is out of your hands for now. Ryuji will text you for a stakeout, and only then will the Rank 7 event begin. It happens on specific dates, so better not miss the text.

Ryuji: If we don’t do something quick, Yamauchi’s gonna get rid of Takeishi too… God dammit!

Best Response: +3. Let’s talk to Takeishi.

Ryuji: I know that ain’t the coolest thing to say, but it’s how I feel.

Best Response: +3. I think it’s cool, Ryuji.

Ryuji: Besides… I doubt those guys are gonna listen to anything I say…

Best Response: +2. Never know until you try.

ryuji confidant rank 8

Rank 8

Ryuji: You saw that, right? That was some serious violence!

Best Response: +3. Any choice.

Ryuji: …Thanks.

Best Response: +3. All I did was watch.

Ryuji: It’s kinda like I was doin’ a sprint… and you were runnin’ next to me.

Best Response: +3. You weren’t cool though.

Ryuji: Seein’ them havin’ a real heart-to-heart talk… They got a good team.

Best Response: +2. So. Case closed?

Rank 9

Ryuji: Looks like they’re finally walkin’ their own path.

Best Response: +3. Are you satisfied now?

Ryuji: Oh, and uh… they asked me to come back to the team.

Best Response: +3. Don’t do it.

Ryuji: Wherever you decide to be, that’s where you belong.

Best Response: +3. Any choice.

Ryuji: …I’m just glad I found it.

Best Response: +2. I agree.

Ryuji: They’re apparently keepin’ Yamauchi as their advisor for now, but it’s cool. Sounds like they got him under control.

Best Response: +2. Congratulations./Better watch out for them.

ryuji confidant rank 10

Rank 10

Ryuji: I think they might even go far in the meet.

Best Response: +3. Any choice.

Ryuji Confidant – Abilities & Perks

Ryuji Persona 5 Royal Confidant brings 7 different perks as you go through the Ranks. And after achieving Rank 10, he’ll awaken his persona’s final form, Seiten Taisei.

Also, once you max out Ryuji Confidant, you’ll get to fuse with Chi You.

2Punk Talk – Retry negotiations with an upbeat Shadow.
3Follow-Up – Allows a follow-up attack if Joker’s attack fails.
4Stealth Dash – Fewer chances of enemies noticing you while you’re sprinting.
6Harisen Recovery – Can cure status ailments of party members.
7Insta-Kill – May kill a weak shadow instantly.
8Endure – May survive a fatal attack with 1 HP remaining.
9Protect – Protect Joker from a fatal attack.
persona 5 ryuji confidant abilities

That’s all there is to Ryuji Confidant in Persona 5 Royal. Now you know what you’ll get and how to get it. And looking at that abilities table, you just know you need this Confidant maxed out ASAP!

Also, check out our extensive Confidant guide that covers all Persona 5 Royal Confidants.

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