GamesPersona 5Persona 5 Royal - Makoto Niijima Confidant Guide & Ranking

Persona 5 Royal – Makoto Niijima Confidant Guide & Ranking

Makoto Niijima is the president of Shujin Academy’s Student Council, and she represents the Priestess Arcana. A nay-sayer at first, Makoto joins the Phantom Thieves after learning their story.

Makoto is a combat-focused Confidant nick-named the Phantom Thief Queen. And with all her perks unlocked, you’ll feel a considerable improvement in your fighting abilities.

So, it’s about time you focus on the Makoto Confidant.

We’ll tell you how to start her Confidant, where you can meet up with her, and how to achieve maximum Rank with minimal effort.

So, don’t sit back, and let’s get started.

When Does Makoto Niijima Become a Confidant?

when does makoto become a confidant

Unlike the Sojiro Confidant, which begins with a simple meeting, Makoto’s Confidant requires the player to get some serious stuff done. Her Confidant becomes available on June 25, but to initiate, the player needs.

  • Rank 3 Knowledge.
  • Kaneshiro’s Palace completion.

Once you have these 2 things, you can meet with Makoto at –

  • Student Council Building, Shujin Academy.
  • Shujin Academy’s gate. (During off days)
  • Aoyama-Itchome subway platform. (November to December)

Here is a list of the days and times Makoto is available.

TuesdayAvailable after school.
ThursdayAvailable after school.
SaturdayAvailable after school.
SundayAvailable after school.
RainyAvailable after school and at night.

Persona 5 Royal Makoto Niijima Confidant Perks

persona 5 royal makoto confidant perks

Makoto Niijima really is an OP Persona 5 Royal Confidant. She’ll award 8 perks. So, by the time you get Rank 10, you’ll have 8 combat-related perks.

Here’s a list of all of them.

1Shadow Calculus- The analysis screen shows skills and potential item drops.
3Black Belt Talk- Chance for a retry after shadow negotiation fails.
4Follow Up- If Joker’s attack doesn’t down the enemy, there is a chance for a follow-up attack.
6Harisen Recovery- Allows curing status ailments of party members.
7Shadow Factorization- Highlights Null, Drain, and Repel.
8Endure- Withstand a fatal attack even with 1 HP.
9Protect- Shield Joker from a fatal attack.
10Second Awakening- Transforms Johanna into Agnes.

Now that you know what you’re getting, let’s tell you how to get it.

Makoto Confidant – Best Responses to Rewarding Chats

makoto confidant best responses to rewarding chats

You’ll spend a lot of time with Makoto but not all chats reward points. In this section, you’ll find all the actionable chats that will reward points. Take a Priestess persona along when meeting Makoto, so you get the most points.

You can also cash in on 1.5x Affinity Points if you rank first in school exams.

Now, let’s jump to the best responses for every rank.

Rank 1

Makoto: I’ve had all kinds of new experiences today… and it’s even been a little fun.

Best Response: +3. Any choice.

makoto confidant after school tuesday

Rank 2

Makoto: I heard there were quite a few brothels as well.

Best Response: +2. You’re very well informed.

Makoto: If you hadn’t been there to rescue me, I…

Best Response: +3. That was dangerous.

Makoto: Today was exhausting, but I also learned a lot. I guess nothing beats practical experience.

Best Response: +3. Couldn’t agree more.

Rank 3

Eiko: What’s up with that, Miss Prez?

Best Response: +2. You have the wrong idea.

Makoto: She thought I was a robot…

Best Response: +3. You can change.

Makoto: It was crazy to see a picture of her entire collection. She even has a bunch of Buchimaru-kun emoticons!

Best Response: +3. Sounds like you two get along.

makoto confidant persona 5 royal

Rank 4

Makoto: So, my class had a practice entrance exam… and my score was significantly lower than last time. I’m concerned…

Best Response: +2. That’s unlike you.

Makoto: I sent her a picture… and it’s apparently the same brand they use in the nurse’s office at school.

Best Response: +3. Why do you use it?

Makoto: I had completely forgotten about that dream, to be honest…

Best Response: +3. It’s an amazing goal.

Rank 5

Makoto: Since then, he’s the only thing she’ll talk about. She even sent me a picture of their date at Destinyland.

Best Response: +3. He sounds suspicious.

Makoto: This time, um… you’ll have to play the role of my boyfriend.

Best Response: +3. I got this.

Makoto: But if it turns out he really is toying with Eiko… what should we do…?

Best Response: +3. Try to reach out to her.

makoto confidant answers

To progress further, you must have Charm maxed out.

Rank 6

Tsukasa: Are you seriously datin’?

Best Response: +3. Love comes in many forms.

Makoto: He uses these weird symbols—I have no idea what he’s saying. I want to ignore him, but I shouldn’t for Eiko’s sake…

Best Response: +2. Tell him you’re on a date.

Rank 7

Makoto: I’m not sure any of that would have happened if not for the incident with my father…

Best Response: +3. That’s a horrible story./He was a noble man.

Makoto: That was how my father chose to live his life… Trying to bring justice and order to the world around him.

Best Response: +3. Any choice.

Makoto: And more importantly, how do I want to live…?

Best Response: +2. Any choice.

Makoto: U serious abt <protagonist>-kun?

Wanna have a double wedding?

Best Response: +2. I’m game if you are./Refuse her, please.

Makoto: I don’t trust Eiko’s boyfriend yet, so… can we keep this up until I can make a call one way or the other?

Best Response: +3. It’s the role I always hoped for.

makoto confidant abilities

Rank 8

Makoto: So he calls you his special princess… What do you think, <protagonist>-kun?

Best Response: +2. He says that to all his girls./That’s how he ropes you in.

Makoto: She needs to realize that. You’re going to help, right?

Best Response: +3. Absolutely.

After you get Rank 8, head over to Shinjuku and collect information about Tsukasa. You’ll have to talk to a man standing outside a bookshop- twice.

Rank 9

Once you initiate Rank 9, you’ll also get to choose between Makoto’s Friendship or Romance arc.

Makoto: I dare you!

Best Response: +3. Any choice.

Makoto: People noticed what happened…

Best Response: +2. Any choice.

Makoto: I can’t believe I actually hit one of my friends…

Best Response: +2. That was the right move.

Makoto: How did you ever find somewhere like this…? You know so much.

Best Response: +3. I’m a regular here./It’s a popular meeting spot.

Now’s the time to choose. Want a platonic relationship or want to romance the High Priestess?

makoto confidant daytime

Makoto: I can’t learn about romance by myself…

Best Response: You’ll find someone someday. +2. (Friendship) / I’ll be your study partner. (Romance)

Makoto: Do you… like me?

Best Response: I do. +3. (Romance) / That’s not what I meant. (Friendship)

Makoto: ‘d probably never have pulled this off alone. Thank you so much.

Best Response: +3. I’d do anything for you.

Rank 10 – Friendship & Romance

Regardless of what you choose, the responses for Rank 10 are the same.

Makoto: I think she knew it deep within her heart, and seeing him like that finally helped her realize.

Best Response: +2. That’s incredible.

Makoto: I plan on doing the same as well.

Best Response: +2. Are you stressing over exams?

Makoto: My dream… is to become a police commissioner. That is why I need to study.

Best Response: +2. That sounds difficult.

Makoto: Instead, I want to head an organization that will destroy the lawless and help rescue victims.

Best Response: +3. What an admirable goal. / Your father would be proud.

Makoto: Must have been difficult babysitting the uptight Miss President, right?

Best Response: +3. We went through so much…

Makoto: *giggle* What a funny thought… Studying to become a head of police while working as a thief…

Best Response: +2. Just be careful, OK?

makoto niijima confidant p5r

And now you know everything about the Makoto Niijima Confidant in Persona 5 Royal.

Makoto is one of the most rewarding Persona 5 Royal Confidants, and you should be looking to max her out ASAP. Plus, you’d want to fuse with Cybele, won’t you? And that only happens when you achieve Rank 10 of Makoto Confidant.

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