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Persona 5 Royal: Ichiko Ohya Confidant Guide

Ichiko Ohya is the Devil Confidant in Persona 5/Persona 5 Royal. You’ll have a lot of conversations with her, but very few are rewarding. Nevertheless, collecting these scarce reward points is necessary to level up your relationship with Ichiko Ohya Confidant in Persona 5 Royal.

Ohya is an investigative journalist but has turned into a page 3 writer. So, ganging up with the Phantom Thieves is her escape.

Players can trigger her Confidant by meeting up with her at the Shinjuku Crossroads Bar. She’ll first appear during the evening of June 25. Afterward, you can meet up with her every night. On rainy days, she’ll be available during the day as well.

Heads up, she’s mostly drunk. Ok, she’s always drunk- which is why you’ll have very few rewarding dialogues with her for every Rank. Still, you’ve got to pick the best responses to collect the most points.

So, here are all the best responses to all of Ohya’s interactions in Persona 5 Royal.

Ichiko Ohya Confidant – Ranks, Responses, & Abilities

ohya confidant ranks responses abilities

A simple meet-up triggers Ohya Confidant. There’s no need to have a certain Rank in certain attributes, and neither does the player need to complete any Mementos Requests.

All you need to do to get the maximum points is have a Devil persona with you when hanging out with Ohya.

Rank 1 – Rumor-Filled Scoop

Rank 1 starts automatically as the story progresses, and there are no rewarding chats in this Rank event. You can pick any answers for the dialogues and still achieve Rank 1.

This brings in the first perk, Rumor-Filled Scoop. Now, when you discover a new Safe Room, Security Levels will go down.

Also, you’ll get a +3 Charm bonus when you complete Rank 1.

Rank 2

Ohya: …You have any photos or videos of it?

Best Response: +2. Mishima might…

Ohya: Anyway, why are you coming to a bar if you can’t even drink alcohol?

Best Response: +2. It’s for the article.

Completing Rank 2 also provides a +3 Charm.

ohya confidant evening thursday

Rank 3 – Shocking Scoop

Ohya: I have a theory that they’re all minors, and their leader is some simpleton dying from boredom…

Best Response: +2. You shouldn’t make assumptions.

Ohya: That’s why I can’t quit… and why I’ll never give up.

Best Response: +2. She was falsely accused?

Achieving Rank 3 unlocks Shocking Scoop which reduces the chances of an increase in Security Level. And if you successfully ambush an enemy, the Security Level will decrease.

And don’t forget the +3 Charm bonus.

ohya confidant evening tuesday

Rank 4

Ohya: W-Wait… We’re totally dating, aren’t we, sweetie?

Best Response: +2. Any choice.

Ohya: And I’ll repay you with the power of journalism. I’ll write you a solid article on the Phantom Thieves.

Best Response: +2. Leave it to me./That was our deal.

Rank 5 – Unbelievable Scoop

Ohya: “I’m going to prove Kayo’s innocence though. That’s why I’m conducting my own private investigation now.

Best Response: +3. That’s unforgivable.

Ohya: I’m sorry about earlier. Really. For me digging up your records and such without asking, I mean…

Best Response: +2. I don’t mind it.

Another upgrade to Rumor-Filled Scoop. Rank 5 unlocks Unbelievable Scoop which decreases the Security Level at the start of any infiltration.

ohya confidant persona 5 royal

Rank 6

Ohya: Ugh, my chief’s such a shithead…

Best Response: +2. He must not like you.

Ohya: *gasp* Maybe Kayo really was the culprit…

Best Response: +2. You should trust in her.

Ohya: Dammit, that incident is all my fault… That’s why I’ve gotta get to the bottom of it!

Best Response: +2. That’s the spirit./You’re a great journalist.

Ohya: I’m only able to meet my insane quota because of the info you give me on the Phantom Thieves.

Best Response: +2. I’ll dig up some more for you.

Rank 7 – Outrageous Scoop

Ohya: What should I do? Should I go knock him out!?

Best Response: +3. Don’t let him provoke you./Let’s think of another way.

Ohya: I wish I was better at controlling my emotions. Like you are.

Best Response: +3. You’re charming as you are.

Ohya: But I finally got a lead on Kayo. I’ll do whatever it takes to find her…!

Best Response: +2. That’s the spirit.

Now, you’ve unlocked Outrageous Scoop so the Security Level at the start of infiltration will further decrease.

But Rank 7 also triggers another thing, a Mementos request (Fighting For Truth in Journalism). You’ll need to complete this side-quest to progress any further. When you complete the quest and return to Ohya, you’ll face another scene worth +2 points.

ohya confidant evening friday

Ohya: …Well, say something.

Best Response: +2. You seem tired.

Rank 8

Ohya: Not just about Kayo’s current state… but about what happened to her that night too.

Best Response: +3. Any choice.

Ohya: I’m a journalist. From now on, I’m always gonna chase the truth.

Best Response: +2. Good luck./Be careful.

Rank 9 

Ohya: I’d get crushed if I tried to take them on without being fully prepared…

Best Response: +2. You’re not giving up, are you?

Ohya: I’m sure I’ll get targeted… so to be safe, you shouldn’t come here again.

Best Response: +3. I can’t leave you./I want to help.

After Lala Escargot has his say, you get a chance to choose the Ohya Confidant arc further. You can choose to remain friends or explore a romantic connection.

Ohya: That couple act…

Best Response: I took it seriously. (For Relationship) / I didn’t take it seriously. (For Friendship)

If you choose Friendship, the conversation ends. But if you “took it seriously,” you have to confess.

Ohya: I-I mean, um… seriously?

Best Response: I love you, Ichiko. (For Relationship) / I’m just kidding. (For Friendship)

ohya confidant evening monday

Rank 10 – Friendship

Ohya: …I think it captures the spirit of journalism.

Best Response: +3. Is that entertainment?

Ohya: So, we’re planning to throw in additional articles while we have the chance.

Best Response: +3. Any choice.

Rank 10 – Romance

Ohya: …I think it captures the spirit of journalism. 

Best Response: +3. Is that entertainment?

Ohya: So, we’re planning to throw in additional articles while we have the chance.

Best Response: +3. Any choice.

Ohya: Or…

Best Response: +3. I want to go to your place.

Whether choosing Friendship or Romance, you’ll max out Ohya when you achieve Rank 10, which will unlock 2 perks. The first is Legendary Scoop which lets you ambush any enemy at any location regardless of the Security Level.

And the second is Beelzebub fusion.

For us, the Ichiko Ohya Confidant isn’t a priority because the perks aren’t the best. But, you might find it useful depending on how you want the story to pan out.

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