GamesPersona 5Persona 5 Royal: Hifumi Togo Confidant Guide

Persona 5 Royal: Hifumi Togo Confidant Guide

Hifumi Togo was supposed to be a phantom thief, but the developers turned her into the Star Confidant. Players can romance this beautiful and skillful Shogi player, increase the Confidant Rank and enjoy 6 incredible abilities.

But for that to happen, you need to unlock the Confidant and max out her Rank. And that is easier said than done.

Hifumi is a Shogi champion, and let’s just say it’s gone to her head. You’ll need to have +3 Charm to begin Hifumi’s Confidant.

After that, serious business begins.

hifumi togo confidant p5r

You’ll have to carefully choose responses and follow-ups to rank up the Star Confidant swiftly.

And that is where our Hifumi Persona 5 Royal guide comes in. Here you’ll learn of her availability and every answer you should give to achieve Rank 10 ASAP.

So, let’s get straight into it.

What Day Is Hifumi Togo Available?

Hifumi Togo has limited availability. Joker can meet up with her at the church in Kanda, where Hifumi practices at night. But before heading to Kanda, you’ll need to finish the Bank of Gluttony heist, a.k.a the Kaneshiro Palace.

what day is hifumi togo available on

Once you complete Kaneshiro Palace, you’ll get messages about a Shogi player. That’s your cue to head over to the church in Kanda.

But, don’t go running at any time. Here are the days and times Hifumi Togo Confidant is available.

MondayAvailable at Night
WednesdayAvailable at Night
SaturdayAvailable at Night
SundayAvailable at Night
RainyAvailable at Day and Night

Seeing the table above might tempt you to do everything on a rainy day, but that’ll deprive you of some rank-up events. So, it’s best to talk her up on dry days.

Can You Date Hifumi Togo?

Yes, you can.

can you date hifumi togo

After achieving Rank 8, players can explore the Friendship arc or the Romantic arc. It doesn’t matter which you choose, you will unlock Lucifer fusion.

We prefer friendship over romance, though. You know, keep the doors open for other Confidants.

Check out Rank 9 responses to see how to begin the Hifumi Togo romance arc.

Hifumi Togo Confidant – Responses For Every Rank

After you unlock Hifumi and meet up with her in Kanda, the fireworks begin. Here are the questions she’ll ask and the best answers to get the most points. Also, ensure you have a Star persona to get the most points.

For your ease, we’re only putting the Q&As that actually award points.

Let’s start with the first meeting.

Rank 1

This is the most you’ll talk with Hifumi as she’ll ask you 7 questions. For the first 6, you can pick any response, but the 7th question is a rewarding one.

Hifumi: Before we head home, would you like to exchange IDs with me? There’s no obligation of course…

Best Response: +3. Lucky me.

Rank 2

Hifumi: I tend to get very aggressive. It’s as if I assume the role of a queen of a kingdom.

Best Response: +2. That’s interesting.

Hifumi: Um, well, I’m doing a photo shoot for one…

Best Response: +2. But you don’t want to, right?

hifumi confidant rank 3

Rank 3

Hifumi: Did you see it…? It was called ‘The Venus of Shogi’…

Best Response: +2. Describes you perfectly.

Hifumi: It’s as if she wants to be the manager of a celebrity.

Best Response: +2. Having a difficult time.

Hifumi: But this hardly seems fair… How can I teach you properly when I’m this distressed…?

Best Response: +2. Bring it on.

Rank 4

Hifumi: She’s my senior… I defeated her in a recent title match.

Best Response: +2. I didn’t mind/Must’ve been the katsu curry.

Hifumi: What do you think about them?

Best Response: +2. They’re cool.

Hifumi: I hope this won’t discourage you from spending time with me. Really, I would be delighted to do this again.

Best Response: +2. I’d love to/Where shall we go next?

Rank 5

Hifumi: …I apologize. That must have been quite a shock.

Best Response: +2. She’s scary.

Hifumi: But it’s honestly quite difficult for me.

Best Response: +2. You should stop then.

Hifumi: She didn’t mean to offend you at all. I hope you’ll accept my apology in her place.

Best Response: +2. You’ve got a lot to deal with…

hifumi confidant rank 6

Rank 6

Hifumi: So now she’s even more insistent on having me do more TV and magazine interviews than before…

Best Response: +2. Is that frustrating?

Hifumi: Maybe I should stop playing Shogi and just get a job… That way, my family won’t get hurt again…

Best Response: +2. Do you still like Shogi?/Do what you love.

Hifumi: …You might make a fine priest yourself. Considering how good a listener you are, I mean.

Best Response: +2. You’re imagining things.

Rank 7

Hifumi: …I confess I am a bit scared, though.

Best Response: +3. It may come down to luck.

Hifumi: But I’m sick of being treated like an idol. I have to show them what I’m made of!

Best Response: +3. I believe in you.

hifumi confidant rank 7

Rank 8

To progress further, you must have your Knowledge maxed out. Every time the Hifumi’s Rank increases, you get a +1 Knowledge, until Rank 7. So, you should be good to go.

Hifumi: That way, I can use the weekly magazine’s popularity against them and instantly become famous.

Best Response: +2. That won’t work.

hifumi confidant rank 8

After this meeting, you’ll need to finish the Upstaging the Stage Mother sidequest. With the quest complete, return to Hifumi.

Hifumi: Perhaps they eavesdropped on our conversation?

Best Response: +3. I’m glad her heart changed.

You’ll get a phone call. Pick “I support it.”

Rank 9

Hifumi: However, I’m not going to give them the satisfaction. I’m going to win… with these very hands.

Best Response: +2. Give it all you got.

Hifumi: I was so ashamed of myself. I didn’t want to hurt the pieces any longer…

Best Response: +3. A very queenly decision.

hifumi confidant rank 9

Now’s the time to choose. Do you want a platonic relationship with Hifumi or would you like to romance the beautiful Shogi player? Choose wisely.

Hifumi: …So this is goodbye.

Responses: Friendship – I want to become stronger. Romance – I want to stay by your side.

Hifumi: What do you mean by that…?

Responses: Friendship – We’ll be friends forever. Romance – I want us to date.

Rank 10

Hifumi: I quit the Ladies Professional Shogi Players’ Association. I need to start over as an amateur.

Best Response: +3. You’ll triumph in the end/Just don’t lose.

hifumi togo confidant abilities

Hifumi Togo Confidant Abilities

Once you’ve maxed out Hifumi’s Confidant, you can now fuse Lucifer in the Velvet Room. And here’s the list of abilities awarded by Hifumi.

1Koma Sabaki- During Joker’s turn, swap the current party with backup members.
3Uchikomi- If Joker knocks down an enemy, a backup member can follow up.
5Kakoi Kuzushi- Joker can attempt an escape even if surrounded by enemies.
7Narikin- If you win a battle with a successful Ambush in 1 turn, you get double money.
9Touryou- Escape battle instantly with 0 turn delay.
10Togo System- Unlocks Lucifer and allows swap between current party and backup members during anyone’s turn.

And that brings out the Hifumi Togo Confidant guide to an end.

Now you can max out her Rank and have a relationship with her. But there is no romance bonus. So, it’s better to get all her abilities and remain “good friends.”

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