GamesPersona 5Persona 5 Royal - Chihaya Confidant Availability & Ranks

Persona 5 Royal – Chihaya Confidant Availability & Ranks

Chihaya Mifune is the Fortune Confidant in Persona 5 and Persona 5 Royal, and fittingly she is a fortune teller.

Maxing out Chihaya’s Confidant will help you a lot with other Confidants as well as boost your battle earnings. More on this later.

chihaya confidant persona 5 royal

For now, you need to keep in mind that Chihaya is one of the must-have Confidants. So, naturally, she’s tough to unlock and upgrade. It would take you 4 days just to begin Chihaya Confidant, never mind increasing Ranks.

So, let’s get straight to it.

Chihaya Confidant – Availability

You will first encounter Chihaya on June 22. But her Confidant only begins after you take care of the following:

  • Go to the Shinjuku red-light district to talk to her. This is after June 22.
  • Next evening, visit her again and buy the Holy Stone for 100,000 yen.
  • The following evening, meeting Chihaya will trigger the Ending The Boyfriend’s Abuse Mementos quest.
  • Complete this side quest and visit her again to begin the Chihaya Persona 5 Royal Confidant.

And if you are wondering about when to visit the red-light district in Shinjuku, here’s a table of Chihaya’s availability.

TuesdayAvailable at Night.
ThursdayAvailable at Night.
SaturdayAvailable at Night.
SundayAvailable at Night.
chihaya confidant ranks abilities

Chihaya Confidant – Ranks & Abilities

Progressing through Chihaya Confidant Ranks, you’ll unlock 6 abilities that help you with the other Confidants as well.

And achieving Rank 10 of Chihaya Confidant lets you fuse Lakshmi. Moreover, she’ll give you a Tarot Card that opens up all the fortune readings.

So, if you want to enjoy these perks, make sure you choose the best responses-which you can find below- to all her dialogues.

The points in this list are the max you can get. Just equip a Fortuna persona whenever you are with Chihaya.

chihaya confidant evening wednesday

Rank 1 – Unlocks Luck Reading

After achieving Rank 1, players can increase the growth rate of any social stat.

Chihaya: I suggest you don’t try to get out of it. Or else, who knows what kind of black magic I’ll have to resort to…?

Best Response: +3. I’ll be there.

Rank 2

Chihaya: What can we do to help this woman who is so oppressed by the savagery of a male-dominated work environment?

Best Response: Encourage her.

Chihaya: Incidentally, what would you say if you wanted to encourage her?

Best Response: Overturn your fate!

Chihaya: Fate cannot be changed. Fate is absolute… That is how it must be.

Best Response: +2. Open your mind to change.

Chihaya: So I’m going to get right to my question! You’re currently standing right in front of your house, correct!?

Best Response: +2. Of course, I am.

chihaya confidant evening thursday

Rank 3 – Unlocks Money Reading

Once you achieve Rank 2, the questions won’t award any points. However, to progress and achieve Rank 3, give the following responses.

Chihaya: How should he move forward?

Best Response: Follow his heart.

Chihaya: Incidentally, what would you say to make him choose his childhood friend…?

Best Response: Thieves may steal her away.

Chihaya: You know, I never thought it was possible to change destiny… Are you perhaps… a psychic?

Best Response: Any choice.

After getting Rank 3, you’ll temporarily earn double money from battles.

Rank 4

Chihaya: How can I become one of those people, <protagonist>-san?

Best Response: +3. Trust in yourself.

Chihaya: But talking to you about everything is helping me feel a little better.

Best Response: +2. I didn’t do much.

chihaya confidant rank 5 unlocks affinity reading

Rank 5 – Unlocks Affinity Reading

Once you get Chihaya Confidant Rank 5, you can also strengthen your bond with one other Confidant of your choice.

Chihaya: This way, I can suggest new alternatives instead of leaving them resigned to their fates.

Best Response: +3. You’re such a hard worker.

Rank 6

Chihaya: You must think I’m weird, huh? All this talk about me being a maiden or a monster…

Best Response: +3. You’re just Chihaya to me.

Chihaya: But whenever I face the chairman, I just can’t find the courage to say what I need to…

Best Response: +2. Be honest with yourself.

chihaya confidant evening tuesday

Rank 7 – Unlocks Special Fate Reading

With Rank 7 of Fortune Confidant, you can preview the abilities you’ll get from any other Confidant.

Chihaya: …I’m a terrible person, huh?

Best Response: +3. I don’t think so.

Chihaya: I’m done turning a blind eye!

Best Response: +2. Are you gonna be okay?/Be careful.

After this interaction comes Debunking the Psychic! request. You’ll have to complete that to proceed and return to Chihaya. In the next interaction, you can pick any response you want.

Rank 8 – Unlocks Fusion Alarm Reading

Rank 8 will trigger a fusion alarm and there are high chances of more fusion alarms going off during the day.

Chihaya: The chairman turned himself in! It’s even shown up on the news!

Best Response: +3. I know.

Chihaya: It’s almost like this curse that’s followed me ever since the villagers called me a monster… has passed.

Best Response: +3. I’m glad to hear that./That’s some good luck./It’s because you’re strong.

Chihaya: U-Um, <protagonist>-san… Are you… interested in older women…?

Best Response: +3. Hell yeah, I am.

Chihaya: But I didn’t. I stood firm. And I think that’s thanks to your influence.

Best Response: +2. It was all your own will.

chihaya confidant rank 9 thursday

Rank 9

Chihaya: All any of us ever wanted was to be happy… to avoid our fates…

Best Response: +3. Well, fate can be changed

This is where you can choose to remain friends with the fortune teller or start a relationship. She’ll ask,

Chihaya: <Protagonist>-san… Why do you come here?

Responses: (Friendship)- I like having my fortune read. (Romance)- So I can be with you.

Rank 10 – Unlocks True Affinity Reading (Friendship)

Chihaya: Particularly when I tell them they can alter their fate!

Best Response: +2. You seem to be well./You’ve changed.

Chihaya: …That’s the fate I’ve chosen for myself!

Best Response: +3. I support you./You have strong convictions.

chihaya confidant rank 10 unlocks true affinity

Rank 10 – Unlocks True Affinity Reading (Romance)

Chihaya: …That’s the fate I’ve chosen for myself!

Best Response: +3. I support you./You have strong convictions. 

Chihaya: And I’m not used to fancy places like this…

Best Response: +3. It’s actually pretty cute.

Chihaya Confidant awards the best max-out reward of all the P5R Confidants. With the Fortune Confidant maxed out, you’ll be able to see the best responses to all the Confidant events.

So, you really want to spend as much time as possible with the fortune teller.

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