GamesPersona 5Persona 5 Royal: Ann Takami Confidant Guide

Persona 5 Royal: Ann Takami Confidant Guide

Ann Takami is a fellow student of Shujin Academy and represents the Lovers Confidant of Persona 5 Royal. She mostly pulls a lonely figure but deeply cares for her only friend. So much so that she even lets Kamoshida exploit her just to protect her friend.

But it all changes when she breaks into Kamoshida’s Palace along with the Phantom Thieves.

As you rank up Ann’s Confidant, you get several perks. And you can also choose to have a relationship with the Lovers Confidant.

But for that, you need to hit the right spots by picking the right answers during the Ranking Event dialogues. And with our guide, you’ll find out the most rewarding answers.

So, let’s get started.

Ann Confidant – Availability & Initiation

On April 15, Ann follows Joker and Ryuji to Kamoshida’s Palace. That’s when she awakens her Persona, Carmen. She has a crafty combo of Flame and Physical skills and brings a lot to the Phantom Thieves.

On the same day, Ann’s Confidant begins.

After you meet her at Kamoshida’s Palace, she is available at the Shibuya Underground Mall. You can meet up with her 5 days a week. (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday).

She goes to the mall after school but isn’t available at night. However, on a rainy day, she’s free to hang out during the day and at nighttime.

Ann Takami Confidant – Best Responses For Every Rank

ann takamaki confidant guide

Ann Persona 5/Persona 5 Royal Confidant will offer the most points for every ranking dialogue if you keep a Lovers Persona with you while hanging out with her. If you do this, every right answer will award +2 or +3 points. In case you don’t have a Lovers Persona, you’ll get +1 or +2.
To max Ann Confidant quickly, you should get your hands on a Lovers Persona and then pick the following answers.

Rank 1

The first Rank event will automatically be completed on April 15. There is a single dialogue during this event, and it awards no points. You can pick any answer.

But, you have to take care of one more thing after this- make sure you have Level 2 Kindness to progress to Ann’s Rank 2.

Rank 2

Ann: So, I apologized as well.

Best Response: +3. Are you feeling better now?/She’s so strong.

Ann: …But in the end, maybe I just didn’t believe in her ability.

Best Response: +3. You might be right.

Ann: …Thanks.

Best Response: +3. I couldn’t just ignore you.

Ann: But I’m going to find the answer, I promise.

Best Response: +3. Any choice.

Ann: I hope you’ll join me again next time!

Best Response: +2. Any choice.

p5 takamaki confidant

Rank 3

Ann: Uh-huh, uh-huh. What else?

Best Response: +3. Can we stop yet?

Ann: It sounds like shoots have been real hectic with all the scrambling they’ve had to do for substitutes.

Best Response: +3. Has that happened to you?

Ann: …Maybe less these days.

Best Response: +2. That freedom sounds nice.

Ann: She had to have seen me, right? Do you think she thought I was cool…?

Best Response: +2. Could be.

Rank 4

Ann: It has everything… but it feels like I can’t understand any of it. It’s honestly kinda scary.

Best Response: +3. I know what you mean.

Ann: But that was when Shiho talked to me. The first thing she said was, ‘Takamaki-san, your paintings suck.

Best Response: +3. That’s hilarious.

Ann: About that female thief in the anime I used to watch? Well, I thought of something!

Best Response: +3. Tell me.

Ann: And that’s why I’m going to try and learn from them!

Best Response: +3. Good idea.

Ann: I’m gonna star in action movies!

Best Response: +3. Good luck with that.

Ann: Do you do anything to train your body?

Best Response: +2. I train everyday./I carry Morgana in my bag.

ann takamaki confidant location

Rank 5

Ann: “Do you think maybe Shiho would want one too?

Best Response: +2. Give it up.

Ann: I really screwed that up…

Best Response: +2. She’s amazing, huh…

Ann: But still, wasn’t Mika’s fake crying pretty incredible?

Best Response: +2. It had grace.

Rank 6

Ann:  guess you really just need someone to laugh at you if you want to feel better.

Best Response: +3. It seems that way.

Ann: So I was thinking, and um…what can I do to help Shiho?

Best Response: +3. Comfort her./Show her your own strength.

Ann: But now that I saw her crying, I know I’ll find something I can do for her…!

Best Response: +2. Someone’s motivated./I’ll cheer you on.

ann takamaki confidant rank 6

Rank 7

Ann: I wonder why…

Best Response: +2. She admires you.

Ann: I want to be a real model…!

Best Response: +2. Go get ’em, tiger.

Ann: Obviously that means dieting, cutting back on food, and no matter how tough it is, I’ll do any workout!

Best Response: +2. You got this.

Rank 8

Ann: Obviously I want to cut down on my waist size too… and firm up my butt and calves!

Best Response: +3. You have some real guts.

Ann: Huh… There has to be somewhere my vibrant charm will shine, right!?

Best Response: +3. Any choice.

Ann: I need to show her that I’m working hard… and that she doesn’t need to worry so much about me.

Best Response: +3. Any choice.

Ann: …I wonder if this is how Shiho felt with her rehab? Being able to push herself because someone was there with her…

Best Response: +2. That’s probably it./You can ask her yourself.

Rank 9

Ann: Because, well… the only way I can help Shiho is to show her how hard I’m working.”

Best Response: +3. Any choice.

Ann: I guess… I’m alone again, huh…?

Best Response: You have me. (Lovers) / You have the others. (Friends)

ann takamaki confidant rank 10

Rank 10 – Friendship OR Romance

Regardless of choosing Romance or Friendship, the following 3 are the only rewarding chats.

Ann: So… how was I?

Best Response: +3. Any choice.

Ann: “Just like you and Shiho are for me…

Best Response: +3. Any choice.

Ann: But… I’m still kinda worried. Do you think you could help me, <protagonist>?

Best Response: +3. Any choice.

After Rank 10, Ann’s Persona reaches the final form- a mythological trickster called Hecate.

ann confidant abilities

Ann Confidant – Abilities

Here’s a list of what you’ll get by completing Ann Confidant in Persona 5 Royal.

2Girl Talk- Retry negotiations with a female Shadow.
3Follow Up- If Joker’s attack doesn’t knock down the enemy, there is a chance of a follow-up attack.
4Sexy Technique- May cancel enemies’ actions and get their attention.
5Crocodile Tears- The enemies may settle easily during negotiations.
6Harisen Recovery- May cure status ailments.
8Endure- May withstand a fatal attack with 1 HP.
9Protect- May protect Joker from a fatal attack.
ann takamaki confidant p5r

And that brings our Ann Persona 5 Royal Confidant guide to an end.

With this “cheats sheet” you’ll max out Ann Confidant in no time. Don’t hold out on it for too long, because her abilities elevate the whole team. And the Metaverse visits become more successful with Ann by your side.

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