GamesPersona 5Persona 5 Royal: Akechi Confidant - How To Unlock & Max Out?

Persona 5 Royal: Akechi Confidant – How To Unlock & Max Out?

Goro Akechi got an extensive overhaul in Persona 5 Royal. He’s still the Detective Prince and has the same views on the Phantom Thieves, but his Confidant has become more demanding.

Goro Akechi is the Justice Confidant in Persona 5 and Persona 5 Royal. But, in the original game, Akechi Confidant would rank automatically as the story progresses.

However, Akechi Confidant in Persona 5 Royal is now manual. So, you’ll actually have to meet up with him, have long chats, and go through the Ranks manually.

akechi confidant p5r availability

On top of that, Akechi is a tricky Confidant. You have to do a lot of stuff during the various ranking events.

But don’t sweat it.

Our Akechi Persona 5 Royal Confidant guide covers every single thing.

Using our guide, you’ll get to Akechi’s Rank 8 in no time, and we’ll also put you on track for the True Ending.

Akechi Persona 5 Royal Confidant – Availability

We begin our guide with when and where to meet Akechi in Persona 5 Royal.

Initiating Akechi Confidant is no problem, as it begins automatically on June 10. It’s the follow-up meetings that require a lot of planning. Depending on the Rank, Akechi’s location changes. Here’s how it works.

  • Up till Rank 5, Akechi hangs out at the Penguin Snipers Bar in Kichijoji. After that, Akechi is available at Cafe LeBlanc.
  • Akechi is available from Monday to Saturday at night time. But if it’s raining, he’ll be there during the day as well.

Akechi Persona 5 Royal Confidant – Ranking Events

Akechi only has 8 manual ranking events because his Rank 9 and 10 unlock automatically. But, getting to Rank 8 is no walk in the park. Aside from choosing the most rewarding dialogues, you need to complete plenty of other conditions.

Moreover, you have to get Akechi Confidant Rank 8 before November 17.

So, we suggest you carefully read everything from here on. Otherwise, you’ll lock out the True Ending. 

akechi confidant afternoon friday

Rank 1

Akechi’s first ranking event has 2 dialogues, but they are not rewarding. You’ll complete this event regardless of what answers you choose.

Rank 2

Akechi: I found myself with some free time, so I was hoping to find someone to play against.

Best Response: +2. You always seem so busy.

Akechi: Not bad. Everything’s riding on your next shot, though. How will you handle this?

Best Response: +2. Any choice.

Akechi: I’m rather dextrous with my right hand. I can even use chopsticks with it. Frankly, I didn’t expect you to see through it.

Best Response: +3. I see a lot of things.

Akechi: I think you’d be an interesting influence on me. If you’re so inclined, we could go out again sometime.

Best Response: +2. As rivals?

Here comes the first demand. To trigger the Rank 3 event, the protagonist must have Rank 3 of Charm and Knowledge.

Rank 3

Akechi: Uh-oh. Looks like I’ve been spotted.

Best Response: +3. Should’ve figured.

Akechi: I saw firsthand what happens when I’m too careless with my words around you.

Best Response: +2. Wasn’t it fun?

After completing Rank 3, Jazz Club is unlocked. 

akechi confidant rank 3

Rank 4

Akechi: It’s just a jazz club. You get to hear some great performers here.

Best Response: +3. Now this is my kind of club.

Akechi: Well then, why don’t we get some drinks?

Best Response: +3. Any recommendations?

Akechi: Whew… How relaxing. I really do like coming here.

Best Response: +2. It’s a great place.

Akechi: That reminds me, do you cook?

Best Response: +3. Pretty frequently./I can use a microwave…

Akechi: There’s something about that strange, erratic synchronicity… It’s a euphoria like when I manage to solve a case.

Best Response: +2. I kinda get it.

Rank 5

Akechi: Phew! My fingers are going to be sore tomorrow. What a realistic game.

Best Response: +2. Are you used to gunplay?

Akechi: All this reminded me of running around the house with it, playing hero…

Best Response: +3. You wanted to be a hero?

Akechi: Hopefully I didn’t come off as too much of a novice. I wish I’d played better.

Best Response: +2. Any choice.

After Rank 5, you’ll have to wait until September 3. Then, Akechi will be available at Cafe LeBlanc, and you’ll get to start the Rank 6 event.

goro akechi confidant rank 6

Rank 6

Akechi: Ahh, this feels wonderful… It’s been a while.

Best Response: +3. A while, huh?

Akechi: My mother worked at a nightclub. Whenever she had to bring a man home, she’d send me off to the local bathhouse.

Best Response: +2. …You’ve been through a lot.

Akechi: Actually, are you all right? I know the hot water can make people dizzy…

Best Response: +3. This is nothing./I’ll stay until you’re ready.

Akechi: Oof… I think I feel a little lightheaded.

Best Response: +3. Same.

Akechi: I’ve never told anyone else about my family situation, either. I wonder why I told you? Curious indeed.

Best Response: +2. Any choice.

Akechi: We’re both victims of the adults who unfairly impacted our lives.

Best Response: +3. I think you’re right.

Akechi: If they saw how I was acting today, perhaps they’d say I wasn’t acting like the Detective Prince.

Best Response: +2. My bad, I guess.

Another wait until November 2 to start the Rank 7 event. Also, the protagonist needs Rank 4 Knowledge.

persona 5 royal akechi confidant rank 7

Rank 7

The Rank 7 event of Akechi Confidant is where you need to be a bit more careful. If you mess up the choices, you’ll not only miss out on the True Ending but also lock out Akechi’s final persona.

Akechi: You can’t simply strike the ball you’re aiming for. You have to be indirect, but precise, to land it in the pocket…

Best Response: +3. That’s why it’s so fun.

Akechi: Even if it was with my self-imposed handicap, I’m impressed that you beat me. You’ve become quite skilled.

Best Response: +3. I couldn’t let myself lose.

These 2 are the only rewarding chats in Rank 7. But, the last chat of the Rank 7 event is important. So, make sure you choose right when you get the following dialogue.

Akechi: Why not join me instead…? All you’d have to do is abandon the teammates you have now. How about it?

Best Response: You’re my rival.

There’s no point in this chat, it’s just to keep your hopes alive of getting a True Ending.

persona 5 royal akechi confidant rank 8

Rank 8

Once the Rank 8 event begins, you’ll find yourself in Mementos ready to duel Akechi. You must win this duel to unlock Akechi’s final persona. But if you lose, you can challenge him and get back on track- so, no pressure.

Akechi: By the way, about that duel—if we had fought to the end, do you see yourself winning?

Best Response: +2. I definitely wouldn’t lose.

Akechi: …You’re the one person I refuse to lose to.

Best Response: +2. Really hate losing, don’t you?

There’s another non-rewarding chat in this event that helps unlock Akechi’s final persona, Hereward.

Akechi: Should the opponent accept the glove, the duel is also accepted.

Best Response: I accept.

goro akechi confidant p5r

Rank 9 & 10

These two ranking events are automatic. You’ll max out Akechi Persona 5 Royal Confidant after you complete Shido’s Palace.

There’s one more important prompt on February 2.

Akechi: I won’t wait a moment longer. Answer me.

Best Response: We’re stopping Maruki.

And that brings us to the end.

The other Confidants might cut you some slack, but not the Detective Prince. Trigger a ranking event at the first chance you get.

Because maxing out Akechi Persona 5 Royal Confidant is imperative if you want the real ending. Moreover, you have to get to Rank 8 before November 17.

Do check out our Persona 5 Royal Confidants guide to learn about all the P5R Confidants.

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