AnimeOne Piece Zoro - From Pirate Hunter To Supernova!

One Piece Zoro – From Pirate Hunter To Supernova!

Just like Monkey D. Luffy is to be the King of the Pirates, Roronoa Zoro has been destined for greatness since One Piece started.

The former pirate/bounty hunter has only one dream- becoming the world’s strongest swordsman. To realize this dream, Zoro has done everything in his power. And with One Piece nearing its end, fans are hyped to see Zoro’s future- most of all, who’ll be Zoro’s “final boss.”

Of course, everyone would love a final showdown between Zoro and Mihawk, but there’s just no telling what Eiichiro Oda has in mind.

While waiting for the end of One Piece and seeing Zoro fulfill his promise, this is the perfect time for a quick look back at his journey with the Straw Hats.

Here’s everything you should know about One Piece Zoro. And when we say everything, we mean everything.

How tall is Zoro? Where did he learn the infamous 3-sword style? How much is Zoro’s bounty? We’ll answer all these and more questions right here.

So, let’s get started.

Who Is Zoro From One Piece?

Roronoa Zoro was the first to join the Straw Hat Pirates after Luffy rescued him from the Marines. Although it’s not the official title, Roronoa Zoro is the first-mate of Straw Hat Pirates’ Captain Monkey D. Luffy.

who is zoro from one piece

He is currently the second strongest swordsman in the One Piece universe, behind Dracule Mihawk. And now, he is a Senior Officer of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet.

Roronoa Zoro was once the most feared pirate hunter in East Blue. But after joining the Straw Hat Pirates,  Zoro became one of the Eleven Supernovas because of his actions and impact on the seas.

Also known as the Worst Generation, these Eleven Supernovas started a new age for pirates after the execution of Gol D. Roger- the first pirate king and the only man to have found One Piece.

Although Zoro has no interest in One Piece, he is adamant about helping Luffy fulfill his dream of becoming the King of Pirates. And for that, he’ll go to any extent.

One Piece Zoro Appearance – Child, Pre-Timeskip, & Post-Timeskip

One Piece Zoro Child

Episode 19 (Past of the Three Swords! The Promise Between Zoro and Kuina!) introduced us to an 8-year-old Zoro.

Zoro was an angry child, short in stature but strong. He joined a dojo in the Shimotsuki Village, where he started training to become the world’s strongest swordsman.

At that time, Zoro had no scars. He was mostly wearing the dojo’s uniform because he was always training. And the iconic green hair was starting to sprout. 

Zoro left the dojo after an incident that shaped his entire life journey. But more on this later.

one piece zoro child

End of flashback.

One Piece Zoro Pre-Timeskip

Before the 2-year time skip, Zoro was tall and muscular but relatively slender. Compared to his childhood, Zoro has slightly more tanned skin, and the green hair has grown a bit more.

His costume consists of a three-buttoned white t-shirt and dark-green pants that appear black sometimes. Around his waist is a green Haramaki waistband, which holds all 3 of his swords.

On occasion, Zoro’s appearance did change a lot. Like the time in Skypiea Arc when he donned a blue sleeveless shirt or the winter makeover on Drum Island.

But the original Zoro pre-time skip remains iconic. And even more iconic are the 3 gold earrings and the bandana.

one piece zoro pre timeskip

One Piece Zoro Post-Timeskip

Post the time skip, Zoro’s appearance changed a lot.

After his 2-year training under Dracule Mihawk, he became stronger and more muscular and changed his costume.

The white t-shirt got replaced with a long green coat. He uses a red sash around his waist to hold the coat and hang his swords, while the green haramaki waistband has moved under the outfit.

After the time skip, Zoro grew out his hair as well. Zoro now wears his hair in a chonmage, a traditional Japanese topknot.

Aside from this signature look, Zoro got multiple samurai-inspired looks after the time skip- most notably the Zorojuro costume from Wano

one piece zoro post timeskip

One Piece Zoro Scars

You didn’t think we were going to leave out his scars, did you? If you did, you were right. We are leaving out the minor cuts, like the time he tried to cut his own leg. Plus, if we were to count every critical hit, Zoro has over 20 scars on his torso alone.

So instead of boring you with every tiny scratch, we’re looking at the big ones.

The biggest and most prominent Zoro scar is the one across his chest.

After an unexpected encounter with Dracule Mihawk, Zoro challenged him to a duel. And unsurprisingly, he was no match for the strongest swordsman in the world. But instead of killing him, Mihawk slashed Zoro leaving a huge scar from his right shoulder to his left hip.

one piece zoro scars

Then there is the scar on his left eye that came sometime during the time skip. No one knows how he got it, but fans have theories of their own. The most plausible theory is that he got the scar from Mihawk’s sword during his training.

But there’s a slightly darker theory as well: Zoro sliced his left eye himself to awaken and master Kenbunshoku Haki.

However, until Oda confirms something, these are mere fan theories.

one piece zoro fan theory

One Piece Zoro – The Journey Begins, By Accident?

Kuina & The Shimotsuki Village 

Zoro’s journey of becoming the strongest swordsman in the world began when he was only 8 years old.

As we saw in the flashback, Zoro joined a dojo in the Shimotsuki Village. Thanks to his skills, Zoro defeated the bigger and stronger opponents. However, he failed to defeat Kuina, the daughter of the dojo’s master, who only used 1 sword against Zoro’s Two-Sword Style.

kuina and the shimotsuki village

Zoro and Kuina had 2000 duels, and Zoro lost all of them. Eventually, the two decided to train harder and become the strongest swordsman in the world. An oath that grew stronger within Zoro after the untimely death of Kuina.

After Kuina’s funeral, Zoro borrowed Kuina’s sword (Wado Ichimonji) from her father. And so originated the Three Sword Style.

The Best Swordsman in East Blue!

While in the Shimotsuki Village, Zoro learned of Dracule Mihawk and made it his mission to defeat him to claim the title of the strongest swordsman in the world and fulfill his promise to Kuina.

So, he set sail.

But, thanks to his not-so-incredible sense of direction, he was lost at sea. Not knowing where to go and not remembering his way home, Zoro became a bounty/pirate hunter. Zoro honed his skills and became the best swordsman in all of East Blue.

Even the Baroque Works wanted him at one point, but he refused to join them because he wanted to be their leader.

So, we have Zoro’s zero sense of direction to thank for everything.

Becoming A Straw Hat Pirate

During his bounty hunting, Zoro ended up in Shells Town, where he killed Helmeppo’s pet wolf. 

Helmeppo is the son of a Marine Captain, Axe-Hand Morgan. So, the Marines capture Zoro and tie him to a pole for a month. However, on the 9th day, Luffy comes to Shells Town and promises to rescue Zoro if he will join his crew.

becoming a straw hat pirates

After the two defeat Axe-Hand Morgan and end his reign of terror over Shells Town, Luffy and Zoro begin the journey- Luffy to become the King of Pirates and Zoro to become the strongest swordsman in the world.

And you know the rest of the 23-year-long journey. But do you know all of One Piece Zoro’s fighting styles?

One Piece Zoro – Fighting Styles, Haki, & Swords

By now, everyone knows Zoro is one of the most skilled swordsmen in One Piece. However, not everyone knows about all his skills. After his 2-year tutelage under Dracule Mihawk, Zoro’s sword skills improved drastically.

But, the biggest addition to his skills was Haki.

So, let’s take a look at his fighting styles, and the Hakis Zoro has mastered. And then we’ll discuss all the swords Zoro has ever used in One Piece.

One Piece Zoro Fighting Styles

1. Ittoryu – One Sword Style

Zoro’s least favorite sword fighting style, and perhaps his weakest technique, is Ittoryu, where he only uses 1 sword. Although he is still quite good with a single sword, it’s nowhere as close as when he has 2 or 3 swords on hand.

But after his training under Mihawk, he did improve his Ittoryu too.

ittoryu one sword style one piece

2. Nitoryu – Two Sword Style

This was Zoro’s preferred fighting style before meeting Kuina and creating his infamous Three Sword Style.

All of his 2000 duels against Kuina were fought using the Nitoryu technique. He lost all of them, so he dumped the style. But, if needed, he still uses Nitoryu proficiently.

nitoryu two sword style one piece

3. Santoryu – Three Sword Style

After Kuina’s death, Zoro asked for her sword. And after gaining her sword, Zoro invented the Three Sword Style- 1 in each hand and 1 between his teeth.

He is the best Santoryu user in the One Piece world. He’s beaten plenty of formidable enemies, even going toe-to-toe with Kaido. And that’s when he unlocked a new style.

4. Enou Santoryu – King Of Hell, Three Sword Style

After mastering Haki, Zoro took his Santoryu to the next level.

When using Enou Santoryu, Zoro projects his Haoshoku and Busoshoku Haki through all 3 of his swords.

king of hell three sword style

5. Kyutoryu – Nine Sword Style

Zoro cut Kaido, thanks to his Kiki Kyutoryu: Asura awakening. In this devilish form, Zoro developed three heads and six arms. And because he was using 3 swords at the time, he ended up with 9 swords.

kyutoryu nine sword style

Zoro first used Asura against Kaku and then again when facing Pacifista. Barring these three occasions, Zoro hasn’t had to tap into his demonic form.

6. Kitsunebi-ryu – Fox Fire Style

Through observation, Zoro adopted Kin’emon’s FoxFire Style and then went on to master it. He can generate fire at will, attack with it, and cut through it using the Homura Saki technique.

kitsunebi-ryu fox fire style

That’s all the fighting styles Zoro has mastered and showcased over his journey. And now on to Zoro’s Haki.

One Piece Zoro Haki

Zoro is one of the few One Piece characters who have all 3 types of Haki. Zoro learned 2 Hakis from Mihawk while 1 was a gift from Kaido.

1. Kenbunshoku Haki – Observation Haki

The Observation Haki grants a sixth sense to its user, which allows them to feel the strength and presence of others.

Zoro was a little late to the party, learning Kenbunshoku after Sanji and Luffy. He learned from Mihawk and has used it on several occasions.

2. Busoshoku Haki – Armament Haki

Busoshoku Haki allows the users to use their energy and create armor around themselves. What makes this so dangerous is that this Haki can harm Devil Fruit users.

We saw Zoro use it to cut Pica and free his swords from King’s grip during their fight in Wano.

3. Haoshoku Haki – Conqueror’s Haki

Kaido infused the Conqueror’s Haki into Zoro’s Kiki Kyutoryu: Ashura. However, Zoro didn’t know that. He only discovered this Haki while fighting with King when he knocked out all the Beast Pirates and eventually defeated King too.

One Piece Zoro Swords

Throughout his life, Zoro has used 7 swords.

  • 2 Original Katanas: In the beginning, Zoro used 2 Katanas and the Wado Ichimonji. But, those two Katanas were broken by Dracule Mihawk when the two fought at Baratie. 
  • Wado Ichimonji: The Wado Ichimonji is a Great Grade Katana forged by Shimotsuki Kozaburo (Kuina’s grandfather). This was originally Kuina’s, but Zoro asked for it after Kuina died. This pure-white sword holds great personal value for Zoro.
  • Sandai Kitetsu: After losing his original Katanas, Zoro bought Sandai Kitetsu from a weapons shop in Loguetown. This slightly curved Katana was labeled a cursed blade, but Zoro decided to try his luck with it.
  • Enma: Another Great Grade Katana forged by Shimotsuki, Enma is known as the only sword to have ever injured Kaido. Oden was Enma’s original user.

After Oden’s death, his daughter, Kozuki Hiyori, got the sword. Hiyori then traded her Enma for Zoro’s Shusui because Shusui was a national treasure for Wano.

  • Shusui: This is the infamous black Zoro sword. Shusui was once wielded by Shimotsuki Ryuma, a legendary samurai of Wano. The blade was buried with Ryuma, but Gecko Moria stole it from his grave.

Zoro traded the sword for Enma and left Ryuma in Wano.

  • Yubashiri: Yubashiri is a Skillful Grade Katana which Zoro got in Loguetown along with Sandai Kitetsu. But Marine Captain Shu damaged it for good so Zoro had to leave it behind in Thriller Bark.

One Piece Zoro – Character Wiki

How Old is Zoro in One Piece?

Before the time skip, Zoro is 19 years old. After the 2-year time skip, his age is 21 years. Zoro’s birthday is on November 11, and he was born in the Shimotsuki Village in East Blue.

What is Zoro’s Bounty in One Piece?

But his first-ever bounty was 60,000,000 Bellies which he got for defeating bounty hunters in Whiskey Peaks. Zoro’s bounty doubled after the Enies Lobby Arc, reaching 120,000,000 Bellies.

Soon after defeating the Donquixote Pirates, Zoro’s total bounty reached 320,000,000 Bellies, the second-highest bounty in the Straw Hat Pirates after Luffy.

what is zoro’s bounty in one piece

And now, after defeating King, Zoro’s latest bounty is 1,111,000,000 Bellies.

One Piece Zoro Voice Actors

Several voice actors have lent their voices for Roronoa Zoro. Kazuya Nakai is the Japanese VA who voices the Roronoa Zoro. Megumi Urawa voiced child Zoro.

For the English dub, Brian Zimmerman voiced Zoro for Odex and Marc Diraison voiced Zoro for the 4Kids dub, with Andrew Rannells dubbing the child scenes.

Funimation used Christopher R. Sabat, Brina Palencia, and Cynthia Cranz to voice young and adult Zoro.

One Piece Zoro is one of the best characters in the series, and fans love him too. His journey has been nothing short of phenomenal, and we’re excited to see how it ends.

To finish up, here’s a collection of the coolest One Piece Zoro wallpapers every One Piece otaku should have.

10 Best HD One Piece Zoro Wallpapers

zoro theme wallpaper 4k

Source: Wallpaper Access

one piece zoro art

Source: Pinterest

one piece wallpaper zoro 3 sword style

Source: r/wallpaper (Reddit)

one piece t shirt zoro

Source: Pinterest

piece 4k zoro wallpaper 4k


zoro desktop wallpaper 4k

Source: Wallpaper Safari

roronoa 4k zoro wallpaper hd

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ultra hd zoro wallpaper hd


zoro sword wallpaper hd

Source: HDWallpaperim

zoro wallpaper iphone 4k

Source: Wallpapersden

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