MangaAll One Piece Arcs In Order - Sagas, Specials, & Movies

All One Piece Arcs In Order – Sagas, Specials, & Movies

Eiichiro Oda created the first ever One Piece volume back in July 1997. Back then, no one would have thought that One Piece would become the highest-selling manga of all time.

one piece arcs

Today, 25 years on and over 500 million copies sold, One Piece tops manga and comic book sales by some distance. And it’s also one of the longest-running manga series with over 1000 Chapters across 102 Volumes.

But enough about the manga.

Two years after the first manga Volume, TOEI Animation decided to turn One Piece into an anime. In October 1999, Fuji TV aired the 1st episode of One Piece anime, and so began one of the longest-running anime series of all time.

One Piece has nearly 1000 episodes, 13 specials, and 13 movies. Moreover, the manga is in full flow as well.

As new manga volumes and anime content comes out regularly, there’s a lot of content to watch. New starters can have a hard time navigating through all this. And that’s where this One Piece arc list proves handy.

Where To Watch One Piece?

where to watch one piece

Before we begin the One Piece arc list, here’s another list of all the platforms where you can watch One Piece.

  • FunimationOur pick to watch One Piece. Funimation has all the episodes + the majority of specials and movies. You can watch the whole series in Japanese as well as English.
  • Netflix – Netflix is the second best platform to watch One Piece. It has all the episodes but for specific regions only. The US audience does have full access. Others might have to use VPN.
  • Crunchyroll – Crunchyroll is a good platform if you’re a purist. It has all the episodes but only in Japanese. English subs are available, though.
  • Hulu – Hulu does have the English dub version of One Piece but it’s still missing the latest episodes. A good platform to start, but you’ll have to switch eventually.

We don’t suggest it, but One Piece is available on Amazon Prime Video. You’ll have to pay $1.99 for every episode, and it’s not even in HD.

One Pieces Arcs & Sagas

Think of sagas as seasons. Each saga has multiple One Piece story arcs that follow the adventures of the Straw Hat Pirates. And every arc is spread across multiple episodes.

We’ve listed all One Piece sagas and arcs in order; so you don’t mess up your experience of watching one of the most popular animes of all time.

Moreover, we’ve also mentioned the corresponding manga chapters that every One Piece arc covers. So, you’ll know how much manga you’ve caught up with while watching anime.

You’ll also see Specials and Movies in this list. Their place on the list suggests the right time to watch them without spoiling the original series.

Sea of Survival: Super Rookies Saga – All One Piece Arcs in Order

sea of survival super rookies saga

If you don’t know already, One Piece features a two-year time skip. During this time skip, the gang decides to skip adventures and train hard to become stronger.

Now, this time skip is a significant event in One Piece anime.

Viewers have divided the series into two halves; before the time skip (Sea of Survival: Super Rookies Saga) and after the time skip (The Final Sea: The New World Saga). So, we’re going to stick with it too.

Here’s a list of all One Piece arcs in the Super Rookies Saga, which further has 6 sagas.

East Blue Saga

The first saga that began it all. We are introduced to Luffy as he starts recruiting his team of pirates to set sail in search of the One Piece. We meet Zoro, Sanji, Nami, and Usopp for the first time.

east blue saga

There are 8 arcs in the first saga with one filler and one special at the end.

Romance DawnManga: Chapters 1-7, Volume 1
Anime: Episodes 1-3
Orange TownManga: Chapters 8-21, Volumes 1-3
Anime: Episodes 4-8
Syrup VillageManga: Chapters 22-41, Volumes 3-5
Anime: Episodes 9-18
Movie: One Piece The Movie
BaratieManga: Chapters 42-68, Volumes 5-8
Anime: Episodes 19-30
Arlong ParkManga: Chapters 69-95, Volumes 8-11
Anime: Episodes 31-44
LoguetownManga: Chapters 96-100, Volumes 11-12
Anime: Episodes 45, 48-53
Buggy’s Crew Adventure Chronicles (Cover Page Special)Manga: Chapters 35-75, Volumes 4-7
Anime: Episodes 46-47
Warship Island (Filler)Manga:Anime: Episodes 54-61
Movie: Clock Work Island Adventure

Alabasta Saga

The Alabasta Saga is about the princess of Alabasta Kingdom and how the Straw Hat Pirates help her out.

alabasta saga

2 new crew members also join the venture- Nico Robin and Tony Tony Chopper.

Reverse MountainManga: Chapters 101-105, Volume 12
Anime: Episodes 62-63
Whisky PeakManga: Chapters 106-114, Volumes 12-13
Anime: Episodes 64-67
Diary of Koby-Meppo (Cover Page Special)Manga: Chapters 89-119, Volumes 10-14
Anime: Episodes 68-69
Little GardenManga: Chapters 115-129, Volumes 13-15
Anime: Episodes 70-77
Drum IslandManga: Chapters 130-154, Volumes 15-17
Anime: Episodes 78-91
Movie: Episode of Chopper Plus: Bloom in Winter, Miracle Sakura
AlabastaManga: Chapters 155-217, Volumes 17-24
Anime: Episodes 92 -130
Movie: The Adventure of Deadend
Movie: Chopper’s Kingdom on the Island of Strange Animals
Post-Alabasta(Filler)Manga: Anime: Episodes 131-135
Movie: Episode of Alabasta: The Pirates and the Princess of the Desert 

Sky Island Saga

sky island saga

The crew searches for Skypiea, the legendary floating island. There’s a slot of One Piece fillers in this saga, but it’s still worth the time.

Goat Island(Filler)Manga: Anime: Episodes 136-138
Ruluka Island(Filler)Manga: Anime: Episodes 139-143
Movie: The Cursed Holy Sword
JayaManga: Chapters 218-236, Volumes 24-25
Anime: Episodes 144-152
SkypieaManga: Chapters 237-302, Volumes 26-32
Anime: Episodes 153-195
G-8(Filler)Manga: Anime: Episodes 196-206
Movie: Baron Omatsuri and the Secret Island
Movie: Mega Mecha Soldier of Karakuri Castle

Water 7 Saga

water 7 saga arc

It’s also called the World Government saga. And in this saga, the pirates get a new ship (Thousand Sunny), and a shipwright, Franky, joins the crew.

Here is the One Piece arc list for Water 7 Saga.

Long Ring Long LandManga: Chapters 303-321, Volumes 32-34
Anime: Episodes 207-219
Ocean’s Dream(Filler)Manga: Anime: Episodes 220-224
Foxy’s Return(Filler)Manga: Anime: Episodes 225-228
Water 7Manga: Chapters 375-430, Volumes 39-44
Anime: Episodes 229-263
Enies LobbyManga: Chapters 130-154, Volumes 15-17
Anime: Episodes 264-290, 293-302, 304-312
Post-Enies LobbyManga: Chapters 431-441 (Volumes 45-46)
Anime: Episodes 313-325
Boss Luffy Historical(Specials/Fillers)Manga: Anime: Episodes 291-292, 303, 406-407

Thriller Bark Saga

thriller bark saga

The crew finally makes their way to the ghost island. Thriller Bark is the shortest saga of One Piece anime and manga with just 1 canon arc.

Ice Hunter(Filler)Manga: Anime: Episodes 326-335
Chopper Man(Special)Manga: Anime: Episode 336
Thriller BarkManga: Chapters 442-489, Volumes 46-50
Anime: Episodes 337-381
Movie: One Piece Film: Strong World
Spa Island(Filler)Manga: Anime: Episodes 382-384

Summit War Saga

summit war saga

Summit War is the final saga before the two-year time skip. The World Government wages war on the Whitebeard Pirates, and everyone starts preparing for the New World.

Sabaody ArchipelagoManga: Chapters 490-513, Volumes 50-53
Anime: Episodes 385-405
Movie: One Piece 3D: Straw Hat Chase
Amazon LilyManga: Chapters 514-524, Volumes 53-54
Anime: Episodes 408-417
Straw Hat’s Separation Serial(Cover Page Special)Manga: Chapters 543-560, Volumes 56-57
Anime: Episodes 418-421, 453-456
Impel DownManga: Chapters 525-549, Volumes 54-56
Anime: Episodes 422-425, 430-452
Little East Blue(Filler)Manga: Anime: Episodes 426-429
MarinefordManga: Chapters 550-580, Volumes 56-59
Anime: Episodes 457-489
Toriko Crossover(Special)Manga:Anime: Episode 492
Post-WarManga: Chapters 581-597, Volumes 59-61
Anime: Episodes 490-491, 493-516

That brings the first half of One Piece arcs to an end.

The second half began with episode 517 which aired on October 2, 2011. It was the beginning of a new era for the Straw Hat Pirates as they set sail for The Final Sea.

the final sea the new world saga

The Final Sea: The New World Saga – All One Piece Arcs in Order

There are 3 sagas in the Final Sea. The first 2 are relatively short with only 2 canon arcs each, but the third is the longest ever One Piece saga that’s still running. Here are all the One Piece arcs of these 3 sagas.

Fish Man Island Saga

fish man island saga

The crew did visit (and nearly destroy) a floating island. So, it’s only natural that they visit a drowned island as well. The crew gets back together and heads underwater. Also, this is the only saga with no fillers- don’t miss a second.

Return to SabaodyManga: Chapters 598-602, Volume 61
Anime: Episodes 517-522
Fish-Man IslandManga: Chapters 603-653, Volumes 61-66
Anime: Episodes 523-541, 543-574
Movie: One Piece Film: Z (Watch after Episode 573)
Toriko Crossover(Special)Manga: Anime: Episode 542

Dressrosa Saga

dressrosa saga

As the crew enters the New World, the most notorious of pirates welcome them to what is going to be the most difficult venture yet.

Z’s Ambition(Filler)Manga: Anime: Episodes 575-578
Punk HazardManga: Chapters 654-699, Volumes 66-70
Anime: Episodes 579-589, 591-625
Toriko & Dragon Ball Crossover(Special)Manga: Anime: Episode 591
Caesar Retrieval(Filler)Manga: Anime: Episodes 626-628
DressrosaManga: Chapters 700-801, Volumes 70-80
Anime: Episodes 629-746
Special/Filler: 3D2Y (watch after episode 685)
Special/Filler: Episode of Sabo (watch after episode 705)
Special/Filler: Adventure of Nebulandia (watch after episode 722)

Four Emperors Saga

four emperors saga arcs

This is the current running One Piece Saga. The crew is growing and so are the enemies.

Silver Mine(Filler)Manga: Anime: Episodes 747-750
Special: Heart Of Gold
Movie: One Piece Film: Gold
ZouManga: Chapters 802-824, Volumes 80-82
Anime: Episodes 751-779
Marine Rookie(Filler)Manga: Anime: Episodes 780-782
Whole Cake IslandManga: Chapters 825-902, Volumes 82-90
Anime: Episodes 783-877
ReverieManga: Chapters 903-908
Anime: Episodes: 878-889
Wano CountryManga: Chapters 909, Volumes 90
Anime: Episodes 890-894, 897-906
Cidre Guild(Filler)Manga:Anime: Episodes 895-896
Movie: One Piece Stampede
Anime 20th Anniversary – Romance Dawn(Special/Filler)Manga: Anime: Episode 907

How Many Chapters Of One Piece Are There?

One Piece manga has 1053 chapters as of now. Eiichiro Oda will be returning to the drawing board after his month-long hiatus.

And on July 25 we’ll be treated to chapter 1054 which will begin the conclusion of this extraordinary shonen manga and anime series.

Chapter 1054 will officially begin the post-Wano Country arc- and by the looks of it, this seems to be the last saga and the final One Piece arcs.

how many chapters of one piece are there

After nearly 25 years, the manga will conclude with Laugh Tale Island, and we are sure the anime series will follow soon. But, it’s clear that we’ll still get plenty of anime for at least a year. Because the studios need time to catch up to the weekly manga publishings.

Until then, watch all the One Piece arcs in order and prepare for a new One Piece Movie as well.

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