Manga10 Best Naruto Manga Panels With Breathtaking Arts

10 Best Naruto Manga Panels With Breathtaking Arts

First published in Weekly Shonen Jump from 1999 to 2014, Naruto is one of the epic 90s anime & manga series written and illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto

The enormous popularity of manga leads to numerous anime adaptations, movies, and video games as well. Now it’s been 06 years since the final Naruto chapter, but the anime is still breaking records and gaining new fans every day. 

Throughout the manga’s 17-year run, many panels become museum pieces for the readers, each with its own devoted following.

So in this article, I will discuss 10 of the best Naruto manga panels, demonstrating why the manga and its anime have achieved legendary status.

10 Best Naruto Manga Panels That Fans Love!

10. All Mighty Push

almighty push

Nothing but the most powerful attack of Pain: Shinra Tensei (Almighty Push), is among the top Naruto manga panels. It represents the aerial view of Hidden Leaf Village during the attack of the most formidable Akatsuki member, known as Pain.

With the almighty push, Pain destroyed Konoha in one swap, leading to the biggest disaster seen in the Naruto series. And what made this scene an all-time favorite in anime is the way the attack sounds and the best dialogue of Pain: The world shall know Pain.

09. Hidden Powers of Rock Lee

hidden powers of rock lee

No one can ever forget the moment when Rock Lee unleashes his true powers against Gaara during the 3rd Chunin exam and becomes one of the most respected naruto characters

While fighting against Gaara with his only Taijutsu, Lee couldn’t land any attack due to Gaara’s absolute defense.

However, by removing the heavyweights from his feet and entering the fourth gate, The Gate of Pain, Lee shifts the fight in a different direction.

08. The Nine Tails Attack!!

the nine tails attack

The attack of Kyuubi on Konoha and the deaths of Naruto’s parents on his birth are widely regarded as one of the series’ most iconic and heartbreaking moments.

A rampage by the Nine-Tailed Fox nearly resulted in the village’s total destruction, and eventually, he was sealed inside Naruto’s body by his father, Namikaze Minato. Since then, the life of Naruto gets cursed and makes him survive his early days all by himself.

07. Naruto Meeting His Mother For The First Time

naruto meets his mom for the first time

One of the most sentimental and heart-melting moments of the Naruto manga was Naruto’s first meeting with his parents and the way he hugs his mother for the only time in his life.

After meeting his parents, Naruto discovers his identity and learns that he is no common shinobi but the only son of the Fourth Hokage known as Yellow Flash.

And this panel represents how eager and impatient Naruto was to meet his parents and let them know how much he has suffered in this Shinobi world.

06. Last Words of Itachi

last words of itachi
Last Words of Itachi

There has never been a more heartbreaking separation of brothers in any anime series than Naruto as shown by Mangaka in this particular panel. Maybe Ace’s death in front of Luffy comes close.

The panel represents one of the series’ most popular scenes, which takes place during a war, and includes Itachi’s last words to Sasuke in his reanimated form. 

As a final act of love, Itachi gave Sasuke complete freedom of choice, releasing him from the guilt of his murder and allowing him to follow his own path.

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05. Madara Vs All Tailed Beasts 

madara vs all tailed beasts

Have you ever heard of “One Man Army?” Meet the Uchiha ghost, Madara. This particular panel shows the overwhelming powers of Madara as he is standing against all 9 Tailed Beasts in the Great Shinobi War. 

He terrified the Tailed Beasts and handled all of the Shinobi Alliance ninjas by himself. Just look at him standing on the deadman’s body while staring at all the Beasts.

04. Naruto Accepting His Dark Side

naruto accepting his dark sides

For Naruto to fully master Kyuubi’s abilities, he must first face the darkness that lies within. He meets his past sorrows, agonies, and rage head-on and decides to release them all to move on and find a way to become a perfect Shinobi.

This panel illustrates how pure of heart Naruto is and how willing he is to endure hardship to fulfill his destiny as a child of prophecy! The one who will change the cursed ninja world!

03. Minato Entry In The Great Shinobi War

minato entry in the great shinobi war

If you want to see how flawlessly a hero can enter into a war, check out the great entry of our fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze!

Reanimated by Orochimaru in the Great Shinobi War, Minato makes a crazy entry at the most crucial moment and teleports the deadly attack of the Ten-Tails. And what makes this panel cool is Minato’s first dialogue, “AM I LATE?”

I mean he just saved thousands of lives with his “Flying Thunder God Technique” and asking if he is late! Man, you are just so damn cool! 

02. The New Three-Way Deadlock

the new three-way deadlock

The true power lies in teamwork, and that’s what this great manga panel represents. 

Three Way Deadlock is a famous Summoning Jutsu of three legendary Sannins known as, Jiraiya, Tsunade, and Orochimaru. 

Similarly, the new Three-Way Deadlock was the coolest Jutsu shown in Naruto by the very students of legendary Sannins, Sakura, Sasuke, and Naruto. And believe me, this summoning is the greatest summoning of all time. And so is this panel!

01. Reanimation of All Hokage

reanimation of all hokages

Here is the finishing blow, a true masterpiece panel represented in the naruto series; the revival of the all-time strongest Hokage.  

The four Hokage are brought back to life by Orochimaru during a Great Ninja War, and the intimidating presence of these once-dead leaders stunned the souls of others. Their very entry changes the flow of war and left ninjas in a great shock yet a great relief.

Naruto Manga Panels Wallpapers

Looking for some Naruto manga wallpapers? Here are some of the most iconic Naruto manga panels in 4K.

naruto manga panels wallpaper 4k
naruto manga panel texture graphic design
naruto manga panels world domination
naruto manga panel 4k
narutu manga pc wallpaper 4k
naruto manga panels itachi
naruto manga
naruto comes back to the village manga
madara vs tailed beasts manga
sasuke returns to the leaf village
naruto we will manga panel

These are some amazing HD manga panels as an extra push to make you fall in love with Naruto manga panels!

If you enjoyed reading them and want more blogs like them, check out our manga blog section to discover more amazing pieces. 

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