MangaAll Naruto Hand Signs & Seals: Meanings & How-To Guide

All Naruto Hand Signs & Seals: Meanings & How-To Guide

If there’s one anime that can boast a global fan following, it’s Naruto. Whether you consider the animation, storyline, or characters, Naruto is one anime that hits every spot right.

Everyone’s tried the Naruto run at least once. And although not as iconic as “Kamehameha,” the Naruto hand signs are very well celebrated. Fans copy the Naruto hand signs to create chakra energy of their own.

Sadly, no one has succeeded- yet.

But that shouldn’t stop you from recreating your favorite Naruto hand sign and getting that Ninja vibe. Because frankly, that’s the extent of our ninjutsu and genjutsu.

So, if you’re interested in Naruto all hand signs – which you clearly are since you’re on this page – here’s the meaning behind each one and how you can recreate them.

How Many Naruto Handsigns are there?

There’s a lot of textbook knowledge involved in ninjutsu and genjutsu. And if we were to look at all the techniques, we’d end up explaining thousands of hand signs and still have plenty leftover.

how many naruto hand signs are there

However, we aren’t going too deep down the rabbit hole. Instead, we’re going to stick with the basics. After all, it’s not like we’ll be fighting Kaguya Ōtsutsuki.

When it comes to the basics, every aspiring Ninja has to master 12 hand signs to manipulate energy and create magic.

Here’s a list of all 12 Naruto hand signs.

12 Basic Naruto Hand Signs

1. Bird – Zodiac Sign Rooster

naruto hand signs bird

Also known as Tori, this hand sign is one of the most difficult to master. So naturally, it is Naruto’s favorite.

To control the element of wind, ninjas use this technique with an intricate hand sign that’s actually pretty easy to recreate. All you have to do is arch your middle finger and pinky, intertwine the index and ring finger, and join your thumbs.

2. Boar – Zodiac Sign Pig

naruto hand sign boar

Boar is an essential Naruto hand sign for Jutsu summoning. We’ve seen a lot of characters use Boar to summon giant toads, slugs, snakes, and whatnot. Mastering this technique becomes more and more important for every Naruto character.

You’ll need arms parallel to the ground, palms facing each other, and both wrists joined together. To finish it off, tuck in both thumbs.

3. Inu – Zodiac Sign Dog

naruto hand sign inu

The Dog Naruto hand sign is for the Water Release technique. We see Zabuza use this sign to summon the Water Dragon Jutsu. It can also be used for Ice Release if mastered.

Inu is the easiest Naruto hand sign to copy. Just create a fist with your right hand and place the left hand on top.

4. Tatsu – Zodiac Sign Dragon

naruto hand sign tatsu

Ninjas use the Tatsu hand sign to create a dragon manifestation out of any element. We’ve seen different characters using Tatsu in combination with other signs to create a Fire Dragon, a Water Dragon, and even an Earth Dragon.

It’s a complicated seal, though. You’ll have to connect your pinkies and stack the rest of the fingers one upon the other. Left-hand fingers go on top.

5. Usagi – Zodiac Sign Rabbit

naruto hand sign usagi

Usagi, also called Hare, is a basic hand sign with no natural transformation. Instead, Usagi is used to create lightning hands or generate Chidori. Kakashi and Sasuke use it the most.

It’s super simple to create this hand sign. Stick out your left index finger and thumb as if you were making a gun. Make a fist of your right hand but keep the pinky out.

Now, interlock your hands using the index finger and the pinky. Ok, maybe it’s not that simple.

6. Uma – Zodiac Sign Horse

naruto hand sign uma

Uma or Horse hand sign is for the Fireball technique and to dispel illusory genjutsu.

As long as you can stretch your fingers to the point of pain, you can recreate it with ease.

With the palms facing inwards, connect your index fingers at the tip and put the thumbs in a dome position. Now, stack the rest of the fingers with the right side on top.

7. Saru – Zodiac Sign Monkey

naruto hand sign saru

Again a non-transformational sign and again a Sasuke favorite that helps in channeling Chidori. No wonder he’s such a good fighter, the man knows almost every hand sign. This one is actually very easy, though.

Just join your hands together but place the right-hand pinky under the left-hand thumb.

8. Ushi – Zodiac Sign Ox

naruto hand sign ushi

Another Sasuke/Uchiha family special. Ushi creates a great combo with the Fire Release technique and also helps a lot with Fire Jutsu.

To recreate it, you’ll need to stick out and cross all your fingers, excluding the thumbs. Keep the right hand horizontal and the left hand vertical. Close the ring and middle finger; so they rest on the back of your right hand.

9. Hitsuji – Zodiac Sign Goat

naruto hand sign hitsuji

The most famous Naruto hand sign that Naruto himself uses every time he summons his shadow clones.

Just raise the middle and index finger of both your hands and join them together to make a Ram. Remember to keep your left hand on top.

10. Nezumi – Zodiac Sign Rat

naruto hand sign nezumi

The Nezumi is the trademark hand sign of the Nara Clan. Although it’s for Shadow Imitation, it’s a bit different from Hitsuju and we only see the Nara members use it the most.

Just squeeze your left-hand index and middle finger with your right hand and you’re a Shadow Imitator.

11. Serpent – Zodiac Sign Snake

naruto hand sign snake

The Serpent is associated with Earth, Wood, and Lightning. We see this Naruto hand sign a lot throughout the series and it’s the easiest to perform as well.

All you have to do is put your hands in a prayer position and intertwine all the fingers. But, the elbows need to be perfectly horizontal.

12. Tora – Zodiac Sign Tiger

tiger naruto hand sign

Another Uchiha clan special, Tora, is a Fire and Earth Release hand sign. Some shinobi have achieved such mastery over the Tiger that they can summon the Jutsu using one hand only.

Similar to the Snake hand sign, you’ll have to get your hands in a prayer position and then raise the index and middle finger of both your hands.

And that’s about it.

Let us know which of these Naruto hand signs you’ve done so far. But be careful, don’t go around creating dragons out of thin air.

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