GamesPersona 5Persona 5 Royal: Munehisa Iwai Confidant Guide

Persona 5 Royal: Munehisa Iwai Confidant Guide

The crucial Persona 5 Iwai Confidant plays an integral part in Persona 5 Royal as well.

He runs the Untouchable store in Shibuya and is the designated arms dealer of the Phantom Thieves.

persona 5 royal iwai confidant

With the Iwai Persona 5 Royal Confidant maxed out, you can customize anything and everything totally free. So, Munehisa Iwai can be a valuable asset in raiding the metaverse.

Since you’re here, we guess you already know the value of Iwai’s Confidant and now you want to work towards Rank 10.

Well, you’ve found the perfect guide.

Munehisa Iwai Confidant – Availability

munehisa iwai confidant availability

The Iwai Confidant saga begins when Iwai asks Akira to smuggle a paper bag with a new model gun inside. However, the player can’t check the contents of the bag at that time.

You’ll need Rank 4 Guts to talk to Iwai, at his airsoft store. He’s available on the following days and times.

ThursdayAvailable at Night.
SaturdayAvailable at Night.
SundayAvailable at Night.
RainyAvailable all Day and Night.

Munehisa Iwai Confidant – Responses For Every Rank

If you have achieved Rank 4 Guts, then after May 6, you can visit Iwai’s store and ask about the bag. And make sure you have a Hanged Man persona on you when hanging out with Iwai for extra points.

Rank 1

Iwai: If you want somethin’, you’re gonna have to work for it.

Best Response: +3. So, what’s my first job?

munehisa iwai confidant evening thursday

Rank 2

Iwai: …Sounds like there’s some weird stuff goin’ down.

Response: +2. What should I do now?/How’s your cold?

Bonus: +2 Proficiency

Rank 3

Iwai: The same clan I was in… back when I was part of the yakuza

Best Response: +3. I always knew you were a thug.

Iwai: …Hope I ain’t scarin’ you off with all this talk.

Best Response: +3. We made a deal, didn’t we?

Bonus: +2 Proficiency

munehisa iwai confidant evening sunday

Rank 4

Iwai: Anyways, nice job. I’m gonna be able to give Tsuda a real scare thanks to the info you gave me!

Best Response: +3. Where’s my reward?

Iwai: But now Tsuda knows your face. And that could be a real problem.

Best Response: +2. I agree.

Bonus: +2 Proficiency

Rank 5

Iwai: He’s just got too much power…

Best Response: +3. You’re pathetic.

Iwai: …You prolly don’t want anythin’ to do with me after that, huh?

Best Response: +3. I’ll stick around for the guns.

Iwai: But I gotta protect that secret, no matter what. For Kaoru’s sake.

Best Response: +2. You’re right.

Bonus: +2 Proficiency

persona 5 munehisa iwai confidant

Rank 6

Iwai: You two look like you’re havin’ fun. What’ve you been talkin’ about?

Best Response: +3. Girls/That’s a secret.

Iwai: Ain’t that right?

Best Response: +3. You should buy us something.

Iwai: Looked like you and Kaoru really hit it off. Glad to see you two get along.

Best Response: +2. All I did was listen to him/ He’s my age, so it comes easier.

Rank 7

Iwai: I mean, don’t somethin’ about that seem off to you?

Best Response: +3. Absolutely.

Iwai: And now he’s tryin’ to use me to cover up his mistake.

Best Response: +3. He’s clever.

Iwai: But considering who we’re dealin’ with… we can’t afford to take any chances.

Best Response: +2. Bring it on.

By now, you should have maxed out Guts Rank and achieved Lionhearted. If that’s not the case, get out there and work for it.

Because only then can you progress the Iwai Confidant Rank any further.

munehisa iwai confidant evening tuesday

If you are Lionhearted, it’s time for a side quest- Shady Deal in the Shadows. After completing the quest, you’ll return to Iwai.

Iwai: I hope dealing with all this yakuza business hasn’t been too much trouble.

Best Response: +3. I did it all for Iwai.

Iwai: Just forget all of this…

Best Response: +2. I will/ I want to help you.

Rank 8

Iwai: Hey, you think a guy can really go through a drastic change that quick?

Best Response: +2. I dunno.

Iwai: I understand kids these days have all sorts of commitments, so I get it if the answer’s gotta be no…

Best Response: +3. If you pay me well./I guess I could consider it.

Iwai: Seemed like he was on the level, but… can’t be too careful.

Best Response: +2. Understood.

Bonus: +2 Proficiency

Rank 9

Iwai: Serves him right, huh?

Best Response: +3. Are you sure he’s still alive?

Iwai: Karou…

Best Response: +3. Tell him the truth/You need to trust your son.

Iwai: Guess you’re maturin’ quicker than I even realized…

Best Response: +3. Karou is really strong-willed/He’s a cool kid, huh?

Iwai: …The kid must have grown into a man when I wasn’t looking.

Best Response: +2. Like father, like son/Gecko bonds go beyond blood.

munehisa iwai confidant evening saturday

Rank 10

Iwai: ……

Best Response: +3. It’s up to you now, Iwai/Karou won’t lose.

Iwai: I can’t be the only one who was saved by his change of heart. Wonder who else knows…

Best Response: +2. What if you’re right?

Bonus: +2 Proficiency.

munehisa iwai confidant abilities

Munehisa Iwai Confidant – Abilities

Here are the abilities you’ll get with each Iwai Confidant Rank you achieve.

1Starter Customization- Allows gun customization and performance tweaks.
3Camouflage Customization- You can add ailment effects to your guns.
5Discount- Allows low-cost gun customization.
7Expert Customization- Allows high-grade gun customization.
10Priceless- All gun customization becomes free. 

And with the new and improved firearms of Persona 5 Royal, maxing out Iwai’s Confidant should be on top of your to-do list.

Also, make sure to check out our Munehisa Iwai Confidant gift guide to really get the relationship going.

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