Cartoons25 Mouse Cartoon Characters That Will Always Be Our Favorites

25 Mouse Cartoon Characters That Will Always Be Our Favorites

In animation history, no animal has come as close to stardom as the mouse. Many cartoons feature a mouse hero whose intellect and creativity make them perfect as childhood icons.

Their key features are their small size and speed, their wit against larger villains like cats, and their many talents that entertain audiences worldwide.

A mouse can play with these struggles that can be epic, heartwarming, and funny. 

Here is the list of the top 25 famous mouse cartoon characters that will always be our favorites. 

25 Best Mouse Cartoon Characters

25. Stuart Little

stuart little
  • Creator: E. B. White 
  • Show/Movie: Stuart Little 1,2,3
  • Voice Actors: Michael J. Fox

Stuart is an orphan adopted by the Little Family of New York. He is thoughtful and very considerate of his family, especially their cat Snowbell.

When adapting to his new life Stuart knows that he’ll be different from all the other kids and it is seen in all interactions. but it’s a good thing that George is there to help him out. 

While George first treats Stuart in contempt, the two would bond as brothers after that. Stuart Little is a good way of showing how important a family is.

24. Despereaux Tilling

despereaux tilling
  • Creator: Kate DiCamillo
  • Show/Movie: The Tale of Despereaux
  • Voice Actors: Matthew Broderick

This mouse started as a folk tale in France, and his big ears are his key features. Despereaux is highly enthusiastic and loves knights who save princesses. 

Despereaux embodies the qualities of a good knight. Honor, intellect, respect, and understanding are things that make Despereaux one of this list’s best male mouse cartoon characters.

After reading countless stories of knights saving princesses, Despereaux dreams of his own fairy tale. He does fall for a princess but fails to become her knight in shining armor.

23. Mrs. Brisby

mrs. brisby
  • Creator: Len Simon, Will Finn
  • Show/Movie: The Secret of Nimh
  • Voice Actors: Elizabeth Hartman (original), Debi Mae West (sequel)

The Secret of NIMH is a hidden gem in animation history and Mrs. Brisby is the main protagonist of the story.

We first meet Mrs. Brisby as she goes on a quest to save her sick child Timothy. But, she soon uncovers the various secrets of her husband. He had a working relationship with their rat enemies and he was unable to poison the cat named Dragon.

Mrs. Brisby has to then retrace her late husband’s steps and save her family from certain doom.

22. Mortimer Mouse 

mortimer mouse

Mortimer Mouse is a cunning, selfish, rude, sexist, and manipulative mouse who is Minnie’s ex-boyfriend and Mickey’s current rival. 

As Mickey’s rival, the two are always at odds with each other. Mortimer’s intellect allowed Mickey to be arrested or downplay his relationship with Minnie. Through the years, he has mostly been forgotten or referenced briefly. 

There was one instance where Mortimer and Mickey could have reconciled and become friends if they settled it out but that has since not been seen due to being played as a comical gag.

21. Cousin Muscles

cousin muscles

When Jerry is in desperate need of help, he calls on Cousin Muscles to save his ass. Cousin Muscles is the strongest character in the show. He wears a bowler hat and an oversized yellow cloth with black stripes. 

Cousin Muscles’ reputation for being a strong mouse makes all the alley cats afraid. 

He even leaves Tom in a traumatized state when he leaves Jerry’s house. Jerry also wore Cousin Muscles’ spare clothes to intimidate Tom and get his way, until he got caught.

20. Timothy Q. Mouse

timothy q. mouse

Similar to Jiminy Cricket from Pinnochio, Timothy Q. Mouse is Dumbo’s guardian and conscience. He is the Circus manager and takes Dumbo under his wing after the latter loses his mother. 

Timothy trains him and it’s evident that Timothy’s encouragement helped make Dumbo a better elephant. 

Thanks to Timothy’s mentorship, Dumbo becomes one of the best entertainers in the Circus. His last appearance would be in signing a contract for Hollywood as Dumbo’s manager.

19. Gus – Disney’s Cinderella


In Cinderella, we meet a portly mouse named Octavius, commonly referred to as Gus. Gus is one of Cinderella’s loyal animal helpers and he does whatever he can to help make her dreams come true.

He can be a bit slow at times and lets Jaq do most of the smart stuff. Gus’s strength lies in his bravery as he would do whatever he can to defend Cinderella. 

Due to his size, Gus is the main target of the cat Lucifer who likes plump mice that are easy to hunt.

18. Jaq – Disney’s Cinderella


The only way Cinderella’s dreams could come true was with the help of her animal friends, more importantly, with the help of a mouse named Jaq.

Jaq’s intellect makes him a planner and a leader to his mice friends. He is the one who comes up with the plan to sneak in using the food and decoration materials.

Jaq is by far the only mouse that can stand up to the cat, and when his job was done, Jaq and Gus can be seen celebrating Cinderella’s wedding.

17. Pinky and Brain – Disney

pinky and brain
  • Creator: Tom Ruegger, Tom Minton 
  • Show/Movie: Pinky and Brain
  • Voice Actors: Rob Paulsen (Pinky), Maurice LaMarche (Brain)

Pinky and Brain is set in a laboratory where these lab rats, Pinky and Brain, make plans for world domination only for them to fail hilariously.

The schemes are thought of by Brain whose intellect coupled with Pinky’s insights make for a good friendship between the two. 

Pinky is usually the happier of the two and has some intellect beneath the surface stupidity. Brain, on the other hand, may seem like a megalomaniac but all he wants is to find his parents.

16. Dawson- The Great Mouse Detective


Dawson is a former military surgeon and is now an assistant to Basil the detective mouse.

In the film, he tries to help a little girl named Olivia Flaversham find her kidnapped father. But, it is only after they get Basil’s services as a detective that Dawson and Olivia make any progress.

Dawson will offer help and advice where Basil could not. He helps Basil regain his composure when he needs to cheer up after a failure.

Dawson is a play on Watson, Sherlock Holmes’ detective assistant.

15. Basil


A charming mouse version of Sherlock Holmes, Basil has proven himself to be a great mouse detective with a successful career. He is a jack-of-all-trades character whose intellect for several subjects has made him a capable detective.

He is approached by Dawson and Olivia who ask for his help regarding Olivia’s kidnapped father. Together with Dawson they must track down and save Olivia’s father. 

Basil learns to value friendship after his mission with Olivia and Dawson. He also develops respect for Dawson after defeating Ratigan.

14. Professor Ratigan

professor ratigan

Mice can also play villain roles, and Professor Ratigan from The Great Mouse Detective is living proof. 

Rattigan is a cunning and calculating villain whose successful schemes have caused massive damage in London. He is a dangerous opponent who will do anything to dominate and win. The only thing that is stopping him is a clever detective, Basil.

His sensitivity to being called a rat quickly hurts his ego as he can erupt from short bursts of anger to full-on rage. 

13. Bernard


Bernard is the well-liked janitor from The Rescuers. He is frantic and stutters, especially when talking with his love interest Miss Bianca.

His cautious and superstitious nature is also reflective of his fear of the number 13. 

After the success of the first mission, he became the American representative of the Rescue Aid Society. His behavior improves in the sequel Rescuers Down Under as his mission also involves an engagement proposal with his partner Bianca.

12. Miss Bianca

miss bianca
  • Creator: Ken Anderson
  • Show/Movie: The Rescuers (1990), The Rescuers Down Under(1997)
  • Voice Actors: Eva Gabor

If you own a VHS player then chances are that you were exposed to Disney’s The Rescuers and to the cutie that is Miss Bianca.

Bianca is dutiful to the Rescue Aid Society, but it is her compassion that extends her help to save lost children. As the Hungarian representative of the Rescue Aid Society, Miss Bianca volunteers for a risky mission to save a child. 

Beneath her kindness is a love of danger and excitement. She rushes in as opposed to the hesitant Bernard. 

11. Winslow


Remember the show Catdog? It’s about a cat and a dog that share a body. They have this nosy neighbor who sometimes takes advantage of them called Winslow.

Winslow is a crafty character that takes advantage of the chaotic situations that CatDog is in. He does not like Cat, but it is revealed that he is afraid of him. Winslow has a good friendship with Dog who doesn’t mind each other’s business.

While Winslow plays his tricks on CatDog, he is still fond of them and was jealous of the bond that they shared.

10. Fievel Mousekewitz

fievel mousekewitz
  • Creator: Don Bluth
  • Show/Movie: An American Tail (1986), An American Tail: Fievel Goes West (1991)
  • Voice Actors: Phillip Glasser

American Tail is an endearing animated movie that tells the story of Fievel Mousekewitz and his family as they move to America to escape the poverty of their homeland. 

Fievel’s first adventure takes place in New York where he has to quickly learn how the world works, reunite with his family, and stop the cat criminals.

In the sequel, he goes to the West to find a better home with his family and makes a name for himself by being a lawman and rounding up a cat posse.

9. Ralph Stilton

ralph stilton

Ralph Stilton is one of the few mouse cartoon characters with glasses you’ll ever see in any animation.

He is thoughtful, kind, mild-mannered, and considerate. His family owns the Stilton hotels which makes him very rich. He downplays his wealth by owning a greeting card company. 

Ralph was introduced as Princess Caroline’s 3rd date in a single night. The two hit it off and their relationship grows stronger with every episode. But something changes after Ralph finds out that Caroline is infertile.

8. Monterey Jack

monterey jack

Mice love cheese. That’s a fact! But Monterey “Monty” Jack from Rescue Rangers takes it to a whole new level. 

His obsession with cheese is as strong as his role in the Rescue Rangers Group. He is responsible for planning trips, telling stories, and getting into fights. Monterey shares a fatherly dynamic with the rest of the rangers. 

He is close with Dale and Zipper and acts as a surrogate father for Gadget, whose dad was his good friend.  In the Rescue Rangers Film, his life took a turn when his cheese obsession landed him into debt. He was eventually rescued by the Rescue Rangers.

7. Gadget Hackwrench

gadget hackwrench

Since Rescue Rangers’ debut, Gadget Hackwrench has been one of Rescue Rangers’ most iconic female mouse cartoon characters.

Gadget is a gearhead and uses daily items for all sorts of inventions that the main team needs. Aside from being a mechanic, she is also a great pilot.

During the series, she’s had relationship teases with Chip and Dale but fans have different opinions on her recent reveal in the Chip and Dale movie and who she ended up with.

6. Itchy


Itchy and Scratchy are a parody of Tom and Jerry but are depicted with intense violence as Itchy usually kills off Scratchy.

Itchy is the main mouse of the show, and his design is the mirror image of a familiar mouse by Disney. He is only seen to be killed by Scratchy in one episode just before Homer turns off the TV.

They toned it down over the years but the show has already made its mark on pop culture.

5. Nibbles


This cute little mouse is a recurring character in Tom and Jerry. 

Nibbles is an innocent young mouse who is still getting to know the world. He is Jerry’s Ward. As Jerry teaches him the cats vs. mouse tropes, Nibbles proves the perfect sidekick.

Another endearing quality of Nibbles is that he doesn’t harbor any negative feelings for Tom. He would rather spend his time eating, even if it means emptying the entire refrigerator. 

4. Speedy Gonzales

speedy gonzales

Known as “the fastest mouse in all of Mexico” Speedy Gonzales lives up to this reputation as he zooms all across the land. 

Speedy’s appearance consists of a yellow sombrero, a red scarf, and white clothes. Though this has led to a racial stereotype controversy, he is actually popular in Mexico. 

Kids still spout his catchphrase “¡Ándele! ¡Ándele! ¡Arriba! ¡Arriba! ¡Epa! ¡Epa! ¡Epa! Yeehaw!” which is Spanish for “Go on! Go on! Up! Up!” as they run the streets.

3. Minnie Mouse

minnie mouse
  • Creator: Ub Iwerks, Paul Rudish
  • Show/Movie: Steamboat Willie (1928), House of Mouse (2003), The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse (2020)
  • Voice Actors: Walt Disney

Minnie Mouse is one of Disney’s very few female mouse cartoon characters. She is a beloved character and has managed to charm fans across the world.

Minnie’s signature “yoo-hoo” is how she greets people. She’s had many different roles depending on the show, usually taking on a damsel-in-distress, a struggling musician, or having daily adventures with Mickey.

Minnie is sweet, affectionate, and romantic. She has been Mickey’s supportive girlfriend for a long time. 

2. Jerry Mouse

jerry mouse
  • Creator: William Hanna, Joseph Barbera
  • Show/Movie: Puss Gets the Boot (1940), Tom and Jerry (1940, 1975,)
  • Voice Actors: William Hanna, Mel Blanc, Rich Danhakl (2014–Present)

This little mouse is always making trouble for Tom. 

Jerry is the mouse of mischief as seen in Tom and Jerry. He often makes the first move in provoking Tom to chase him around in the longest cat-and-mouse chase in animated history.

Jerry is a cunning mouse that can think fast, improvise, and deal with Tom. He’s also physically strong and able to hold items twice his weight.

However, sometimes, he plays the victim. Using his playful antics Jerry gets poor Tom kicked from the house.

1. Mickey Mouse

mickey mouse
  • Creator: Walt Disney, Ub Iwerks
  • Show/Movie: Steamboat Willie (1928), House of Mouse (2003), The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse (2020)
  • Voice Actors: Walt Disney (1928-1962), Bret Iwan (2009-present)

The top mouse in the house is Mickey Mouse. He is the most featured cartoon mouse and has stood strong against the test of time.

Mickey Mouse was first featured in Steamboat Willie and has since become an iconic Disney character. He is spunky and has a can-do attitude as he helps his friends. And he isn’t a half-bad boyfriend to Minnie.

Mickey’s character design is inspired by the early slapstick comedians like Charlie Chaplin and it has done wonders for the character and Disney.


So, these are the top 25 famous mouse cartoon characters that will always be our favorites. 

From speedsters like Speedy Gonzales to the mischievous Jerry to the ever-positive Mickey, each of these characters has left its marks on animation history.

Their contributions and their legacies will long be a source of entertainment for many more generations to come.

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