MangaMitsuki Sage Mode: Origins, Strengths, Weakness, & More

Mitsuki Sage Mode: Origins, Strengths, Weakness, & More

Some of the shinobis unlock jutsu that practically turns them invincible- and I’m not just talking about Naruto’s Bayron mode that we saw in all its glory in Boruto.

The Naruto-verse is full of mysterious and overpowered ninja techniques. We saw some OP power-ups in Naruto and Naruto: Shippuden and one of the best – that’s also made its way to the Next Generation – is the Sage Mode.

Although Boruto cannot use Sage Mode right now, Mitsuki is bearing the flag along with Naruto. And being the youngest Sage Mode user, Mitsuki’s Sage Mode deserves a closer look. 

Read on to find out about the origins and powers of the Mitsuki Sage Mode.

Who Is Mitsuki?

Member of the new Team 7 and one of the strongest Genin in Boruto: Naruto Next Generation, Mitsuki is another synthetic human created by Orochimaru.

who is mitsuki

Using his cells and the embryo of an older “Mitsuki,” Orochimaru perfected his humanoid creations. Although it seems Orochimaru created his second son out of love, the truth is that his true intentions and Mitsuki’s purpose of creation are still unknown.

For now, Mitsuki is paving his own path after Naruto welcomed him to Konoha.

Mitsuki, Boruto, and Sarada are the new Team 7 of Konoha. And because of his Sage Mode ability, Mitsuki is the strongest out of the trio- for now!

Mitsuki Age, Height, & Voice Actors

Although Mitsuki is a synthetic human, he ages like a normal human and is currently 12 years old.

Mitsuki’s birthday is July 25, and he is 149 cm tall. 

Robbie Daymond voices Mitsuki in the English dub, and Ryuichi Kijima is the Japanese voice actor for Mitsuki.

How Strong is Mitsuki in Sage Mode?

Mitsuki is the youngest-ever ninja in the Naruto-verse to have achieved Sage Mode.

While characters like Naruto, Jugo, Jiraya, and a handful of others trained their whole lives to achieve Sage Mode, Mitsuki was simply born with the ability to turn on his Sage Mode at will. After all, Mitsuki has the cells of Orochimaru and Hashirama running through his body.

how strong is mitsuki sage mode

But does that make him the strongest Sage Mode user in Konoha?

Not really, and here’s why.

One thing to remember is that Mitsuki achieves Sage Mode via Sage Transformation.

Mitsuki is incredibly powerful in his Sage Mode. He attains more speed and strength, amplifies his Chakra, and develops a protective aura made of ethereal snakes that are also his weapon of choice.

While in Sage Mode, Mitsuki outsmarted his creator, Orochimaru, and Log, an older Orochimaru creation and Mitsuki’s elder brother of sorts. He defeated Shino using his Sage Mode and fended off Ku and his goons with ease.

mitsuki sage mode vs ku

But Mitsuki is still young, and his Sage Mode is far from perfect. Moreover, because he has a synthetic body, using Sage Mode puts a massive strain on his body. 

So, although Mitsuki’s Sage Mode is pretty strong, it has its vulnerabilities. 

That said, Mitsuki has a long way to go, and with intense training, he can perfect Sage Mode and may surpass the only true Sage Master, Naruto.

When Did Mitsuki First Use Sage Mode? Manga & Anime Debut!

Mitsuki has always had Sage Transformation abilities to achieve Sage Mode, thanks to Orochimaru and Hashirama cells in his body. And the first time Mitsuki used Sage Mode in Boruto anime was during Episode 39.

Episode 39 of Boruto took us through the backstory of Mitsuki. It was the first time Mitsuki unlocked his perfect Sage Mode. 

The next time we saw Mitsuki Sage Mode was in Episode 166 of Boruto anime when he faced off against Deepa to save Boruto and Sarada. 

When it comes to Mitsuki Sage Mode in the manga, you may have missed it because it didn’t happen in the Boruto manga.

Masashi Kishimoto released a Naruto One-Shot chapter that revealed Mitsuki’s backstory. And that’s where you can see Mitsuki Sage Mode in manga for the first time.

kishimoto one shot manga

After that, Mitsuki Sage Mode in the manga has been a rare sight, much like in the anime.

That’s why Boruto fans went berserk when Mitsuki’s Sage Mode finally made a canon appearance in Chapter 75 of Boruto: Naruto Next Generation.

boruto manga mitsuki sage mode

Mitsuki Sage Mode Vs. Naruto Sage Mode – Who’s The Stronger Sage?

As things stand, Naruto’s Sage Mode is far superior to Mitsuki’s. 

mitsuki sage mode vs naruto sage mode

While Mitsuki could use Sage Mode since birth, he still lacks the technique and experience that Naruto has garnered over the years.

And although Mitsuki’s raw power in Sage Mode might be more than Naruto’s right now, Mitsuki might not be able to keep up with the Hokage.

Here are a few reasons why:

  1. Mitsuki Sage Mode is achieved through Sage Transformation, which is unsustainable for long periods. And using Sage Mode damages Mitsuki’s synthetic body.
  2. Naruto is the Perfect Sage. Moreover, Naruto can combine his Sage Mode with other jutsu like the Six Path Sage Mode and the combination of Sage Mode with Kurama Chakra Mode. 
naruto six paths sage mode
  1. By combining multiple jutsu with his Sage Mode, Naruto can prolong his Sage Mode- something no other Sage Mode user can do.
naruto mitsuki sage mode

Naruto Uzumaki was the strongest Sage in Naruto and Naruto Shippuden,  and he is the strongest Sage in Boruto: Naruto Next Generation. 

However, with time and training, Mitsuki can and will surpass him!

Is Mitsuki a perfect Sage?

Not right now. But he can be.

Mistuki’s Sage Mode is a gift of his genes- a mix of Orochimaru and Hashirama cells. And because he didn’t train much to achieve it, he will have to train a lot to master it.

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