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10 Best Mexican Cartoon Characters In American Animation

Aside from representation, Mexican cartoon characters are a significant part of animation history. Who could forget Dora and Diego’s contribution to our childhoods? 

Characters like Bumblebee Man and El Tigre introduced audiences to different cultures, perspectives, and humor styles.

While Mexicans can have their problems with stereotypical characters like Speedy Gonzales, there’s no denying the impact.

So, in this blog, you and I will closely examine some popular Mexican cartoon characters who left a lasting impression on viewers.

10 Best Mexican Cartoon Characters

10. Ramon

ramon happy feet
  • Show/Movie: Happy Feet
  • Voice Actor(s): Robin Williams

Although not explicitly mentioned as a Mexican, Ramon’s personality, accent, and full name is enough indication that he is Mexican Penguin. 

He is a hopeless romantic, always running after the “Chicas.”

Ramon leads the Amigos, a group of 5 penguins (Ramong, Rinaldo, Raul, Nestor, and Lombardo), and becomes Mumble’s best friend as the movie progresses.

Thanks to his multi-layered personality and Robin Williams’ iconic acting, Ramon has become a memorable character from the Happy Feet franchise.

9. Slowpoke Rodriguez

slowpoke rodriguez
  • Show/Movie: Looney Tunes
  • Voice Actor(s): Tom Holland (1962), Mel Blanc (1962), Joe Alaskey (1998), Jeff Bergman

Meet one of the few Mexican cartoon characters with a mustache. Ok, those are whiskers but they still count.

Speedy Gonzales’ cousin and polar opposite, Slowpoke Rodriguez, is the slowest mouse in Mexico, but he makes up for it with his cunning wit. Usually, he needs Speedy to rescue him, but Rodri here pulls his weight by hypnotizing others.

Although he’s slow at almost everything, there’s one thing Slowpoke is quick at, gunslinging. The slowest mouse doesn’t need to hypnotize his enemy to win a duel in the wild wild West.

8. Miguel Rivera

miguel rivera
  • Show/Movie: Coco
  • Voice Actor(s): Anthony Gonzalez

Based in Mexico, Coco introduced us to Mexico’s family culture and the celebration of Día De Los Muertos.

On top of that, Coco also highlighted the importance and spiritual value of music in Mexico. And at the center of it all is Miguel Rivera, a 12-year-old who wanders into the realm of the dead. Miguel wants to be a musician, but his family banned music years ago.

Coco will forever be remembered as the best love letter to Mexican culture from Hollywood.

7. Diego Marquez

diego marquez
  • Show/Movie: Go, Diego, Go!
  • Voice Actor(s): Matt Hunter, Felipe Dieppa, Andre Dieppa, Gabriel Alvarez

Dora and Diego were the two best Mexican cartoon characters on Nickelodeon that filled our childhoods with adventure and fun.

While Dora was the explorer, Diego Marquez was an animal rescuer who would find and rescue endangered animals while roaming through the Rain Forest. That’s why he was only a recurring character in Dora the Explorer because he was away most of the time.

But, he stars in his own show, living at an Animal Rescue Center in the Rain Forest where he’s also helped by his two sisters and pet Baby Jaguar.

6. Rikochet

rikochet mucha lucha
  • Show/Movie: !Mucha Lucha!
  • Voice Actor(s): Carlos Alazraqui, Jason Marsden

Rikochet is a lesser-known Mexican cartoon character from Kids’ WB animated series, !Mucha Lucha! The series followed 3 characters from a fictional town where everyone wears a costume and has a signature wrestling move.

Rikochet is a student at Lucha School where he’s learning the art of wrestling so he can continue his family’s legacy of Masked Wrestling. 

All he wants is to become the Luchador Supreme of Masked Wrestling, but he’ll have to work hard!

5. Speedy Gonzales

speedy gonzales
  • Show/Movie: Looney Tunes, Merrie Melodies
  • Voice Actor(s): Mel Blanc, Joe Alaskey, Eric Goldberg, Fred Armisen, Gabriel Iglesias, Eric Bauza (2014-present)

One of the most iconic Mexican cartoon characters had to go through quite a makeover to become the beloved character he is today.

Speedy first appeared in 1953 in Cat-Tails for Two where he was a tiny, brown rat with a big front tooth and just a red t-shirt on. Later in 1955, Hawley Pratt changed him into the sombrero-wearing speedster that we now know and love.

Since then, despite being taken off-air by Cartoon Network due to ethnic stereotyping on multiple occasions, Speedy has appeared in over 50 shows and films and continues to entertain North and South American audiences.

4. Maya & Miguel Santos

maya and miguel santos
  • Show/Movie: Maya & Miguel
  • Voice Actor(s): Candi Milo (Maya Santos), Nika Futterman (Miguel Santos)

Maya & Miguel are the sibling protagonists of the children-centric educational show Maya and Miguel that used to air on PBS Kids Go!

The two protagonists of the show, Maya and Miguel, are both 10-year-old kids who are trying to figure out their place in their diverse community of American and Latino mix. 

Away from the stereotypes, Maya and Miguel presented the Latina/Hispanic kids in a new, more natural light and how they tackle living in a multicultural society.

3. Panchito Pistoles

panchito pistoles
  • Show/Movie: The Three Caballeros
  • Voice Actor(s): Joaquin Garay, Carlos Alazraqui

Disney introduced a Mexican rooster dressed in a cowboy outfit with guns in both claws who instantly became friends with Donald Duck and Jose Carioca.

But even back then, Disney couldn’t create a character free of stereotypes.

Panchito is shown as a fun-loving rooster who loves festivities and chicas. He talks really fast and is quick to pull the trigger in intimidating situations. And to top it all off is a giant sombrero.

That said, props to Disney for keeping Panchito well-versed in the Mexican tradition. When talking about his home country, Panchito’s loud persona changes into a mild one.

2. Dora Marquez

dora márquez
  • Show/Movie: Dora the Explorer
  • Voice Actor(s): Kathleen Herles, Caitlin Sanchez, Fátima Ptacek

Dora Marquez is easily one of the most popular Mexican cartoon characters because her show, Dora the Explorer, became a global success. Her exploration with Boots engaged children like few other cartoon shows can.

Along with her talking backpack and a helpful map, Dora shows children how to overcome the biggest of challenges and solve the toughest of puzzles with determination.

Sure, now you think shouting at the screen was dumb, but boy did it feel good when I scared Swiper away!

1. Manny Rivera/El Tigre

manny rivera el tigre
  • Show/Movie: El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera
  • Voice Actor(s): Alanna Ubach

Manny Rivera is one of the best Mexican cartoon characters in all of American animation because he’s one of the few superheroes of Latino descent. 

A spin of his belt buckle and Manny Rivera transforms in El Tigre. With this transformation, his appearance and his personality change completely. 

Manny often suffers from a split personality because of his ancestors, which makes him an entertaining character.

His father was a hero while his grandfather was an evil villain, and Manny/El Tigre swings between the two ways.

That’s a Wrap!

These are 10 of the best Mexican cartoon characters that aren’t offensive to the Mexican community. 

I certainly hope we see more Latino characters in mainstream animation because they can bring some flair to every show that’s just pure entertainment.

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