AnimeManga vs Light Novel: What Is The Difference?

Manga vs Light Novel: What Is The Difference?

These days Japanese culture has been dominant all over the world. We all know Japan has got two reading styles manga and light novels. Both of them are a treat to read. But many times people get confused between manga and light novels.

So, if you’re an avid reader looking to explore both art forms, you need to know the differences between them. With this blog, you will understand the difference between these two popular mediums: manga vs light novels, and also how to read each one.

What is Manga?

what is manga

Manga is a black-and-white, Japan’s own form of cartooning. The word “Manga” when translated means “whimsical picture”. Japan uses manga for both comics and animations. The first manga came in the 19th century and since then it has gained tremendous popularity throughout the country. 

Unlike Western comics, Manga has long storytelling that comes in chapters, and all the chapters are related to each other. It has a vast and diverse art form, offering many genres for the readers. Some of the genres are-

  • Shonen- It has a lot of action content written specifically for teenage boys.
  • Shojo- This genre is targeted at teenage girls. It is mainly focused on emotions and relationships.
  • Josei- Best for women who are in their twenties. It has got more mature storylines.
  • Seinen- It focuses on men who are in their twenties. Compared to shonen it has a much more mature storyline.
  • Kodomomuke- This manga genre targets young children. The storyline is fun, cute, and moralistic.

Manga is perfect for both adults and children, it offers a great storyline with beautiful artwork.

What is a Light Novel?

what is a light novel

Light novels are a Japanese form of storytelling. It is a great combination of anime-style visuals and illustrated fiction. Dating back to the 1900s, light novels continue to be a unique way of writing and telling stories. You will find many topics in them like politics, magic, romance, dark humor, catastrophe, etc.

Light novels can be compared to Western young adult novels, which are approximately 50,000 words. Due to its shorter length and finishing the story in one book, the author finds it easy to write, unlike manga which has many chapters.

What is the Difference Between Manga and Light Novel?

The main difference between Manga and Light Novels is the way they are written. Manga is written in many volumes and with amazing artwork, while Light Novel works in prose format with feature illustrations.

Other ways in which Manga and Light novels differ are as follows –

Character Design

character designs in manga

Character design is one of the important aspects in both manga and light novels, as visuals enhance the reader’s mind and understanding of the story. Manga has intricate and detailed character design, whereas light novels have descriptive prose.

Art Style

There is a great art difference between manga and light novels, this is one way to identify them.

Manga artists emphasize more intricate linework and facial expressions. On the other hand, light novel illustrations are subtle, which helps to create realism.

The manga focuses more on action sequences, whereas light novels capture moments from the story.

Reading Style

Manga being a typical Japanese comic book is read from right to left.

Whereas a light novel is read from left to right. If there are any translations of manga that are also read from right to left.

Story Difference

If you like to read a stand-alone book that gets completed in one go, you should go for light novels. Manga has chapters and all the chapters are connected with one another. 

Publication Schedule

Light Novel gets one new book published every 6 months, while in the manga we have new chapters every two weeks.

Which Comes First Manga or Light Novel?

which came first manga or light novels

There is no rule about which will come first manga or light novel. It can be anything. Moreover, many times light novels are converted to manga and then adapted into anime.

You must have seen some of the anime which were taken from light novels or manga – 

Also, many times you can find that a manga or an anime is adapted into a light novel. One famous example of this is The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

What to Read Manga or Light Novel?

what should i read first manga or light novel

Well, there is no right answer to this. It totally depends on the fan’s choice whether he likes to read manga or a light novel. The following points will help you decide what to read-

  • You should read light novels if you like more developed and mature stories. An average light novel has approx. 50k words. If you do not like to wait for the story to end in the next installment, then reading a light novel should be your choice.
  • You should go for manga if you prefer understanding images over reading. Manga artwork is something you like and are interested in. Also, since the stories are available in installments, you don’t need to spend much time.

Above is the difference between manga vs light novels. Both of them contain different types of engaging stories. You can choose according to your taste and reading style.

So do you prefer manga or light novels?

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