Manga12 Most Popular Manga Genres & the Best Manga Series In It

12 Most Popular Manga Genres & the Best Manga Series In It

Every manga genre represents a category of stories and characters used to identify and classify manga works. 

For readers, these classifications are integral since they provide information about the type of story they can expect to find in a particular manga. Such as, shoujo manga explicitly targets female readers, whereas seinen manga targets male audiences. 

Roughly, there are 26 manga genres but among them, only a handful are known for their wholesomeness.

In this blog, I will enlist the 12 best and most popular manga genres to ensure you always get the manga of your choice! 

12 Popular Manga Genres With Their Manga Series! 

12. Psychological

Psychological manga

Psychological manga includes some of the craziest plots where the MC faces several psychological traumas and lives a life filled with disturbing events. Def not for the faint-hearted,

What makes the psychological genre an 18+ genre is its creepy and horrific scenes that leave the reader deeply affected which is the motive of such manga! 

In addition, psychological mangas often include the dark and horror genres as their sub-genre, thus providing quite gloomy and thought-provoking stories.

Top 5 Psychological Manga To Read In 2023

  1. Death Note
  2. Berserk 
  3. Tokyo Ghoul
  4. Monster
  5. Bastard

11. Slice of Life

slice of life manga

Manga novels that are classified as “Slice of Life” typically represent the day-to-day life of the MC without any staggering events. It could include the school life of a teenager or the daily life of a chef!

Since there is no fundamental storyline to push the story toward an endpoint, Slice of Life mangas often lack overwhelming elements and keep moving at a soft and slow pace.

Slice of Life is a heart-warming manga genre that typically emphasizes the development of sentimental attachments to the main characters of the stories.

Top 5 Slice of Life Manga To Read In 2023

  1. Goodnight Punpun
  2. My Dress-Up Darling
  3. Don’t Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro
  4. Teasing Master Takagi-san
  5. Monster Musume: Everyday Life With Monster Girls

10. Mystery 

mystery manga

The focus of any mystery manga is often based on the investigation leading up to the discovery of the suspect or resolution of the situation at hand.  

The process of solving a mystery in a mystery manga involves gathering evidence, identifying primary suspects, and developing a believable theory that solves the given case and also satisfies the reader to its fullest.

In mystery manga, the protagonist takes on the role of detective in a quest to learn the truth about whatever it is he is attempting to figure out, whether it be a crime or a supernatural event.

Unlike in suspense or horror, the reader is usually in the same position as the protagonists, knowing nothing about the situation except that an explanation must be sought.

Top 5 Mystery Manga To Read In 2023

  1. Bungo Stray Dogs
  2. Case Closed
  3. Detective Conan
  4. Another 
  5. Eden of the East

    09. Supernatural

    supernatural manga series

    Supernatural manga feature such powers or characters whose existence defies natural law or scientific explanation. Such as ghosts and vampires or ordinary people with telepathy or mind-reading abilities.

    The presence of supernatural elements (such as demons or spirits) or a supernatural context (such as a fairy world) is not sufficient to label a manga as Supernatural. 

    Therefore, supernatural stories typically include a small number of supernaturally gifted people that baffle the rest of the cast with their abilities (like an exorcist among normal people). 

    Further, in order for a manga to be classified as Fantasy, the majority of the characters must possess magical or supernatural abilities. Thus, the supernatural genre can also be considered a subgenre when it is not the primary genre of the series. 

    Top 5 Supernatural Manga To Read In 2023

    1. Durarara!!
    2. Blue Exorcist
    3. Noragami
    4. Jujutsu Kaisen
    5. Demon Slayer

    08. Magic

    magic manga

    In the broadest sense, “magic manga” refers to the fantasy context where the protagonists can use various forms of magic such as magic spells, or magical items. 

    In many works of magical manga, the main characters must go through a process of self-discovery as they master their new magical abilities. Therefore, magic mangas are always filled with lots of adventures, surprises, and action scenarios. 

    Magic manga exclusively represents the theme of friendship, loyalty, courage, and determination which makes them all-time favorites for both young and adult manga readers.  

    Even if based on a fantastical world, Magic manga is often full of emotional and psychological journeys as the protagonist learns to balance their newfound abilities with their moral compass. 

    Top 5 Magic Manga To Read In 2023

    1. Solo Leveling
    2. That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime
    3. Mage & Demon Queen
    4. Who Made Me a Princess
    5. Re: ZERO -Starting Life in Another World

    07. Sci-Fi

    sci-fi manga

    Sci-Fi manga depicts imaginary environments or technological developments that are currently unrealistic but that science may create, cause, or explain in the future. 

    The plots of science fiction manga are often dystopian because they focus on the effects of made-up technology or natural events on society or on individuals.

    Furthermore, Sci-fi mangas require a lot of world-building, theories that make sense from a scientific point of view, and devices and tools that work in a logical way.

    To use an example, if humans spontaneously evolved to control the weather with their thoughts in the far future, that would be a fantastical setting characteristic of Fantasy, not Sci-Fi content.

    Top 5 Sci-Fi Manga To Read In 2023

    1. Dr. Stone
    2. Deadman Wonderland
    3. Made in Abyss
    4. Evangelion
    5. Space Dandy

    06. Drama

    drama manga

    Manga works classified as drama tend to have plots that advance gradually and center on complex, multidimensional characters going through real-life suffering!

    The tension and emotions in dramatic mangas are universally understood because they revolve around the topic of what it means to be human, regardless of the actual identities of the characters. 

    In the dramatic manga, a reader can observe the full range of human behavior, from the worst to the best and everywhere in between. Because a drama manga focuses on making the audience feel and understand the suffering of the main character. 

    Top 5 Drama Manga To Read In 2023

    1. A Silent Voice
    2. Orange
    3. I Sold My Life For Ten Thousand Yen Per Year
    4. Fruits Basket
    5. Nana

    05. Horror

    horror manga

    Horror mangas are characterized by a constant atmosphere of darkness and horrifying situations designed to scare, terrify, or disturb the reader. 

    In horror manga, the main character is always at risk of being attacked physically or psychologically by ghosts, spirits, or other terrifying creatures. 

    The horror genre is not only the application of a scare tactic; rather, it is a story whose primary goal is to make its readers feel uneasy. It often features characters with macabre designs and is filled with suspenseful and frightening scenes. 

    If you think only horror anime can scare you out, try some horror manga and you will see what real terror is! 

    Top 5 Horror Manga To Read In 2023

    1. Junji Ito Collection
    2. Pumpkin Night
    3. Tokyo Ghoul
    4. 7 Seeds
    5. Corpse Party – Tortured Souls

    04. Comedy

    comedy manga

    Following the romance genre, the comedy genre is the second most-written manga genre with 13,700 manga available on Myanimelist. 

    A comedy manga can be based on anything; from slapstick humor to parody and satire, or it can use jokes, puns, and wordplay to create a humorous effect.

    Although comedy is commonly regarded as a lighthearted manga genre, it can also be used to criticize and even highlight social issues through stereotyping, irony, and sarcasm.

    Comedy manga become increasingly popular since it entertains people of all ages and provides a getaway from everyday life and brings joy to its readers.

    Top 5 Comedy Manga To Read In 2023

    1. The Way of the Househusband
    2. Gintama
    3. Daytime Shooting Star
    4. Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple
    5. The Devil Is a Part-Timer!

    03. Action 

    action manga

    Action manga is a popular genre that concentrates on high-octane, energetic, and exciting stories that involve intense fights, martial arts, and supernatural themes.

    Commonly, action manga shows weak lead characters who embark on deadly adventures, gain the ultimate skills, and battle powerful opponents with all their might.

    Further, the exploration of themes like justice and sacrifice makes action manga both entertaining and thought-provoking. Therefore, many action mangas have been adapted into anime series, movies, and even video games, giving fans of the genre even more ways to enjoy it.  

    Top 5 Action Manga To Read In 2023

    1. Attack on Titan
    2. My Hero Academia
    3. Naruto
    4. Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba
    5. Bleach

    02. Adventure 

    adventure manga

    Adventure manga is the most versatile genre of manga that centers around the protagonists traveling through a world and facing various challenges, usually to reach a certain goal or fend off a disaster.

    It includes characters of different ages, races, and backgrounds, and a central journey or quest that is often an allegory for personal growth.

    The reason adventure manga is most fun-loving is that it typically features exciting and imaginative settings, intense battles, thrilling cliffhangers, and heartwarming moments, making it a genre that appeals to a wide audience.

    Top 5 Adventure Manga To Read In 2023

    1. One Piece
    2. Vinland Saga
    3. Fairy Tail
    4. Fullmetal Alchemist
    5. Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

    01. Romance

    romance manga

    The most popular and highest-read genre, romantic mangas are all about love and emotional moments – making readers tear up.

    The story in romance manga concentrates on the feelings and emotions of the characters, showing the links between them and describing how they respond to their situations to gain love in their lives.

    The most crucial aspect of a romance story is the substantial romantic development that leads to some kind of conclusion. This conclusion may be to start a relationship, a realization, or the end of a relationship.

    The majority of romantic manga have an element of drama built into them since they are driven by plots that depict individuals going through romantic difficulties.

    Top 5 Romance Manga To Read In 2023

    1. Horimiya
    2. Toradora
    3. Blue Spring Ride
    4. ReLIFE
    5. Yona of the Dawn

    These are the 12 best and most popular manga genres ruling the manga industry for years. Aside from that, there are several demographic categories of manga works that are used interchangeably with the manga genre.

    • Shounen
    • Shoujo
    • Seinen
    • Josei
    • Kodomo

    5 Well-Known Demographic Manga Genres

    05. Kodomo

    kodomo manga

    Kodomo is a light-hearted manga genre aimed at children under the age of 10 which uses cute and endearing characters to deliver moral messages and life lessons.

    The attractiveness of the Kodomo characters, on the other hand, makes it appealing to readers of all ages and thus is pretty popular among adolescents.

    • Pokémon Adventures
    • Doraemon
    • Beyblade

    04. Josei

    josei manga

    The adult version of shoujo, the josei genre focuses on relationships and self-improvement. But the ties are far deeper, and the struggles span professional life, parenting, and the search for identity.

    • Love of Kill
    • Devils and Realist
    • Princess Jellyfish

    03. Seinen

    seinen manga

    The seinen genre of manga focuses on character development and human interaction and is aimed at an adult male audience. Therefore, its subgenres can be considered more serious than shounen.

    • One-Punch Man
    • Dorohedoro
    • Prison School

    02. Shoujo 

    shoujo manga recommendations

    The shoujo genre’s target audience consists of young women between the ages of 10 and 18. And shoujo manga often features a female protagonist and shows how she is influenced by her surroundings.

    • Blue Spring Ride
    • Maid-Sama!
    • Snow White with the Red Hair

    01. Shonen/Shōnen 

    shonen manga

    The shonen genre manga target male readers between the ages of 10 and 18 and the stories usually have long series and include a variety of different protagonists.

    When compared to other genres, such as the female-equivalent shoujo manga, shounen manga are recognized for being high-action or high-intensity tales with an enhanced emphasis on camaraderie and humor.

    • Attack on Titan
    • Black Clover
    • Tokyo Revengers

    So that’s what I call the most popular and highest-selling manga genres with their best manga novels! But if you need more manga dose, check out our incredible manga collection!

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