MangaTop 10 Manga Box Sets Anime Collectors Will Love!

Top 10 Manga Box Sets Anime Collectors Will Love!

As a manga collector, buying a manga box set instead of individual volumes may seem like a lot of money at first, but it’s worth every penny.


These sets typically come with limited edition items and other goodies that you can’t get with individual purchases.

So, aside from getting the manga you want, you will have other collector’s items that will make your collection the envy of other enthusiasts.

Check out these 10 manga series with manga box sets available to fit any anime fan’s collection. This is a great list, especially if you’re starting off.

10 Best Anime Box Sets & Where To Buy!

1. Death Note Manga Box Set

death note manga box set

If you’re interested in a serious and thrilling manga series, Death Note might just be up your alley. The story is full of plot twists, complex characters, and intense psychological battles, making it a captivating and thought-provoking read. In fact, some students even use the manga series in their papers for philosophy class, or at least I did.

While many anime fans may already be familiar with the series, it’s a must-have for anyone looking to delve deeper into the manga world.

The plot revolves around a high school student named Light, who gains the power to kill anyone whose name he writes in a special notebook.

The Manga box set, released in 2008, comes with volumes 1 to 12 and has a box set exclusive. Those who purchase the set get Death Note 13: How to Read- a “How to Use It” fold-out.

Buy Death Note Manga Box Set

2. Naruto Manga Box Set

naruto manga box set

You can’t go wrong with any of the Naruto box sets, as each one is truly fantastic. 

Naruto is extremely popular- and once you start a story arc, you end up reading them all. And the 3 box sets currently available cover the adventures of Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura from volumes 1 to 72.

The first box set takes us back to Naruto’s 1st story arc when Naruto was still a ninja-in-training. Right after he graduates from the ninja academy, he becomes part of a team under Kakashi, where he trains to become the greatest ninja in the village of Konohagakure.

The Naruto English manga box sets feature unique items such as calendars with official art, exclusive mini-comics, and double-sided posters. These are items that make these sets a must-have for shounen fans who want more depth to their content.

Buy Naruto Manga Box Sets

For shonen fans, the Demon Slayer manga box set is also out now on Amazon.

3. Dragon Ball Manga Box Set

dragon ball manga box set

In this day and age, who doesn’t know Dragon Ball? The anime is why several of us probably got into anime, so owning some memorabilia and manga would be an awesome way to commemorate your collecting hobby.

The first Dragon Ball manga box set includes the first 16 volumes of the original manga series that started the legendary phenomenon, making it a must-have for fans. 

Additionally, each Dragon Ball manga box set comes with a double-sided poster, a collector’s booklet featuring extra lore and trivia about the series, and a transcript of interviews with the creator, Akira Toriyama, making it an excellent value for your money.

The transcript of the interviews is unique to the Dragon Ball Manga Box Set. While you can find other interviews with the creator in magazines, the one included in the set isn’t found anywhere else. 

In addition, the Dragon Ball Universe Can be confusing since it covers different timelines and universes, so the booklet will definitely come in handy. 

Buy Dragon Ball Manga Box Set

4. One Piece Manga Box Set

one piece manga box set

One Piece is one of the best-selling manga and comic series of all time. And if you’re into treasure hunting, the One Piece manga box sets are a must-have.

The manga follows the voyage of Monkey D. Luffy, a pirate who dreams of becoming the King of Pirates by finding the world’s greatest treasure, “One Piece,” despite the irony of not being able to swim after gaining his rubber-like powers.

Currently, there are four box sets ready for purchase, and there might be a few more before the series comes to a close. 

In the meantime, fans and collectors alike can enjoy 90 volumes of One Piece, back-to-back full-colored posters, and bonus booklets if they purchase all the One Piece manga box sets. 

Buy One Piece Manga Box Set

5. Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind Manga Box Set

nausicaa of the valley of the wind manga box set

Many Studio Ghibli fans may not be aware that Hayao Miyazaki‘s Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind was originally a manga series and now has a box set available. 

Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind is often credited with contributing to the creation of Studio Ghibli, so owning this box set is a must-have addition for any Miyazaki or Ghibli enthusiast.

This stunning sci-fi fantasy tells the story of a young princess living in a post-apocalyptic world where insects have taken over, and humans struggle to survive. Despite the harsh conditions, Nausicaa’s love for nature leads her to search for a way for humans and insects to coexist. 

The manga box set comes with 2 hardcover volumes of Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind with colored pages and a bonus poster. 

What Ghibli fan can even resist owning the beautiful era of the studio? 

Buy Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind Manga Box Set

6. Wotakoi: Love Is Hard for Otaku Complete Manga Box Set

wotakoi love is hard for otaku complete manga box set

Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku complete manga box set is available for pre-order and is a great addition to any otaku’s collection who enjoys the romance-comedy genre. The series is relatable and gained popularity among anime fans and rom-com fans alike.

The series is about the blossoming relationship of a gamer boy and a girl who loves anime and is a fujoshi. While they originally date out of convenience, the pair eventually fall in love with each other through mutual interests and understanding. 

I’m not sure what the exclusive items will be, but sites like Amazon have noted it’s a special sticky notepad. So if you’re a fan of the series or are curious to try this rom-com out, this is the perfect time to pre-order the box set.

Buy Wotakoi: Love is Hard Complete Manga Box Set

7. Attack on Titan Manga Box Set

attack on titan manga box set

With the official end of the Attack on Titan manga and the anime series soon to follow, now is the perfect time to start collecting the manga box sets. Despite the tragedy-filled story, these box sets are sure to make a fan’s day.

Each box set from the series includes a unique assortment of exclusive items, including stickers, posters, and additional storybooks. For fans looking to invest in official merchandise, the AOT manga box sets offer some pretty neat items that you must add to your collection.

AOT box set exclusives sadly do not reveal Hange’s gender in the manga, but there’s a lot of additional content regarding the characters and the world that Hajime Isayama created. The additional stickers also include funny chibi head art of the characters and manga panels with replaced text.

Buy Attack on Titan Manga Box Set

If you like Attack on Titan manga, do check out the Tokyo Ghoul manga box set as well. 

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8. Jujutsu Kaisen Manga Box Set

jujutsu kaisen manga box set

Barnes & Nobles released an exclusive Jujutsu Kaisen manga box set that covers volumes 1 to 4 of the manga. It’s a special edition slipcase box set that comes with a double-sided full-colored poster. 

The story follows Yuji Itadori, who merges with a powerful Curse, Sukana, and learns how to combat the Curses that plague the modern-day world. However, the organization he is in plans to have him killed once he collects all of Sukuna’s fingers to finally rid the world of the strongest Curse. 

Jujutsu Kaisen may be one of the new players among the box sets in this list, but the price of the box set makes it well worth your money, especially if you still want the exclusive items but are on a tight budget. The manga author also said that he plans to end the manga soon, so now is a good time to start collecting.

Buy Jujutsu Kaisen Manga Box Set

9. Ouran High School Host Club Manga Box Set

ouran high school host club manga box set

While several people know the story of the anime, the manga series is very different and deserves a read. A lot of us who have read the manga are hoping for a remake similar to what they did for Fruits Basket.

When it comes to the best reverse harem anime, Ouran High School Host Club is probably the best one I can think of. And it’s only rivaled by its manga version. Both anime and manga tell a slightly different story, so if you’re a fan, it’s good to be exposed to both. 

The Ouran High School Host Club manga box set includes volumes 1 to 18 of the series, along with exclusive notepads featuring beautiful character art. It’s up to you if you want to use the notepad or not, but we suggest preserving it. 

Buy Ouran High School Host Club Manga Box Set

10. Assassination Classroom Complete Manga Box Set

assassination classroom manga complete box set

Assassination Classroom is another incredible manga series to get into. It picked up hype the moment the anime was released, but sadly fell under the radar the moment the series ended in 2016 despite having a unique concept. 

In Assassination Classroom you have a bunch of students on the verge of dropping out of school, primarily due to bad grades, who are suddenly chosen by the government to assassinate an octopus-like being who happens to be their teacher. 

However, as the series progresses the students appreciate their alien-like teacher, making assassinating him harder as time goes by.

Luckily, you can get the entire series with the Assassination Classroom complete manga box set. We can’t really give you too many details about the exclusive item without giving out spoilers, but the exclusive item is something our beloved koro-sensei also gave his class at some point in the series. 

Buy Assassination Classroom Complete Manga Box Set

Wrapping up

This is my take on some of the best manga boxes I think you should buy. But, of course, you’re still free to buy whichever manga box set fits your collection. 

Have fun reading and collecting!

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