DisneyTop 15 Male Disney Characters of All Time

Top 15 Male Disney Characters of All Time [2023 Updated]

Ahh! Those were the days. Disney has not just shaped our childhood with incredible and unforgettable male characters, but also, given us the right morals, values, and lessons of life at a young age.

Be it Cinderella, snow white, or sleeping beauty, every fairy tale made me believe that good always has an edge over evil.

While each of these fairy tales had female characters as the protagonists, have you ever wondered how crucial were the roles that were played by the male characters in these movies? 

If Prince Philip wouldn’t have existed to kiss Aurora, this epic story would have had a whole together different ending. The leading men in the Disney world have changed our perception of love, friendship, and even courage.

Why not live them again and celebrate them?

Here is a list of the top 15 male Disney characters who are evergreen and the timeless treasures of Disney.

Top 15 Most Popular Male Disney Characters Of All Times

15. Prince Naveen From ‘The Princess And The Frog’

prince naveen disney
  • Hair Colour: Dark Brown
  • Eye Colour: Light brown
  • Voice Artist: Bruno Campos

You surely cannot forget Prince Naveen. The guy who gets transformed into a frog by a wicked witch doctor. And what do you think can be the only way to break the curse in Disney movies? Yeah, of course, the kiss of a princess!

Naveen falls in love with Tiana and kisses her thinking she is a princess. Well, he learns she is not a princess when she gets transformed into a frog too. What magical medical science is happening here!

Free-spirited and lively, Naveen gives us clear goals of love, freedom, and companionship. Even today, he is a huge part of tales narrated by grandmas. 

I wonder if any frogs that I have encountered so far were some Prince in any way? Should I have kissed them? Okay.. let’s not think too much in that direction.

14. The Prince From ‘Snow White’

prince from snow white

The love interest of Snow White, Prince was the first human male Disney character that was brought to life. Maybe that’s why he has been named just ‘Prince’. Because he was the only Disney prince who existed back then. 

The Prince is eighteen, has a magnificent voice, and is madly in love with snow white. He is the only one who can wake her from the Sleeping death. 

He is super charming, romantic, has courage, and determination, and loves animals. Also, he has infinite patience. Why so? Well, he searches for snow white all across the country. Now that’s hectic! 

Why do all the Princes find the love of their lives in the woods? Is that a sign that I should also start searching for a tree house? I like the idea though.

13. Mufasa From ‘The Lion King’ 

mufasa the lion king

The Lion King cannot be discussed without taking the name of Mufasa. The father of Simba and the King of Pride Lands, Mufasa is a wise, mature, kind, and courageous lion.

He teaches Simba the importance of maintaining the Circle of Life which indeed is a much-needed lesson to learn for every generation.

He is majestic and powerful but at the same time humble, kind, and warm. He mistakes Scar’s character to be a good one and gets cheated by him. His presence, memories, words, and teachings leave a profound impact on Simba.

Simba takes a lot from his father and eventually succeeds in defeating Scar to live a life of honor and pride.

12. Robin Hood From ‘Robin Hood’

robin hood disney
  • Hair Colour: Light brown
  • Eye Colour: Blue
  • Voice Artist: Shakespearean, Brian Bedford

Have you ever grown fond of a thief? If you have, then I am sure it must have been Robin Hood, the thief who robbed the rich to help the poor. Robin Hood is the most entertaining character Disney has ever created. 

He is kind and generous at heart and is deeply loved for his deeds amongst his people. What is interesting about him is that he is in no way a regular human in appearance, but a fox. 

He is excellent at disguising himself and is a skilled swordsman. This lovely fox mostly relies on the bow and arrow for his fights but is also a master of sword fighting.

I would love to be friends with a thief of this kind. You may judge me for that. But hey! It’s so cool to have a robber in your gang!

11. Beast From ‘Beauty and the Beast’

beast from beauty and the beast
  • Hair Colour: Light brown
  • Eye Colour: Blue
  • Voice Artist: Robby Benson

Beast is yet another male Disney character, that has a lot of depth to him. He is one of those egoistic, selfish, spoiled guys who commit sins and regrets it later. 

He gets cursed for his wrongful deeds and is only left with the hope of finding true love, which indeed is his only saviour. Beast comes across Belle, who becomes his ray of hope. He falls in love with Belle and the journey of his transformation is worth it all.

Do you know why I like him? Umm, not just like, I love him because of his journey of regret, realization, transformation, and ability to love unconditionally.

He eventually gets free from the curse but is still remembered by everyone as the Beast that he was. He is the character that perfectly explains why beauty lies only in the eyes of the beholder.

10. Prince Philip From ‘Sleeping Beauty’

prince phillip sleeping beauty

The love interest of Aurora, Philip is a brave and heroic character. He is the kind of guy every girl dreams of.

He is a man who takes a bold stand for what he wants and refuses to live a life of compromise. We know this about him as he convinces his father to marry the girl he loves rather than settling for a girl he is betrothed to.

Holding zero arrogance of his royalty as a prince, Philip falls in love with a free-spirited girl whom he happens to come across in a forest. He finds her singing and dancing merrily and gets attracted to her like a magnet.  

He is grounded, passionate, courageous, and most importantly, loving. And that’s what I love the most about him. No actually, I love his physique more than that.

9. Prince Eric From ‘Little Mermaid’

prince eric little mermaid

How often have you heard of a prince being rescued by a girl? Prince Eric is one such entertaining, funny, and handsome male Disney character who, while getting almost drowned in a sea storm, gets rescued by a mysterious girl.  

He is a young and handsome prince of a seaside kingdom and loves sailing. He gets flattered and impressed with the bravery as well as the beauty of the girl who saved his life and sets off on an adventure to find her. 

What is that one quality that would make any girl die for him? He is a hopeless romantic, a dreamer, and a man with strong willpower. 

As he gets rescued, he immediately falls in love with her and decides to marry her. So, ladies, if you want your crush to marry you, and he is somewhat like Eric, go save his life. 

8. Kristoff From ‘Frozen’

kristoff frozen
  • Hair Colour: Blond
  • Eye Colour: Light Brown
  • Voice Artist: Jonathan Groff

One of the funniest, most entertaining, witty, and cute male Disney characters, Kristoff is an outdoorsman who gives us the best ice goals. He is an ice harvester who hates people and doesn’t like to be around humans. Why is it so? Umm.. he finds them bad and not trustworthy. Okay, I agree with him on this one. 

His only friend is his reindeer, Sven. His outlook towards people changes when he meets Princess Anna, whose warm heart and kind soul leave him love-struck. 

Despite his lonesome nature, Kristoff has a loving heart. He is very innocent, and soft. He also grows very protective of Anna and knows no bounds when she is in danger.

Because of his extreme levels of cuteness, and surely his comic nature, he is one of the most loved characters of Disney and will always remain so.

7. Aladdin From ‘Aladdin’


Here it is, the guy we all wanted a stroke of luck like!

The protagonist of the famous animated feature film ‘Aladdin’, Aladdin is a poor street rat who spends most of his youth struggling for food. Because of his poor upbringing, he is filled with insecurities.

He is optimistic, loving, and charming. Due to his insecurities, he finds himself unworthy of the love of Princess Jasmine. However, his selfless heart wins him a magic lamp with a genie who would grant him any wish.

Ohh I remember those days when my mother narrated to me the story of Aladdin. I always dreamt that I will ever have a life like his and come across a lamp of that kind.

I haven’t found one yet, but I haven’t lost faith. Maybe, one fine day.. you never know!

6. Tarzan From ‘Tarzan’


The man for whom I was ready to spend my entire life in a jungle, Tarzan, is one of my favourite male characters from Disney. With those solid muscles, and that sharp face, he won the hearts of all the girls of his time. 

Tarzan is rescued, raised, and brought up by a family of apes after his parents get killed by the attack of a leopard. Tarzan grows into a handsome, tall, and sturdy man who would do anything to protect the apes.

What is exciting about him is that he is completely unaware of a world beyond the jungle, and gets shocked when he comes across another human.

He is extremely brave, loyal, and yeah super handsome. Is he still in the jungle? I would do anything to get a picture with him trust me!

5. Simba From ‘The Lion King’

simba lion king

Simba is that legendary character that made us all smile, cry, laugh, and moan all at the same time. This mischievous and playful cub is the future king of Pride Rock. This little innocent kid deliberately puts himself into trouble to prove his bravery. 

His curiosity often takes him to forbidden locations and lands him in trouble. I love Simba because of his journey of growth, learning, and self-reflection. He initially boasts of himself as the next king without understanding the meaning of that position. 

With his father’s wisdom, he learns that bravery needs to be shown only when necessary. Mufasa’s (his father) death teaches him the lessons of life and he grows from everything he goes through.

The plethora of emotions that Simba has evoked within me, I hardly think any other character ever did or ever will. Simba will always be very close to my heart. 

4. Nemo From ‘Finding Nemo’

  • Hair Colour: Orange/white
  • Eye Colour: Orange 
  • Voice Artist: Alexander Gould

The last time I saw a clownfish in an aquarium at my aunt’s place, I remember getting very angry and annoyed with her. You surely can guess the reason for my anger. It was quite obvious.

After watching Nemo, and his struggles to remain united in the deep waters of the ocean, it was just very hurtful to see the sight of a clownfish trapped in an aquarium. 

You see, that’s the impact Nemo left on me. This cute, little, friendly, and energetic clownfish has been the epitome of freedom and innocence ever since Disney introduced us to ‘Finding Nemo’.

Nemo has a deep and compassionate relationship with his father. And the depth of his emotions of bravery and love, define his entire character. 

3. Flynn Rider From ‘Rapunzel’

flynn rider
  • Hair Colour: Dark brown
  • Eye Colour: Light brown 
  • Voice Artist: Zachary Levi

If you never fancied a notorious thief like Flynn from ‘Tangled’, then we can’t be friends. He is the guy who has mood swings that are way heavier than any girl on her second day.

He has a charm that is par excellence and has a quick wit. He doesn’t like it when his nose is drawn poorly and always gets himself in trouble. The comic timing of this character will leave you laughing with an aching stomach. 

His life changes when he falls in love with Rapunzel. And yes, I can’t help but mention what a handsome hunk he is! With that white long-sleeve shirt and dark cream pants, he just kills his look. No wonder why Rapunzel fell for him. 

If you have been waiting for a man who is funny, romantic, adventurous, and brave, then Flynn is just the right one. The only sad part is that he is already taken.

2. Mowgli From ‘The Jungle Book’

mowgli disney

The guy who gave birth to my dream of living in the woods, Mowgli is my childhood love and will always be the apple of my eye! 

This young orphaned boy gets raised by a pack of wolves in the Jungles of India. As he learns that the murderous tiger is after him, he is forced to leave his family of wolves and live in a village of humans.

What is beautiful about Mowgli is that he teaches you about the power of love and friendship, a power that is beyond the classification of appearance, culture, or even species. He fights his way back to the jungle out of his love and attachment for his family and the wilderness of his roots.

Mowgli taught me the strength of love at a very young age. And that makes him land rank #2 on my list of the best male Disney characters. 

1. Prince Charming From ‘Cinderella’

prince charming

Which girl could have never had a crush on the Prince whose name itself was ‘Prince Charming’? Honestly, I would do anything it takes for a man to come searching for me with one of my slippers. And this makes him my number #1. I mean how romantic is the tale of Cinderella?

And if there is something or someone more romantic than the tale itself, then it’s the Prince Charming. He is the man because of whom I still fancy dancing in a ball with a prince like him on my wedding day before it strikes 12:00. Okay, yeah, you can mock me around that. 

But there is no doubt that Prince Charming was the most charming prince of his time and the most-watched, desired, romantic, and handsome man of all the men in the Disney world. 

Every time I deal with a breakup, I hop onto my couch and start watching Cinderella. Just to believe that Prince Charming exists. Ahh! What a wonderful feeling it is! 

Summing Up

I guess by now you must have learned that I am more of a fairy tale kid. Disney movies from our childhood have played an important role in shaping our desires, fantasies, and expectations. And nobody apart from these classic male Disney characters would have made it possible to have such a rich collection of memories. 

No matter how quickly adulthood strikes me and my constantly changing life, living in the bubble of the Disney world and these heroic men is something I still enjoy. 

And why not? What’s wrong with believing in all that you can not see but feel? These characters always throw me into those beautiful times of imagination, possibility, wonder, and magic.

I sometimes think if the kids of today would ever get to know what it was to be a child wandering the world of princes and princesses back in the 90s. Well, they would surely know of other characters who become the sensation of their times. 

But they definitely will find the need to look back and find these gems from the past. For they are unique, special, and evergreen. And will always remain so.

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