MangaMakima Death in Chainsaw Man: The Why, The How & The If

Makima Death in Chainsaw Man: The Why, The How & The If

Chainsaw Man, a popular manga series is in the news again with its latest episode where the main antagonist of the series, Makima dies.

Makima’s death in Chainsaw Man is something that has left us fans heartbroken.

But is Makima really dead?

Disclaimer: Spoilers Ahead!

Who is Makima?

who is makima

Makima is the main character and devil of the anime series “Chainsaw Man Part 1: Public Safety”. She is the boss of the Public Safety Devil Hunter Organization who saves Denji from a terrible life.

She gives Denji a good life in the hope that he will become a devil hunter, although things turn upside down when Denji becomes more human. Makima, the main antagonist of the series, is hard to kill, it later gets revealed that she is the Control Devil.

Makima is shown as brave, cunning, manipulative, and cold. She uses Denji for her own good. Makima is the Heart of the show and has an immense fan following.  

Truth Behind Makima’s Death in Chainsaw Man

truth behind makima’s death in chainsaw man

In the episode, you see that there was an extermination attempt on the Public Safety Division, including Makima.

We all saw that Makima was on a train to Kyoto for a meeting.

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While others- Kobeni, Arai, Himeno, and Denji are busy leisure dining in Tokyo. Suddenly they are attacked, in which Makima was shot in the head, we can see Makima covered in blood and lying unconscious on her seat.

At the same time in Tokyo, Arai and Kobeni are shot by an old lady, and the other remaining were attacked by the Katana Man. Except for Denji and Himeno, who are severely injured, everyone else dies in Tokyo.

Now, the biggest question remains, Is Makima Dead?

Because if that happens, many of us may just stop watching altogether.

Well, Makima Is Not Dead!


We all know how brave and strong she is, a small bullet cannot kill her.

You will see in the upcoming episode, that Makima wakes up as if nothing happened and also the wound won’t be visible to her.

Makima makes a mysterious entry shocking everyone. When asked about the blood, she says that she was not caught in the crossfire that happened on the train.

Later, it was shown that no survivors were left in the train accident and thus no one challenges Makima’s story.

Will Makima Die in Chainsaw Man?

will makima die in chainsaw man

Does Makima die in the Chainsaw Man Series?

Yes, she does die. And it is no tragic death which makes fans sad.

In the later episodes, you come to know that Makima is the Control Devil, someone who embodies the fear of control over others. She confesses that she is an enthusiast of the Chainsaw Devil and wants to take it under her control, to take up its unique hidden power.

So Makima starts her killing spree, not caring about the person coming her way. Later, Denji comes to know the reality and he wants to stop Makima, he cannot forgive her for all the killings she has done.

Therefore, Denji with the help of Pochita kills Makima and later cooks and consumes her. Killing her, this way was the only way her contract with the Japanese Prime Minister could end.

Makima’s remains were separated and spread across the whole country so that she does not regenerate. Finally, Makima dies and goes to hell, freeing everyone who was still alive by her control.

Why Is It Difficult to Kill Makima?

why is it difficult to kill makima

It is difficult to kill Makima with the traditional method like a gunshot because doing so would cause damage to any Japanese citizen. As Makima, has a contract with the Japanese Prime Minister, if she is wounded, she can redirect her wound to any random person in Japan dying from a long illness or disease.

That is why she didn’t die in that train accident.

Does Makima Come Back?

does makima come back

Yes, Makima aka the Control Devil comes back. She reincarnates herself in China, as a girl named Nayuta. Denji’s mentor Kishibe brings Nayuta to him and asks him to keep an eye on Nayuta. 

Meanwhile, Denji has a dream of Pochita, in which he tells him that the Control Devil wanted to have a genuine and kind connection with people. He requests Denji to show Nayuta the gentleness, which once changed Pochita’s heart.

Now, Denji is on a mission to show Nayuta the kindness in the world and since then, Nayuta has been far away from any evil acts.

What Superpowers Does Makima Have?

what powers does makima have

Well, apart from diverting her wound to any random Japanese citizen. Makima has many other superpowers which make her the strongest devil in the series.

She is able to play with people’s minds. Makima can easily manipulate people and make them fall in love with her. That’s what she did with Denji.  

She used him for her pleasure and then refused to accept him. She gave Denji everything, a good life, and a family but then took away everything instantly. 

Since Denji keeps on making efforts to make Makima like him back, she gets irritated and plots against Denji. She vows to take Denji’s children if, in the future, he gets married and has kids.

Another superpower Makima has is that she can reincarnate herself again. She also has immense knowledge of devils and their hidden powers. 

This is the reason Makima wanted to kill the Chainsaw Devil to get his superpowers. She always wanted to be in power and control everything and everyone.

Now you know the truth behind Makima’s death in Chainsaw Man and also, when and how Makima dies.

This series has a huge fanbase. You can watch it on Crunchyroll.

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