Anime15 Best Knight Anime That You Need To Watch in 2023

15 Best Knight Anime That You Need To Watch in 2023

While you and I have grown up seeing the Japanese’s own medieval warriors like ninjas and samurai, we cannot deny the fact that the knights in anime are charming and keep the audience hooked till the end.

Thankfully, the world of anime is full of impressive knights – honorable, brave warriors who fight to protect their country and their people. And watching these knights in action, fighting demons and dragons has an indescribable thrill and addiction. 

So, to fulfill that addiction, I have brought you the 15 best knight anime that are a must-watch for fans who love anime knights. And if you’re just stepping into the world of knights anime, you’re in for a unique take on the western warriors.

15 Best Knight Anime Of All Time

15. Fate/stay night

fate stay night anime

Fate/Stay Night is one of the best knight anime that’s filled with great characters who bind the audience. The anime has many knights who all have their own principles.

After the sudden and mysterious killing of Shiro’s family, he gets adopted by Kiritsugu Emiya. Kiritsugu teaches Shiro the ways of justice and magic. One day when Kiritsugu dies, Shiro is caught in a deadly encounter between servants (superhumans). Since Shiro gets injured in the encounter he summons a servant of his own, known as Saber.

Saber is a highly skilled swordsman. She is adept in the use of Excalibur (a powerful sword) as well as her other sword, Durandal.

The best thing about Fate is the story, the epic fights, and the weapon design. This is a perfect example of medieval literature.

14. Berserk

berserk anime

Berserk is one of the most loved knight anime of all time. The characters in the series are called ‘mercenaries’ and not knights. Guts, the main protagonist of the series, fights against an evil force and suffers immense loss after every victory.

Known as “Black Swordsman”, Guts wields the massive sword known as “Dragon Slayer”. These two marvels of the anime world make Guts an unstoppable force that knows no bounds. 

Although he was hardened by unspeakable tragedies, his heart still beats for the people who are dear to him, and that makes him one of the best knights in anime. 

Berserk is for the audience who like dark plots with depressing outcomes. Do not expect a happy ending.

13. Fairy Tail

fairy tail

Lucy, a budding Celestial Wizard, becomes friends with Erza, Natsu, and Gray. All these are a part of the infamous Fairy Tail guild. Natsu is a Dragon slayer wizard. Gray, an ice wizard, and Erza, a magical knight.

The team embarks on many missions together which include illegal dark guilds, criminals, and ancient Etherious demons. Created by Zeref, who is a wizard cursed with deadly power and immortality.

Erza’s battle prowess is so great that it has earned her the title of ‘Titania’ (the Fairy Queen) amongst her guild members. She’s also known to have one of the largest collections of weapons in all of the Fairy Tail world – more than enough to choose from when heading into whatever fray she might find herself embroiled in next.

12. Sword Art Online 

sword art online

Sword Art Online is one of the most popular modern-day knight anime. In the show, thousands of gamers get trapped in a virtual world where they must fight their way out by completing deadly quests. 

Throughout the series, you’ll follow protagonist Kirito, and his female companion Asuna as they seek to be the first players to beat the game. Along the way, they must fight tough adversaries in both real-world battles and challenging puzzles. 

With breathtaking visuals and an extraordinary soundtrack, you won’t be able to look away! Sword Art Online will have you gripping your seat as Kirito does whatever he can to save himself from imminent death in the virtual world. It’s an action-packed ride that you won’t forget.

11. Devil May Cry

devil may cry anime

For those seeking a real visual feast of a show, Devil May Cry is your go-to.

The series follows Dante, a demon hunter from the human realm who must journey through dark and eerie realms to protect innocent human lives from powerful antagonists. It features dynamic battles between devil-like characters and humans that won’t fail to captivate viewers. 

“Dante,” our lead character, represents a knight rather than an anti-hero, distinguishing himself by protecting others with his strong beliefs. His willingness to fight for his friends often finds him in situations where he must protect them from impending danger. 

The art style is breathtakingly intricate, with vibrant colors that capture the eye and make for an exhilarating viewing experience. With heavy exposition on the difference between right and wrong, this anime is ideal for those looking for a heroic twist on your classic dark fantasy afterlife tale.

10. Rurouni Kenshin

rurouni kenshin anime

Rurouni Kenshin is a classic anime series that follows protagonist Himura Kenshin, a legendary swordsman who has renounced his past as an assassin. With its unique art style and enthralling soundtrack, this anime knight series should not be missed.

The series – sometimes known as Samurai X – is one of the earliest examples of anime steampunk, a mash-up between old-school samurai action and steam-powered mechs.

As Kenshin travels through Meiji-era Japan to protect its citizens against evil, he faces a range of adversaries, including the menacingly evil Shishio Makoto. Throughout this thrilling journey, viewers see how Kenshin’s past exploits haunt him and affect his future choices – even if it means challenging his inner demons.

Rurouni Kenshin has won dozens of awards since its launch in 1996 and spawned several movies and manga spinoffs. It’s an absolute watch for any fan of anime knights storylines!

9. Black Clover

black clover

Black Clover is an action-adventure anime focused on two orphaned boys, Asta and Yuno, who were abandoned together at a church. Each of them possesses magical powers. One day, they decide to go their separate ways to make the most of their abilities.

They both aim to become the Wizard King – the person who controls the magical kingdom of Clover – once they come of age. Along their journey, they come across fierce magical battles, rivals, allies, and many surprises.

From its gripping story to its stunning animation sequences and well-rounded characters, Black Clover is one of the best knight anime for viewers who love magic and action-packed adventures.

8. Demon Slayers: Kimetsu no Yaiba

demon slayer kimetsu no yaiba

If you’re looking for an action-packed series filled with demon slaying, then look no further than Demon Slayers: Kimetsu no Yaiba.

This popular knight anime follows a young swordsman, Tanjiro Kamado. Tanjiro embarks on a treacherous journey and faces off against powerful foes with help from an organization known as the Demon Slayers. Along with his newfound allies, Tanjiro has to develop new skills and special powers to survive the fierce battles that lie ahead.

Demon Slayers: Kimetsu no Yaiba is an exciting watch, packed with emotion and thrilling battles that make it a must-watch for any fan of knight anime.

7. Boku no Hero Academia

boku no hero academia

Boku no Hero Academia follows the story of Izuku Midoriya, an ordinary boy with no powers in a world where most people have supernatural abilities known as Quirks. He enrolls in the prestigious hero academy run by All Might, the number one hero in the world, to pursue his dream of becoming a great hero like All Might.

With mentors and friends to support his goal, Midoriya is on a path filled with adventure and danger. 

Boku no Hero Academia is a wildly popular series, and deservedly so. It’s a thrilling story made even more gripping by its characters. Midoriya is a relentless protagonist, eager to prove himself and help others in any way possible.

With intense action scenes and always captivating character development, Boku no Hero Academia easily makes it onto the list of top 5 knights anime!

6. Record of Lodoss War 

record of lodoss war

A classic anime series based on a popular Japanese manga, Record of Lodoss War follows the adventures of Parn, a knight from the Kingdom of Deedlit. 

Together with his allies, they battle through an epic fantasy world filled with dragons, elves, and wizards. Battles are intense as they fight against forces devoted to the evil goddess Kardis to destroy her once and for all!

Dripping with nostalgia, this iconic 90s anime is a must-watch because of its rich characters, creative locales, and fantastic music from the famed composer Yoko Kanno. You can feel the world come to life as Parn battles for Lodoss’s freedom. 

If you are looking for an amazing classic series to get lost in during your weekends, the Record of Lodoss War should definitely be on your list.

5. Seven Deadly Sins

seven deadly sins anime
  • Season(s): 4
  • Episodes: 100
  • Online Watch: Netflix

The Seven Deadly Sins is a famous anime series set in the Kingdom of Britannia. 

A group of powerful and merciless knights is tasked with protecting their land from evil. Ten years ago, these seven knights were framed for the crime of plotting a coup of the Liones Kingdom. Elizabeth Liones, the third princess of Liones, finds captain Melidos before they can clear out their names from the staged crime.

Together the seven deadly sins fight epic battles against dangerous villains to maintain peace and justice within the kingdom, all while uncovering secrets about Elizabeth’s past. 

What sets The Seven Deadly Sins apart is its unique combination of jaw-dropping fight sequences and an engaging fantasy world. It’s filled with high-flying action, intense sword fights, and magical powers- making it a pure viewing pleasure.

4. Knight’s & Magic

knight’s & magic

Knight’s & Magic is a 2017 series that follows the story of engineer Tsubasa Kurata. He gets killed in a car accident and is reborn as Ernesti Echevarria, an ambitious boy living in a world of humanoid robots known as Silhouette Knights.

With the help of his friends and newfound abilities, he soon becomes a legendary knight capable of controlling the magical powers within these unbelievably powerful machines.

Ernesti enrolls at the Royal Laihiala Academy, a magic school, where students train to fight threats from outside and inside the Kingdom.

Knight’s & Magic is praised as one of the best knight anime series and continues on that legacy with stunning visuals, breathtaking action sequences, and gripping plot points. 

3. Vinland Saga

vinland saga

Vinland Saga is a historical action series set in Viking-era Scandinavia. This series follows Thorfinn as he battles his way through the turbulent world of medieval knights and kingdoms, seeking revenge for the murder of his father. 

Along the way, Thorfinn will grow from a small boy into a formidable fighter, forming friendships with people both powerful and meek- lighting the spark of what will become known as the Viking Age. 

Thorfinn soon finds himself embroiled in an epic saga filled with brutal battles and fierce enemies as he fights to realize his grand ambition.

Vinland Saga is a thrilling, non-stop ride providing plenty of excitement and epic moments. From animation to dialogue, every element of this series oozes excellence. Furthermore, Thorfinn’s character development throughout the series will make viewers root for him until the end.  

2. Claymore 

claymore anime

Claymore follows the story of Clare, a female warrior with a mysterious past. Alongside her allies and opponents, she participates in various battles to protect her fellow humans from demonic monsters known as Yoma. 

The series’ main appeal lies in its well-developed characters and story arcs. 

Clare is a remarkably relatable protagonist, largely due to her inner duality – part human, part monster – and the dilemma of whether she should strive for humanity or ease into monstrousness.

This dark psychological tone is further developed through her allies and opponents, each with their own unique perspectives on morality, ethics, and ambition.

With lovable characters, a gripping storyline, epic fight scenes, and an unforgettable soundtrack that magnifies the emotions at play, Claymore stands out as one of the most iconic knight anime series of all time.

1. Gintama


Gintama is an absolute classic when it comes to the knight anime series. 

Set in an alternate universe where the aliens have taken over Edo-period Japan, samurai such as Gintoki Sakata are tasked with protecting their hometown from invaders.

Gintama follows Sakata as he battles these aliens and makes sure Shinpachi Shimura’s sister doesn’t lose her honor. He also has a knack for making perfect ramen and doesn’t take kindly to those who would desecrate it.

As the story proceeds, you will see Sakata, in plenty of thrilling conflicts that will test his sword and fighting skills. 

Gintama has some of the best writing you’ll ever find in the anime world- an unforgettable knight anime series that will have you coming back for more!

So, above are some of the best knight anime of all time. I’ve tried keeping the list diverse with some lighthearted and some dark series. Choose any of them, and it will guarantee you a fun-filled weekend.

Which knight anime will you be watching next?

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