AnimeKeisuke Baji Tokyo Revengers - The Unlikely Fan-Favorite

Keisuke Baji Tokyo Revengers – The Unlikely Fan-Favorite

Keisuke Baji is the perfect example of how a complex and well-written supporting character can steal the whole show.

Although layered characters are aplenty, there’s something special about Keisuke Baji in Tokyo Revengers.

The teenager has the demeanor of a spoiled brat. It seems he gets into fights for no apparent reason. But whatever Baji does, he does so with a motive. 

In this article, we’ll tell you almost everything about this loyal and fierce comrade of Tokyo Manji Gang, a.k.a Toman.

But first, some extras.

About Tokyo Revengers & Where To Watch?

Tokyo Revengers is the story of a man named Takemichi Hangaki who can leap through time. When he finds out that his only girlfriend died and a train accident leaps him 12 years back, Takemichi tries to fix the future.

But while saving one, he may lose many others. 

how to watch tokyo revengers

Tokyo Revengers – Where To Stream?

Tokyo Revengers is the latest anime sensation but it does have limited distribution right now. While the likes of Disney+ and Hulu are in line for the right, the following platforms are your best bet.

  • NetflixAll episodes are available in English and Japanese.
  • CrunchyrollAll episodes are available in Japanese with English subs.
  • YouTubeAll episodes + specials in Japanese with English subs.

Who is Keisuke Baji from Tokyo Revengers?

Keisuke Baji is one of the founding members of the Tokyo Manji Gang. Baji- along with Mikey, Draken, Kazutora, Mitsuya, and Pah-Chin- started Toman. Very few people know this, but Baji was the reason why Mikey decided to create the Tokyo Manji Gang.

Baji lived in a hostile neighborhood where a gang would beat him up for no reason. So, Mikey, Baji, and their friends started this biker gang in Shibuya as a means of safety.

Keisuke Baji is the Captain of Toman’s First Division, and he commands an entire platoon.

The seemingly erratic and unpredictable Tokyo Revengers Baji turns out to be the most perceptive and intelligent of the lot as he senses the danger circling Toman and Mikey before anyone else.

That’s when he leaves Toman and joins Valhalla.

Interesting Trivia: Baji in Tokyo Revengers Manga chose Edward as his western name. Although only Mikey’s western name caught on.

who is keisuke baji from tokyo revenger

Keisuke Baji – Voice Actors

Tokyo Revengers has been dubbed in 6 different languages. Here are the names of all the actors who voiced Keisuke Baji in all the languages.

  • Japanese: Masaaki Mizunaka
  • English: Lucien Dodge
  • German: Florian Clyde
  • French: Itsik Elbaz
  • Spanish: Miguel Angel de Leon
  • Portuguese: Heitor Assali

How Old is Baji in Tokyo Revengers? Age, Appearance, & Style!

Keisuke Baji in Tokyo Revengers is 13 years old at the start of the series. His birthday falls on November 3, 1990. So, by the end of the Valhalla arc in 2005, Baji was 15 years old.

However, the 5’7” teenager looks much older because of his appearance.

Keisuke Baji manages to stand out from the crowd of gangsters with his black shoulder-length hair. His slightly wavy locks fly around as he only ties them in a ponytail during a fight.

During the series, we see him sporting the Toman uniform as well as the Valhalla bomber jacket. He looks equally devilish in both avatars, but the Toman uniform really brings out the rockstar look.

And then there’s the vampire-like grin that puts all the Cullens to shame.

how old is baji in tokyo revengers

There are a lot of handsome hunks in Tokyo Revengers, but everything about Keisuke Baji feels special and unique. His outlook perfectly describes what he is- an unpredictable and dangerous man.

Keisuke Baji Tokyo Revengers – Personality Traits

The looks are not the only thing that makes Keisuke Baji stand out from the rest. His wild personality plays a huge part in helping this wonderful character win over audiences.

Everyone just calls him an adrenaline junkie and thinks they’re describing him the best. But that’s not even close. Yes, Baji is wild. He would punch his own gang member randomly, but he does that for a reason.

As we said earlier, Baji is perceptive and sharp.

As soon as he got a sniff of Kisaki’s plan about the Tokyo Mangi Gang, he decided to act. He punched Takemichi, got everyone’s attention, and announced that he was joining Valhalla.

keisuke baji personality

Behind this act was genuine concern for his friends. To keep all of them safe, Baji joined a rival gang, posed as the antagonist, and even beat up his vice-captain.

All this because he knew Mikey was in trouble and was being played by someone else.

Keisuke is also a confident boy who backs his fighting skills.

Even though he isn’t the strongest, he fights with heart and a cocky smirk on his face. We’re all too familiar with those pointy canines making a full appearance when he’s kicking ass.

And lastly, he’s loyal to a fault. Just to protect his friends, he beat up two of them. He might’ve killed Kisaki as well, to protect Kazotura. And in the end, he took his own life to spare Kazotura all the guilt. All this to protect Mikey and the Toman.

Keisuke Baji Tokyo Revengers – What Shaped This Beast?

During a flashback, we see an innocent-looking mama’s boy sitting in a classroom. It seems impossible, but that is a 13-year-old Keisuke Baji. The same boy who will now punch a random stranger just for the adrenaline rush.

But how did it come to this? Well, we’ve got a story to tell.

keisuke baji bike

Baji and Mikey have been good friends since young. And although Baji and Kazotura are closer now, they both had a great relationship with Mikey before one fateful night.

After creating the Tokyo Mangi Gang, Mikey was now the head of a biker gang driving around on a moped. And because of that, the other gangs made fun of Mikey. Both Baji and Kazotura decided to do something about it. They planned to steal and give Mikey his favorite bike.

One night, both Baji and Kazotura broke into a showroom and stole the bike that Mikey loved. But, the store owner caught them both. And in a moment of panic, Kazotura hit the owner and killed him.

Who was the owner? Shinichiro Sano- Mikey’s older brother.

mikey older brother

The police came and both Baji and Kazotura were sent to juvie. There, Baji was released well-before Kazotura because Kazotura took full responsibility. After coming back, Baji went back to the Tokyo Mangi Gang whereas Kazotura joined Valhalla.

No one knows what happened to both of them in juvie, but looking at how they both came back, we can guess it wasn’t pretty.

Tokyo Revengers Baji Keisuke – Strengths & Abilities

Keisuke Baji isn’t just a pretty face. He’s a rough and tough teenager who’s got extraordinary fighting skills, otherworldly endurance, and a will to match.

In other words, he can do this all day.

Let’s take a closer look at how his fighting prowess is shown off throughout the series.

Fighting Skills

Keisuke Baji is one of the strongest characters of Tokyo Revengers. He’s not at the level of Draken or Mikey, but he’s not too far off either. We saw him fighting multiple, fairly strong enemies at the same time and he was holding his own. All this with a knife wound on his back.

baji keisuke abilities


Baji has insane endurance and will to go on and win a fight. Even after a long fight and a stab wound, Baji was able to get on his feet and have a proper conversation.

And right after, he had the will to stab himself to save Mikey and Kazutora.

Acting Skills

His stubbornness during a fight and his determination to do the right thing are only outshined by his acting skills. When leaving Toman, Baji’s acting was so good that even Mikey was fooled.

And then, he didn’t flinch once when beating the crap out of his vice-captain, Chifuyu.

He single-handedly fooled the Tokyo Mangi Gang and all the leaders of Valhalla into believing he really had turned to the dark side.

Keisuke Baji Tokyo Revenger – Best Quotes!

When Baji speaks, everyone listens. And he has uttered some great lines throughout the series. From inspiring quotes to inside jokes, here are our favorite Keisuke Baji quotes from Tokyo Revengers.

No matter what kind of hell awaits us… I’ll always be with you until the end. 

After Kazutora accidentally killed Mikey’s older brother, Baji hugged him and said just these. Goes on to show how mentally strong Baji is.

You’re not gonna be able to stop me unless you kill me.

There’s the cockiness we mentioned. To make it even cooler, he said this to Chifuyu at the battle of Bloody Halloween.

Mikey and Toman… I’m leaving them in your hands.

As Mikey was beating Kazutora and Baji was bleeding to death, he said this to Takemichi. Even with his last breath, he was thinking of Mikey and Toman.

keisuke baji tokyo revengers best quotes

I’m not gonna die. This wound… ain’t gonna kill me! Kazutora… You won’t be the one to kill me.

After Kazutora stabs Baji and Mikey starts punching Kazutora to a pulp, Baji stands up and says these words. Hearing this suppresses Mikey’s anger. Also by saying this, he frees Kazutora of the guilt of killing his best friend.

Pah Chin, Mitsuya, Draken, Mikey, Kazutora, those guys are my treasure.

And lastly, a personal favorite line which Baji said as he was bleeding to his death. In his last moments, he tells everyone about how much he cherished their friendship and everyone starts bawling.

Keisuke Baji Tokyo Revengers Manga & Anime Appearances

Keisuke Baji first appeared in the Moebius Arc of the Tokyo Revenger manga. He only features in 2 Chapters of the Manga.

In anime, those 2 manga Chapters make for 3 episodes of the Moebius Arc.

Moebius Arc Appearances
Chapter 22 & 27Episode 9, 10,11

Then came the Valhalla arc, and Baji was more of a regular. There are almost 26 Chapters with Baji in the manga. And in the anime series, you’ve got 8 episodes of Baji in full-action mode.

Valhalla Arc Appearances
Chapter 38 – 64Episode 14 – 22

So, what next for Baji.

keisuke baji death

Well, there’s no “next” for Baji because… well, because he’s dead. Remember how he stabbed himself.

But that was not the last of Keisuke Baji from Tokyo Revengers.

On 22 June, the official Toman Twitter announced a spin-off manga series focusing on Baji and Chifuyu.

The new manga will be illustrated by Yukinori Natsukawaguchi and of course, Ken Wakui. And seeing Baji’s popularity among anime fans, we wouldn’t be surprised to see this spin-off manga turn into an anime series.

Fingers crossed.

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