Anime30 Best Japanese Anime Everyone Should Watch in 2023

30 Best Japanese Anime Everyone Should Watch in 2023

Japanese Anime is worldwide popular. From horror to romance to action, the Japanese anime list is never-ending. Its storyline, character development, and the fact that it is available in English have kept fans hooked from all over the world.

Today I have shortlisted the 30 Best Japanese anime for you. 

These anime series and movies have a great fan following and are easily available to watch. The storylines are so intriguing that you won’t want to look away from your screen even for a second.

Check out the best Japanese anime to watch right now!

Top 30 Japanese Anime Movies and Series

30. Saint Seiya

saint seiya
  • Total Season(s)- 2
  • Total Episodes- 12
  • Watch On- Netflix

Seiya is an orphan child separated from his sister Seika by Mitsumasa Kido. He set off to the Sanctuary of Athens in Greece to become one of the Saints of Athena.

As years passed by, Seiya gained guardianship of the Pegasus Cloth, a mythical armor. He returns to Japan, in hope of reuniting with his sister. Seiya meets Saori Kido, and he makes a deal with him.

Seiya has to compete in the Galaxian War and win the Sagittarius Gold Cloth, to find his sister. But before the war ends, the clothes get stolen. Now, all the participants unite to find the cloth. Will they be successful in it?

29. Last Exile

last exile
  • Total Season(s)- 2
  • Total Episodes- 26
  • Watch On- Crunchyroll

Last Exile is a series about a different world. In the world of Prester, where with the help of Claudia Fluid, flight has been made a dominant mode of transportation. There is an organization named “the Guild” which has absolute control over the sky.

Claus Valca and his navigator Lavie are the two members of the organization who desires to become the first sky courier to cross the Grand Stream in a vanship. When they both encounter a mysterious girl, Alvis, they are pushed into the proceeding endless war between Disith and Anatoray.

Both these countries are destroying each other to live up to the knightly warfare code.

How will they both escape this battle?

28. Serial Experiments Lain

serial experiments lain
  • Total Season(s)- 1
  • Total Episodes- 13
  • Watch On- Justwatch

Lain Iwakur is a simple and introverted 14-year-old girl, who does not know anything about computers. One day an email popped up on her screen, it was from her friend who recently passed away due to suicide.

After opening that email, she is automatically transferred into the Wired, a virtual world of communication network just like we have the internet. 

Lain’s life after this is turned upside down, as she starts facing many other mysteries too.

27. D Gray-Man

d. gray-man
  • Total Season(s)- 1
  • Total Episodes- 103
  • Watch On- Crunchyroll

If you love watching anime where the dead can be resurrected and some exorcisms for garnish, D.Gray Man is for you. 

The story is about Allen Walker, the flag bearer, and Millennium Earl, the Antagonist of the series. Millennium Earl develops a mechanical weapon known as “Akuma,” in which he uses the souls of the dead that were being called back.

After a soul gets trapped in Akuma, it cannot be relieved. They will have to be exorcized from the vessel with the help of innocence, i.e. the “Anti-Akuma” weapon.

Allen Walker, who is a young exorcist, has a cursed eye that can see the suffering of the soul trapped in Akuma.

Allen is up against Millennium Earl to fight the world and search for Anti-Akuma weapons.

26. Mushishi

mushishi anime
  • Total Season(s)- 1
  • Total Episodes- 27
  • Watch On- Crunchyroll

The story revolves around a boy named Ginko, who is a Mushi.

Mushi are neither animals nor plants, they differ from other microorganisms. They resemble the primeval body of life. Mushi lives a very basic form of life. They are beyond words like ‘good’ or ‘bad’. 

Ginko is on a hunt to find other Mushi and to know more about them.

Mushi-Shi is an anime with a very different storyline. I was amazed while watching the series, and the way it proceeded with the storyline. 

25. Fullmetal Alchemist

fullmetal alchemist anime
  • Total Season(s)- 1
  • Total Episodes- 51
  • Watch On- Netflix

Fullmetal Alchemist is a brotherhood, alchemy, and sorcery all merged into perhaps one of the best anime ever made.

Alphonse and Edward are two brothers who lost their mother for reasons yet unknown. Their father has also long abandoned them. Both of them decide to perform a forbidden human transmutation to bring their mother back. In performing the transmutation, they both do serious damage to their bodies. 

Ed, with his skills, seals his brother Al’s soul inside a huge suit of armor.

Years later, they come to know about the fabled Philosopher’s Stone, which can help them regain their old bodies.

Will they find it? 

24. Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

demon slayer anime
  • Total Season(s)- 3
  • Total Episodes- 44
  • Watch On- Netflix

The story is about a boy named Tanjirou Kamado who, after the sudden death of his father, has the responsibility to earn and take care of his family. One day, he decides to go to the local village to sell the charcoal.

On his way back, night falls so he takes shelter at a strange man’s house. He comes to know that there is a demon roaming around who feeds on human flesh. In the morning he goes back to his home and his life is shattered by seeing all his family members being slaughtered by that demon.

His life’s mission is now to avenge the death of his family member and kill the demon.

23. Clannad

clannad series
  • Total Season(s)- 1
  • Total Episodes- 24
  • Watch On- Justwatch

Clannad is a story about Tomoya Okazaki who is a third-year student. His mother passed away and he and his father are in a distant relationship due to the drinking habit of his father.

Tomoya is all alone and has the least interest in life and school anymore. While on his way back from school, he meets a girl named Nagisa, who has to repeat a class due to her illness.

All of Nagisa’s friends have moved on, which has left her alone. Tomoya befriends her and helps her to achieve her dream. Now, Tomoya’s interest in life is again enlightened.

22. Re:Zero

re zero anime
  • Total Season(s)- 2
  • Total Episodes- 52
  • Watch On- Crunchyroll

A high school student Subaru Natsuki, while coming back from a convenience store, travels to another world. He has no idea who summoned him, but he is soon attacked by someone in that world. A silver-haired girl saves him, and to return the favor, Subaru accompanies her everywhere.

Enemies attack them and both of them die. Later, Subaru finds out that he has the power to reverse death. But only he can remember what exactly happened that caused the death.

Can he save his partner now from death?

21. Ghost in the Shell

ghost in the shell anime
  • Total Season(s)- 2
  • Total Episodes- 52
  • Watch On- Netflix

It is the year 2029. The World has advanced majorly in the technical aspect. Human brains can directly be connected to the internet. In Niihama City, people can replace their limbs with robotic parts.

A highly known hacker, “The Puppetmaster” starts misusing the technology. The hacker hacks into the brain of cyborgs to obtain information and commit different crimes. 

Section 9, a group of enhanced cops well versed in cybernetics, are called to investigate the case and stop the Puppetmaster.

20. Death Note

death note anime
  • Total Season(s)- 1
  • Total Episodes- 37
  • Watch On- Crunchyroll

Death Note is one of the most thrilling and adventurous plots I have ever seen. It is about challenging good and evil. 

Yagami Light, a school student, comes across a book called Death Note. It is a very powerful book that allows the owner to kill whoever’s name is written on the book.

Yagami, overwhelmed by this, decides to kill all the criminals and bring them to justice. Seeing the killing activities, the police get involved and want to catch the serial killer.

19. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

the melancholy of haruhi suzumiya
  • Total Season(s)- 1
  • Total Episodes- 14
  • Watch On- Crunchyroll

Just like many of us do not believe in aliens or supernatural beings, Kyon too is a non-believer of these things. On his first day of school, he meets a girl named Haruhi Suzumiya. She is beautiful, full of energy, and likes to meet new people.

She made her own club in the school and invited some of her friends to join it, including Kyon. All the other members except for Kyon are related to Haruhi in one way or another.

Slowly, Kyon realizes that Haruhi is not what she pretends to be.

What will be his next step?

18. Berserk

berserk anime
  • Total Season(s)- 1
  • Total Episodes- 25
  • Watch On- Crunchyroll

Guts was brought up by the group of mercenaries. One day, in self-defense, he kills his guardian. Then years later, he meets Griffith and The Band of Hawk.

He gets a job as Black Swordsman in the Band and he accepts it. No one in the band is as strong as Guts, except for Griffith. Griffith and Guts both have a duel and Guts is defeated.

As the year passes, Guts becomes the Band of the Hawk’s Commander. Both Guts and Griffith together win many wars. But something else is coming up which can change Guts’ life forever.

17. My Hero Academia

my hero academia
  • Total Season(s): 6
  • Total Episodes: 113
  • Watch On: Netflix

Izuku is a normal boy who wants to become a hero. Everyone around him is a hero. Due to him being a normal boy, he becomes the main target of getting bullied. 

One day, he sees the dream; the next, he inherits all the power. Now, his main purpose is to become World’s Best Superhero. After coming to the responsibility of being a hero, he comes to know that it is not easy being a hero.

My Hero Academia is a popular international anime, with international anime fans.

16. Steins; Gate

steins gate anime
  • Total Season(s): 1
  • Total Episodes: 24
  • Watch On: Netflix

Okabe Rintarou, a university student and an eccentric scientist, has a never-ending thirst for exploring different things. One day, accidentally, he discovers a time travel gate.

He, with his friends and roommate Mayuri Shiina and Itaru Hashida, keeps on discovering new things. They come to know about the “Phone Microwave,” which can send messages to the past using the microwave.

They have to hide this innovative discovery from the government and use it to stop other evil organizations.

15. Tokyo Ghoul

tokyo ghoul anime
  • Total Season(s): 1
  • Total Episodes: 24
  • Watch On: Netflix

Tokyo Ghoul is, right now, one of the best Japanese anime on Netflix.

The series is about flesh-eating ghouls who can change their appearance whenever they want. These ghouls live in a society with normal human beings and then target them.

Ken Kaneki is a lonely boy in a school who sticks to himself. He gets attracted to Rize Kamishiro, an innocent lady. Ken has no idea that Rize is a ghoul who wants to prey on him.

Can Ken understand this and save himself?

14. Wolf Children

wolf children

Wolf Children is a story about a college girl named Hana, who falls in love with a mysterious student in their class. One day Hana comes to know that the man she loves is a wolf. On talking to him, she understands that he is the last werewolf alive.

But this truth does not shake her trust or her love for him. They both decide to get married and start their own family. Hana gives birth to two children both half-human and half-wolf.

Hana’s life turns upside down due to the sudden death of his husband. Now, she has to raise the two wild loving children totally on her own, while keeping their identity a secret.

13. Naruto

  • Total Season(s): 9
  • Total Episodes: 220
  • Watch On: Netflix

Naruto is easily one of the top 10 Japanese anime series of all time. The story is about a young boy named Naruto and his dream of becoming Hokage, just like his father.

The series is set in the Hidden Village of Konoha. A great fox lived there, and whenever this fox swung his tail, a tsunami occurred. Later, the fourth Hokage sealed this demon fox into a boy and the boy is none other than Naruto.

Will villagers understand Naruto and acknowledge him?

12. One Piece

one piece anime
  • Total Season(s): 20
  • Total Episodes: 1050
  • Watch On: Crunchyroll

One Piece anime is one of the most interesting anime I have come across. The story is about Monkey D. Luffy and his adventure of finding One Piece, a famous mystery treasure. Luffy is a 17-year-old boy who wants to become King of the Pirates.

He recruits people in his crew to join his voyage for hunting the One Piece. Will Luffy get that One Piece he desires?

11. Case Closed

case closed
  • Total Season(s): 53
  • Total Episodes: 1092
  • Watch On: Netflix

Case Closed, also known as Detective Conan, is a series about a 17-year-old, highly intelligent kid known as Shinichi Kudo. He is often known by the name “Modern Sherlock Holmes”. 

One day while he was returning from a date, he got induced by a drug in an attempt to kill him. Unfortunately, the drug didn’t kill him, instead, Shinichi woke up as a 7-year-old but with the brain of a 17-year-old. 

Now, he is on a quest to find those men and also stop criminal activity in the city. 

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10. Chainsaw Man

chainsaw man anime
  • Total Season(s): 1
  • Total Episodes: 12
  • Watch On: Netflix

Chainsaw Man is one of the most loved Japanese anime right now. 

The story is about Denji, a young boy infused with a Devil, who becomes the Chainsaw Man- all his limbs can transform into actual chainsaws.

Makima, a Devil Hunter, recruits Denji and turns him into a devil hunter.  But things go in the opposite direction when he becomes more human. Makima is a devil who is unstoppable, she wants to control everyone.

Denji, after knowing the truth about Makima, has no other choice but to kill Makima, keeping his love feelings aside. But it is not easy to kill the strongest devil.

9. Attack on Titan

attack on titan anime
  • Total Season(s): 3
  • Total Episodes: 59
  • Watch On: Netflix

For centuries, Earth has been ruled by Titans who feed on human flesh. There are very few humans left. To protect themselves from Titan, they built 3 Gigantic walls which cannot be breached easily.

Humans are living peacefully inside these walls, until one day Colossal Titan breaches a hole in the outermost wall, letting the Titans in. 

The series’ main character is Eren Jaeger, a 10-year-old boy who saw his mother die at the hands of a grinning Titan.

Will he take revenge on all the Titans?

8. Dragon Ball

dragon ball tv series

The story focuses on Goku, a 15-year-old, monkey-tailed boy, who befriends a teenage girl named Bulma. They both set off on an adventure to find 7 magical Dragon Balls.

Dragon Balls, when joined together, will summon a great grand Dragon who can fulfill the bearer’s one wish. The only problem which Goku faces is that the Grand Dragon can be invoked once a year.

Now, Goku has to fight with other villains for control of the Dragon Balls.

Will Goku wake the Grand Dragon?

7. Inuyasha

inuyasha anime
  • Total Season(s): 6
  • Total Episodes: 27
  • Watch On: Netflix

Inuyasha is considered as one of the most delightful and best Japanese anime. 

It is about a girl named Kagome and the Shikon Jewel, which she is carrying unknowingly. On her 15th birthday, she is forcefully pulled by a demon in a well carrying her family’s shrine.

While rescuing herself, she meets Inuyasha, a half-demon boy. He mistakes her for someone else. As the story proceeds, they both get close and now they have to protect Shikon’s jewel, from getting into the wrong hands.

6. Neon Genesis Evangelion

neon genesis evangelion
  • Total Season(s): 1
  • Total Episodes: 26
  • Watch On: Netflix

Neon Genesis Evangelion is one of the most influential anime released to date. 

The story is set on an Earth ravaged by extra-terrestrial forces known as Angels. 

A high school student named Shinji is a huge biomechanical mecha. He joins his father’s organization, NERV, to pilot the Evangelion, a giant organic mecha. Evangelion is capable of fighting with angels. But piloting it is a difficult task as it puts a huge strain on the physical and psychological state of the pilot.

Can Shinji handle the stress of piloting Eva?

5. Bubble

bubble anime
  • Runtime: 101 minutes
  • Watch On: Netflix

Tokyo people’s lives changed forever when Bubbles broke through the laws of gravity and showered down onto Tokyo, cutting Tokyo from the rest of the World. 

Hibiki, a talented ace, can hear sounds that no one can. On a hunt to find the mystery behind it, he fell into the rivers beyond.

Later, he was saved by a mysterious girl named Uta. Uta and Hibiki both can hear the sounds. How will they solve this mystery of the sound?

4. Cowboy Bebop: The Movie

The movie starts with a man named Vincent, who is responsible for outspreading poison on Mars. The government has issued the biggest bounty on Vincent, for whoever catches him alive.

The bounty hunter crew of the spaceship Bebop- Faye, Jet, Spike, and Ed take up the responsibility to catch Vincent and decide to divide the bounty amongst them.

But they are astonished when they come to know that they are not the only ones searching for Vincent.

And Needless to say, it’s one of the best space anime. It tops our chart here.

3. A Silent Voice

a silent voice movie
  • Runtime: 129 minutes
  • Watch On: Netflix

A Silent Voice is a movie about the common societal issues which many of us face like bullying and disability. The story is about a deaf girl, Shoko, who has recently moved to a new high school. Due to her disability, she is bullied in school by a boy named Shoya.

Shoya’s friends go against him because he used to bother Shoko. Later, as time passes, they both grow old. Shoya regrets his past life of bullying Shoka. He wants to meet her up once and settle for all the past bullying.

2. Summer Wars

summer wars

Summer Wars is a movie that focuses on Kenji Koiso, an 11th-grade math genius. He is invited by his crush Natsuki to spend the summer in her hometown. When he reached there, Natsuki requested Kenji to act as her fiancée in front of her family.

Natsuki’s family has joined to celebrate the 90th birthday of her grandmother. Meanwhile, Kenji receives a mathematical code, solving which can cause a parallel world collision with Earth.

Will he be able to avert the collision?

1. Violet Evergarden

violet evergarden movie
  • Runtime: 95 minutes
  • Watch On: Netflix

Violet Evergarden is an anime that will surely leave you in tears. 

Violet, as a child, was used in a military camp as a weapon against the enemy. Her main guardian was Major Gilbert, who trained her. But in The Great War, she lost both her hands.

Brought to Evergarden household to recuperate, Violet is lost without the Major. Violet starts working as an Auto Memory Doll at CH Postal Services. 

She is in search of the meaning of the words told to her by Major, “I Love You”. 

Best Japanese Anime Characters

5. Lelouch Lamperouge (Code Geass)

lelouch lamperouge

Lelouch Lamperouge is the main flag bearer of Code Geass. He is the 11th Prince of the Holy Britannian Empire. Lelouch – due to his upbringing – is clever, calm, sophisticated, and arrogant.

He often hides his true nature by masking it with being friendly and easygoing. Known for his very stoic personality, he never cared about his schoolwork. Many think that Lelouch does not care about his subordinates and is very selfish.

But deep down, he thinks of them as valuable allies and does care about them.

4. Dio Brando (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)

dio brando

Dio Brando, popularly known as DIO, is the main antagonist of the series JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. Dio’s personality is manipulative and dominating. He can be quoted as a classic case of sociopath and psychopath.

In the story, you can see Dio has gathered many minions around him and he is also responsible for many events that happen in the series. He is very ambitious and has set a goal for himself to become the richest and most powerful person on Earth.

He can do anything to achieve his goal. After coming into the position of power, he dominates everyone around him. Dio could not digest the fact that someone else can come in equal power to him.

3. Levi Ackerman (Attack on Titan)

levi ackerman

Captain Levi Ackerman is one of the most amazing Japanese anime characters. He is described as a “clean freak”, which means he likes his environment and himself to be spotlessly clean.

Levi is not very easily approachable as he does not show much emotion and his sense of humor is more towards vulgarity and insulting. 

Though he is shown as emotionless, he still has a great sense of empathy and morality.

2. Kirito (Sword Art Online)


Kirito, also known as Kazuto Kirigaya, is a dedicated character who accomplishes anything which he wants. He is a solo player, who has the privilege to play in a beta testing of Sword Art Online.

In the game, when the start of the death game is announced, he quickly gets over it. Kirito plays with one blade named an Elucidator. Later, he acquired a second blade called Dark Repulser.

1. Kakashi (Naruto)


Kakashi Hatake is one of the major characters of the Naruto franchise. 

Since childhood, Kakashi has been shown as self-confident and independent who, at times, becomes arrogant too. After his father’s demise, he becomes more stern and aloof. Kakashi gives more value to the orders than to the comrade.

Later, Obito tells him how a comrade is more important and valuable than any order or mission. After the sudden death of Obito, Kakashi becomes more responsible toward their comrade.

So, above is the list of the best Japanese anime that you can easily watch.

While watching these anime, you will feel you are being taken up in their world, and that’s the beauty of Japanese anime.

How many of these have you watched?

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