AnimeHighSchool DxD Characters List: All Characters (of all season)

HighSchool DxD Characters List: All Characters (of all season)

Highschool DxD is home to varied characters with almost every personality type you could think of. From the stereotypical tsundere, busty onee-chans, tomboys, and innocent lolis (you sick b******), High School DxD has got them all.

Today, we’ll give you an overview of some DxD characters, the cast that voices them, and more!

The list will cover a majority of main characters across the 4 seasons – High School DxD, High School DxD New, High School DxD Born, & High School DxD Hero.

HighSchool DxD Characters

high school dxd cast
CharacterJapanese Voice ActorEnglish Voice Actor
Issei HyoudouYuuki KajiJosh Greele
Rias GremoryYouko HikasaJaime Marchi
Asia ArgentoAzumi AsakuraLeah Clark
DdraigFumihiko TachikiChristopher Sabar
Gasper VladiAyane SakuraAlison Viktorin
Akeno HimejimaShizuka ItouTeri Rogers
Koneko ToujouAyana TaketatsuJad Saxton
Sairaorg BaelYuuichi NakamuraMarcus D. Stimac
Yuuto KibaKenji NojimaSean O’ Connor
Xenovia QuartaRisa Taneda Lauren Landa
Irina Shidou Maaya UchidaKristi Kang
Ravel PhenexAsuka NishiBritteny Karbowski
AzazelRikiya KoyamaPhil Parsons
Cao CaoKousuke ToriumiClifford Chapin
Venelena GremoryMikako TakahashiMonica Rial
Zoeticus GremoryShow HayamiAndrew Chandler
Serafall Leviathan Ai ShimizuTia Ballard
Kunou Sora TokuiSarah Wiedenheft
Vali Lucifer Ryouta OosakaAustin Tindle
Rossweisse Ai Kakuma Mallorie Rodak
MatsudaYasuaki TakumiTyson Rinehart
MotohamaTakurou Nakakuni Stephen Sanders
Riser Phenex Takehito KoyasuChris Smith
Sirzechs LuciferJunichi SuwabeChristopher Wehkamp

All Characters in High School DxD (By Season)

High School DxD (Season 1)

high school dxd season 1
1. Issei Hyoudou12. Riser Phenex23. Dohnaseek34. Freed Sellzen
2. Rias Gremory13. Grayfia Lucifuge24. Kalawarner35. Siris
3. Asia Argento14. Matsuda25. Isabela36. Mira
4. Akeno Himejima15. Mil-tan26. Karlamine37. Susan
5. Koneko Toujou16. Mihae27. Katase38. Murayama
6. Yuuto Kiba17. Motohama28. Sirzechs Lucifer39. Nel
7. Ddraig18. Ni29. Li40. Raynare
8. Bürent19. Mittelt30. Marion41. Tsubaki Shinra
9. Ile20. Genshirou Saji31. Ravel Phenex42. Shuriya
10. Dohnaseek21. Freed Sellzen32. Souna Sitri43. Xuelan
11. Kalawarner22. Siris33. Riser Phenex44. Yubelluna

High School DxD New (Season 2)

high school dxd season 2
Issei HyoudouAika Kiryuu
Rias GremoryKatase
Asia ArgentoKaterea Leviathan
Yuuto KibaSerafall Leviathan
Xenovia QuartaVali Lucifer
Irina ShidouSouna Sitri
Gasper VladiGrayfia Lucifuge
Koneko ToujouMatsuda
AzazelFreed Sellzen
AlbionTsubaki Shinra
Zeoticus GremoryGenshirou Saji
Sirzechs LuciferMotohama

High School DxD Born (Season 3)

high school dxd season 3
Issei HyoudouSeekvaira AgaresFreed Sellzen
Rias GremoryCreuserey AsmodeusKatase
Asia ArgentoDiodora AstarothTsubaki Shinra
DdraigMillicas GremorySouna Sitri
Akeno HimejimaVenelana GremoryArthur Pendragon
Yuuto KibaZeoticus GremoryRavel Phenex
Xenovia QuartoSirzechs LuciferKuroka
Irina ShidouVali LuciferOphis
Koneko ToujouGenshirou SajiOdin
Gasper VladiGrayfia LucifugeSerafall Leviathan
Ajuka BeelzebubAika KiryuuLoki
Sairaorg BaelShalba BeelzebubMatsuda
Zephyrdor Glasya-LabolasBikouMotohama

High School DxD Hero (Season 4)

hero high school dxd season 4
Issei HyoudouAjuka BeelzebubLeonardo
Rias GremoryAika KiryuuMisla Bael
Asia ArgentoVali LuciferSerafall Leviathan
Akeno HimejimaSirzechs LuciferMatsuda
Yuuto KibaAlbionRegulus
Ravel PhenexCao CaoSeekvaira Agares
Xenovia QuartaDdraigArthur Pendragon
RossweisseKataseLe Fay Pendragon
Koneko ToujouKunouGeorg
Irina ShidouMillicas GremoryHeracles
Gasper VladiVenelana GremoryHades
AzazelZeoticus GremoryMotohama
BikouRiser PhenexMurayama
JeanneRaynareGenshirou Saji
Sairaorg BaelSiegfriedWukong Sun

8 High School DxD Main Characters Overview

While there is an extensive roster of characters in High School DxD, most only appear in a couple of episodes and seasons.

Check out our rundown below on the main characters to refresh your memory before season 5

1. Rias Gremory and Issei Hyouda 

issei and rias kiss

Rias and Issei are the main characters and the anime often centers around their relationship. What started as a little crush has moved even more seriously in the latest Season 4, High School DxD Hero. 

There’s even a scene that depicts the two’s relationship gaining approval from Rias’s family. 

While their relationship is essentially confirmed at this point, the harem genre won’t let Issei lock into a monogamous relationship just yet. 

high school dxd issei rias

Issei is a typical, perverted but oddly loveable character who would do anything for Rias and his friends. He’s also marching towards his goal of being the Harem King with nothing stopping his way.

He’s Rias’s servant in the Pawn Class. But he soon realized it’s an important position requiring Rias to use all 8 Pawn slots when resurrecting him.

Rias is a part of a powerful, highly regarded household, the Gremory Family, and her brother, Sirzechs Lucifer, is one of the Four Demons Lords. She lives a normal high school life in disguise to get away from the implications of her position. 

2. Akeno Himejima

Akeno Himejima is the dark-haired, beautiful onee-chan character that just makes you melt. She’s a calm and gentle person but contrary to her outward demeanor is a masochist who loves causing others pain.

She’s also extremely powerful and uses elemental attacks as her weapon of choice. Her favorite thus far seems to be lighting attacks, earning her the title of “Priestess of Thunder”. 

akeno himejima mad

Akeno is the Vice-President of the Occult Research Club. She’s the daughter of a Fallen Angel, Baraqiel, and a shrine maiden. She eventually met Rias Gremory and the two became quick friends.

Rias then contracted Akeno as her first Servant and is a Queen Class demon. She’s a powerful sorceress that can use her powers to attack enemies or shield allies. 

Arguably, she’s also the ‘best girl’ in High School DxD with many fans opting for her as their favorite in the series.

3. Asia Argento

Asia Argento is another of Issei’s admirers. She’s an innocent, and naive girl who serves as one of several ‘loli’ characters in the anime.

She was a nun in the Catholic Church and moved to Japan to help the people. She gets lost and captured by Reynalle, the same Fallen Angel that murdered Issei, prompting his revival by Rias.

Asia’s also a powerful healer who uses her powers for good, healing anyone and everyone she comes across. She’s also known as the “Holy Priestess” for her good deeds and her healing powers. 

asia argento holy priestess dxd

Rias Gremory revived Asia after her untimely demise caused by Reynalle. Reynalle extracted Asia’s Sacred Gear, which is what she was after the whole time. She is a Bishop Class Demon and is now loyal to Rias. 

She doesn’t have any fighting/offensive techniques and supports the team solely with healing.

Asia is also able to tame dragons. She has pacts with Rassei, a baby sprite dragon that was infamous for being a rowdy, untamable wyvern. She also has a pact with Fafnir, known as one of the Five Dragon Kings. 

4. Yuuto Kiba

Yuuto Kiba is the pretty boy in High School DxD and pulls it off well. He’s usually calm and collected and is adored by all girls in Kuoh Academy, who’ve named him the “Prince of Kuoh Academy”. 

Contrary to his calm demeanor, he also has a darker side. This is especially apparent whenever Kiba comes across mentions of the “Holy Swords”. When he was a child, he was a test subject in the Holy Sword Project.

kiba yuuto sword birth

Conducted by the Church, it was to create children capable of using Holy Swords. With the project’s failure, all the test subjects were killed including Kiba, who was later revived by Rias and now serves as her Knight.

Whenever he meets a Holy Sword wielder or someone associated with the experiments, he loses his cool and seeks revenge. His main goal is to eliminate and destroy all the Holy Swords.

Being a Knight, his main strength is his speed and mobility. He also has the Sacred Gear: Sword Birth which allows him to summon any number of swords from anywhere he pleases. 

He also has a large collection of Demon swords to help deal with different elemental attacks. Kiba is also regarded as one of the best swordsmen in the anime thus far. 

Koneko Toujou

Koneko Toujou is another member of Issei’s harem who once despised him and his perverted tendencies. Over time though, she follows suit with her other harem members in loving him wholeheartedly. 

But she still hates him being a pervert generally. Koneko is a cute, small, loli-style character who’s also a half-Nekomata / half-demon mix. 

She serves as the catgirl character with some typical traits like meowing, cat ears, and mannerisms.

koneko toujou

Toujou is one of Rias’s Rooks after Sirzechs Lucifer saved her from the punishment of a crime she did not commit. Sirzechs then brought her to Rias, who she now serves.

She’s cold, quiet, and minds her own business until she warms up and is more comfortable with the person. But she’s also extremely loyal and would do anything for her friends and Rias. 

kiba and koneko

Koneko is a half-Nekomata cat-like demon who uses ki manipulation that turns her into an incredibly powerful fighter. She can lift boulders and fight anyone head-to-head regarding brute strength. 

koneko toujou fighting style

Her ki manipulation mixed with demon arts increases her hand-to-hand fighting prowess while bolstering a tough defense. Koneko is also a rare kind of Nekomata, the Nekoshou that are known to be the strongest among the species. 

Xenovia Quarta 

Xenovia Quarta is a foe-turned-friend and a blue-haired master sword user.

She was part of the Catholic Church where she served as an exorcist. After embarking on a journey to Japan in search of the fragments of Excalibur, she eventually fell out of the Church’s graces.

High School DxD New Xenovia Tribute

She then sought out to be one of Rias’s Knights and turned into a demon. 

While Xenovia is sort of a dunce when it comes to common sense situations, she’s an intelligent person. She’s also one of the top students in class.

highschool dxd excalibur destruction

She’s a knight who usually focuses on speed and mobility during a fight. However, she’s been trained to excel at outright strength.

Xenovia is a powerful swordswoman that’s almost on the same level as Kiba. 

kiba high school dxd sword

Her actual power is the ability to use any Holy Sword at its full power. But becoming a demon, she now relies on the demon sword, Durandal which is almost as powerful as the Holy Sword Excalibur.

Gasper Vladi 

Gasper the Cute Trap Loli – High School DxD Hero Episode 8

Gasper Vladi is a cross-dressing vampire who enjoys adorable girl clothing. But this is in part due to his past, where he was ostracized for being a half-vampire/human hybrid.

Vampires hold pure-blooded lineage in high regard. He was feared and abhorred by Gasper’s ability to stop time. Eventually escaping, he was soon attacked by Vampire hunters and perished.

high school dxd hero gasper

Rias found Gasper gravely wounded and revived him as one of her Bishops. 

And since Gasper does not have full control of his unpredictable powers yet, Rias lets him stay in a restricted area in the club room to limit unintended accidents. He has a shy and closed-off personality.

high school dxd gasper box

Eventually, he gains confidence after befriending Issei and the rest of the team. He’s now an important team member and would do anything for them. He can stop time, he also has Vampiric powers to control bats and shadows.

Highschool DxD – Issei Playing With Gasper (English Dub)

The Best Highschool DxD Girls Ranked!

Now, we’re going to rank the best High School DxD girls for fun. The list is just our personal opinion and you might rank them differently.

  1. Akeno Himejima
  2. Rias Gremory
  3. Xenovia Quarta
  4. Koneko Toujou 
  5. Ravel Phenex
  6. Asia Argento
  7. Rossweisse
  8. Sona Sitri
  9. Kuroka 
  10. Irina Shidou 

We wanna know what you guys think, any other characters you fancy in High School DxD? Any waifus that didn’t make our list? 

We’ve reached the end of our High School DxD character overview and hopefully, you’ve got enough pertinent info on your favorite characters. There are far more than just the few we’ve mentioned so far. 

If you guys are keen on another character overview, leave us a comment! 

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