Anime40 Best High School Anime Series Every Otaku Should Watch

40 Best High School Anime Series Every Otaku Should Watch

High School anime is the most popular (and fascinating) anime genre with a lot in it: romance, sci-fi, sports, comedy, ecchi, and even horror!

Now Picture this: you’re back in high school, surrounded by the vibrant energy of youth, the rush of adrenaline from after-school activities, and the butterflies of first love.

This was a time of self-discovery, where you learned to navigate the complexities of relationships and the world around you.

Now imagine reliving this journey, but with the added magic of anime. That’s what you can expect from the 40 best high school anime of 2023 list.

Join us on a nostalgic trip down memory lane as we revisit the defining moments of our teenage years and discover new and exciting tales of youthful adventures

40 Amazing High School Animes You Must Watch!

40. Assassination Classroom

assassination classroom

Assassination Classroom is a comedy anime with beautifully illustrated action scenes. The story of class 3-E students commanded by the government to kill their “Koro Sensei”; an octopus-like teacher with immense strength and peculiar abilities.

Koro Sensei is one of a kind, he has impeccable skills, fast reflexes, and ample strength. This is the reason why powerful organizations feel helpless when it comes to Koro.

He has destroyed the moon and threatens to destroy earth unless someone kills him. The only complication is that Koro Sensei is the best teacher class 3-E has ever had.

39. Great Teacher Onizuka

great teacher onizuka

Great Teacher Onizuka is a famous manga series of the 90s which is illustrated by Tooru Fujisawa and adapted by Pierrot in 1999. Great Teacher Onizuka (GTO) perfectly portrays the struggle of a new teacher who was once a gang member and is now trying to become the greatest teacher ever.

In Kichijoji, he is hired as a last-ditch effort by a private middle school to rein in a particularly unruly class that has already claimed the lives of two of its teachers and is ready to send a third to join them. 

However, by individually reaching out to each student, Onizuka sets out on a quest to discover who he is and how to help others. And succeeds in teaching and inspiring his students while applying tactics that are unconventional, illegal, and violent.

38. Hyouka

anime hyouka

Based on the works of Japanese author Honobu Yonezawa, Hyouka is a popular anime series in Japan adapted into a 22-episode animated TV series in 2012 from a Classic Literature series.

Hyouka is a high school mystery with unique characters; Houtarou Oreki (an ordinary student with a mundane lifestyle), Chitanda (a lively inquisitive girl), Fukube (an intelligent guy with a bright smile), and Ibara (a girl with strong values) of Koten Club.

The story revolves around a mysterious book “Hyouka” that conceals 45-year-old mysteries about previous members of the Koten club. And considering the curious nature of Chitanda, it is no surprise that the group went on a mystery-solving adventure.

37. Classroom Of The Elite

classroom of the elite

Classroom Of The Elite fearlessly depicts the weaknesses of the schooling system by showcasing the story of an exemplary school that seemingly guarantees a bright future.

The Koudo Ikusei Senior High School is recognized among outsiders as an academic heaven. But like any other high school, it has its hierarchy where high achievers are given benefits while below-par students are called trash (losers).

The plot showcases the story of Kiyotaka, a simple guy with exceptional intelligence. He messed up during his entrance exam and was put in class D. This is where all the “waste of the school” is placed.

36. Kaguya Sama – Love Is War

kaguya sama love is war

Miyuki Shirogane, who is widely regarded as a genius at the elite Shuchiin Academy, serves as president of the student council and works closely with Kaguya Shinomiya, who is both attractive and wealthy.

Kaguya Sama – Love Is War is a romantic high school anime that portrays the story of two student council members; Kaguya and Miyuki. Both are shipped by the entire high school and seem to have developed feelings for each other.

But in the battle of love, none of them is willing to lose; the first one to admit their feelings loses. With their pride on the line, both refuse to confess their feelings.

35. The Disastrous Life Of Saiki K.

the disastrous life of saiki k

The Disastrous Life Of Saiki K. is a famous Japanese comedy-filled manga series written and illustrated by Shuichi Aso and is adapted into a 120 episodes anime series by JC Studio.

An impressive slice-of-life anime with some outstanding humor, The Disastrous Life of Saiki K is a story about Saiki; a student with psychic and telepathic powers that allows him to achieve whatever he desires! 

However, Saiki has grown bored and has lost all interest in the world and the anime portrays the day-to-day life of this high school student who had to deal with the raw thoughts of his fellow students.

34. School Rumble

school rumble

School Rumble is a classic anime and has all the factors that make a memorable high school anime; a bunch of quirky characters, high school sweethearts, a few angsty misunderstandings, and great comedy.

The series follows 16-year-old Tenma Tsukamoto as she falls madly in love with Ooji Karasuma, an eccentric man with a blank face. But Tenma is afraid to show her emotions since she believes she lacks appealing qualities.

On the other hand, Kenji Harima; a delinquent with a distinct reputation, cannot express his love to the one he cares for either. Will these two be able to find their happy endings?

33. Daily Lives Of High School Boys

daily lives of high school boys

Focusing on three second-year students and their friends, the series is well-known for its comedic insights into the ‘everyday’ lives of high school students who are more into other activities than studying seriously. 

The beauty of Daily Lives of High School Boys is that it is relatable for everybody who has happy recollections of their own high school years. This makes the anime an absolute delight to watch.

Further, the show has no unnecessary drama, full-blown love story, or any other arc. Just a pure and accurate illustration of ordinary yet fun high school life. Why not watch it when you are a little bit exhausted? 

32. The Misfit Of Demon King Academy

the misfit of demon king academy

Some fantasy and hocus pocus added into an anime never disappoints. The Misfit Of Demon King Academy is a perfect blend of magic, romance, and high school life with some flashy action scenes.

The plot revolves around a “Demon King’ who is reborn 2,000 years later than his original era. He is now determined to reclaim his position as a demon king but for that, he has to survive high school where he has already been labeled as a “misfit”.

But what sets him apart from the crowd is his overwhelming magical powers, enchant-less magic spells, and using time reverse and reincarnation magic that even high-end magicians can not practice perfectly! 

31. Asobi Asobase

asobi asobase

What do high school students crave the most? Leisure and fun! Asobi Asobase is a story about three girls with the quirkiest personalities in an unofficial club. The ultimate goal (and motto) of the club is to have fun.

The show involves Kasumi (a ticking bomb who can explode if disturbed too much), Olivia (a sarcastic couch potato), and Hanako (an epitome of chaos and humor). You won’t be able to find a single dull moment in the entire series.

And what’s the anime plot? Three school girls of very different personalities playing hand games for fun and passing their school years with utmost joy! Add it to your list to kill your boredom. 

30. Beastars 


Written and illustrated by Paru Itagaki, Beastars is a Taisho Manga Prize Winner (2018) manga series adapted into an anime series by Orange Studio in 2019. 

Beastars is another fantasy anime with anthropomorphic animals and has a typical high school anime plot with sports arcs. The story is set in an anthropomorphic universe where power dynamics are among herbivores and carnivores.

Even though the plot is primarily fantasy but it also has a mystery element as the story encompasses an unsolved case about the brutal murder of an herbivore student named Tem and makes all the carnivorous students primary suspects! 

29. Haganai – I Don’t Have Many Friends

haganai i don't have many friends

A warm yet fun high school anime about social misfits trying to learn the art of making friends. Haganai – I Don’t Have Many Friends has a distinct storyline that revolves around “Neighbor Club”; a club for all the oddballs out there.

The story’s primary focus is Kodaka Hasegawa, a transfer student determined to make a wonderful first impression on his new peers. Kodaka is discouraged since the first day because considering his blonde hair and intimidating looks, people avoid him.

However, things change when Kodaka discovers that fellow loner Yozora Mikazuki is talking to her imaginary friend in a classroom. He approaches her and Kodaka and Yozora decide to join forces in the Neighbor’s Club where they will learn how to socialize.

28. ReLife

relife anime

Ever wished for a second chance? Well our protagonist; Arata, does and gets a second chance! He’s offered a pill that makes people 10 years younger and to no surprise, he takes it.

The flashback is, Arata Kaizaki is an unemployed 27-years old protagonist who has failed every interview he has ever had. However, life changes when he meets Ryo Yoake of the ReLIFE Laboratory, who offers him a drug that can restore his youthful appearance.

After taking the drug, Arata is subjected to a year-long experiment in which he re-enters his previous life as a high school student to undo his previous mistakes. So ReLife is a rollercoaster of emotions with an adult fixing the mistakes he made as a teenager and learning new things along the way.

27. Angel Beats

angel beats

Angel beats is a fantasy high school anime with an afterlife arc. The story begins as Otonashi; a boy with amnesia finds himself in an unfamiliar school. Turns out it is an afterlife purgatory where souls with traumatic deaths or unresolved feelings reside.

Yuri Nakamura explains the afterlife’s high school setting to him; Young souls stuck in limbo often have to suffer or go through hell before they may be reborn. However, to reincarnate, Otonashi has to spend a normal school life. 

But there’s a group called SSS that won’t accept demise and instead blames God for their sufferings! Isn’t the plot interesting? Watch it out before I fill you in with all the spoilers! 

26. Another

another anime

Another is a mysterious and psychological high school anime. The plot is eerily captivating and mainly focuses on Koichi being intrigued by his classmate Mei; an eye-patch girl.

The story is about a series of mysterious murders in a village and strange events taking place left, right, and center involving the students of class 3-3. Mention one, a previously dead classmate appears in a graduation photo! 

And then there’s Kouichi Sakakibara, a new student who quickly becomes skeptical of the class’s pervasive air of dread and avoids contacting a girl who always draws sketches and sits alone in the class. 

25. Nisekoi


Naoshi Komi is the author and illustrator of the Nisekoi manga series, which follows the story of Raku Ichijo, the son of a Yakuza faction head, and Chitoge Kirisaki, the daughter of a rival gang boss.

Despite their deep-seated animosity against one another, they pretend to be in love to end a conflict between their families.

Time passes, and Raku’s condition seems to worsen for n reasons, including Chitoge’s overprotective bodyguard, a female hitman, and a girl who claims to be Raku’s fiancée.

24. Ouran High School Host Club

ouran high school host club

A scholarship student at the fictional Ouran Academy in Tokyo, Haruhi Fujioka is the clumsy protagonist of this comedy school anime series. 

After breaking an antique vase worth around US$80,000 in her first meeting with six male students from the Ouran Academy Host Club, Haruhi is forced to pay for the damage by running errands for the group.

The only catch is, she can’t let anyone know she is a girl! However, once they saw that she was actually a female student, they quickly promoted her to full Host status and began using her to attract female students.

23. Nichijou


Nichijou is hands down the most insanely hilarious high school anime. The storyline showcases some of the wackiest characters including; Yuuko (a humanoid representation of chaos), Mio (a manga writer), a robot girl, and a talking cat!

Nichijou is about the mundane situations that people in the town of Tokisadame go through on a daily basis and the bizarre things that happen to them throughout the course of the series.

Nano’s plot arc is the most prominent in the anime series; the first half of Nichijou focuses on her aspiration to enroll in a high school, while the second half explores her anxiety about being outed as a robot at school.

22. Rascal Does Not Dream Of Bunny Girl Senpai

rascal does not dream of bunny girl senpai

Rascal Does Not Dream Of Bunny Girl Senpai is not a flashy anime to go over as the name may suggest. Rather it is a psychological high school anime that focuses on “adolescence syndrome.”

The story begins when Sakuta; a high schooler, finds his senpai in a bunny girl outfit. She was roaming into the library without being noticed by anyone as if she was invisible.

On other hand, Adolescence Syndrome is considered a  myth. It is a rare condition that exclusively targets adolescents, and its symptoms are so supernatural that most individuals reject it as a real phenomenon.

21. Kenichi – The Mightiest Disciple

kenichi the mightiest disciple

Kenichi – The Mightiest Disciple is a story about self-discovery. Kenichi is a karate club loser who is challenged by one of the strongest members with only one rule i.e. the loser will quit the club. Now Kenichi must find a way to learn how to fight within a week.

On the same day, Kenichi saw a girl named Miu fighting some thugs, her moves were calculated and fast. She took Kenichi to her grandpa and he assured him about honing his skills, only if he were to survive.

Scared out of his wits, Kenichi reconsiders becoming a good fighter. But the thought of being beaten to a pulp during a duel and Ragnarok threatening his friends is what motivated him again.

20. The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya

the melancholy of haruhi suzumiya

A bunch of chaotic adventures is what The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya is all about. The story revolves around Haruhi who founded a club by the name of SOS Brigade. All the members of the club except Kyon are either espers, aliens, or time travelers.

These extraordinary characters are sent from their respective organizations to prevent Haruhi from unknowingly destroying an entire planet with her overwhelming powers.

But the fact is, Haruhi is unaware of her warping powers that may unleash if she ever were to be bored or unhappy about her life.

19. Kakegurui

  • Episodes: 24
  • Seasons: 2
  • Studio: MAPPA
  • Watch: Netflix 

Kakegurui has a typical high school setting where a bunch of rich kids come and study hard. What can we do if they are more into gambling than studying?

Hyakkaou is a prestigious private institute for the elites. The school operates like any other school during the day, but at night, they focus more on practical learning fundamentally focused on “manipulation”. 

And by gambling, they teach students how to juggle money, and power. Among them, Yumeko Jabami has the most extraordinary gambling skills which makes her the MC. 

18. Kill La Kill

kill la kill anime

Kill La Kill is a wonderful combination of supernatural, magic, daft humor, and outstanding action scenes. The plot revolves around Ryuko, an enthusiastic high school girl trying to solve the mystery behind her father’s death.

Ryuko is desperate to find any clues related to her father’s death. And in search, she reaches Honnouji Academy. 

The president council Satsuki might have some clue about the death of Ryuko’s father. But to reach her Ryuko must fight the elite four; Satsuki’s underlings!

17. Kokoro Connect

kokoro connect
  • Episodes: 17
  • Seasons: 1
  • Studio: Silver Link
  • Watch: Crunchyroll

Kokoro Connect is a ridiculously hilarious story of 5 high school students. The group is being teased by a spirit in the name of testing their friendship. 

The story gets so awkward that it can very well turn into a horror show for introverts. The first test of their friendship was switching bodies with each other. Being in each other’s bodies, the deepest secrets were no longer secrets. 

Will their friendship be strong enough to withstand this? Or will it be severed once they dive into one other’s characters? Find out by watching the 17 episodes!

16. Fruit Basket

fruit basket

Fruit Basket is yet another slice-of-life high school anime, but this anime has a spooky twist. Tohru ends up residing at one of her classmates’ houses, Yuki Sohma’s, with his cousins as a result of a tragedy that befell her.

On one fine day, Tohru accidentally crashed into Kyo who turned into a cat and made Tohru discover the curse of the Sohma family which is that they are possessed by Junishi; a spirit of the Chinese zodiac. 

And because of this curse, they transform into their animal forms when they are weak, stressed, or embraced by someone of the opposite sex who is not possessed by a spirit of the zodiac.

15. Scum’s Wish

scum’s wish

Scum’s wish is a tragic high school love story with fake dating to true feelings arc. The story has such a complicated love tetragon that you may consider keeping boxes of tissues around while watching it.

Hanabi is in love with her homeroom teacher; Narumi. Mugi loves Akane; his older tutor and now a music teacher. 

But Akane and Narumi love each other. To cope with the heartache Hanabi and Mugi began a complex relationship. It just didn’t go as planned.

14. Sakamoto Desu Ga

sakamoto desu ga

Is perfection achievable? Well, for Sakamoto, yes. He is hands down “the” perfect being. Sakamoto excels at literally everything; academics, making friends, dealing with bullies, etc.

Sakamoto is an excellent example of the virtues of kindness and selflessness due to his reputation for maintaining composure under pressure.

Even so, his extravagant actions still seem to captivate people, whether they know that he isn’t really all-powerful or not.

13. School-Live!


Norimitsu Kaiho and Sadoru Chiba are the creative minds behind the manga series School-Live! It is not your usual slice-of-life high school anime, I mean it is but with a plot twist i.e. a zombie apocalypse. 

In the beginning, the show portrays the usual high school vibes; with a group of girls procrastinating and chilling.

But later on, this turns out to be an illusion created by their subconscious minds to cope with the brutal reality that these girls are the only survivors of a zombie apocalypse.

12. The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

the girl who leapt through time

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time reflects the story of Makoto; a girl who has just gained the power to time travel. Now, what can an ordinary high school student do with such power? It wouldn’t be something as great as saving the earth.

Makoto begins using time-traveling abilities to; avoid getting in awkward situations, buy more time to do schoolwork, enjoy karaoke sessions a bit longer, etc. 

But time traveling always has serious consequences. Can she cope with it all? It’s worth watching anime to fill your daily anime dose!

11. Toradora

toradora anime

Here is another romance high school anime but with fewer tears. Toradora is a rather heart-warming and intensely emotional story that could make you fall for its characters. 

Because the plot entails a love pentagon consisting of five high school friends and frenemies. They are trying to figure out complicated phenomena like; love, friendship, affection, and even jealousy.

Further, the two main characters, Ryuji and Taiga, try to help each other get to know their lovers by setting up romantic situations throughout the series, but many of these attempts fail.

10. Orange

orange anime

Orange is a deeply emotional story about love and friendship and its story strongly emphasizes the role of friends in one’s life. 

The plot mainly focuses on Naho receiving letters from her future self. Letters carry instructions on saving the transfer student’s life. At first, Naho considered it a prank and ignored the instructions which led to severe consequences. 

However, upon realizing the truth and deeply regretting her wrong decision, Naho began following the instructions and came to find a few dreadful realizations.

9. Horimiya

horimiya anime

Horimiya is a cutesy high school romance anime that portrays the story after confession. It is a story of two seemingly opposite characters i.e. Horimiya; a popular girl and Miyamura; a nerdy introvert.

The love story blooms upon an accidental encounter between the two and both realize that they are much more compatible than anyone could imagine. And this marks the beginning of a wholesome romance.

In addition, unlike other romantic anime, Horimiya focuses on portraying ordinary folk and building their genuine relationship.

8. A Silent Voice

a silent voice

A Silent Voice is a cozy, heart-warming high school anime with a redemption arc. As many of us believe that karma is a… you know, hit the man back. 

The plot involves Shoya; the protagonist and his friends bullying a deaf girl; Shoko, who then transfers to another school. When word of this incident got out, Shoya was boycotted as a bully and became an easy target himself. 

Upon tasting his own medicine, Shoya realized what he did to Shoko was cruel and set up his mind to make amends with her.

7. Tanaka Kun Is Always Listless

tanaka kun is always listless
  • Episodes: 12
  • Seasons: 1
  • Studio: Silver Link
  • Watch: Crunchyroll 

Hello fellow procrastinators! Here is a show that hits just the right notes, or maybe they try to. If you are here looking for some good anime to watch, you will love Tanaka, all 12 episodes of it.

Tanaka is a sleepy adolescent who never seems to be really awake. He and his friend Oota spend their time groaning and avoiding difficult tasks.

As a person, he puts forth effort solely in things that pique his interest or those he believes are worthwhile.

6. My Little Monster

my little monster series

Here is a warm and fluffy romance high school anime. My Little Monster is a love story of a delinquent; Haru and a nerd, Shizuku aka ‘dry ice’ because of her cold demeanor. 

Their paths collide when Haru sits next to Shizuku in class and soon Shizuku realizes that the seemingly tough Haru is a softie in real life. And even though she is hesitant to accept, some butterflies are roaming in her stomach. 

Contrary to her, guileless Haru has no issue admitting his feelings for Shizuku. He is waiting for Shizuku to approach him and uncover her feelings for him!

5. Komi Can’t Communicate

komi can't communicate anime

Komi Can’t Communicate is a slow-burn romance that also addresses the most prevalent issue among teenagers i.e. social anxiety. Komi has a fear of interacting with her class fellows and because of this, she struggles with making friends.

One day a guy named Tadano talks to her by writing on the school board with chalk and promises to help Komi overcome her fear. 

While Tadano is not particularly social, he succeeds in creating a group of friends including Komi who only communicates through writing in her notebook. They all go to the beach, eat together, and spend a lot of time enjoying the joys of school life.

4. K Project

k project anime

K Project takes place in a world where “kings” with superpowers rule the world. The anime primarily portrays the peaceful and ordinary life of Yashiro Isana. However, the peace didn’t last for long as he found himself in a crossfire between the kings.

A pacifist of the red clan; Tatatra has been murdered and no one knows for sure who killed him. But the killer has a striking resemblance to Yashiro, the Silver King.

And now considering Yashiro a killer, the Red Clansmen of HOMRA set out to track him down and eliminate him.

3. From Me To You

from me to you anime

From Me To You is your classic high school romance anime series adapted from the Best Shōjo Award-Winning manga series written by Karuho Shiina.

The story is mainly about Sawako; a girl who is ostracized by everyone at school because of her resemblance with Sadako, a character from a horror movie (The Ring).

However, things change completely when a popular guy; Kazehaya befriends her. He introduces her to a whole new world of making friends and having fun. Amid all that love blossoms between the two.

2. Blue Exorcist

blue exorcist

What would you do if one day you were to realize that you are Satan’s son and your adoptive dad died protecting you? Not a nice thing to imagine right? Well, this cruel fate befell Rin; our protagonist, and his twin brother; Yukio.

One day, Rin accidentally unlocks his supernatural powers and appearance that were sealed by his adoptive exorcist father, Shiro Fujimoto. Rin is adamant about getting revenge on Satan but for that, he first needs to graduate from True Cross Academy.

True Cross Academy is affiliated with an organization that was established to protect the human world from the demonic realm. Will Rin be able to get strong enough to stand a chance against Satan himself?

1. My Hero Academia

my hero academia

If you are an anime freak, you must have already heard of My Hero Academia as the anime was hyped and trending for quite some time. The storyline is about an alternate reality where humans have evolved to have superpowers or quirks and those lacking them are considered inferior.

But no worries, The Hero Academy is here to save the day! This academy’s goal is to teach those with quirks how to optimize the quirks and use them safely for the better good.

This anime is worth a try as it has everything one could ask for; an intriguing storyline, unique quirks, and phenomenal animation. Learn more about MHA characters here.

MHA’s School Festival Arc is UNDERRATED

We hope your time here was worth it and that you have already found something good to watch. And if you have stuck around till here, you might as well wanna try the best anime to watch on Crunchyroll or on Hulu? Comment!

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