GamesPersona 5Persona 5 Royal- Haru Okumura Confidant Guide

Persona 5 Royal- Haru Okumura Confidant Guide

Haru Okumura represents the Empress Confidant in Persona 5 Royal. She is a third-year student at the Shujin Academy and already a part of the Phantom Thieves.

She appears very sweet and naive, but her Phantom Thief avatar is the opposite. Known as Noir, Haru is a homage to the Three Musketeers.

This beautiful fighter is also romanceable, so you have that to look forward to as well. But that and more come only after you improve the Haru Confidant relationship.

And that’s the purpose of this guide. From her Ranks to her abilities, we’ll tell you every single thing.

So, let’s get started.

Haru Okumura Confidant – Abilities

10 Ranks, 9 Perks- you really don’t want to miss out on Haru Okumura.

From ailment cures to attack improvements and even defense boosts, Haru offers everything you need in Persona 5 Royal.

Here is a detailed table of Haru’s abilities.

1Cultivation- Can now grow vegetables on Shujin Academy’s roof.
3Follow Up- Launch a follow-up attack if Joker’s attack fails.
4Celeb Talk- Chance of a retry at failed Shadow Negotiations.
5Bumper Crop- More yield in a single harvest.
6Harisen Recovery- Cure status ailments of party members.
7Soil Improvement- Vegetables will cultivate faster.
8Endure- May withstand a fatal attack even at 1 HP.
9Protect- May protect Joker from a fatal attack.
10Second Awakening- Transforms into Astarte.

How To Begin Haru Confidant in Persona 5 Royal?

how to begin haru confidant in persona 5 royal

Haru’s Confidant might just be the easiest to initiate.

After October 30, Haru is almost always available on Shujin Academy’s roof. Whenever you feel like initiating her Confidant, just go and ask her to hang out.

She’s available after school on all seven days of the week. But she won’t be available on a rainy day.

Best Responses For Haru Confidant Rank

Here is the only cheat sheet you need to get the most points from every Rank event and max out Haru Confidant in no time.

Moreover, you must keep an Empress persona with you, so you get the max points for each dialogue.

But before starting her ranking events, you should achieve max level Proficiency. If you don’t, you won’t get past Rank 1 of Haru Confidant.

And if you’re wondering, you can romance Haru with the right answers- and of course, we have the right answers.

Rank 1

Haru: I certainly have plenty of seeds, so if you have a preference, I’ll prioritize growing those first.

Best Response: +3. Any choice.

haru confidant after school tuesday

Rank 2

Haru: …Coffee beans.

Best Response: +3. You like coffee?/Are you opening a café?

Haru: He even offered to assist me with asset management. I fear he has an ulterior motive though…

Best Response: +3. He sounds suspicious.

Haru: …At least, it’s possible.

Best Response: +3. This is a complex issue.

Rank 3

Haru: But um, <protagonist>-kun… I’m worried what the school might do if they found out about this.

Best Response: +3. They won’t find out./It’ll be OK, I promise.

Haru: So, um… what can I say to decline his offer…?

Best Response: +2. I don’t want to go with you.

Haru: Have, um… Have you ever experienced that?

Best Response: +3. Too many times to count./Not yet.

Haru: My excuse was that my friend was calling me… so here I am, away from him.

Best Response: +3. Smart response.

haru confidant daytime sunday

Rank 4

Haru: You see, just a single cup of the Dark Ivory coffee here costs roughly six thousand yen.

Best Response: +3. It must be amazing.

Haru: Well, shall we order? I’ll be paying for your cup as well.

Best Response: +3. I can’t let you do that./Cheers.

Haru: Apparently it’s brewed using beans gathered from elephant dung.

Best Response: +3. Any choice.

Haru: Speaking of cats, do you think Mona-chan would be able to…?

Best Response: +3. Let’s ask him.

Haru: Hey, um… what did you think of him

Best Response: +3. I’m not really sure.

Haru: You took the time out of your schedule to hang out with me, but we ended up dealing with my own drama…

Best Response: +3. Let’s get coffee again sometime.

haru okumura confidant guide

Rank 5

Haru: One side has to be deceiving me, correct? I’m honestly suspicious of everyone at this point…

Best Response: +3. Somebody’s telling the truth.

Haru: Though now that I think about it… that may be my best chance to help the employees my father left behind…

Best Response: +3. There has to be another way.

Haru: Would I have just resigned myself to the fate he had made for me…?

Best Response: +3. I don’t think so.

Haru: Once I started to imagine that again, this powerful fear came flooding back…

Best Response: +3. Pinch yourself.

Rank 6

Haru: It says here that the type of roast you want should differ depending on how you want to drink your coffee.

Best Response: +3. That’s fascinating./Can you make some for me?

Haru: But that’s where the real origin of our family business lies.

Best Response: +3. I had no idea.

Haru: I mean, Takakura-san seems to only be focused on profits… At this rate, we’ll never lose our black image.

Best Response: +3. Black like coffee?/That would be bad.

Haru: He’s going to get Okumura Foods as well as my entire inheritance… and I’m totally powerless against him…

Best Response: +3. Be strong, Haru.

Haru: The negativity felt so painful, too much to handle alone, and… before I knew it, I was already calling you.

Best Response: +3. You can talk to me anytime.

persona 5 haru okumura confidant

Rank 7

Haru: In the end, I’m just not sure what to do…

Best Response: +3. What do you want to do?

Haru: But… I don’t think you can truly gain the same joy from the low-cost chain Takakura-san is suggesting.

Best Response: +3. Any choice.

Haru: I’ll make him see what I’m really thinking… and what’s truly important to me.

Best Response: +3. Any choice.

Haru: It’s thanks to your support that I can keep pushing forward.

Best Response: I’ll always have your back.

Rank 8

Haru: The thing that will help me show Takakura-san how I really feel… is right here.

Best Response: +3. The soil?

Haru: I wonder what Takakura-san will think when he tries it…

Best Response: +3. It’ll help him understand you./He’s going to love it.

Haru: “But if they want to fool people with a low-quality product instead of regaining their trust… I will proudly oppose them.

Best Response: +3. You’re amazing, Haru./I’ll be cheering for you.

Haru: I’m already testing the soil I brought home today. I can tell my coffee plants are happy.

Best Response: +3. I want some too.

haru okumura confidant evening wednesday

Rank 9

Haru: W-Well… um…

Best Response: +3. I’m sure you’ll do great./Give it all you’ve got, Haru.

Haru: …Thank you, <protagonist>-kun.

Best Response: +3. You’re very welcome./You did amazing.

Now’s the time to choose. You can either date her or remain good friends.

Haru: Why do you think…?

Best Response: He saw us as good friends. (Friends) / I like you too, Haru. (Lovers)

Now, if you choose Friends, you get the following question.

Haru: If only you could smell it too.

Best Response: +3. You sound so happy.

And if you choose Romance, you get this question.

Haru: Er, well… H-How are you?

Best Response: +3. I wanted to hear your voice./I miss you.

haru okumura confidant royal

Rank 10 – Friendship OR Romance

Haru: I think my presence angered some people at first, but in the end, they all listened to my thoughts.

Best Response: +3. You’ve done great, Haru.

Haru: It’ll be a shop that people love, like Grandfather’s… and like this place. What do you think?

Best Response: I’m sure you’ll succeed.

These 2 dialogues above are the same, regardless of whether you choose Lovers or Friends. But if you start a relationship, you get another +3 dialogue.

Haru: ……

Best Response: +3. I’m glad too./Just my teammate?

haru okumura confidant ranks persona 5

Now you see how easily you can get Haru Confidant Rank 10.

Jokes aside, you’ll have to spend a lot of time with Haru but her abilities make it worth the while. Plus, she’s kinda cute.

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