Anime25 Harem Anime That You Should Watch in 2023

25 Harem Anime That You Should Watch in 2023

Harem is all polyandrous or polyamorous relationships. These relationships mostly have a male character being swarmed by many female characters. In the case of a reverse harem, the scene is exactly the opposite.

In this post, we have curated some of the best harem titles. We will skim through old harem classics as well as new harem anime titles.

25 Best Harem Anime

For me, Tenchi Muyo! was the anime that kickstarted the harem genre.

Keep in mind HRM titles don’t mean the characters should have a romantic relationship. Also, a narrative with three individuals can’t be considered a harem. It is more of a love triangle.

But such stories are considered taboo in many regions, and the following titles aren’t appropriate for all age groups.

So proceed only if you are 18+.

25. In Another World With My Smartphone

in another world with my smartphone

It all started when a stray lightning bolt from God hit Touya Mochizuki. As an apology, he granted him a wish. He would let Touya live in a fantasy world that has its own exotic rules.

Touya accepts the offer but tells God that he will be bringing his smartphone along with him. And that’s how the story begins and narrates his encounters with exotic girls and his chances of having a romantic relationship with a few of them.

It might not be the cream of the crop but a fun harem to watch. Also, this is one of those harem anime where the MC marries all.

Watch In Another World With My Smartphone Online

24. Arifureta: From Commonplace To The World’s Strongest


Hajime Nagumo is a 17-year old. Incidentally, he and his classmates get summoned into a fantasy world. Here they have to try their best to save mankind. This is when things turn for the worse for Hajime.

He is unable to use offense and is only able to transmute objects. Soon after, his classmates abandon him and he falls to the bottom of an abyss. Here he meets Yue, Tio and Shea.

Now he must train to become stronger and find his own way out of the dungeon.

Watch Arifureta Online

23. Demon King Daimao

demon king daimao
  • Author – Takao Yoshioka
  • Studio – Artland
  • Seasons – 1
  • Episodes – 12

Demon King Daimao is a school harem anime. Akuto Sai is just another teenager who dreams of making this world a better place. To do good he joins a magical academy and meets Junko Hattori. They start liking each other.

Soon it is revealed that according to a prophecy Akuto will be the Demon King. Akuto tries to conceal this information but it spreads like wildfire. Even Junko stops trusting him.

In the midst of it all, there is a group of girls who fantasize about this prophecy and are attracted to Akuto. Will Akuto be able to negate the prophecy?

Watch it if you like ecchi and harem anime.

Watch Demon King Daimao Online

22. How Not To Summon A Demon

how not to summon a demon lord
  • Author – Kazuyuki Fudeyasu
  • Studio – Ajia-do Animation Works
  • Seasons – 1
  • Episodes – 10

How Not To Summon a Demon was the 7th most-viewed anime on Crunchyroll. In 2018, the original novel on which the anime is based sold over a million copies.

This anime follows the life of Takuma Sakamoto, a hard-core gamer who plays the character Diablo, and who’s also the demon lord. One fine day an accident strikes and he gets absorbed in the game as the Demon Lord.

In it, he meets two girls who enslave him. But soon, these girls become his slaves and start to want him badly. This is one of the best harem anime and definitely deserves your attention. 

Watch How Not To Summon A Demon Online

21. To Love Ru

to love ru anime
  • Author –  Saki Hasemi
  • Studio –  Xebec
  • Seasons – 4
  • Episodes – 64

Yuuki Rito is a school goer. He develops a huge crush on one of his schoolmates Haruna. But somehow he is unable to confess his love for her.

One day after another failed attempt at voicing his love, Yuuki comes home and finds a naked girl lying in his bathtub. This girl Layla is apparently an alien from a faraway planet Deviluke.

Layla came to Earth to stop getting married to someone on her own planet. Now she chooses Yuuki to be her husband so that she can stay on Earth.

The title has raised a lot of eyebrows and received many critical reviews, worth a watch.

Watch To Love Ru Online 

20. Tsugumomo

  • Author –  Ryōichi Kuraya
  • Studio –  Zero-G
  • Seasons – 2
  • Episodes – 24

This is the story of Kazuya Kagami, a sweet young girl who has lost his mother. Due to her years of attachment to her mother’s obi, the obi turns into Kiriha, a kimono-clad girl.

Kiriha is a Tsugumomo. A perplexed Kazuya who has never met Kiriha is astonished when Kiriha greets her by saying, “long time no see.”

The series has some unique original enemies and showcases the innermost desires of Kazuya. If you are into ecchi and harem this title is worth the screen time.

Watch Tsugumomo Online 

19. Strike The Blood

strike the blood
  • Author –  Hiroyuki Yoshino
  • Studio –  Silver Link Connect
  • Seasons – 1
  • Episodes – 24

Strike the Blood is a fantasy harem title. Set on a man-made island Itogami the series narrates the story of Kojo who’s a vampire. The island harbors mysterious creatures and monsters.

Due to his nature, it is speculated that Kojo can bring forth the end of life on the island. Somehow, Yukon, a Sword Shaman along with many other female warriors gets extremely attracted to Kojo. This fatal attraction increases Kojo’s libido making him stronger.

If you are looking for a mix of action and harem, this is just the title for you.

Watch Strike The Blood Online 

18. Kiss X Sis

kiss x sis
  • Author –  Katsumi
  • Studio –  Feel
  • Seasons – 1
  • Episodes – 12

Keita loses his mother at a very young age. His father remarries and now Keita lives with his father, stepmother, and two twin step-sisters, Ako and Riko.

However, as they mature, things start to heat up as the sisters start liking, flirting, and even lusting over Keito. Such incestuous provocation shakes his moral compass.

Keito has to decide whether he will give in to lust or steer away from such desires. Given this genre has a hook of its own, this title won’t disappoint you.

Watch Kiss X Sis Online

17. Ai Yori Aoshi Enishi

ai yori aoshi enishi
  • Author –  Kou Fumizuki
  • Studio –  J.C.Staff
  • Seasons – 1
  • Episodes – 12

Aoi and Kaoru are friends who lived restricted lives due to their upbringing. Now that they are adults they are ready to leverage their new-found freedom,

Aoi, dressed in a kimono meets Kaoru on a train. They don’t recognize each other at first. But when Kaoru is about to drop Aoi, they instantly remember each other and fall in love.

This anime follows the story of a sweet couple in love and walks you through their day-to-day lives and a lot of other females.

Watch Ai Yori Aoshi Enishi Online

16. Invaders Of The Rokujouma!?

invaders of the rokujouma anime
  • Author – Shogo Yasukawa
  • Studio –  Silver Link
  • Seasons – 1
  • Episodes – 12

Kotaro is an independent high schooler. He has decided to move out and live on his own. That’s why he searched for an affordable room and ended up with room no 106 at the Corona House.

Now the only problem is, the spirits of other girls with supernatural abilities are also trying to get hold of the room. All of them try to negotiate but no one is ready to compromise or back down.

Watch this title if you are looking for original character development and plot twists.

Watch Invaders Of The Rokujouma Online

15. Henneko: The Hentai Prince And The Stony Cat

  • Author – Michiko Itou
  • Studio –  J.C.Staff
  • Seasons – 1
  • Episodes – 12

Youto Yokodera is a pervert. In spite of his fantasizing and all his objectionable actions people consider them as kind gestures and give him a free pass.

This infuriates him. To change things he makes a wish at a cat statue that can grant wishes.

But rather than Youto getting his wish fulfilled, it gets granted to someone else. This starts impacting his life. What’s in store for Youto? Watch it to find out.

Watch Henneko Online

14. Haganai: I Don’t Have Many Friends

haganai i don't have many friends

Kodaka Hasegawa and Yozora Mikazuki have recently joined a new school. Kodaka wants to create a new impression, but due to his ignorant demeanor and intimidating looks, students steer away from him.

On the other hand, Yozora is an introvert and doesn’t have any friends of her own. To solve the problem the duo starts a new club called the Neighbour’s Club, a place where like-minded outcasts can talk freely and make new friends.

This is yet another school harem anime with great comedic relief.

Watch Haganai Online

13. Outbreak Company

outbreak company

Shinichi Kanou is the protagonist of this series. He is an ordinary Otaku. Even though he is a textbook introvert he is quite knowledgeable about manga and anime.

One fine day he wakes up in a fantasy world called the Eldant Empire. There he sees creatures he has never seen in his life. Mythical creatures like elves and other magical beings that he had only heard of in folklore.

Even though Shinichi is unable to understand how he got here, the Japanese government asked him to teach Otaku culture in his land. And he will be assigned some girl assistants to help him with his duties.

Watch Outbreak Company Online

12. Heaven’s Lost Property

heaven’s lost property
  • Author – Yūko Kakihara
  • Studio –  AIC A.S.T.A.
  • Seasons – 2
  • Episodes – 26

Tomoki Sakurai is a positive individual who tries to avoid all things negative. That’s why he tries to avoid situations that make him sad. One night he starts seeing an angel in his dreams.

He would see that angel and wake up in tears. To get to the bottom of this he contacts a friend of his who is a sky lunatic. Upon examination, he tells Tomoki an anomaly has appeared and that he is connected to it. The anomaly is known as the New World.

Soon after he gets an invitation to join the New World Club and a girl shows up from the sky lands in Tomoki’s arms and starts calling him master.

Would Tomoki be able to stay positive and live peacefully? A nice light-hearted harem for a change.

Watch Heaven’s Lost Property Online

11. High School DXD

high school dxd
  • Author – Ichiei Ishibumi
  • Studio –  TNK
  • Seasons – 4
  • Episodes – 65

Issei Hyoudou is your typical pervert. He can’t stop ogling at women and can’t stop fantasizing about them. He wants to engage in a harem but is not able to approach women properly.

One day he lands a date with a pretty girl who ends up killing him. It turns out she was a fallen angel. Rias Gremory rescues him and gives him a second life. 

He is also made a part of the Occult Research Club which ultimately fulfilled all his wishes.

Gradually Issei starts gaining more power and becomes even more powerful than Rias. DXD is one of the best harem anime. Watch out for its great plot.

Watch High School DXD Online

10. Tenchi Muyo!

tenchi muyo
  • Author – Hitoshi Okuda
  • Studio –  AIC
  • Seasons – 3
  • Episodes – 71

Tenchi Masaki lives in rural Japan. He is only 17 years old. Things heat up when a Pirate Ship lands near his Grandfather’s Temple and the Galaxy Police also make a close landing while tracking the pirates.

Tenchi gets caught up in the conflict between both parties. Six women approach him to get used to the new lifestyle.

But will things work out in Tenchi’s favor? Arguably, this is one of the oldest harem anime. I’d personally recommend you to watch this title for its story, characters, and comedic narrative.

Also, this is a rare harem anime with OP MC.

Watch Tenchi Muyo Online

9. Saekano: How To Raise A Boring Girlfriend

saekano how to raise a boring girlfriend
  • Author – Fumiaki Maruto
  • Studio –  A-1 Pictures
  • Seasons – 2
  • Episodes – 25

Tomoya Aki wants to create a visual novel computer game. During his break, he meets a beautiful girl Megumi who turns out to be her past classmate.

He eventually falls for her and decides to start creating his visual novel computer game. He seeks out some girls who can help him to create the game.

Megumi is the lead character in the game. This is how Tomoya was planning things will proceed, but he ends up having romantic feelings for the girls on his team.

Watch Saekano: How To Raise A Boring Girlfriend

8. Nisekoi

  • Author – Fumiaki Maruto
  • Studio –  A-1 Pictures
  • Seasons – 2
  • Episodes – 25

Raku is a Yakuza’s son. While Chitoge happens to be the daughter of a rival gang. When Raku was young his childhood crush had given him a one-of-a-kind locket. Now, when he’s all grown up he cannot recollect who she was.

But his father has other plans. He wants to get Raku married to Chitoge and end the rivalry. Now Raku has to love Chitoge while seeking out other girls to find his true love.

It is one of the most popular harem comedy anime.

Watch Nisekoi Online

7. Yamada-Kun And The Seven Witches

yamada-kun and the seven witches
  • Author – Shin Ogawa
  • Studio –  LIDENFILMS
  • Seasons – 1
  • Episodes – 12

Ryuu Yamada-Kun is a pupil of Suzaku High. He is a second-year student and bored out of his mind. One day when he was stepping out of the principal’s office he met Urara Shiraishi.

When they both were walking down the stairs they stumbled and ended up kissing. And soon after their bodies got swapped.

According to urban legends, there are seven witches whose powers get activated on kissing. Now Ryuu has to find out which girls in his school are witches because they aren’t aware of it.

It is a popular school harem anime and the original manga sold over 3.8 million copies.

Watch Yamada-Kun And The Seven Witches Online

6. The World God Only Knows

the world god only knows
  • Author – Hideyuki Kurata
  • Studio –  Manglobe
  • Seasons – 3
  • Episodes – 41

Keima is your typical introvert. He steers away from the conversation and especially from girls. Due to his shy nature, he is often bullied.

But things change when he is asked to help Elsie, a demon from hell, to retrieve runaway spirits who are inhabiting the human world. Now Keima has to interact with girls to help Elsie do her job.

It is a popular harem anime and is highly recommended by anime lovers.

Watch The World God Only Knows Online

5. Ranma ½

ranma 1⁄2
  • Author – Rumiko Takahashi
  • Studio –  Studio Deen
  • Seasons – 1
  • Episodes – 18

Many consider Ranma to be the series that started the harem anime genre. It is the story of Ranma who is a martial artist. While training he meets with an accident that turns him into a girl.

Now Ranma along with his sister Akane will search for a cure that can turn him back. While they are searching for a cure they will encounter many love interests, enemies, and friends.

It is a fun harem anime and is praised by all anime lovers.

Watch Ranma ½ Online

4. Kanon

kanon anime

Aizawa Yuichi loves visiting his cousin in the city. And whenever he comes to visit him, he has a ball.

But when Yuichi visits him after 7 long years his memory starts to fade and he is unable to remember people. The story revolves around five girls and their relationship with Yuichi.

As Yuichi crosses paths with each of these girls each of them narrates a different story. Gradually Yuichi is able to connect the dots and figure out what happened to him 7 years ago. It is an adult title known for its moé and suggestive content.

Watch Kanon Online

3. Ouran High School Host Club

ouran high school host club
  • Author – Yōji Enokido
  • Studio –  Bones
  • Seasons – 1
  • Episodes – 26

This is a reverse harem anime. When Haruhi Fujioka receives a scholarship from one of the most prestigious schools she is overjoyed. However, when she visits the Host Club she unknowingly breaks an 8-million Yen vase.

This infuriated the hosts of the all-male club. Now Haruhi has to serve the club and get used to their practices and mannerisms.

It is a nice title with an emotional narrative with a pinch of romance and comedy.

Watch Ouran High School Host Club Online 

2. Clannad Series

clannad series
  • Author – Jun Maeda
  • Studio –  Kyoto Animation
  • Seasons – 2
  • Episodes – 50

Tomoya is a laid-back teenager. He loves skipping school with his friends and taking time off. One day they meet a girl who was held back by the school as she was ill.

When Tomoya finds out about her problem, he confronts her and the other girls to discuss their problems. He even joined the school drama club to help the girls out.

It is a very popular school harem anime. A somewhat heartbreaking but gripping storyline is what best describes this series.

Watch Clannad Series Online

1. Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation

mushoku tensei jobless reincarnation

This is a classic harem anime. The story pivots on reincarnation and other fantasy elements where a boy dies in a road accident only to wake up as a child.

He has all his past memories and he knows that he has been reincarnated. The only difference is that he was born in a different land where magic exists.

In this new land, he is named Rudeus Greyrat and he tries his best to become stronger. In his pursuit, he attracts the attention of many girls.

A must-watch harem anime with OP MC.

Watch Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation Online

So that’s it. These are the 25 best harem anime that you should check out if you are into this genre. The list contains some old harem classics as well as new harem anime.

Let us know what you think of our list.

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