Anime25 Gothic Anime Girl Characters: Waifu Graded!

25 Gothic Anime Girl Characters: Waifu Graded!

It’s odd seeing something that was generated in the United Kingdom in the late 70s being highlighted and celebrated by the anime community. But manga and anime creators have beautifully integrated the rise of goth culture into their storytelling.

At first, we got gothic anime and manga. But now, Japanese artists are bringing more and more versatile characters to all mainstream content. So we have plenty of dark and interesting gothic characters to life.

And while the demand and supply for goth boys are low, fans are heavy on gothic anime girl characters. Apparently, fans want gothic waifus now.

So, we decided to list the best of them.

25 Best Gothic Anime Girl Characters

25. Dalian

dalian the mystic archives of dantalian

Dalian, the Black Biblioprincess, is a protagonist of The Mystic Archives of Dantalion. She is the guardian/librarian of the Phantom Library which contains forbidden knowledge of the fabled Phantom Books.

Although she looks like a 12-year-old, her real age is unknown. But considering all the mystique around Dalian, it’s evident that this young body is just a vessel.

She’s rude, arrogant, and impatient; wears a black robe with metal and lace detailing, and has dark waist-long hair; in short, she’s the stereotypical gothic anime girl.

24. Road Kamelot

road kamelot

It’s hard to find a goth anime girl who has her very own dimension. Not exactly a dimension, but using her psychic abilities Road will find your worst memory and relive it with you in real time. And then this sadistic goth will enjoy your suffering.

Yes, she’s from the dark side and is one of the main antagonists of the show. 

This gothic belle is ultra-protective of her own, especially the Noah Family. But she hates normal humans.

With her purple spiky hair and her amber eyes, she sometimes looks like an Annabelle doll- equally horrifying and dangerous.

23. Lenalee Lee

lenalee lee

An overlooked gothic beauty in every sense of the word, mostly because of her fierce warrior persona.

Lee has dark green hair and purple eyes which go well with her sultry and dark outfit. She wears a black short dress with white and gold lining. But it’s just the appearance.

When it comes to her personality, Lee isn’t very gothic. She is caring and polite and loves her family. But if her family is harmed, she’ll kill with ease.

Again, that’s waifu material!

22. Perona

perona one piece

Of all the different types of characters to have appeared in One Piece, Perona is the only hot gothic woman.

The former commander of the Wild Zombies has unusually big pupils which alone are enough to get her into the goth class. But she’s also got a gothic fashion sense. She wears a long black strapless dress that has lavender frills and wears dark red boots.

And the fact that she can control ghosts also adds to her darkness.

21. Mei Misaki

mei misaki another

Mei Misaki is the first anime girl who made this list because of her personality and not because of her appearance. Because the anime is set in a High School, everyone is mostly seen wearing uniforms.

However, we classify Mei as a goth anime girl because of her cold attitude and because she can see death.

Mei lost her left eye which was replaced by a doll’s eye which lets her see things that should not be seen by anyone. For this reason, she’s matured past her age and now wears an eye patch over her left eye.

20. Black Gold Saw

black gold saw

Black Gold Saw is a very uncool name for a devilishly cool goth.

She is what the devil would look like if he was a goth girl. Black Gold Saw wears black bikini shorts and a high-cut jacket. Knee-high socks and greaves of the same color complete the gothic look.

Her flame-shooting right eye and the red/black gradient horns bring out the devil.

And to finish it all off is her massive gold, black, and red blade that’s almost as tall as BGS herself.

19. Kurumi Tokisaki

kurumi tokisaki

Kurumi Tokisaki is the main antagonist of Date A Live. She isn’t a head-to-toe gothic, but her personality traits certainly match the mold.

She has split personalities- one is a polite-mannered school girl and the other is the deadly spirit who kills people. But she has a soft spot for animals and most of her victims are either animal abusers or rapists.

So, there’s some vindication for her. And some justification for us to call her waifu!

18. Victorique de Blois

victorique de blois

Victorique de Blois is borderline gothic, but that’s good enough to follow this waifu around.

She’s the Enola Holmes of anime and helps the protagonist of the series investigate and solve various cases. And she does so dressed as a goth doll.

Victorique wears a black and white Victorian dress that’s full of frills and laces. She also wears a black hairband over her blonde hair. And despite plenty more stuff in her wardrobe, this is her favored look.

Maybe because it goes perfectly with her tsundere personality.

17. Medusa Gorgon

medusa gorgon soul eater

Based on the Medusa from Greek mythology, Medusa Gorgon is the central antagonist of the series and the flag bearer of goths going from good to evil.

Medusa Gorgon is a witch and she knows how to look the part. Aside from the pale green skin, she has various snake tattoos all over her body which also indicate her favorite weapon.

A black bodysuit with a hoodie, shining blonde hair, and pitch-black nail paint complete the goth look.

16. Cirucci Sanderwicci

cirucci sanderwicci

Bleach gave us one of the most iconic Japanese gothic anime girl characters.

Cirucci is the height of Japanese-style gothic lolita with her short white dress and knee-high boots. Her purple hair and eyes, and the matching makeup give off goth vibes, even though they don’t follow the complete blueprint.

She’s quite outspoken and cocky, which isn’t very goth-like. But it’s a good thing that she doesn’t talk much. Because she gets on everybody’s nerves when she does.

15. Celty Sturluson

celty sturluson from durarara

The Black Rider, the Headless Rider, and the Halloween Knight- Celty has various nicknames but no head. Yes, you read that right.

Celty is an Irish fairy who is on the hunt for her own head, and that has led her to Japan. She starts off with knight armor but after moving to modern-day Japan her attire changes to a full-body black suit and a yellow helmet with kitty ears.

But unlike most of the gothic anime girls on this list, Celty is on here because of her dark and depressing personality which she developed because of her immortality.

14. Sunako Kirishiki

sunako kirishiki

You know a character is dark when their name translates to “corpse demon.”

Sunako Kirishiki is one of the undead. Sunako has dark purple hair and pale skin. Pair that with her pitch-black hollow eyes and her Victorian attire, and she is the stuff of nightmares.

But her petite body and cute expressions project a child-like innocence that’s hard to overlook. And although she can kill at will, she won’t.

13. Celestia Ludenberg

celestia ludenberg

Also known as Celeste, this teenager from Hope’s Peak Academy is the perfect embodiment of gothic-lolita.

Her outfit looks like something straight out of the European Royalty Wardrobe. The knee highs, black and puffy skirt, white blouse, and red tie that matches her eyes are as gothic as it gets. But her crazy curly hairs are what catches the eye.

To go with the appearance is a cold and cunning personality that’s earned her the Ultimate Gambler title.

12. Rinko Ogasawara

rinko ogasawara shirobako

Rinko Ogasawara is a fan-favorite gothic anime girl and we credit it to writing.

Her character design is nothing unique. Pale skin, white-blonde hair, deep red eyes, and gothic-lolita dresses- Rinko checks every box. But the fans love her for the “why?”

Rinko is a character artist and she adopts the gothic culture to improve her character designs. Along with appearance, she adapts some personality traits as well. And when it proves fruitful, she decides to stick to it.

That’s waifu material, right there!

11. Elsa Granhiert

elsa granhiert
  • Anime: Re: Zero- Starting Life in Another World
  • Voice Actor: Mamiko Noto (Japanese), Cristina Vee (English)
  • Age: 23
  • Height: 5” 6”
  • Watch On: Netflix

Nothing spells waifu better than a hot gothic woman who is a deadly assassin. She is a popular Re: Zero villain but even more popular in the goth community.

Although her outfit might be a little too risque for goths, her extra-pale skin and hip-long black hair add to her eroticism. And then there are the dark purple eyes. However, it was her inner battle maniac that panders to the gothic community.

Because she’s fiercely strong, Elsa loves the opportunity to fight and kill others. She would talk to her dying prey and get that sadistic arousal which we aren’t exploring too much.

10. Rory Mercury

rory mercury gate

Rory Mercury is a goth goddess, figuratively and literally. She is an apostle of Emory, the God of Darkness. And to dress appropriately, she follows the gothic lolita way of dressing.

She’s always wearing a black dress with red frills and black stockings. She also wears bunny ears and red ribbons in her hair to look cute while she slaughters everyone with a sick smile on her face.

But she isn’t evil. In fact, far from it. Rory has a sense of justice and only kills gangsters, rapists, and bandits.

9. Hilda

hilda beelzebub

Goth demons are hot. Exhibit A.

Hilda is a demon maid who cares for Beelzebub IV. Her blonde hair and green eyes elevate the typical gothic lolita maid dress. But it’s not just the clothes. Her personality traits ooze goth as well.

She has a very impassive and cold attitude toward everyone. However, that changes when she cares for Beelzebub IV and she transforms into the most compassionate soul, while her bloodthirst takes the back seat. 

8. Shalltear Bloodfallen

shalltear bloodfallen

Shalltear is a vampire, has the palest skin with red hot eyes, and wears a black dress with a long skirt with white laces. But her gothic appearance fades in comparison to her dark personality.

Although she appears innocent at times, she’s pure evil.

This bloodsucking shortie is an LGBTQ+ goth anime girl, and very open about it. She’ll make sexual advances on anyone and everyone, and has openly admitted her kinks like necrophilia.

7. Arachne Gorgon

arachne gorgon

Also known as the Spider Witch, Arachne Gorgon is the elder sister of Medusa Gorgon. And just like her younger sister, Arachne has embraced the goth culture.

At first glance, Arachne looks quite similar to Morticia Addams because of her tall and curvy figure. Moreover, she’s got the same porcelain and pale skin. And her full sleeve long black dress is as gothic as it gets.

But, she manages to top it by sipping blood from a wine glass.

6. Yomi Takanashi

yomi takanashi

Yomi Takanashi isn’t a goth anime girl, but when it comes to her alter ego from the Other World, Yomi turns into Dead Master who is a dark and deadly necromancer.

Dead Master has wavy black hair and straight bangs. Her neon green eyes paired with long horns and zig-zag wings make for a witch-y look. But it’s equally dark and depressing at the same time to rank as one of our favorite gothic anime girl looks.

Even the creator, huke, wants Dead Master to step on him.

5. Lilliane Von Phoenix

lilliane von phoenix

Although a princess, Lilliane Von Phoenix embraced the gothic culture at a young age.

She is the second princess, but with little to no interest in the throne. Although she likes to be addressed as “Princess.”

To show off her gothic interests, Lilliane wears black thigh-high leggings and a skin-tight black dress with white frills. With her blonde hair and red eyes, it all looks right.

But, she sometimes loses the gothic traits, mostly when she is surprised by something.

4. Misa Amane

misa amane death note

Another gothic punk rocker, but this one isn’t as popular among the fans.

Misa is the crazy, obsessed Kira fan and he exploits her to the fullest. But Misa’s obsession has reached the point where she doesn’t even care anymore. She just wants to be around him while dressed in her gothic lolita fashion.

If you have seen Death Note, you already know how important she turns out to be for the plot. If you haven’t, start right now.

3. Lust

lust fullmetal alchemist

A sinful waifu doesn’t seem like a great idea, but Lust makes you question that.

An incarnation of Lust itself, she might not be the best waifu with Gluttony sticking around with her too, but there’s no denying that she is one hot goth girl.

The black hair, collar bone tattoos, dark red lipstick, and a form-fitting black dress definitely make things happen. But it’s not just the design that’s dark. Follow her arc and you’ll see she’s one of the darkest and most depressing anime characters ever.

2. Nana Osaki

nana osaki

Nana Osaki is a chain smoker, a lead vocalist, a punk gothic anime girl, and the perfect goth waifu.

Dark clothing and even darker makeup with a cigarette always on her lips is her trademark and also the reason she made this list. But it’s her personality that we really love.

Nana is a free soul who isn’t afraid to leave behind her own band to try her luck in Tokyo as a solo singer.

1. Re-L Mayer

re-l mayer

Top of the list is the global goth waifu, Re-L Mayer. She’s the epitome of goth culture in anime and represents everything goths want to be.

She is the main protagonist but as enigmatic as any antagonist. Aside from her cold-hearted persona, it’s the character design that catapults Re-L Mayer to the top of our list.

From the dark skin-tight outfit to a slightly tan complexion and the iconic eyeliner is exactly the kind of goth dress-up we love.

It’s a shame we only got 1 season though.

So, who’ll be your next anime waifu?

Surely you can settle on one of these gothic anime girl characters.

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