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30 Best Gay Anime to Watch in 2023 [Explicit Content Alert]

As the world of anime continues to evolve and push the boundaries of traditional storytelling, it has become a hub for unique and impactful depictions of love and relationships.

In this blog, we will be shining the spotlight on 30 of the best gay anime that have left a lasting impression on audiences. These anime tell powerful stories that celebrate diversity and challenge societal norms, making them must-watches for fans of all ages and backgrounds.

Whether you’re looking for a heartwarming romance or an action-packed adventure, these best gay anime are sure to have something for everyone. So, get ready to be taken on a journey through the diverse world of LGBTQ+ representation in anime. [Scroll only if you are 18+]

What Is Gay Anime Called?

As the name suggests gay anime deals with homosexuality. Anime that portrays the relationship between two male counterparts is called Yaoi. While those that portray the relationship between two females are called Yuri anime.`

It is a sub-category of hentai which showcases homosexual relations as part of their theme but doesn’t focus much on sexuality. Viewers who are looking for anime pivoting on sexuality can check out Bara anime.

Yaoi anime has been around since the 1970s, but it gained commercial traction only in the 1990s. As of 2010, the Yaoi industry had an annual turnover of over 21.3 billion Yen.

Yaoi anime isn’t all about gay relations and the depiction of male sexuality. You can find amazing narrative, great plot, and character development, all while hinting at or confidently portraying male homosexuality.

30 Best Gay Anime

Here is our pick of the 30 best gay anime yet. [Updated October 2022]

30. Marudase Kintarou

marudase kintarou

Makato loses his grandfather, chief of the Onodera Academy, a prestigious institution.

When his will was read, people were shocked to find that his grandfather had given the institute’s control to anyone who pleasures Makato.

Sensing danger for his life Makato seeks aid from Kintaro. Would Makato be able to make it out alive? Who will take control of the institute?

29. Enzai

enzai ova

Guys is a petty thief. He gets caught in Paris but somehow manages to escape and gets on a railroad car.

Here he gets help from Guildias, a detective who helps him escape.

But when Guys reaches the city, he gets arrested for murder. An act he didn’t even commit. He is jailed and tortured. Any guess how he gets out alive?

28. Ginga Teikoku No Metsubou Gaiden: Aoki Ookami-Tachi No Densetsu

ginga teikoku no metsubou gaiden

Jonathan and Leonard are good friends. They met at the military academy and currently serve in the army. Jonathan has special powers. He can control other humans as well as leverage artificial intelligence.

Soon he discovered rampant corruption going on in the army and that the apocalypse of Pluto was a hoax.

Can he weed out corruption from within, or does he give in to it?

27. Shounen Maid Kuro-Kun: Tenshi No Uta

shounen maid kuro kun anime

Kuro’s father is in a ton of debt. Unable to pay off his debts he decides to sell off Kuro to his debtors. His debtors decide to sell him off as a slave.

He has to endure slavery as long as he pays off his father’s debts. After a while, Kuro decides to escape from their clutches. Will he make it? 

This is a hentai anime with a pinch of ecchi, more than worth a watch.

26. Boku No Sexual Harassment

boku no sexual harassment

This is the story of Mochizuki who compromises his morality just to get ahead in his career. Honma, his boss tells him to indulge in some malpractices which will help him to move up the corporate ladder.

His greed and drive to grow in his career blinded him and he started repeating the malpractices over and over again, just hoping that one day he will be on the top of the food chain.

Will this strategy work for him, or is he digging his own grave?

25. Keiraku No Houteishiki Level-C

Keiraku No Houteishiki Level-C

Mizuki is from a well-to-do background and lives in a furnished flat with all the necessary amenities. Kazuomi isn’t as privileged and is struggling to get his basic necessities. That’s why his girlfriend kicked him out.

By coincidence, Kazuomi meets Mizuki, and after getting to know him gives him a proposal. Mizuki being gay, tells Kazuomi that he will share his flat only if Kazuomi agrees to get into a relationship with him.

Kazuomi doesn’t have any other option but to comply.

24. Papa To Kiss In The Dark

papa to kiss in the dark

This is a gay romance anime that deals with the oedipal complex, family conflicts, and infidelity. In this anime characters get involved in cross-relationships and do end up sustaining them without any trouble.

But suddenly when incidents are brought to light it wreaks havoc and tears the family.

The title has great twists and behind the scene narratives that make it even more entertaining.

23. The Titan’s Bride

the titan's bride

Mizuki is a basketball enthusiast. He lives in Otaku and is really passionate about the game. One fine day he receives an invitation from the land of the giants.

When he is transported there, he finds out that the prince of the giants, Lao Vistaille, wants to marry him. Why does the prince want to marry Mizuki?

It is a short gay anime and did pretty well commercially.

22. Ikoku Irokoi Romantan

ikoku irokoi romantan

Ranmaru Oumi is the son of a Yakuza leader. To form an alliance between the two gangs he wants to marry his friend Kaoru.

On hearing his proposal Kaoru gets infuriated and shows his disappointment.

After the disagreement, he meets Valentino, a crew member, and falls in love with him. Should Kaoru follow his heart or seek to ally with his rival?

23. Kachou No Koi

kachou no koi anime

This is a gay romance anime and is simple and sweet. It is a story of a man who doesn’t have a girlfriend and is always engrossed in work.

For this reason, he never got the chance to explore his sexuality in its fullest glory.

One fine day he meets a guy in his office and realizes that he is gay. If you are looking for a real-life gay anime movie, this is surely one of them.

22. Okane Ga Nai

okane ga nai anime

If you are looking for gay anime videos with drama then this series is just the one for you.

The story is of a university student who gets sold in an auction, that too by his own cousin brother.

However in the end it is revealed that the buyer knew the protagonist and bid for him for a specific reason. What might be the reason?

21. Kizuna

kizuna anime

The story revolves around the Yakuza rivalry. Watch it if you are looking for gay anime with a lot of action, romance, and drama.

What sets this anime apart is the rollercoaster ride of emotions as the storyline rises and dips.

The story is built around a long-distance relationship and how the different events shape it.

20. Loveless

loveless anime

Soubi is the friend of Ritsuka’s deceased brother. Ritsuka finds a file from Soubi that talks about an organization called the Septimal Moon.

Now they want to take on the organization and find out what truth lies there.

This is a cat anime with a pinch of gay romance, it is as interesting as it sounds!

19. Hybrid Child

hybrid child

Kuroda is a skilled artisan who can make Hybrid Child. These are dolls that are alive, have a conscience, and can feel human emotions.

Izumi, who hails from a noble family, gets a doll and falls in love with it.

The family tries to get rid of the Hybrid Child. But will Izumi let him go?

18. Finder Series

finder series anime

This is an action anime that revolves around a gay romance plot. The story revolves around a talented freelance photographer who was capturing an illegal deal.

He gets caught and is brought to the mafia boss who happens to be a sadomasochist.

When the rival gang finds out about this, they use the victim as bait to teach the Mafia boss a lesson. The plot twists and cliffhangers will keep you glued.

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17. Saigo No Door Wo Shimero!

saigo no door wo shimero

It’s a couple’s wedding. This is when the groom’s friend finds out that he is in love with the groom. Also, the groom starts hating the bride.

A new character enters the story and gives a completely new twist to the plot.

When the drunk groom can’t decide between his bride and his friend, what will happen to the event? Watch it for a dramatic ending.

16. Hyakujitsu No Bara

hyakujitsu no bara

This gay anime portrays how homosexuality is looked down upon in battle.

A soldier who was fighting in a battle falls in love with a soldier from the enemy’s battalion. They work on their alliance and can dodge difficult situations.

As the plot unravels viewers can find how two soldiers get rid of their scars from past wars and start to lead their lives in peace.

15. Ai No Kusabi

ai no kusabi

This is a sci-fi anime that brushes shoulders with slavery. It shows an alien planet inhabited by elite people.

They live in an advanced society dominated by computers. They also have slaves. These slaves have hair of different colors.

The plot begins to unravel when an elite recruits Riki from the slum. Other elites oppose him. When their bond begins to grow strong the elite wants to start having a life with Riki.

14. Kirepapa

  • Authors – Saki Shunka
  • Seasons – 1
  • Episodes – 2
  • Production Studio – PrimeTime
  • Watch Kirepapa Online

This anime is about a writer who has a young son. He is currently working on a novel but sometimes he gets a hunch that his kid’s life is in danger.

In such cases, he keeps everything aside and goes to check on his son.

His son is quite social and brings home many friends. Now, his father, being overprotective of him, thinks that one of his son’s friends might be a predator. Is the author correct?

13. Soul Contract

soul contract anime
  • Authors – Reiko Torii
  • Seasons – 1
  • Episodes – 12
  • Production Studio – Haoliners Animation League
  • Watch Soul Contract Online

Keika is royalty. He hails from a well-known family of exorcists. But now after his parents died, Keika is living on the streets. He is struggling to make ends meet.

On the streets, he stumbles upon Tanmoku Ki in a dump yard. He is also an exorcist and when Keika found him he was fighting an evil spirit.

Ki dies in the fight and later contacts Keika to help him in his plan. A rare donghua gay anime that’s more than worth binging through.

12. Junjou Romantica

junjou romantica

This is the story of two couples and how their relationships intertwine and open whole new horizons for each one of them.

Misaki and Hiroki are a couple who recently broke up. Misaki’s older brother is in a relationship with Usami. However, when Usami meets Hiroki, he starts having feelings for him.

The problem is Misaki is still in love with Hiroki and Misaki’s brother has no clue what’s going on. And If you are looking for a romantic gay anime with a pinch of drama this is just the one for you.

11. Super Lovers

super lovers

Ren is raised by Haru’s mother. Haru’s mother Haruko is a strict woman and wants Ren to be raised well. After a while, Ren along with Haru moved to Japan.

Haru along with his parents goes abroad on a trip and is met with an accident.

That’s how Haru loses his parents. After Haru recovers he experiences memory loss. Would he be able to recognize Ren?

10. Sensitive Pornograph

sensitive pornograph

It is a gay anime that will walk you through the lives of two couples. Two manga artists fall in love and are in a relationship until one has an affair with another partner.

The other couple is completely different from the previous but they too suffer the same fate. 

This anime has a bit of action, romance, and comedy. It follows two Yaoi tales that meet the same fate.

9. Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi: The World’s Greatest First Love

sekai ichi hatsukoi

This is the story of Ritsu Onodera who works as an editor in his father’s publishing company. He runs into some trouble and decides to switch his job at some other publication.

He joins Marukawa Publishers where he has to work under Takano. Later he finds out that his boss is working under a different alias and not using his real name. Ritsu finds out that his boss is actually an old friend of his who earlier had a crush on him.

Would he look for a job elsewhere or venture into what’s in store for him in the new company?

8. Haru Wo Daite Ita

haru wo daite ita

This anime shows the relationship between two male adult actors. Both of them are trying to make it big in the industry. However soon it is revealed that one of them is using the other.

Things turn haywire when one of them gets a movie while the other fails the audition. During the movie audition, the director asks them to make love to each other.

Depending on how they make love and their expressions will dictate who will get the part and who won’t. How will this impact their relationship? Will they be able to make their way out of this morbid industry?

7. Seito Kaichou Ni Chuukoku

seito kaichou ni chuukoku

This anime shows the power struggle of two school kids in a typically modern setting from a teenage POV.

Chigakun is a strong representative of the student and knows that he can win. He is quite confident and is sure that he will be able to beat his opponents.

However, his opponent uses different tactics that he never anticipated. Chigakun is unable to apprehend the impact a country boy can have on him. Will Chigakun be bested by the country boy?

6. Koisuru Boukun

koisuru boukun

What happens when a man tries to impress a homophobe? Nothing good has ever come out of it, right? But imagine the same set of people but they are in a trance.

When Souichi, the homophobe, gets drugged he gets aroused in the middle of the night and tries to relieve himself. But he accidentally wakes up Morinaga who is gay, and he ends up taking advantage of Souichi.

What will happen when both gain their composure? It is a Yaoi anime and has explicit scenes of domination and nonconsent.

5. Doukyuusei

doukyuusei movie

Rihito is a student at Touichikou High school, a boys’ only school. There he meets Hikaru, the choir leader, and grows fond of him. Hiraku even helps Rihito maintain his distance from the gay music teacher.

A year later Rihito is about to appear for an exam and suffers a major panic attack. He confides in Hikaru and tells him about his poor performance in his past schools.

Hiraku encourages him to study well and motivates him to take on challenges head-on. A great story of friendship and budding romance.

4. Fuyu No Semi Special

fuyu no semi special

This is the tale of two Samurai warriors who get separated in battle. As the battle continues they prioritize their duty over love and fight through. Years later when they had forgotten everything about each other they meet again in a hospital.

Now they are caught up between remembering their past or focusing on their duties at hand. While one of them is trying to rekindle the past, the other partner wants to move and embrace the change.

The anime shows how changes in customs can impact a relationship. And how a sweet story about love can suddenly turn dark.

3. Yuri On Ice

yuri on ice

This anime is about a love triangle between three gay men. Yuri is an ice skater who isn’t doing very well lately. 

So his friend Yoko takes him to Russia so that they can train under the mentorship of the world-renowned skater Victor. But after meeting him both of them start falling for Victor.

Victor promises to choreograph a one-of-a-kind routine for the Junior World Championship. But then he forgets his promise. Later he tells Yuri to compete to find out who will be doing his routine. Will this instil jealousy or improve his performance? How will Victor impact the relationship between Yuri and Yoko?

hitorijime my hero

2. Hitorijime My Hero

Masahiro Setegawa doesn’t believe in saviors. Since he started getting himself in trouble he stopped believing in the concept of heroes. 

He isn’t all that strong and confident and is constantly bullied and pushed over by others. Things change when he meets Kensuke who is a maths teacher. 

Kensuke teaches Setegawa maths and also protects him from bullies. Later when Setegawa’s friend Asaya joins him and finds out about Kensuke, he wants to be in a relationship with him.

Kensuke, who still likes Masahiro, gets perplexed and doesn’t know what to do. Should he break the bond he has with Masahiro and start a relationship with the charismatic Asaya?

1. Saezuru Tori Wa Habatakanai: The Clouds Gather

saezuru tori wa habatakanai the clouds gather

This is probably the best gay anime. Especially because of the way the story is directed and the theme. The anime is based on corporate life, and how it can relate to modern-day slavery.

It revolves around the life of a Yakuza boss who also leads a major corporation. He is a masochist.

His new bodyguard finds out his secret and they start having a sadomasochist relationship. Later his boss finds out that his bodyguard is impotent which brings further new dynamics to their relationship making for an excellent and unique Yaoi anime!

Do you think we have done justice with this list of the best gay anime around right now? Comment and let us know! And check out our list of the 35 best ecchi anime of all time!

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