CartoonsTop 20 Funny Disney Characters That Fans Can't Get Enough Of

Top 20 Funny Disney Characters That Fans Can’t Get Enough Of

Can you even imagine watching a film without a single funny moment? There must always be a good mixture of jokes and seriousness and Disney knows how to balance this by putting in some funny characters into their story.

So, who are these funny Disney characters that make our Disney films and shows such a treat for the family to watch? Scroll below because these are my top 20.

Funny Disney Characters That Made Us Laugh

20. Baloo – The Jungle Book

baloo jungle book

Baloo the Bear was one of the earliest Disney characters I remember watching as a child. His song “The Bare Necessities” has persisted as a mood-soother for me even today.

Baloo’s love for the easy life has caused so many laughs as he tries to teach Mowgli how to be like him.

This bear has to remember that the boy is a man-child and not a fellow bear.

19. Loki – Thor


Have you noticed that ever since Marvel got owned by Disney, the writing has gotten funnier? Loki is the God of Mischief, so you can expect him to land in many funny situations thanks to his meddling.

Loki tends to change sides very often, usually choosing what will benefit him more.

But whenever he’s too evil, they can always release the Hulk on him again.

18. Dory – Finding Nemo


The lovable forgetful regal blue tang makes it into this list. Her short-term memory loss is the usual cause of hilarious moments in the film Finding Nemo.

Fans aren’t sure if they should consider Dory Brilliant or an idiot because it seems she can understand whales and has the ability to befriend anyone.

But her humor may also be Ellen’s doing, as the host is a comedian.

17. Grandmother Fa – Mulan

grandmother fa mulan

I loved Grandma Fa the moment she was introduced in Mulan. She doesn’t show up a lot, but every time she’s on screen, you can expect snarky remarks, sarcasm, and sass!

Mulan is so lucky to have such a cool grandma! She even gifted her a lucky cricket.

At the end of the film, she also wanted to sign up for the army to get herself a man!

16. Maui – Moana

maui moana

Everyone knew Maui was going to be one funny demigod after his musical number: “You’re Welcome.”

Despite his carefree and confident nature, he is someone who serves as a guardian of mankind mainly because this character craves the love and attention of humans.

Aside from his real lore, the character Maui also bears a resemblance to Dwayne Johnson, who also stars in a few comedies.

15. Thor – Thor

  • Age: 1500 (20+ human years equivalent)
  • Height: 198.12 cm
  • Actor: Chris Hemsworth

While Loki is funny because he gets himself into trouble, Thor is funny for his lack of knowledge about humans.

The film series started out pretty serious, but ever since Disney took over Marvel, Thor films became more hilarious. Love and Thunder took the cake starting with Thor’s epic split.

Marvel fans have mixed feelings about where the movie series is going, but I’m enjoying the ride.

14. Goofy – Mickey’s Revue


It would be an odd funny Disney characters list without Goofy in it. This dog has caused many old and new Disney fans to laugh out loud since he appeared on the channel.

His character seemed very 1 dimensional at first, but they improved his personality over the years and even gave this dog a son.

If you’re looking for some good fun, I recommend watching The Goofy Movies.

13. Dug – Up


Dug is precisely how funny you would expect an animated golden retriever would be. The collar that allows him to talk makes him even more amusing.

Among all the other dogs equipped with the collar, he’s the one who speaks with the viral “dog talk.” He seems to be a golden pup stuck in an adult dog’s body, with how silly and playful he is.

Carl found himself one heck of a great dog!

12. Ned Leeds – Spider-Man

ned leeds

There are many male funny Disney characters, even when you look at the MCU. For example, Ned Leeds, a character unique to Tom Holland’s Spider-Man, is a live-action character that will make you smile.

He doesn’t have powers but still tries to assist Peter Parker on his missions when the boy becomes an Avenger.

At one point, he could use magic briefly.

11. Baymax – Big Hero 6

  • Age: 1 (newly created)
  • Height: 188 cm
  • Actor: Scott Adsit

Baymax was probably not programmed or designed to be hilarious, but many of the situations he finds himself in are funny due to his size.

He ends up stuck thanks to his marshmallow body or sometimes even deflating when Hiro isn’t careful.

This healthcare robot is amusing to watch when he’s at low power too!

10. Scott Lang – Ant-Man and The Wasp

scott lang

Finally, starting here is my list of the top 10 funniest Disney characters that I absolutely adore. Scott Lang is ranked 10th on this because his movies always feel like comedies over superhero movies.

He is the most relatable Avenger because of his self-deprecating humor and the fact that his own interest takes priority.

Thankfully, he adapts to heroism, mainly for his daughter, but what father wouldn’t?

9. Donald Duck – The Wise Little Hen

donald duck the wise little hen

Who’s the funniest in the Mickey Mouse trio? For me, it’s the temperamental Donald Duck.

Donald’s iconic way of speech makes it difficult for people to understand him, and half the time I can’t understand what he is ranting about.

But that’s part of what makes him such a funny Disney character, even funnier than Goofy! Who makes you laugh the most in the trio?

8. Edna Mode – The Incredibles

edna mode
  • Age: 50s
  • Height: 131 cm
  • Voice Actor: Brad Bird

When it comes to female funny Disney characters, it would be a crime to forget the fashion designer Edna Mode.

She isn’t just any fashion designer; her specialty is creating outfits for her superpowered friends. Her reason for getting into hero clothes is that creating materials that can adapt to different powers is her ikigai.

Let’s not forget this girl hates capes for a good reason!

7. Olaf – Frozen

  • Age: 3 (as of the last movie)
  • Height: 76.2 cm
  • Voice Actor: Josh Gad

Have you ever met a snowman who loves the summer? Despite knowing the dangers of melting, Olaf braves the sun and absolutely loves it.

He has a magical snow cloud from Elsa to help him survive; you can count this snowman as spoiled.

Olaf even has a competitive streak with Elsa when it comes to charades and singing. According to him, he’s better.

6. Nick Wilde – Zootopia

nick wilde

Foxes are known for being sly and cunning. Nick portrays many of your typical fox traits but adds a spark of humor to things.

Before meeting Judy, he was having fun at Zootopia as a small-time con artist. His easy life gets interrupted thanks to the bunny cop, and he gets reminded of his younger years.

He may have changed for the better, but his sarcasm remains.

5. Hades – Hercules


Hades is one of the funny Disney characters to dress up as Halloween! You’ll find some pretty awesome cosplays of him since people have to get creative with his blue-flame hair.

He may be part of the Disney villain lineup, but this character will just crack you up with his sarcasm, temper, and memorable quotes.

It was really Hades that carried the film for me.

4. Timon and Pumbaa

timon and pumbaa

This comedic duo is on this list together because I feel like I’ll be committing a crime if I put them apart. Timon and Pumbaa are two animals who love to go with the flow!

These two technically adopted Simba and even taught him the hakuna matata philosophy.

You might think prey can’t raise a lion, but these two did! They had him eat bugs to replace meat!

3. Rocket Raccoon – Guardians of the Galaxy

rocket raccoon

When a character breaks the fourth wall, you know he’s the true comedian in the bunch. Rocket Raccoon is a trash panda who is intelligent when it comes to tech, weaponry, and even words!

Trust me; you’ll laugh at whatever he says in the Guardians of the Galaxy movies. He’s funny down to his design.

Who can even imagine a raccoon as a hero in the first place?

2. Mushu – Mulan

mushu mulan

This pint-sized Chinese Dragon has a big personality, and fans love him!

Before he became Mulan’s guardian, he was an incense burner and gong-ringer for her ancestors as a punishment for failing to protect Fa Deng.

Of course, after being tasked to care for Mulan, who became the hero of China, he is now celebrated as an all-mighty guardian once again!

1. Genie – Aladdin


Finishing up my list of the funniest Disney characters is everyone’s blue friend, Genie!

This larger-than-life character loves to have a good time and is a natural comedic! His magic enhances all of his jokes.

Despite his upbeat personality, his ultimate wish is to be free, which he gets when Aladdin decides to use his last wish for him. Can you imagine all the fun he’ll get into now that he is loose?

How’d you like my list of funny Disney characters? Did it take you down memory lane and cause fond memories? Because I sure laughed remembering these characters.

Let me know about your favorite Disney character in the comments!

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