Disney32 Top Female Disney Characters Of All Time

32 Top Female Disney Characters Of All Time

Disney has many characters who do amazing things. Their actions and storyline wow us and make us remember them for decades. 

Every character is unique, with their motivations, desires, loves, and fears. They may be heroes, villains, or just ordinary people: but they are truly unforgettable.

Check out this 33 female Disney characters list, and find your favorite characters, including Disney princesses, heroes, and cartoon characters!

32 Top Female Disney Characters

32. Charlotte la Beuff – The Princess and the Frog

charlotte la bouff

Charlotte la Beuff is a supporting female character from The Princess and the Frog. She also goes by Lottie for short.

You’re probably asking what she is doing on the list, even if she’s a supporting character. Sometimes supporting characters can be super awesome since they drive the story forward, help the main characters, and make the movie worth watching.

Lottie can come across as spoiled and shallow, but she’s also generous and helpful to Tiana.

31. Nala – The Lion King

nala lion king

Nala appears in the 1994 animated movie The Lion King for the first time. And boy, what an unforgettable impression she makes on her fans!

Kids love Nala and loved seeing how she evolved from a cute lion playmate for little Simba, into a strong and independent lioness in her own right. While a cub, she is energetic, she later becomes more cautious yet adventurous.

She and Simba have a romantic relationship, marrying and having three kids: Kopa, Kion, and Kiara.

30. Dot – A Bug’s Life


Dot is a character from In A Bug’s Life, where she’s Atta’s youngest sister.

Although she is a child, her life is not flowers and candies. She has to learn how to rule the ant colony and tries hard.

However, she’s often overlooked by others and not taken seriously since she’s so small and inexperienced. But that doesn’t stop Dot, the little ant. She remains helpful and empathetic.

29. Alice – Alice In Wonderland


Alice isn’t a Disney princess, but she’s the star of her movie! She is one of the most playful, imaginative, and adventurous young girls you’ll ever meet. 

It is her supreme curiosity that led her to discover a magical world! She is well-behaved, imaginative, naturally curious, driven, and doesn’t shy away from adventures.

Alice is strong enough to face situations head-on, but sometimes she takes on more than she can chew.

28. Vanellope von Schweetz – Wreck-It Ralph

vanellope von schweetz

Vanellope von Schweetz is one of the top characters in the Wreck-It Ralph movie and its sequel. Like all other characters in the film, she is a video game character, more precisely for Sugar Rush.

The other racers tease her since she can’t beat any races, even though it isn’t her fault for losing. She can’t win due to a glitch in the game.

But this doesn’t get her down. She spends a lot of time improving her skills, and when she meets Ralph, they have a great friendship.

27. Megara – Hercules

  • Age: 28
  • Height: 5’8” feet
  • Voice artist: Susan Egan

If you’ve watched the 1997 cartoon flick, Hercules, then you know who Megara is. She’s the most important protagonist in the movie, Hercules’s love interest, and a woman with a unique sense of humor.

This gorgeous young woman was once a captive of Hades, from whom she fortunately escaped. 

She fearlessly tries to find his weakness at the behest of her love, Hercules.

26. Jessie – Toy Story 2

disney infinity jessie

Jessie is one of the most memorable characters in Toy Story. The reasons for that are her backstory and the challenges she faces.

Jessie is energetic, loving, and cheerful, but she is traumatized. She was locked away in a dark, cold place for years. After this, she has problems trusting anyone.

However, she remains optimistic and adventurous. Jessie is very helpful and is a good friend to all.

25. Mirabel – Encanto

mirabel encanto

Mirabel is the main character in the Disney movie Encanto. She’s a bespectacled, curly-haired girl from a family where everyone is gifted with magic power.

Mirabel remains the only one without magic power, but that doesn’t get her down. She keeps herself motivated, although sometimes she gets sad, especially when her granny criticizes her.

Ultimately, only through her effort, her family becomes stronger and whole.

24. Lilo – Lilo & Stitch


Lilo has a lot of things to deal with. She lost her parents young and has trouble fitting in with her class.

Nani, her older sister, takes good care of her, but the boisterous and rebellious Lilo sometimes makes her life difficult. She even insisted on adopting the weirdest-looking dog in the shelter.

Her viewers love her unique personality: intelligence, fun, and sensitivity.

23. Minnie Mouse – Steamboat Willie 

minnie mouse

Minnie Mouse is easily one of Disney’s most popular and oldest female creations. She has been starring in cartoons since 1928! 

In the first cartoons, Minnie Mouse was a love interest of Mickey Mouse. Later, she became a standalone character with a unique background and a better personality.

She is and will forever be remembered for being classy, feminine, and optimistic, a character who spreads cheer and fun wherever she goes.

22. Ursula – The Little Mermaid

ursula little mermaid
  • Age: –
  • Height: 5′ 9″ feet
  • Voice artist: Pat Carroll

Isn’t it weird that there’s always a villain in stories? Well, it is the villains who make the stories attractive! 

Ursula is the half-octopoid villainous sea witch who gives Princess Ariel such a hard time in The Little Mermaid. She cleverly deceives the princess by making her sign a contract that stipulates severe consequences in the case of failure.

Ursula shows how bad she is when she interrupts Ariel’s plans to succeed out of sheer desperation.

21. Cruella de Ville – 101 Dalmatians

cruella de vil
  • Age: In her 60s
  • Height: 5’9’’ feet 
  • Voice artist: April Winchel

Cruella de Ville became a household name ever since 101 Dalmatians came out, and rightly so. She’s a fashion-obsessed evil woman, a wealthy heiress who often wears her iconic and luxurious fur coats! 

Cruella is tall and skinny with red lips, pale skin, and green eye makeup. Her iconic hair is half white and half black. 

Who said villains couldn’t be stylish? Cruella makes sure to make a loud statement with what she wears!

20. Maleficent – The Sleeping Beauty

maleficent sleeping beauty

Maleficent is a household name today. Even kids know she can’t be trusted; look at what she did to Aurora!

Maleficent wants to destroy Princess Aurora’s Kingdom out of spite, greed, and jealousy. She cursed the little princess on her christening ceremony that she’ll die at 16 by pricking her fingers on a swindle.

This Disney villain is a powerful witch who desires vengeance and ultimate power and doesn’t suffer anyone to get in between her goal.

19. The Evil Queen – Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

the evil queen snow white

The Evil Queen is unique because she’s the first Disney villain to be shown in an animated movie.

Like all villains, she’s wicked, jealous and is not beyond disposing of others who stand in her way. Her greatest wish is to become the fairest woman in the land, but there’s someone in her way: Snow White.

Throughout the movie, you’ll see her trying to kill Snow White, and once she almost succeeds but the 7 dwarves foiled her plans!

18. Queen of Hearts – Alice in Wonderland

queen of hearts

As the main villain in Alice in Wonderland, the animated movie The Queen of Hearts is as evil as they come. She doesn’t even bat an eyelash when she orders her enemies to be beheaded.

The Queen of Hearts is a Wonderland character that Alice genuinely fears. Her brutal ways have earned her the nickname the Red Queen. 

She is immediately identifiable as a large woman with a unique dressing sense.

17. Madame Mim – The Sword In the Stone

madam mim

Madame Mim is the witchy-looking old woman from the Disney cartoon, The Sword in the Stone. She seeks misery in others and craves power as a great wizard.

Eventually, she learned how to use magic for negative means. Now, she uses her powers for evil purposes only. 

She’s distantly acquainted with Merlin, but they’re certainly not the best of friends.

16. Madame Medusa – The Rescuers

madame medusa

Madame Medusa is the main villain from The Rescuers, a Disney animated movie. She’s the owner of a normal pawnshop, but she’s also quite ruthless, corrupt, and messy in appearance.

What makes the orange-haired Madame Medusa so memorable is that she is like any average person, making viewers sympathize and accept her.

She’s often seen wearing a red cocktail dress and green earrings. 

15. Yzma – The Emperor’s New Groove

yzma the emperor's new groove

Yzma is the main antagonist in the popular animated movie, The Emperor’s New Groove. And one of the many reasons behind this movie’s success is Yzma herself!

This character is one of the most powerful chemists you’ll ever encounter and is skilled in making various potions and concoctions. When the Emperor fires her, she vows revenge and wants to take the throne herself, showing how sinister and unforgiving she is. 

Yzma is memorable due to her garb and unique sense of humor. 

14. Mother Gothel – Tangled

mother gothel tangled
  • Age: 1000 years
  • Height: 5’6” feet
  • Voice artist: Donna Murphy

Mother Gothel is the sole villain in Tangled and is the direct enemy of Rapunzel. She can be manipulating and intimidating. 

Gothel has a magic yellow flower that she keeps on herself to keep her youth intact. She only gives it to Rapunzel to entrap her in a tall tower.

Mother Gothel changes depending on whether she has the magic yellow flower. With it, she is young and beautiful; without it, she’s old and powerless.

13. Lady Tremaine – Cinderella

lady tremaine

Lady Tremaine is the aristocratic stepmother of Cinderella. She leaves no opportunity to humiliate and embarrass her stepdaughter by making her a maid for her two daughters, Drizella and Anastasia.

Lady Tremaine is tall and slender and has graying hair styled up fashionably. Her pointed chin and sides of her mouth are wrinkled, her eyes green, and she wears trendy green jewelry.

Her greatest wish is to marry her daughters off to royalty. She even forces the glass slipper to fit on their huge feet.

12. Anastasia Tremaine – Cinderella

anastasia tremaine

Anastasia Tremain is one of the villains from the Disney movie Cinderella; although in being evil, she can’t surpass her mother, Lady Tremaine.

However, Anastasia constantly teases Cinderella and makes her work incessantly. When she’s jealous or just wants to be mean, she rips off Cinderella’s dress, but she is also seen to be friendly to her to the point of forgiving each other.

Anastasia is youthful and slender with long, red hair.

11. Drizella Tremaine – Cinderella

drizella tremaine

Drizella Tremaine is one of the villains in Disney’s animated cartoon Cinderella. However, she still doesn’t come close to her mother, Lady Tremaine, when it comes to being evil. 

She is shown to be especially mean to Cinderella, often making her work harder than usual. On one occasion, she tears Cinderella’s adorable dress so she cannot go to the Royal Ball.

Drizella is tall, slender, and fair, with shoulder-length dark-colored hair with her hair parted in the middle. 

10. Queen Narissa – Enchanted

queen narissa

Almost every Disney movie has a villain, and Enchanted is no different. Here you have Queen Narissa as a powerful villain. She is Prince Edward’s stepmother and hates Giselle. So, she aims to prevent their marriage so she doesn’t lose the throne.

Narcissa is tall and slender, with red lips, a square chin, deep green eyeshadow, and shoulder-length black hair. 

She commonly wears a regal dress with long sleeves and a golden crown.

9. Zira – Simba’s Pride


Zira was introduced as a female villain in Disney’s movie, The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride. In this movie, she leads the sinister Outsiders since her son Kovu is no longer considered an heir. 

Zira fights against Simba and is then exiled. For the rest of her life, she tries to fight back against Simba’s family whenever possible. 

She is slender with sharp facial features. Her fur is beautifully brown, while there’s a golden tan on her belly and neck.

8. Elastigirl – The Incredibles


Elastigirl, also known as Mrs. Incredible and Helen Parr, is one of the most popular superhero female Disney characters. She’s the wife of Mr. Incredible and a mom to three wonderful kids, Dash, Violet, and Jack-Jack.

After a time of crime fighting, Mr. and Mrs. Incredible fell in love and married to settle down. Then came the government decree discouraging superheroes from engaging in fights with villains. 

However, that didn’t stop them from being heroes. Elastigirl is known for her powers of elasticity and shape-shifting.

7. Skylar Storm – Mighty Med

skylar storm

Skylar Storm is a superhero with a never-say-die attitude from a ‘comic book.’ She loses her powers when her enemy, The Annihilator, steals them.

But she doesn’t give up so easily. Even after losing her powers, she tries to lift a heavy weight thinking her powers will come back when she’s exerting herself, but sadly that doesn’t happen.

For all this, Skylar Storm is one of the most popular superhero female Disney characters.

6. Tinker Bell – Peter Pan

tinker bell

Tinker Bell may not be a Disney Princess, but she’s as important and as popular as one! 

She’s famous for the Peter Pan movie due to her sassy attitude and one of the most popular superhero female Disney characters.

She may be sparkly, but she can be a badass brat and quite a force to reckon with. Tinker Bell is known for her temper and stubborn behavior. Tinker Bell demands respect from everyone she meets, including Peter Pan.

5. Jasmine – Aladdin

jasmine disney

Princess Jasmine is the daughter of Agrabah’s Sultan and one of the most popular female Disney cartoon characters. Her character is somewhat complex, but that’s why she’s so memorable.

She is obedient to her old father but is independent, strong, and adventurous enough to sneak off the palace. The princess is not scared to stand her ground in the face of villains like Jafar, the Sultan’s evil vizier. 

Princess Jasmine shares many adventures with Aladdin and eventually falls in love with him.

4. Elizabeth Swann – Pirates Of The Caribbean

elizabeth swann

Elizabeth Swann is one of the three main protagonists in the Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl and the subsequent sequels.

As a young daughter of Governor Swann, she found an artifact: a cursed gold locket possessed by pirates. Later in the movie, the pirates search for their cursed locket, attack her port town, and kidnap her aboard their ship.

As the movie continues, she becomes a strong and independent woman.

3. Rapunzel – Tangled

  • Age: 18
  • Height: 5’1″ feet
  • Voice artist: Mandy Moore

Rapunzel is a good-natured girl and the heroine from the Disney movie, Tangled. This Disney princess is intelligent, spirited, kind, clever, adventurous, playful, and naive, although she can be brave when she wants to be. 

She spends most of her young life locked away in a distant, isolated tower. While Rapunzel yearns to learn more about the world beyond the tower, she remains obedient to Mother Gothel.

Rapunzel is daring, adventurous, charismatic, friendly, and sometimes impatient. 

2. Aurora – Sleeping Beauty


Princess Aurora is a Disney Princess with her full-length animated movie, Sleeping Beauty. She’s depicted as kind, shy, elegant, and a hopeless romantic. 

She’s the daughter of the king and queen. Everyone in the kingdom was invited to Aurora’s christening ceremony, but not the wicked witch Maleficent, who burst into the hall and cursed the baby that she’ll die on her 16th birthday by pricking her finger on a spindle.

1. Cinderella – Disney’s Cinderella


Cinderella is the protagonist in Disney’s animated movie, Cinderella. She’s the second official Disney princess.

After her mother’s death when she was still a baby, Cinderella’s father decided that she needed a mother’s love and thus married Lady Tremaine. However, after his death years later, Lady Tremaine and her two daughters started mistreating Cinderella. 

With the Fairy Godmother’s help, she reached the royal ball, where the Prince fell in love with her!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this female Disney characters list. You can watch most of these characters’ adventures online, some of them for free! They all have interesting backstories, special behavioral quirks, romantic interests, and ambitions to take over the world. 

The possibilities are limitless with these ladies!

Notice that I’ve added links to the voice artists? It could be worth your while to visit their IMDB pages to see the people whose voices made your day back in childhood. Don’t forget to share your favorite Disney character and why you love them in the comments!

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