Cartoons25 Iconic Female Cartoon Characters & What makes them Great

25 Iconic Female Cartoon Characters & What makes them Great

Most of us grew up watching cartoons. Usually, kids tend to relate to or see themselves as particular characters in a series or movie, so it’s no surprise that people in the cartoon industry strive to create strong female characters in the story.

These girls show the world that females can make a dent in society through different means and that they are just as important as their male counterparts.

So here’s serving a punch of girl power- some of the most iconic female cartoon characters in animation history!

25 Most Iconic Female Cartoon Characters

25. Korra – Avatar: The Legend of Korra


When we talk about badass female cartoon characters, you cannot miss Korra. She’s probably one of my favorite female characters of all time!

As the Avatar, she takes her role as the protector of the balance very seriously despite getting beaten down on numerous occasions. Korra goes against gender norms and shows girls can be the “go-getter” in the series. 

If you ever feel like giving up, just look at how persistent Avatar Korra is. She suffers from PTSD, depression, and several other problems, but nothing holds her back. She makes a comeback in every book, and even when the world denies her, she still fights to protect it. 

Now that takes strength!

24. Fa Mulan – Mulan

fa mulan

Disney doesn’t fall short when it comes to creating iconic female characters in history, especially in their Disney Princess line. Fa Mulan is probably one of the first princesses who is also a warrior.

Mulan is one of the 90s female cartoon characters that broke your typical princess stereotype.

Her character led Disney to create more female characters that didn’t need a man to go on their own adventure.

Mulan knew she was more than her reflection once she decided to join the army in place of her father. She even proved she was better than most of the male warriors. 

Not only did Mulan win her prince’s heart, but she also defeated the big bad and saved all of China while doing it! She did more than just bring honor to the family.

23. Sandy Cheeks – SpongeBob SquarePants

sandy cheeks

Sandy Cheeks was created with the idea of portraying a strong female character. She’s strong, as she’s proven in several episodes that she can beat down bad guys and is a karate expert.

Sandy is also shown to be one of the smarter characters in the series, being responsible for some of the weirdest but most useful creations in Spongebob SquarePants. She even constructed her own dome that allows her to live underwater with the rest of her sea critter friends.

The Texas Squirrel also knows how to value friendship and have fun! She’s Spongebob’s best female friend that’s ready to defend him at a moment’s notice.

22. Lucille “Lucy” Van Pelt – Peanuts

lucille lucy van pelt
  • Age: –
  • Height: –
  • Voice Actor: Isabella Leo (Most Recent)

Lucy from Charles M. Schulz’s Peanuts is one of the early female cartoon characters that was born during our childhood, maybe even during our parents’ and grandparents’ childhood!

Despite her flaws, little girls can relate to the young Lucy. She is shown as insecure and seeks validity and approval throughout the cartoon. Lucy shows a more vulnerable side to young girls even though she has a tough exterior.

While Lucy may not be the most positive character out there, all her different moods make her more realistic. Personally, I like the sassy type of character Lucy portrays in Peanuts.

21. Morticia Addams –  The Addams Family (Cartoon)

morticia addams

We’re all about women empowerment these days, but in 1992, when The Addams Family aired its cartoon, Morticia was a female ahead of her time. Even back then, Morticia was already acting as the true family head to her somewhat eccentric family.

She was the badass female fictional icon everyone needed in the 90s.

The woman was all about self-love and confidence, as she always stayed true to her creepy and mysterious self.

With a mother like Morticia, Wednesday and Pugsley also didn’t conform with society.

She’s also highly talented in fencing and music—she can even speak French!

Morticia is possibly the center of the Addams family, and before Wednesday got her own show, she was one of the main reasons people loved watching the classic 1992 cartoon. 

20. Megara – Hercules


Meg might not be the best role model for young girls out there, but she is one of the most iconic women in Disney. Her solo song “I Won’t Say (I’m in Love)” became an instant hit among Disney fans.

She may be sarcastic and rude, but she has a certain confidence and class that she carries herself with that makes her alluring.

I don’t blame Hercules for falling hard for her!

Meg also sacrificed a significant portion for herself in the name of love when she willingly gave up her soul for her ex-boyfriend, only to find out he cheated on her.

In the end, she does find true love with her wonderboy, Hercules, but not without saving him first.

19. Velma Dinkley – Scooby Doo

velma dinkley

The brains of the mystery gang is one of the most intelligent female cartoon characters to have ever existed.

You have to admit, the mystery gang will be lost without Velma. She and Fred are the central mystery-solving backbone of the group. It’s usually one of them to solve the crime and does the big reveal at the end of the episode.

Velma had become such a pop culture icon that HBO MAX released a cartoon series called “Velma,” which had her as the main character.

But, it’s safe to say that it hasn’t exactly had the best of receptions. Fans had a lot to say about the new series, and not all of them approved of the new Velma.

18. Katara – Avatar: The Last Airbender


Nickelodeon’s Avatar series never fell short when showcasing great female characters. If I could put them all on the list, I would, but let’s focus on Katara.

Katara follows a traditional female character trope as being the primary caretaker of the ‘Gaang.’ She is also portrayed as kind and often level-headed compared to the other characters.

And while Katara maintains her primary traits, she also grows into a strong female character figure in later episodes, though her sense of humor could use some work.

She is currently a water-bending master and the world’s greatest healer. Katara shows that you can be the “mom” of the group, and kickass at the same time.

17. Kimberly Ann “Kim” Possible – Kim Possible

kimberly ann possible

There’s no one better to show what’s possible than Kim Possible. This teen vigilante doesn’t need superpowers to fight crime or rescue a cat stuck in a tree.

Kim juggles numerous roles in her life. She’s popular as the head cheerleader, a straight-A student, and a hero to her town. The teen proves that she can literally do anything as long as she maintains a positive and bright personality.

But don’t worry, there are a lot of things that make Kim “human.” She’s still a teenage girl and isn’t immune to teenage drama and insecurities.

16. Mabel Pines – Gravity Falls

mabel pines

Mabel is one of the weirdest female cartoon characters in terms of personality, but that does not stop anyone from loving this sweet ray of sunshine from Gravity Falls.

The female twin provides more randomness and charm to the series. It’s hard to imagine Dipper having to go through everything by himself. Often, Mabel’s personality snaps Dipper out of whatever hole he dug himself into.

Her naivety also gives the series a breath of fresh air that reminds fans that the twins are still kids at the end of the day, and their views of the world are something adults can never fathom.

15. Eliza Thornberry – The Wild Thornberrys

eliza thornberry

When a young girl is given the ability to talk to animals, you can expect her to go on some pretty wild adventures regardless of her age.

Much like her mother and father, she loves animals and strives to protect them, even though she knows humans are not supposed to interrupt nature’s balance. Nothing can stop this 12-year-old from protecting the people she loves and the animals. 

She may be intelligent for her age, but she often wears her heart on her sleeve, causing her to act from feelings over thoughts. But fans loved watching this bespectacled cutie growing up because her life on the road with her incredible family was everyone’s dream at one point.

14. Belle – Beauty and the Beast

belle princess

Belle seems to be a fan favorite among girls who love Disney Princess films. Perhaps it’s because they identify themselves as the classy Belle.

Belle is a dreamer, like several of her fans. She enjoys reading stories that take her on adventures to faraway kingdoms. The bookworm can also find beauty in some of the most horrid creatures, such as how she discovered the Beast’s genuine kindness.

Back then, she would be considered quite a weird person in her small provincial town for being open-minded, strong, and intelligent. 

It was Disney’s way of encouraging girls that their “happily ever after” may come from exploring new territory instead of becoming a quiet housewife.

13. Marge Simpsons – The Simpsons 

marge simpsons

Marge is one of the most popular female characters in cartoon history, thanks to the brilliant voice acting from Julie Kavner and her signature blue bee-hive-like hair. You’ll notice this character anywhere.

She is the mother in the Simpsons family home and tries to be the best mother possible to her growing and troublesome kids. Marje is the voice of thought in the chaotic household and somehow manages to survive her hectic family life.

You have to hand it to Marge; being a full-time mom is bound to be tiring in her situation. Yet, she manages to pull through and is willing to go through it repeatedly for her family’s well-being.

12. Daria Morgendorffer – Daria

daria morgendorffer

One of the most chill female characters I’ve had the pleasure of watching on MTV. She’s a character you wouldn’t think is “main character” material, yet she stars in her own show!

Her show mainly revolves around her cynical view of life, but it does change as the series progresses. She was MTVs most iconic 90s Female Cartoon Character as the network needed to draw in more female fans to the channel.

And it worked! Daria was an instant hit!

For me, it had a lot to do with her iconic lines, which are still used today. 

Daria made being uncool and passive one of the world’s coolest things back then.

11. Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup – The Powerpuff Girls

blossom bubbles and buttercup

Not only are these girls some of the most iconic female cartoon characters, but they also star in an Emmy award-winning American cartoon series. The show revolves around these 3 crime-fighting sisters who save the world just in time for bedtime!

As a kid, watching these girls go off to beat up supervillains was the dose of girl power I needed to start a day in school.

I placed these girls together because they are one team, and it’s hard to imagine one without the other. 

The girls are so popular that their show even got a reboot in 2016, and a Japanese anime called Powerpuff Girls Z!

10. Elsa – Frozen


Make way for the queen! Unlike the other Disney Princesses in this list, Elsa was already promoted to queen and protector of her kingdom.

She also won 1st Place in Time’s Most Influential Fictional Characters of 2014. I think she deserves the title again for what she did in Frozen II.

Instead of going off looking for love, Elsa ventures out to discover her origins and destiny.

So girls, take notes- Self-Discovery over Love.

Elsa learned her role was greater than she ever imagined, and pushing her limits was incredibly liberating for her.

Even in the first movie, Elsa knew she needed to isolate herself for her and her people’s safety.

Unlike her sister Anna, you can always count on Elsa to make calm and rational decisions.

9. She-Ra/Adora – She-Ra and the Princesses of Power

she ra adora

This cartoon is all about female power, in case you can’t tell by the title. She-Ra and the Princesses of Power debuts an iconic female heroine named Adora, who can transform into “She-Ra.”

The first version of the series was a 1985 cartoon that may or may not have flown under the majority’s radar. But Netflix made sure to make a killer reboot and revive one of the most badass female cartoon in history.

Originally a member of the Horde (the baddies), she realizes her old group has caused more harm to the people than good.

So, she accepts her role as the people’s protector and becomes She-Ra, and abandons her title and position in the Horde. 

The cartoon is such an amazing watch for kids and adults to enjoy. I recommend watching the Netflix series because there are a lot of unique female characters and many life lessons about love and friendship.

8. Twilight Sparkle – My Little Pony

twilight sparkle

Since Sandy is on this list, I decided to add Princess Twilight Sparkle to this list as well. 

Twilight is the main pony in Laura Faust’s My Little Pony, who starts as an antisocial bookworm with no desire to make friends. Celestia then transfers her to Ponyville, where she has to learn about friendship to prepare her for her own destiny.

Twilight serves as an inspiration to all geeky young girls who feel a bit out of place in society. Sometimes it just takes the right group of friends to get you out of your shell.

If you think this is a cutesy girl show, people should know that many male fans are into MLP and call themselves “Bronies.” This goes to show that the show and its characters have a lot to offer to everyone, regardless of their gender.

7. Abigail Lincoln/ Numbuh 5 – Codename: Kids Next Door

abigail lincoln numbuh 5

There always needs to be a voice of reason in a group of friends, no matter what age. That role falls in the hands of Numbuh 5. This girl shows excellent leadership skills and she even became Supreme Leader for the whole KND after Numbuh 362 retired.

Numbuh 5 is an agent of KND’s Sector V and is one of the few members, apart from Numbuh 1, who takes her role as an agent seriously. She is intelligent, laid-back, and cool but is the most responsible of the bunch.

It’s probably because her sister was formerly a member of KND as well and trained her to free oppressed kids.

6. Suki – Avatar the Last Airbender

suki avatar

I told myself I’d only put two characters from Avatar in the list, but you really can’t ignore Suki. This non-bender showed she can handle herself in battle just as well as the other members of the Gaang.

Even though Suki had a supporting role during her introduction, she taught Sokka something about underestimating female warriors, which led to Sokka requesting that she train him to be a Kyoshi Warrior.

A little fun fact about this character is that she later became Zuko’s bodyguard in the comics when Zuko became Fire Lord. I’m excited to see this animated if they plan to keep this story in the cartoons for future Avatar installments.

5. Captain Amelia – Treasure Planet

captain amelia

Treasure Planet is an underrated film in the franchise, but they had a pretty badass female character added to the main cast. Captain Amelia is the experienced and outgoing captain of the RLS Legacy, the ship hired in search of Treasure Planet.

You have to be a strong female figure to command a crew of men around, and she has no problem doing so. She manages to speak with such authority and grace that it is difficult to defy her.

Mr. Arrow says she is the best captain in this or any other galaxy. However, she put too much trust in the crew and failed to see through her crewmates who were planning to steal the treasure for themselves.

4. Betty Boop – Betty Boop Cartoons

betty boop
  • Age: 16 (according to herself), 18 (in other franchises she is featured in)
  • Height: –
  • Voice Actor: Margie Hines

Betty Boop is not only an iconic female character; she is also a pop culture icon. She’s one of the first cartoon females to represent a sexual woman.

The character gained popularity as it reminded her fans of the carefree days of the Jazz Age flappers as she was released to the Depression-era audience. She is also the most unique cartoon character of that day in age.

You’d be surprised by the long history of this female character. Did you know she was initially a French poodle?

Well, it looks like she traded her dog ears for earrings and became an icon for females in 1932. From side character to main character, Betty Boop’s transformation led her to star in 100 animated shorts.

She was reimagined in 2017 to fit in with women today with a new design. Her personality has also become sassier, and her new design allows her to be more expressive.

3. Storm/Ororo Munroe – X-Men Animated Series

storm ororo munroe

Storm is one of the women in X-Men who is a mother figure and dear friend to several members of the X-Men. 

She is also one of the more active fighters because her ability to control the forces of nature makes her a valuable player in the X-Men. Due to her abilities in battle and how much she is respected within the group, she can become an effective leader when Professor X cannot take command.

Her abilities are undeniably powerful and dangerous, so she must always display a good sense of control, or else she becomes a danger to her teammates.

Ororo is also some of the first few female characters we get to see with superpowers! How cool is that?

2. Princess Fiona – Shrek

princess fiona

Princess Fiona teaches girls out there that true beauty is what’s on inside rather than out.

Shrek didn’t fall in love with her “damsel in distress.” In fact, he loved her for how she handled the situation when an arrow was stuck in his butt, and she managed to pull it out for him. 

He was also impressed when Fiona started kicking ass when Robin Hood and his merry men were an obstacle to their party.

The first movie didn’t end her narrative. When new Shrek titles started rolling out, Fiona’s character development went even further, showing there’s more after a girl’s supposed “happily ever after.”

Fiona is truly an all-star.

1. Wonder Woman/Diana – Wonder Woman/DC Animated Universe

wonder woman diana

No iconic female character list will ever be complete without Wonder Woman from the DC animated universe. 

Princess Diana is one of the original seven founders of the Justice League. The Princess of the Amazons comes from an all-female race, so she knows she can handle herself quite well, especially in battle.

Since donning the name “Wonder Woman,” she has become a tremendous help to mankind by providing support to her fellow heroes.

Just because she’s blessed with strength doesn’t mean she never worked for it. Diana prides herself on her combat skills due to the immense training she received during her younger years.

Wrapping Up

There are so many unforgettable female cartoon characters that I couldn’t include in this list, but these are the few girls that have been with me from childhood till my adulthood. 

Many of these women are flawed, but they are still fantastic female models who show that being human is not a weakness and that we can do many things, especially since today’s society is more open to women taking the lead.

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