Disney20 Fat Disney Characters Who Are A Lot More than Just Fat

20 Fat Disney Characters Who Are A Lot More than Just Fat

To call someone fat is not cool. But there’s no other way to say it is there? And as long as you don’t mean to make it ‘mean,’ it’s okay.

Luckily, this is almost exactly how so-called fat characters in Disney are depicted, some evil but mostly good. Even those that are evil are not so since they are on the healthier side of their bulk.

Chances are you’ll get fat as you grow up unless you are already. So am I!

Read on to find the best Disney characters I find in the history of Walt Disney Productions.

20 Most Popular Fat Characters To Own It

This Disney fat characters list is based on characters that are ‘fat’ and the most popular ones at that. It even includes Pixar fat characters as well so there you go. Hope you like it.

20. Stinky Pete The Prospector

stinky pete the prospector

If you’ve watched Toy Story 2, you’d know Stinky Pete through and through. In case you haven’t, Stinky Pete is the primary bad guy in it and the perfect start to this list of fat Disney characters.

A typical bad guy, he’s jealous of goody Woody and he smells like an old sock. Stinky indeed on all counts.

Pete never does accept what he is and ends up trying to wreck Woody’s escape plan only for it to go hilariously wrong. Good wins over evil. Nothing to do with being fat though.

19. Ursula


We’re meant to hate Ursula but if there’s an evil Disney character that can make you hate and admire it at the same time it’s Ursula.

She’s glamorous, cunning, powerful, deceptive, and oh-so-good at all of this. Ursula almost has her way but that’s not Disney’s style is it?

She is a mistress of disguise so being a chubby Disney character does not really affect her much. Ursula has too much magic to really care about all that.

18. Fairy Godmother

fairy godmother
  • Movie/Show: Cinderella 
  • Voice: Verna Felton

She is and may she always remain the most beloved Disney character of all time. Fairy Godmother from Cinderella is all that we miss today, our grandmothers who did know their fair share of magic!

Thanks to her, Cinderella has her wish granted and attends the Royal Ball in a carriage conjured up from a pumpkin drawn by horses magically transformed from mice!

But it is what she can do beyond magic that makes her a legendary Disney character, a figure of love, affection, hope, humor, and everything good.

17. LeFou

  • Movie/Show: Beauty and the Beast 
  • Voice: Jesse Corti 

Some Disney characters show us what we should never become and LeFou perhaps deserves the top spot for this.

Don’t let appearances fool you. This chubby Disney character with a seemingly harmless cute face and ignorable stature is the premier henchman to Gaston. And his blind loyalty sees no wrong in any of Gaston’s devilry.

Imagine Goofy’s goofiness in a short stout man who still has a heart and you’re close to what LeFou is. But his heart is surely not at the right place.

16. Fairy Mary

fairy mary

Ever heard of a fairy who is always into mischief and just as quickly prone to getting into trouble?

Fairy Mary from the Disney Fairies series is a one-off fat Disney character who doesn’t care she’s a bit fat and definitely doubles up on it with a penchant for fun and diablerie.

She’d turn traffic lights green, shrink clothes, or sprinkle itching powder on other fairies. And the Fairy Queen loved and scolded her for it.

15. Madame Medusa

madame medusa

There’s always that aged woman in our family or neighborhood we used to not like at all. Just did not seem right. Madame Medusa is the perfect example.

She’s the antagonist in the Rescuers, kidnapping Penny the orphaned girl, and forcing her to live in a cave and to find the diamond in the depths of that cavern.

She even has 2 pet crocodiles but they turn against her, justice well served for such a cruel and hideous character. Definitely one of the evilest characters in Disney.

14. King Louie

king louie

For me, King Louie is among the best Disney characters ever. I was always a huge fan of The Jungle Book, the old one. Grew up to it. Lost count how many times I’ve watched it. And each time, King Louie made me wish I was more like him.

Yes he does cause some trouble for Mowgli and Co. But he’s more of a friend than a foe. He calls Baloo his cousin.

Beyond that, he is a king, demanding and basking in utmost respect from his primate subjects. He’s mischievous, fun-loving, and hearty. The perfect King.

13. Mr. Smee

mr. smee

An adorably fat Disney character, Mr. Smee is loyal, chubby, clumsy, and has a heart of gold.

Yes he does play sidekick to the Captain but that’s not by choice. He’s not on the brighter side either and ends up causing more hilarious harm than good for the crew.

But he has a soft side for the lost boys and Peter Pan is just as soft as his white tummy poking out from under his white and blue t.

12. Gus Gus

gus gus

If only we all had a Gus Gus with us. The most loyal little mouse you’ll find anywhere, CInderella wouldn’t have made it to the ball without him.

From being her only reason for joy and laughter to getting the key to rescue Cinderella from her locked room too, Gus is a friend indeed.

Just like all mice, he loves cheese and although he may not be the brightest, he’s there for Cinderella when you need him.

11. Carl


Our very own grumpy ol’ grandpa Carl from Up makes it to this list for more reasons than one.

Firstly, he’s the first fat Pixar character on this list and even if he does not look fat, check the belt. Fat and old and proud on both.

Secondly, all he wants is to go to Paradise Falls with his wife Ellie. Even more so now that age has caught up. And talking about ‘Up’, it’s a must-watch.

10. The Cheshire Cat

the cheshire cat

An essential character in a literary masterpiece but among the more underrated characterizations in the history of literature (and animation) is the Cheshire Cat.

Imagine Lewis Caroll bringing the Cheshire Cat to life in 1865, a cat that can vanish in thin air leaving only a grin behind and can come up from anywhere at any time unnoticed.

The Cheshire Cat speaks in riddles and is loyal to Duchess, he’s a hidden antagonist in the novel and the animated series. Watch it again.

9. Pumbaa


Pumbaa is the friend we all want. Laid back, loyal, a golden heart, clumsy, foolish, but a lot of fun.

Timon and Pumbaa are perhaps Disney’s most iconic duo ever, not just Disney’s, in the history of animation (not going into Japanese anime.)

My best Pumbaa moment? When he bravely tried to fight Scar and the hyenas. Hakuna Matata!

8. Baymax


A machine with good humor and heart too, not often that you hear that. But that’s Baymax, a robot meant as a healthcare companion.

‘He’ also had superpowers, transforming into dragons, mechas, and whatnot as long as the situation’s handled.

Baymax is reason enough to watch Big Hero 6 and he’s definitely one of my favorites in this fat Disney characters list.

7. Captain B

captain b

For me, Wall-E remains one of the greatest Disney movies ever and Captain B gets his fair share of heroics for some substantial screen time.

Leading a super-obese human civilization from Earth to discover new planets, Captain B sits on top of the spacecraft.

In a future where we are over-reliant on robots and AI (we’re getting there) Captain B serves the purpose of representation and the hero who rebels against the robots too.

6. The Three Good Fairies

the three good fairies

Flora, Fauna and Merryweather – the three good fairies in Sleeping Beauty are classic Disney.

They’re all that’s good in the world. They grant Princess Aurora the true love’s kiss, beauty and song. They also disguise themselves to raise the Princess in their cottage in the woods.

We all should thank Disney for creating characters that helped shape our childhood, help us believe in good.

5. King Raja

king raja

The lighthearted good Indian King King Raja is one of the best new fat Disney characters on this list. Reminds me of the Sultan from Aladdin.

If not kingly in pomp, King Raja has a heart and the wealth to more than make up for it.

He is loyal to Elena and the other kings, always ready with a helping hand, and childishly clingy about his ship. 

4. Queen of Hearts

queen of hearts
  • Best Movie/Show: Alice in Wonderland 
  • Voice: Verna Felton

The Queen of Hearts rules Wonderland but she is cruel and bad-hearted. She’s also among the most evil Disney characters ever.

Once again, the character is an example of what not to be if you sit on the Queen’s throne beside a King of Hearts who secretly releases criminals she sentences.

A representation of division and oppression suitable enough for children to take it all in. ‘Off with their heads!’

3. Russell


Russell is a scout member of the Wilderness Explorers and he mentors kids on wildlife and surviving in the wild.

He loves adventure and is as pure-hearted as anyone can get. How he gets on with Carl on his journey to Paradise Falls is full of heartfelt moments.

How I wish I had someone like Russell with me for camping adventures. I’d join him on a flying house too.

2. The Matchmaker

the matchmaker

If you’ve watched Mulan, then you will agree that the Matchmaker lady in Mulan is the perfect mental image of a ‘Matchmaker’ and there’s no way you can delete that image ever.

An iconic fat Disney character who literally owns it, the Matchmaker is classy, strict, uptight, and does not like Mulan, who mistakenly puts her dress on fire.

It was not intentional of Mulan. Yet the Matchmaker dishonors her and her family. Lucky she did as that made Mulan who she was to become. Another must-watch.

1. Winnie the Pooh

winnie the pooh
  • Best Movie/Show: The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh 
  • Voice: Jim Cummings 

Few Disney characters had as much of a positive impact on the young audience as Winnie the Pooh.

Nothing better than a lazy afternoon watching Winnie the Pooh relishing his pot of honey.

His friendship with Tigger and the many troubles in the happy woods, Winnie the Pooh was arguably the most popular US anime to be adapted and dubbed for the Japanese audience as well. Needless to say, Winnie was popular across the globe too.

For me, these are the best fat Disney characters yet, even including some Pixar ones. Did I miss any? I think I did! If you know which one, use the comments below!

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