Manga15 Highly-Rated Fantasy Manga To Add To Your Reading List 

15 Highly-Rated Fantasy Manga To Add To Your Reading List 

The term “Fantasy” is commonly used in the entertainment industry, and there are numerous mangas that suit that description but don’t actually mark with that genre.

For instance, Demon Slayer is considered a dark fantasy manga, yet it is primarily included in shonen and martial arts work. Therefore, it is somehow difficult to find manga with fantastical elements (monsters, wizards, dragons, etc). 

So in this blog, I’ll list 15 of the best and dark fantasy manga that you should read! If nothing, you will be enticed to watch their anime adaptations after reading them!

15 Best Fantasy Manga You Should Add To Your Reading List

15. The Rising of the Shield Hero

the rising of the shield hero
  • Volumes: 22
  • Mangaka: Aneko Yusagi
  • Published: December 22, 2022

To become one of the “Legendary Four Heroes,” Naofumi Iwatani was transported to the world where each hero was provided with a set of legendary equipment and a group of allies to fight with him.

However, because of a lack of peculiarity, Naofumi ends up with a single teammate who also ends up betraying him, stripping him, and falsely accusing him of malfeasance.

After being humiliated and tormented by the entire kingdom, Naofumi can think of nothing except loathsomeness and vengeance. With that, he sets off into a world where he must succeed on his own.

14. Sword Art Online

sword art online alicization war of underworld

Since the release of the groundbreaking NerveGear, players everywhere have had the chance to immerse themselves in a virtual world unlike any other- Sword Art Online.

The game is a portal into the fantastic realm of Aincrad, a vibrant medieval setting, where players are free to do everything their imaginations allow.

However, when the game locks hundreds of players inside the virtual world, the once peaceful illusion quickly deteriorates into a terrifying nightmare where no one can exit before completing all 100 challenging levels. 

13. Grimoire of Zero

grimoire of zero

The “beastfallen” are humans cursed with the look and ferocity of an animal, doomed to survive in a world where humans and witches are at a never-ending war. 

However, despite the hostility between their people, a cheerful witch named Zero hires a beastfallen to guard her with the promise to revert him back to human form with her magic.

Along with Zero (a witch), and Albus (a young mage), he goes on a quest to find the Grimoire of Zero, a magical spell book that would be proven disastrous in the wrong hands. 

12. Hell’s Paradise

hell’s paradise
  • Volumes: 13
  • Mangaka: Yuji Kaku
  • Published: January 22, 2018

Gabimaru, the most famous and strongest of ninja-assassins, has been captured and is now withering away in prison, waiting for an executioner to finally put an end to his meaningless life.

However, an extraordinary executor and an expert head slicer, Yamada Sagiri visits him and drives him to his breaking point in a fierce battle where Gabimaru barely escapes alive. 

When the duel ends, she makes him a deal to save his life in exchange for traveling to a mysterious island to get the “elixir of immortality.” The only catch is that anyone who has visited the island never returned in one piece.

11. Dr.Stone

dr.stone manga

Dr. Stone revolves around the mystery of a dazzling green light that falls on Earth and turns every living thing into stone, including the science enthusiast protagonist, Senku Ishigami.

Upon regaining consciousness many centuries later, Senku discovers a world devoid of technology and a thriving natural world where humans have long since vanished. 

After meeting his friend Taiju, Senku plans to use science to kickstart the total resurrection of society and aims to solve the blue light mystery.

10. The Girl From The Other Side

the girl from the other side manga
  • Volumes: 11
  • Mangaka: Nagabe
  • Published: September 6, 2015

When it comes to fantasy manga, The Girl from the Other Side stands out as a stunningly original fairy tale with a medieval touch.

According to the story, there are two types of creatures known as Outsiders and Insiders. Outsiders can inflict their curse of darkness on anyone they come into contact with, therefore, Insiders live safely behind thick walls.

It turns out that Shiva, a little human girl waiting for her aunt to get her, was actually abandoned and is now being raised by a mysterious, demonic-beast Outsider known as Teacher.

09. Noragami 

noragami manga
  • Volumes: 25 +2 (Special)
  • Mangaka: Adachitoka
  • Published: December 2010

Noragami is a shonen manga set in the urban fantasy genre and depicts the story of Yato, a dethroned god who is determined to gain popularity by helping others out with random tasks.

As a god, Yato lives between the worlds of the living and the dead and can see and fight invisible demons that affect the life of regular people.

One day, when Yato runs into Iki, a girl who tries to save him from being struck by a bus – gets the blow herself and somehow gains the ability to separate her soul from her body.

08. Dorohedoro

  • Volumes: 23
  • Mangaka: Q Hayashida
  • Published: November 30, 2000 -2018

After a sorcerer transforms him, Caiman has become a reptile with no memory of his previous life. 

Together with his companion Nikaido, he viciously attacks sorcerers, takes their heads into his mouth, and determines whether or not the sorcerer he has bitten onto was the one accountable for his change. 

Despite his size and lack of magical training, Caiman poses a significant threat to wizards as no magical spell works against him! 

07. Ajin: Demi-Human

ajin demi-human manga

A mysterious race of immortal people called Ajin was considered a danger to humanity since they could use their incredible powers for evil. Therefore, it has been common knowledge to arrest and detain any Ajin discovered in the public. 

On the other hand, Kei Nagai, a high school student aiming to become a doctor is unaware of Ajin beyond what he has read about them in the news. 

Unfortunately, on one unlucky day, Kei Nagai miraculously survives an accident that should have killed him, marking his rebirth as an Ajin and the beginning of his days of suffering.

06. Black Clover

black clover manga
  • Volumes: 31
  • Mangaka: Yūki Tabata
  • Published: February 2015

In a world where everyone possesses magical powers, Asta is the exception who has no magical power from birth and trains himself physically to make up the difference. 

Yuno, on the other hand, was endowed at birth with both exceptional magical ability and the ability to harness it. 

They receive their Grimoires, transforming themselves into powerful magicians known as Magic Knights. However, only Asta in the entire country has been given a grimoire with 5 clover leaves, a sure sign that the devil is residing in him.

05. Demon Slayer

demon slayer manga

Since the passing of his father, Tanjiro Kamado has borne the responsibility of providing food and shelter to his family by selling charcoal in the village. 

One day, when Tanjiro doesn’t make it home on time, he discovers a horrific scene- his entire family has been brutally murdered. Even worse, his sister Nezuko, who was the only survivor, has been transformed into a murderous demon. 

Now filled with vengeful wrath, Tanjiro resolves to protect his lone surviving sister at all costs.

04. The Seven Deadly Sins

The Holy Knights of Britannia possess tremendously powerful magic to defend the land of Britannia and its kingdoms.

Some of the Knights, however, purportedly turned traitors and tried to dethrone the king of Liones by turning their blades on their fellow countrymen. Even after they were vanquished by the Holy Knights, legends persisted that the so-called Seven Deadly Sins were still at large. 

After ten years of relative peace in the Kingdom of Liones, the Holy Knights themselves conducted a coup d’état and appointed themselves as the new, oppressive rulers.

03. Overlord

overlord manga

The story unfolds in Yggdrasil, a highly popular MMORPG that will end its 12-year run.

While the servers are shutting down, the powerful wizard and master of the evil guild Ainz Ooal Gown, Momonga has decided to spend his final minutes in-game. 

Surprisingly, even with the clock striking twelve, Momonga is still fully conscious as his avatar, and the NPCs seem to have gained their own personalities!

In response to this unexpected event, Momonga orders his servants to help him explore and seize control of this new world in the hopes of discovering what caused this change and whether or not others are in a similar position.

02. Jujutsu Kaisen

jujutsu kaisen manga

Yuuji Itadori, the protagonist spends his time either in the Occult Club’s clubroom, where he engages in pointless paranormal activities, or tending to his grandfather in a hospital room.

However, one day his carefree life takes an unexpected turn when he carelessly comes into contact with a cursed object; the finger of the demon Sukuna Ryoumen, the “King of Curses,” triggering a series of supernatural events in motion.

As Yuuji comes to terms with his new abilities, he witnesses the threat these Curses pose to humanity.

01. Chainsaw Man

chainsaw man manga

Denji’s teenage years are ruined because of his irresponsible father’s massive debt. His only company is his pet chainsaw devil Pochita, with whom he kills demons to earn money that ultimately benefits the yakuza.

Denji can only imagine a decent, simple life for himself, complete with tasty food and a stunning girlfriend. The yakuza’s act of greedy betrayal, however, results in Denji’s cruel and untimely murder, dashing any hopes he had of ever finding happiness.

Remarkably, a long-forgotten contract grants Pochita the ability to fuse with the late Denji and provide him with demonic powers, transforming him into a hybrid with the ability to refashion his limbs into chainsaws.

These 15 manga recommendations are the best and most popular fantasy manga right now. 

And if you wish to explore more genres, check out our special manga collection

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