MangaEren's Founding Titan Form Explained: All You Need To Know

Eren’s Founding Titan Form Explained: All You Need To Know

We’ve reached the beginning of the end of Eren’s story in Attack on Titan and witnessed his monstrous, megalithic Founding Titan form. But with this never before seen Form, there might be a few things you might not know.

So today, we’ll give you a quick rundown on Eren’s Founding Titan form, explaining why he looks like that and what he can do in this new form.

The Final Part of the 4th Season is set to debut in 2023. We’ll also feature information currently known in the Anime, without delving too deeply into the Manga in case you’re worried about spoilers.

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Why is Eren’s Founding Titan Form So Big

why is eren's founding titan form so big

One of the biggest mysteries about Eren’s Founding Titan Form is why it’s so big. It’s a humongous, megalithic size that even towers over the Wall Titans Eren activated during The Rumbling. 

Wall Titans are similarly sized to the Colossal Titan that Armin now wields. The Colossal Titan was the biggest Titan we’d seen thus far until Eren transformed into the Founding Titan.

We do know the Founding Titan doesn’t usually transform to a size of this scale. Notably, we saw the Founding Titan’s true form when Frieda Reiss battled Greisha Yeager in the underground cavern where the form was around 13 meters tall. 

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how big is eren's founding titan

The reason Eren’s Founding Titan form is so big relates to the events that transpired before Ymir granted him the power.

He was decapitated by Gabi before he could come in contact with Zeke which would’ve allowed him to wield the Founding’s powers. 

how tall is eren's founding titan

But as he was decapitated, Zeke caught Eren’s head which transported them to the Coordinate where Ymir was imprisoned. After the dust settled, Ymir granted the full scope of the Founding Titan’s powers to Eren, which prompted the transformation.

The key here is Eren was already beheaded which is atypical of Titan transformations. This allowed the Founding Titan to grow to a humongous size to compensate for Eren’s missing head. 

The Titan formed by connecting Eren’s spine to his body, but went out of control resulting in a huge, bone Titan form connected loosely to Eren’s head. This also explains why Eren’s Founding Titan Form is made of bones. 

It was literally created out of his spine.

Founding Titan Powers

eren's founding titan powers

Another intriguing part about Eren’s Founding Titan Form in Attack on Titan is his newfound powers. At the time when he was granted the full Founding’s powers, he already had the power of two titans; the Attack Titan and War Hammer Titan.

He was already powerful as is but combined with the Founding Titan’s full potential, he’s even deadlier.

Controlling Titans

can the founding titan control titans

The most notable power the Founding Titan holds is the ability to control other Pure Titans. 

We saw Eren wield this power in Season 2 Episode 12. This allows Eren to control all non-sentient Titans to do as he pleases, like how he activated The Rumbling.

Time Manipulation

founding titan time travel

Similar to the Attack Titan’s power to witness future inheritor memories, the Founding Titan has an upgraded version that can even influence the past. But this power is limited to manipulating the past to reach current events. 

This power also allows Eren to perceive the past, present, and future at the same time in a non-linear setting.


eren founding titan telepathy

We saw Eren use this power in Episode 5 of Season 4:Part 2 where he addresses all Subjects of Ymir on his intentions with The Rumbling. He can communicate freely with all Subjects of Ymir telepathically without consideration of distance.

Memory Manipulation 

One of the most prominent powers of the Founding Titan is memory manipulation. This was the vehicle that Karl Fritz and the Royalty used to erase the people’s memories inside The Walls to control their perception of the World.

Creating Titans

eren founding titan creating titan form

The Founding Titan also has the power to create new Titans. This applies only to Subjects of Ymir and it’s believed Karl Fritz used this power to create the Wall Titans.

We also witnessed a similar version of this power from Zeke who used his spinal fluid mixed with wine to transform a majority of Paradise Island’s top brass into Titans.

There might be a few more powers we’ll see when the Final Season of Attack of Titan finally releases. Till then, these are the most important things to know about Eren’s Founding Titan form.

What do you guys hope to see in the new season?

Any predictions?

Leave a comment and let us know!


What is Eren’s Founding Titan form?

Eren’s Founding Titan form is the unique Titian he gains the ability to transform into after acquiring the power of the Founding Titan. It is distinguished by its elongated, skeletal appearance.

What abilities does Eren’s Founding Titan have?

Key abilities of Eren’s Founding Titan include emitting invisible concussive blasts, manipulating Eldian biology and memories, and exerting some control over Pure Titans. It cannot access the full Founding Titan’s powers.

Why does Eren’s Founding Titan look different from previous Founding Titans?

Eren’s Founding Titan form is abnormal looking due to him not having royal Fritz blood. Its powers are also limited for this reason. Previous Founding Titan forms with royal blood had normal Titian physiologies.

How did Eren gain the power of the Founding Titan?

Eren gained the Founding Titan’s abilities by eating his paternal half-brother Zeke, who had royal blood and had inherited the Beast Titan. This allowed Eren to briefly access the Founder’s power.

What is the origin of the Founding Titan?

The Founding Titan was originally possessed by Ymir Fritz. Its power has been passed down the Fritz bloodline for generations. It is one of the 9 Titans that originated from Ymir.

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