Anime15 Best ENTP Anime Characters

15 Best ENTP Anime Characters

Extroverted, Intuitive, Thinking, and Prospecting. These are the traits of an ENTP person. We skimmed through the ENTP anime characters’ personality database and ranked these ENTP anime characters.

ENTP characters can be found in various anime. From DBZ, Naruto, Death Note, and even One Piece. Check out which of your favorite characters resonate with this personality type.

Top 15 ENTP Characters In Anime

15. Cell

cell dragon ball z

Cell is a perfect specimen created by recombining the genetics of the greatest fighters in the world. He possesses abilities from Vegeta, Goku, Piccolo, King Cold, and Frieza.

Dr. Gero started the Cell project but his supercomputer completed him after the doctor died. Cell finally became complete after absorbing Android 18. In the imperfect form, Cell was arrogant and a narcissist.

After absorbing Android 18 he gained a lot of power and was able to complete his objective i.e. to kill Goku. But he was still unsatisfied and started the Cell Games. He aimed for true perfection by any means necessary.

14. Pariston Hill

pariston hill

Pariston Hill is a triple-star Hunter and was a former member of the Zodiacs. He always has a smile on his face and is sly and unpredictable. He treats serious situations as if it is a game.

Despite winning the Chairman election, he gave up his post to Cheadle and resigned. This is exactly what makes him so dangerous and difficult to read. He doesn’t hate people but is capable of doing serious damage.

Because of the above reasons the Zodiacs and most Hunters hate him. People don’t know how he channels his hatred. He is one of the most fascinating ENTP Anime characters ever.

13. Bulma

bulma dragon ball
  • Anime – Dragon Ball
  • Height – 165 cm (5’5″)
  • Weight – 50 kg (110 lbs)
  • Japanese Voice – Aya Hisakawa
  • English Voice – Monica Rial

Bulma Vegeta’s wife and mother to Trunks and Bulla. She is a scientific genius and an invaluable member of the Dragon Team. Her advanced knowledge of science helps her to understand alien technology and use them for her team.

One of her most significant inventions was the Dragon Radar which is used to track dragon balls. She is the most important and longest-running female character in the series.

If you set aside her superior intellect she is a complete tomboy and uses her beauty to get what she wants. Bulma gets annoyed and angry at almost anyone, be it friend or foe. She even slapped the God of Destruction Beerus, for ambushing her party.

12. Usopp

usopp one piece

Usopp, also known as the Sniper King, is a member of the Strawhat pirates. He is known for his aim and not so much for his strength. When he joined the pirate crew he was a coward and would look for ways to avoid a fight.

But what sets Usopp apart is his unflinching devotion to his friends. No matter how adverse the situation is, he would never let his friends down. He is always ready to put his life on the line to save his friends.

Apart from his snipping abilities, he carries exotic seeds and plants with special properties that help him during fights. Also, Usopp is all about having a good time and is the funny and cheerful one in the crew.

11. Neferpitou

neferpitou 71 days

Neferpitou is one of the three royal guards of the Chimera Ant king. At first impression, she looks timid, docile, and cute just like a cat. But the reality is far from it.

Just like a cat she wants to play with her victims and tear them apart piece by piece. She is extremely strong and would have killed Gon if Kite didn’t intervene. She also possesses superhuman speed and strength.

She is devoted to serving the Chimera Ant King and can go to extreme lengths to save him. That’s why she was happy to face Gon and die rather than letting the King face Gon’s rage.

10. Orochimaru

  • Anime – Naruto
  • Age – 54
  • Height – 172 cm
  • Weight – 57.3 kg
  • Japanese Voice – Kujira
  • English Voice – Steven Blum

Orochimaru is a fascinating character and dwindles with multiple personality traits. He was one of the legendary Sannins and hails from the Hidden Leaf Village. He wanted to master every Jutsu there is and wanted to achieve immortality.

He performed many unethical experiments on villagers to invent and perfect forbidden Jutsus. This was the reason why he was expelled from the village. He even joined the Akatsuki to gain more power but left it when Itachi joined them.

Orochimaru doesn’t believe in weakness and promotes survival of the fittest. He lacks human emotions and treats almost everyone as expendable. He is one of the most interesting ENTP characters in anime.

9. Gol D. Roger

gol d. roger

Gold D Rogers is the King of the Pirates and the captain of the Roger Pirates. He was the first pirate to conquer the Grand Line and own the One Piece. Later when he contracted an incurable disease he disbanded his crew and gave himself up to the World Government.

When he was executed, he didn’t show any sign of grief or remorse. Instead, he inspired many to become pirates. This is how he started the Pirate Era. He was the strongest pirate and feared by other pirates and the Navy.

Gold Rogers had a childish temperament. He would sometimes casually dive into a battle. But if anyone provoked him or harmed his crew, he would show his wrath and destroy anything or anyone on his path.

8. Sabo

sabo one piece

Sabo is the Chief of Staff of the Revolutionary Army. During his travels, he met Luffy and Ace and became great friends. Later his ship was ambushed by pirates and Dragon saved him.

Even though he lost his memory, he devoted his life to Dragon and worked for the Revolutionary Army. He is like a brother to Luffy and Ace and just like them, can go to extreme lengths to fulfill his dreams.

He wants to travel around the world and pen down stories and experiences. He is protective of Luffy and was shattered when he heard of Ace’s demise.

7. Hisoka


You will first encounter Hisoka during the Hunter exam. He failed in his previous attempt because he killed a proctor. Hisoka is a self-absorbed, sociopath and always has a bloodthirst. 

He looks out for powerful opponents and Nen users who are worthy. That’s why he exempted Gon and Killua. According to him both of them have a ton of potential and he would like to face off with them in their prime.

Hisoka loathes weak opponents and doesn’t show mercy and kills them in cold blood. Even though the full extent of his powers isn’t known, like or hate him, you can’t ignore Hisoka.

6. Edward Elric

edward elric
  • Anime – Fullmetal Alchemist
  • Age – 18
  • Height – 165 cm (5’5″)
  • Japanese Voice – Romi Park
  • English Voice – Vic Mignogna

Edward became the youngest State Alchemist, at just 12. He lost his right arm and left leg while performing human transmutation. 

At first impression, he appears short-tempered, selfish, and stubborn. He dislikes authorities and is quick to resort to violence.

Edward has high intelligence and tries his best to restore the body of his younger brother who lost it to a failed transmutation attempt. 

5. Tobi

tobi naruto

Tobi is the alias Obito Uchiha used while he was part of the Akatsuki. He was the true orchestrator who wanted to capture the tailed beasts and release the 10-tails. Tobi had a childing demeanor and never took any assignment seriously.

Even when he failed he won’t show any disappointment and simply laugh it off. Before the fourth Ninja War, he revealed his true self, and his true capabilities came to life. He could teleport himself and other objects to a different dimension.

He even helped to resurrect Madara Uchiha and released an army of White Zetsu to best the Ninja army. He is a pivotal character who shaped the Naruto storyline.

4. Ryuk

ryuk death note

Ryuk is a Shinigami who is bored of his own realm. He is mischievous and for the fun of it, he gets a second Death Note and unleashes it on our world!

Light picks up the Death Note and with the help of Ryuk figures out its principles. Light uses the book to kill criminals and offenders who are not fit for society. 

Ryuk warns Light of the power the Death Note holds but never stops him or influences his decisions. He enjoys how Light uses the book and gauges the range of human emotions. 

3. Zoe Hange

zoe hange

Hange was a commander of the Survey Corps and a freethinking researcher. Hange was energetic and filled with hatred for the Titans. But things changed soon after they beheaded a Titan and started researching them.

Soon they were sympathetic to them and even mourned when the Titans were killed. They forgot the hatred they held for Titans. This shows the kind of compassion Hange had even for their worst enemies.

Hange was a tactical genius and invented many weapons to help humanity. They are emotional but know when to check it.

2. Satoru Gojo

satoru gojo
  • Anime – Jujutsu Kaisen
  • Age – 28
  • Height – 190 cm (6’3″)
  • Japanese Voice – Yuichi Nakamura
  • English Voice – Kaiji Tang

Satoru is a jujutsu sorcerer and is considered to be the best in the world. He also teaches at Tokyo Jujutsu High and trains upcoming youngsters. He has a complex personality.

While he is amiable towards his students, and friends, he is straight-up ruthless towards sorcerer executives. He is confident of his skills and often comes off as arrogant. 

During a fight, if Satoru had to choose between saving innocent people or defeating his opponents, he would choose the latter. His goal is to teach jujutsu and train a new generation of sorcerers. 

1. Osamu Dazai

osamu dazai bungou stray dogs
  • Anime – Bungo Stray Dogs
  • Age – 22
  • Height – 181 cm (5’11”)
  • Weight – 67kg
  • Japanese Voice – Mamoru Miyano
  • English Voice – Kaiji Tang

Dazai is a young man who was a former executive of Port Mafia, an underworld organization. Currently, he is a member of the Armed Detective Agency.

He is good at keeping secrets and doesn’t reveal his true intentions. Dazai is so mysterious that people won’t know whether he is trying to save a person or kill them. 

He is also a loner and due to his superior intellect helped the mafia amass a lot of profit within a short span of time. Dazai is great at planning and weaving strategies to overpower his enemies.

He doesn’t resort to brute force to intimidate his victims. Rather he interrogates them by leveraging their weak points.

Dazai also has a dark personality. He wishes to commit double suicide with a beautiful woman. Every trait of an ENTP anime character fits him perfectly.

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